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What is the fuzzy eyes of Shanghai dragon staff!

I want to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends and me, every day we go to work the first thing is to look at the keywords ranking is increased or decreased, if the rise, even if it is to enhance a, our hearts will be pleased with oneself, if dropped, can make the mood gloomy. This is the Shanghai dragon, let every friend to do site optimization thoughts. Every day we want to enhance the website ranking method for brains, integration inside and outside the station resources, to find the problem. It is often the result of the work we do is difficult to use mathematical arithmetic type: 1+1=2 mode to calculate. In other words we released a chain + update a station for the not = rankings. Sometimes we do the process of Shanghai dragon resources matching, despite many valuable content, web site keywords ranking it can go down, see peer website, website content people than our website content value, or search engines, or as well as the site outside the chain can be widespread. Is the site keywords ranking is better than my opponent website. In the face of these problems like too much to let us do Shanghai dragon personnel deeply confused and puzzled. read more

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In the implementation of outstanding beauty lele


said today is not the transformation itself! But what?

was to see their efforts, this is sincerely convinced, occupy the home position is to pay they deserve, but was also considered a transformation problem, has not been carefully studied, this is something

we are going to have the Shanghai dragon shares.

is now the weight of 6, less than 30 thousand of peak flow station to love, is in the top 300 thousand


in the last year, I also noticed this station, together with friends to discuss, feel the real station is too strong, before the data is not retained, the figure [] hadron portal read more

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2012 love Shanghai director of an annual drama in Shanghai Dragon

we all know, the medical website is a source of funds in Shanghai auction industry love is relatively large, but in the beginning of 2011, the Shanghai Dragon Technology (black hat Technology) development, many medical websites gradually please bid the fetter, Shanghai dragon, because when faced with a competitor who came to 2-4 the first is not important, why not choose the more cost-effective Shanghai dragon? And not just medical industries such as finance, industrial and commercial compared to a few years ago there are definitely a lot of customers choose the Shanghai dragon. Especially pay more attention to the network and have a certain economic capacity of enterprises set up their own networks to carry out business department, Shanghai dragon. Among them are emerging in the new network marketing way: the integration of network marketing network companies. This let love Shanghai aware of the network share is gradually reduced, in order to eliminate the unsafe factors in the bud, love to know Shanghai, Shanghai dragon based network advertisement without control is not given to suppress it, you will lose a lot. read more

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How will the experience of small rookie right down the site included recovery experience

2 replacement program will replace the program better customer experience program. Optimization within the program set, and learning PHP knowledge, change the source code. There is no repeat of the page program out of the page information and the index fell in love with the sea.

3 set up the chain to buy some high quality name >

more than a month of recovery work

1 space due to the initial stage, is to buy the cheapest space. In the beginning also feel as fast as you can, then more slowly, resulting in late often open the case. Because the Taobao customer program to cache, when a lot of space is full. The server refused to visit the site. A lot of good traffic, because access to open and long time loss. read more

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Search engine optimization strategy to attract traffic and ranking the five core

hopes that the rural education network 贵族宝贝edu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 this article to help you. The article is reproduced please specify the source

here is a client recently to my question, "if my gun (search engine optimization theory) in only 5 rounds, I will use the 5 bullet what?" I started thinking about customer problems. If there are five things that I can do a site, to improve his ranking and flow. What should I do?

5, create a solid element description to strengthen your title and HTML content. Even before these labels did have value, but they still often appear in the SERP directory. read more

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How do B2C website optimization

found that many sites do not too good, so we should strengthen the construction of the chain. Mainly in: product description for other products when connecting to the product page related products recommended, recommended hot products etc..

in general, mall site need to sell products with elegant and attractive pictures to attract and hold customer. We often find that many do B2C website a lot of pictures, this has brought some difficulties for the website optimization.

4, the chain construction read more

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Sichuan pilot reform in rural areas to achieve the effectiveness of three innovative entrepreneurshi

the development of rural industry in China has gradually moved from traditional to modern, scientific and technological, innovation, which is a challenge to traditional agriculture, but also full of opportunities for innovation. Sichuan province held a pilot reform of agricultural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, with a new program to guide the development of rural industries in the direction of science and technology.

led by the Sichuan Provincial Agriculture Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, the innovation of agricultural science and technology personnel incentive to carry out the pilot reform of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, animal sciences and Xuanhan County, focus on innovation driven development strategy, take the "three measures", "three major achievements". read more

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An article that makes you a senior Internet operator

Internet operators of non internet industry, is a job with no reality whatever. Even for the Internet industry, there are a considerable number of people who do not fully understand the operation.

combines large coffee and their own operating experience, the president of the Internet operation of a systematic summary of the work done, and from the practical point of view to elaborate, and strive for everyone to bring, you can learn from.

note that the president’s operation here refers to large operations, that is, a platform, in addition to the full operation of technology development. Well, let’s get down to business. read more

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Zhou Ciying always adhere to the common prosperity of the whole concept

for entrepreneurs, may be a lot of people will think they are very selfish, as well as their own wealth, it will not consider everyone. However, this is not the case of the hero. "I hope I through entrepreneurship and to build up the family fortunes, home rich, let nearby villagers live a good life, and I like to live a good life" Zhou Ciying in the chat inadvertently reveal such voices.

