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Orchard Wang Wei every day fresh electricity supplier yet to come

the last half year from relatively calm start fresh curious and changeful, fresh electricity providers have a lot of fresh B2C transformation, O2O platform is also in jeopardy of the capital market’s consciousness, but also for the industry a wake-up call. In the face of change, every day, Wang Wei, founder of the orchard to sort out their views on the current situation of fresh electricity supplier, many of which are different from the industry and blatant views of three. (the following is Wang Wei readme) read more

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Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to Google exit China’s nternet is open

January 13, 2010 News, Google said recently are assessing their feasibility in Chinese commercial operation, and may completely withdraw from the market China. Google said they suffered a major cyber attack believed to be from mainland china. Google China is silent on the news. Liu Jianmin agency issued photo

Beijing, January (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) for Google (Google) company plans to withdraw from the Chinese market, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu fourteen, responded. She said that China’s Internet is open, the Chinese government encourages the development of the Internet, to encourage the healthy development of the Internet to create a good environment. read more

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Enterprises do network marketing you ignore the site

now do network marketing business more and more, most of the enterprises have the official website, in the various channels of network promotion, and network traffic are introduced to the transformation of these sites, and then flow. The process is simply to promote the network, and then flow into the web site, users enter the website page, and then buy, mainly to browse, consulting, purchase conversion process occurs in the enterprise website, the website is the main place to sell.

however many enterprises now to focus solely on twitter, blogs, forums, Post Bar, paid advertising, text, email, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog video and so on are all used, and more and more attention, a variety of channels to budget more and more obsessed with the flow of the user into your own website. This is not wrong, but often ignore the construction of the site itself, the transformation has to rely on the site, the promotion of the outside do better, the user still get the site to complete the final marketing. So if the site itself is not good, the whole network marketing effect greatly reduced. read more

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Admin5 recommend the use of soft Wen promotion link standardization

what is the link standardization


is that when we write articles to promote their website, unified link address on the back of the article.

often see friends hard to write comments in the article are not civilized language. So the authors are not happy, they discourage.

article does not have to be related to your site, but must be related to the webmaster. We welcome the webmaster friends in the Admin5 release with webmaster related articles. Put your address at the end of your article. If your article gives the reader an insight, learning experience. Believe that the reader will go to your station to " visit " even stay in. Others may be an article because you become loyal to the station FANS. Nature is not civilized language is less, the hair of the people happy, look at the people look happy, everyone happy exchange, happy to do stand. read more

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Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not be accessed directly

Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not directly access

[TechWeb] March 13th news, according to user feedback, Tencent Tmall platform official digital flagship store (


http://tengxun.tmall.com/) links can not be accessed directly through WeChat, and other products, like Ali, the page shows that Alibaba screened from WeChat browser request".

this, TechWeb pro test found that WeChat can not access the link.

it is understood that yesterday, opened the official digital flagship store in the Tmall platform news attention. The main shops of Tencent of intelligent digital products, such as portable WiFi, medical intelligent hardware Teng love blood glucose meter, intelligent voice Tencent pet Q, intelligent portable projector light Tencent Q film and other products. In addition to QQ doll. read more

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Six basic ways of network promotion

network promotion, now everyone should understand, each network service station should contact with the most current mainstream promotion way, there are too many ways worth studying, and each of them can have a great marketing effect, remember there is a saying, a trick to make the world. The only move to practice the ultimate move. So long said, the six basic ways to promote the network

network promotion, want to engage in business in the network, people need to understand the knowledge, there are too many ways to learn about network promotion, but we are familiar and unfamiliar, simple introduce about network promotion way, perhaps, some of you have used very deep. read more

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Rice network to the United States listed on the NYSE plans to raise 100 million

news May 19th, rice network yesterday (May 18th) evening to submit the NYSE listing application, plans to finance up to $100 million, stock code "TAOM". Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank as the IPO underwriters, rice network has not yet been disclosed in the prospectus of the issue price of IPO.

disclosure of the company’s IPO prospectus, rice network last year, net revenues of $35 million 970 thousand, of which online business revenue of $33 million 680 thousand, business income line is $2 million 290 thousand; 2010 net profit of $21 million 100 thousand. read more

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Kirin alliance feedback members smashing golden egg activity 12 1 grand opening

do you have a Thanksgiving gift?

well, my income is not high, I have half a dime?


have a relationship!

