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Xining monetary subsidies straight people account for millions of households benefit

Xining actively promote the livelihood of the people after the reform of the project, about one million households have benefited.

people’s livelihood project monetary reform is that the government departments in order to regulate the allocation of funds, the relevant policy subsidies and awards complement funds directly into the monetary income of the masses of all ethnic groups, to effectively improve the income level of urban and rural residents, to allow more people to enjoy a better livelihood reform development dividend. Xining city has production subsidies, urban and rural housing construction subsidies, social security, poverty alleviation and other 10 types of agriculture and animal husbandry 51 Xiang Hangai, only Xining city last year, the financial departments at all levels will arrange the livelihood projects, the monetary reform project funds 6 billion 170 million yuan, a total of 1 million 40 thousand households, 5 million 670 thousand people benefit the masses. In order to improve the investment mode, effectively solve the problem of poor funding channels, intermediate stranded stranded transit issues, Xining also chose the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to carry out the pilot reform of the people’s livelihood monetary. Datong County in the process of work, invested 6 million 800 thousand yuan, to assist the project construction system, and is equipped with a query equipment for the 22 communities in 289 villages throughout the county, set up 250 "POS financial services to benefit farmers", has a total of 232 thousand and 100 transactions, 40 million 700 thousand yuan of funds. read more

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Xunhua vocational school in the ravine flying out of the golden phoenix

five years to go abroad for further study, to achieve employment of more than more than 200 students; business Arabic graduates annual income of more than $100 thousand in general; 1732 graduates in the realization of employment…… In recent years, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County occupation technical school based on the actual, bold innovation, professional characteristics has become a major brand occupation education of the ethnic regions, but also to build a platform for going deep in the mountains of poor students. read more

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After the festival to cool the weather

February 24th, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the Xining sky Piaoqi the snow, but the snow didn’t last too long. Reporters learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the city in the next few days mainly to the main weather, during which there is snow, accompanied by a large drop in the maximum temperature blowing day.
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How are the forward Rosinante


after signing Ma Dong, Liu Chun and Gao Xiaosong’s studio in June 5th and announced the signing of Shouma studio, cooperation to create a named "fashion arena video".

to Rosinante, also officially announced his withdrawal from the fashion group, open entrepreneurship. This is a traditional media people out of the story (although Rosinante called just "turn around"), he is relying on a transformation as his name "Shouma studio". During fashion group, Rosinante founded the "men loaded", "Robb report", as a group vice president and vice president of fashion, has a relatively rich media experience and fashion resources. The top fashion aura, in fact, the fashion group over the years honestly eat that bowl of rice or traditional media, like all traditional media, seeing advertising revenue model will come to an end. Now a way to start their own businesses, is to play is not the same as what? How to add some fashion Internet? read more

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Open a hot pot restaurant where money

opened a hot pot shop, talking about simple, but all of this is sufficient funds as a precondition. However, in the end what needs funding, many entrepreneurs are not very clear, naturally do not know how much money to open a hot pot shop about how much money to prepare. So, open a hot pot restaurant where money?

franchise fee

currently on the market a number of hot pot shop is through the way of joining. The initial fee is Hot pot shop spending the most, accounting for at least 2/3 of the total expenditure of cost. In the choice of Hot pot shop joining to note that currently on the market Hot pot shop layered serious, Chongqing Dezhuang, Ma Qin, Guojianglong, riding a dragon Hot pot Chongqing well-known brands such as Hot pot shop cost to join in more than 200 thousand, according to different levels (provincial, municipal, county) division, the cost of 20-100 million range. And some well-known enterprises to join the pot is uneven. There are 50 thousand, 10 or even 30 thousand Wandu, free lifetime have joined. Investors can only choose according to their own hot pot business. read more

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Opportunities in the world cup

world cup not only to the fans around the world to bring a wonderful scene, but also brought a lot of opportunities for the industry, the community has been concerned about. Let’s take a look at the hidden opportunities in the world cup.

is a multi terminal program

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Enjoy enjoy delicious roast mutton Hot pot new experience

winter is the best season to eat hot pot, I believe there are a lot of consumers can not help but want to experience the taste of innovative hot pot bar. Today Xiaobian recommend enjoy enjoy roast Shabu Hot pot can hope for you, to bring a new experience of delicacy. If you want to seize the opportunity to invest in good business now, then quickly understand it.

enjoy roast rinse set of R & D team continuously enjoy to overcome difficulties, the introduction of technology and technology, constantly upgrading the management mode and process. A variety of optional sauces and the bottom of the pot, each choice has its out of the ordinary flavor, and constantly develop new products into the store every time there is a new choice. read more

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How to open a clothing store reasonable pricing

opened a clothing store need to price goods, about the pricing problem, many novice are helpless, don’t know how to appropriate pricing. This requires a lot of learning pricing knowledge, a lot of research on market consumption situation, comprehensive information on multiple aspects, to find the right price.

reasonable pricing method

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How to get visitors’ trust in tourism website

