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Tencent v. 360 unfair competition case verdict 360 sentenced to compensate for the loss of 5 million


technology news April 25th afternoon news, Tencent sued Qihoo 360 in case of unfair competition this afternoon in Guangdong Province Higher People’s court pronounced the verdict. Court judge Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent for compensation of 5 million yuan, and to apologize in the home and the media. Qihoo 360 lawyers said in court will appeal.

The higher people’s Court of Guangdong province

today first instance judgment, the defendant Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent, a prominent position and need for 15 days on its website home page and other media published an apology. read more

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Taobao.com crown brush brush off costs 3500-7000 yuan monthly income of 90 thousand -18 million

          "want a sound is brush off advertising, two rings is buyer inquiries." On taobao.com shop for three years of small, after a long period of self training, has been able to make a correct judgment according to the big sound, how quickly back to the computer.

3Run every day will receive more than 10 brush drill advertising, if not to judge means are packaged, contact phone purchase is 3Run 3Run, is tally 3Run, must put down the work at hand, from five to ten metres of the jump back to the computer desk, a day to be playing "a dozen times. read more

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Adsense network broadcast Sina V6 official on-line pat micro shop official operation

1 either fraud or the history of the most complete P2P problem enterprise list appears!  

if any entrepreneur, to do a P2P net loan company, must be careful. According to net loan home research institute statistics, since 2011 to date (as of October 8, 2014), a total of 202 issues of net loan platform. Statistics show that before 2013 issue platform, to run away and fraud are; 2013 mainly in the capital chain problems caused by the present difficulties in the majority; since 2014, fraud platform comeback. read more

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The State Council called for strengthening the supervision of agricultural futures and electronic tr

market is expected to adjust the price of agricultural products, the combination of a clear policy support. Today, GOV.cn news release, 17 Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, the analysis of the current price situation, study the deployment of stable consumer price level and the basic life safeguard policies and measures; the agricultural products price stability is the main contents, policies and measures proposed by the State Council, to strengthen the agricultural futures and electronic market regulation, to curb excessive speculation and banning illegal transactions. read more

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Interpretation of this year’s 4 Herborist action has long been concerned about micro business

2014 our growth is 19%, from last year, the development of the industry, the figure should still be able to get the figure of 19%." The general manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager of the Herborist division Huang Zhen told the "cosmetic Finance Online" reporter the interview said, this year, Herborist has a lot of big moves, in addition to deepen O2O to defend Department status of the main channel and deep CS channel potential, will be the first time the TV title. In addition, the brand will accelerate the process of internationalization, the creation of brand flagship store, and deepen the European and American markets, the output of the brand and Chinese culture. read more

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Bee Wangzhuan site the way out

on and stick to your choice to succeed, bee Wangzhuan owners said bee.

puzzle – can you really make money on the Internet?

said Tmall’s "double eleven" promotion heat disappeared, "shuangshier" began to spread wildly beating gongs and drums. The electronic commerce in the winter had a thriving, the size of businesses earn pours. For consumers, move the mouse, staring at the display to complete a shopping, clinch a deal. Nearly twenty billion of sales have no doubt declared on the network, there is a considerable amount of money flowing in the turbulent! read more

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