Kirin new event smashing golden egg is about to debut, after the first Thanksgiving gifts to warm up the field.

in soliciting the advice of many webmaster, after a number of meetings to discuss, we consider how to do an overwhelming majority of people can participate in, and the opportunity to completely equal activities! read more

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Three months to build a P of 150 thousand interpretation of the success of Le search tips

        there are a lot of people do the movie station search, also have a lot of personal station according to the IP contribution ranking web site, but only found Lele (leleso.com), the two sites this seemingly unrelated to do a perfect combination, and created 07 years standing fast the development speed of the miracle — three months traffic soared to 150 thousand IP, ALEXA ranking to ten thousand.

        according to my observation, the success of happy happy search is mainly due to the following two points:

        first, focus on the film search, highlight the professionalism. In Baidu or YAHOO search a movie, often need to turn over a few pages, points ten web site to find an online address. Accidentally, may also make the computer full of viruses. Although their advantage is the vast amount of information, but the information often makes the search at. It is the search giant who this birth defect, to search segments them a chance of survival in the crevice. Le Le search to seize this point, focusing on the film search, only included no virus and can watch online movie website. With this, they have retained a large number of film enthusiasts.

        second, according to the contribution of PR, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the owners to contribute to traffic. Google according to the quality of the external connection to determine the importance of a web page of the site (PR), the more important the page, you can row in front of the page will naturally be more users click. The Google PR search Lele determine the way to do what work, to be included in the site of IP contribution, namely: they included the movie station from the station from a happy search code on your site, from their own point to search Lele where people more is more, so the page search results in the rankings are more forward. There is no doubt that there will be more traffic from the Lele search. It is the introduction of such incentives, greatly mobilized the site was included for the enthusiasm of the flow.

      Lele search success, at least to the subsequent owners have shown two points: monopoly is not terrible, the market is still a way out; traffic is not difficult to engage in mutually beneficial win-win is the key.
read more

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Ha loan closed aftermath network lending platform facing mode choice

network loan industry has become the focus of attention, along with one of the well-known website haha announced the closure of the loan, quickly aroused the concern of all parties.


has announced it will soon closed down the site, but the loan ha founder jazon field still do not change their enthusiasm for the industry, "I am still very optimistic about the industry," he said firmly, "if money permitting, I will still insist on doing it."

a rigorous website closed read more

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Tencent v 360 unfair competition case verdict 360 sentenced to compensate for the loss of 5 million


technology news April 25th afternoon news, Tencent sued Qihoo 360 in case of unfair competition this afternoon in Guangdong Province Higher People’s court pronounced the verdict. Court judge Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent for compensation of 5 million yuan, and to apologize in the home and the media. Qihoo 360 lawyers said in court will appeal.

The higher people’s Court of Guangdong province

today first instance judgment, the defendant Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent, a prominent position and need for 15 days on its website home page and other media published an apology. read more

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Taobao com crown brush brush off costs 3500 7000 yuan monthly income of 90 thousand 18 million

          "want a sound is brush off advertising, two rings is buyer inquiries." On taobao.com shop for three years of small, after a long period of self training, has been able to make a correct judgment according to the big sound, how quickly back to the computer.

3Run every day will receive more than 10 brush drill advertising, if not to judge means are packaged, contact phone purchase is 3Run 3Run, is tally 3Run, must put down the work at hand, from five to ten metres of the jump back to the computer desk, a day to be playing "a dozen times. read more

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Adsense network broadcast Sina V6 official on line pat micro shop official operation

1 either fraud or the history of the most complete P2P problem enterprise list appears!  

if any entrepreneur, to do a P2P net loan company, must be careful. According to net loan home research institute statistics, since 2011 to date (as of October 8, 2014), a total of 202 issues of net loan platform. Statistics show that before 2013 issue platform, to run away and fraud are; 2013 mainly in the capital chain problems caused by the present difficulties in the majority; since 2014, fraud platform comeback. read more

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The State Council called for strengthening the supervision of agricultural futures and electronic tr

market is expected to adjust the price of agricultural products, the combination of a clear policy support. Today, GOV.cn news release, 17 Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, the analysis of the current price situation, study the deployment of stable consumer price level and the basic life safeguard policies and measures; the agricultural products price stability is the main contents, policies and measures proposed by the State Council, to strengthen the agricultural futures and electronic market regulation, to curb excessive speculation and banning illegal transactions. read more

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nterpretation of this year’s 4 Herborist action has long been concerned about micro business

2014 our growth is 19%, from last year, the development of the industry, the figure should still be able to get the figure of 19%." The general manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager of the Herborist division Huang Zhen told the "cosmetic Finance Online" reporter the interview said, this year, Herborist has a lot of big moves, in addition to deepen O2O to defend Department status of the main channel and deep CS channel potential, will be the first time the TV title. In addition, the brand will accelerate the process of internationalization, the creation of brand flagship store, and deepen the European and American markets, the output of the brand and Chinese culture. read more

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Bee Wangzhuan site the way out

on and stick to your choice to succeed, bee Wangzhuan owners said bee.

puzzle – can you really make money on the Internet?

said Tmall’s "double eleven" promotion heat disappeared, "shuangshier" began to spread wildly beating gongs and drums. The electronic commerce in the winter had a thriving, the size of businesses earn pours. For consumers, move the mouse, staring at the display to complete a shopping, clinch a deal. Nearly twenty billion of sales have no doubt declared on the network, there is a considerable amount of money flowing in the turbulent! read more

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