With the development of Chinese tourism, tourism website blossom everywhere. Tourism portals such as ctrip.com, eLong Travel Network, travel channel Sohu; professional travel sites such as mango, golden holiday travel reservation; local tourist sites such as Hainan tourism network, Zhangjiajie tourism, Jiuzhaigou tourism network, there are many travel websites such as green travel online, China travel service, Kang Hui Chinese etc.; we often discuss the tourism website development or marketing, focus on the promotion, site planning construction site did not take into account the problem of credibility, to a certain extent, restrict the effectiveness of network marketing. How to build the credibility of the site is very important; read more

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In the prosecution of Youku and other website tort Wolf Totem claims 2 million 100 thousand yuan

film Sue Youku and other website tort "Wolf Totem" claims 2 million 100 thousand yuan

[TechWeb] March 23rd news reports, for broadcast links and illegal dissemination of the film "Wolf Totem", the China film company sued three websites such as Youku Youku to infringement claims 2 million 100 thousand yuan. Currently, the Haidian court has accepted.

the plaintiffs, film company is well-known film and television works of "Wolf Totem" copyright law, exclusive they enjoy the film in the territory of People’s Republic of China (not including Hong Kong and Macao) all copyright. After the release of a film, youku.com in the plaintiff without permission and pay the reward, provides online on-demand services involved in the film, the illegal dissemination of film and television works. read more

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Who is creating revenue for your personal website

most of the individual sites are to rely on advertising to make money, of course, some sites are to provide a certain service or sales of products to profit. If your personal site has a very large flow and good rankings, advertisers will take the initiative to find the door, there is no need to look down on this article.

here I just want to talk about the main source of advertising revenue. Most of the personal website is to join the advertising alliance to make money. But it’s not that you put ads on the site and you can make money. Who is clicking on your site’s CPC ad, who is through your site to complete the registration of CPA ads, according to the survey, click on the ad is the most common Internet users. Rookie Internet users do not know much about the Internet, many can not identify advertising content, read more

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Create a long tail million a month off site of Taobao keyword optimization

these days in many forums to see a lot of netizens for Taobao customers do not make money and worry, at least every day to see this post article; although I am not Taobao customers to promote expert, but my hand on the site can be accessed through the SEO, so as to obtain a lot of traffic in the search engine. I remember the first single Commission of the Taobao customer transactions; although the keyword is not a popular word for strong competition, but guess most of the users in the search engine to get the answer to the long tail keywords. read more

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Interpretation of the domain name Pinyin and digital popular concern week

figure: Week domain name transaction table

domestic trade fields to this Monday is key to Pinyin domain name, such as web enabled fendai.com query independent channel Fendai, was informed that the earlier acquisition of domain name system, red fantasy net acquisition Viewtiful Larry domain, huanxia.com, diamond marriage agency bought double spell domain name zuanshi.com, in addition, this Monday is key to the digital domain name, Wo Wo Group bought 55.com caused concern in the industry, there are also rumors had domain name transaction price in more than 5 million, but the 55.com value of the domain name, the domain name for the possibility of trading price of this number is also very high, this week there is another digital domain name, domain name 466.com travel site navigation enabled website upgrade. read more

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O2O beauty beauty industry company won the million Angel round of financing.

Abstract: the United States O2O company "a beauty to obtain millions of angel round of financing, the investor is beauty and capital and other angel investors, this round of financing is mainly used for product development and market promotion. Focus on hairdressing, beauty, Manicure, beauty, fitness, health, micro, photography and other service industries.

new NewSeed message beauty industry O2O company "a beauty to obtain millions of angel round of financing, the investor is beauty and capital and other angel investors, this round of financing is mainly used for product development and market promotion. read more

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Look at the trend of Internet technology industry from the twelve science and technology hot words

New Year’s day, every reader who is reading the article should have come home safely or on the way home. Although people always say that the taste is more and more light, but the new year after all is the new year, and family reunion day is so delicious, so happy sweet. And in the past year, whether you are for what opportunity in the vast sea "" on us, Liu Kuang said the public to thank every reader friends here, thank you and recognized the Liu Kuang public number will continue to offer more hot friends of the original article. read more

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Wei long study abroad founder Wang Wei Baidu marketing can accurately see the effect

July 25th, with the power of growth as the theme of Baidu marketing promotion forum held in Beijing Millennium Minneapolis. Wei long study abroad as a good benchmark for SMEs to attend the forum, indissoluble bound President Mr. Wang Wei also tells the story of their history of struggle in the forum and Baidu.

resigned from office had lost to join the international road difficult

Wang Wei entered the Ministry of education in 1985, one thousand is 15 years. In 2000, Wang Wei resigned from office, but confused about what to do. At that time, Wang Wei once a student awoke him and told him to do study. Study abroad can also be used as a business to do? Wang Wei wondered. But with the rich work experience in the work of the Ministry of education, Wang Wei founded in 2000 Wei long education group. read more

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On the development of the Internet in the tourism industry by Tencent

in the tourism industry is a traditional industry application website on the Internet, with the rapid growth in the number of Internet users China, development of the tourism industry website will be a trend with a trend which cannot be halted, the major IT giants to enter the tourism market, the tourism industry is very competitive, a major reshuffle of the industry will be inevitable. May 17th, Tencent Holdings Ltd announced that it has acquired elong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as elong) nearly 16% stake in the acquisition price of $84 million 400 thousand, or about RMB 546 million yuan. This is followed by Baidu, Tencent became the second involved in the tourism market, IT companies. read more

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