set up a rich platform to serve rural construction

Zhou Ciying was born in the town of Hunan Province, the town of Liuyang on the farmer’s family, did not receive higher education, but in the entrepreneurial road to continue to learn, continue to seek business opportunities. Her goal is to make the whole town build up the family fortunes, people have money to spend. read more

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国际市场已经给旅客一种替代传统的酒店或旅馆住宿2008以来,从标准到完全另类的住处,但该公司扩大了其服务的旅行去年十一月推出。除了家庭,在一些城市的用户现在也可以列出他们的专业知识,为游客提供一个独特的,当地领导的经验。 read more

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Analysis of common problems in laundry franchise stores

modern people are busy with their work, and they may not be able to take care of the trivial chores of cooking and washing. So it’s a good project to open a dry cleaner. The common problems of

color problems, such as macular stains and wind stains (and accumulated out because the clothes hanging too long stains), watermark, color fading, color and so on, flowers. The nature and sources of pollution is very complicated, there are properties of dyes and pigments can see at a glance the color spots, there are some can not see the hidden color stains, paints and coatings, the former from food contamination, the latter from body fluids (urine, sweat, etc.), chemicals, drugs, daily life the detergent and cosmetics, sometimes bright and dark pollution to people’s clothes in trouble, but also to the laundry problem.

1, customer made and failed to get rid of. read more

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Join Beijing Fu Tian intelligent kitchen appliances market opportunities – good business

now, choose their own business many franchisees. But want to choose the right to join the project, is very difficult. You think, now we are all very intelligent way of life. Of course, the choice of intelligent business to join the project. Jing Tian Tian intelligent kitchen appliances? Brand strength, with the advantages of good business projects!

Jing Tian smart kitchen appliances with strong R & D strength, a positive atmosphere for innovation, Jing Tian intelligent integrated kitchen has been dozens of national patents. The company invested heavily in the introduction of the domestic gas production testing equipment and electrical products integrated detection system of Germany advanced, to ensure that each factory integrated kitchen products are up to five star safety standards, synonymous with Beijing Fu Tian intelligent kitchen appliances is safe and environment-friendly stove. read more

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To be able to do business the whole – an antidote against the disease

every customer attitude in the shopping time will be different, shopkeepers if you want to get more customers recognized, nature also need to get more customers an antidote against the disease, recognition, so as to ensure business development. So, if you want business booming, the remedy is very important oh.

my little smoke Hotel area is not big, every time the weather is warmer, our family will gather outside the store to eat.

, I’m drinking with dad. This time to two customers, I would like to go up: "the boss of the two, I would like to ask what?" read more

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Xining City District will create the first smile service brand in Xining

February 2nd, Xining city district administrative service center actively carry out the style, in the series of activities theme.

"turn style, in action" theme, every staff in the district administrative service center of the solemn commitment of how to be a let the masses satisfaction and trust of the administrative service center staff, the undertaking is placed in the entrance hall, accept the supervision of the masses and vigilant themselves, and making "smile satisfaction in service quality feedback center" card in the window, including, the staff service attitude, service process, service satisfaction and other matters of opinions and suggestions, guide the work of the masses by hand card into the designated opinion box, the feedback card reflected in the units and departments of the prominent problems and ordered rectification, and the rectification plan announced in the publicity column, under the supervision of the masses. At the same time, the administrative service center according to the monthly report card reflects the situation and daily assessment evaluation of "star service staff", and the evaluation results as an important basis in the year-end assessment of individuals and units, departments of the assessment levels. read more

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Xining monetary subsidies straight people account for millions of households benefit

Xining actively promote the livelihood of the people after the reform of the project, about one million households have benefited.

people’s livelihood project monetary reform is that the government departments in order to regulate the allocation of funds, the relevant policy subsidies and awards complement funds directly into the monetary income of the masses of all ethnic groups, to effectively improve the income level of urban and rural residents, to allow more people to enjoy a better livelihood reform development dividend. Xining city has production subsidies, urban and rural housing construction subsidies, social security, poverty alleviation and other 10 types of agriculture and animal husbandry 51 Xiang Hangai, only Xining city last year, the financial departments at all levels will arrange the livelihood projects, the monetary reform project funds 6 billion 170 million yuan, a total of 1 million 40 thousand households, 5 million 670 thousand people benefit the masses. In order to improve the investment mode, effectively solve the problem of poor funding channels, intermediate stranded stranded transit issues, Xining also chose the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to carry out the pilot reform of the people’s livelihood monetary. Datong County in the process of work, invested 6 million 800 thousand yuan, to assist the project construction system, and is equipped with a query equipment for the 22 communities in 289 villages throughout the county, set up 250 "POS financial services to benefit farmers", has a total of 232 thousand and 100 transactions, 40 million 700 thousand yuan of funds. read more

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Xunhua vocational school in the ravine flying out of the golden phoenix

five years to go abroad for further study, to achieve employment of more than more than 200 students; business Arabic graduates annual income of more than $100 thousand in general; 1732 graduates in the realization of employment…… In recent years, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County occupation technical school based on the actual, bold innovation, professional characteristics has become a major brand occupation education of the ethnic regions, but also to build a platform for going deep in the mountains of poor students. read more

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After the festival to cool the weather

February 24th, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the Xining sky Piaoqi the snow, but the snow didn’t last too long. Reporters learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the city in the next few days mainly to the main weather, during which there is snow, accompanied by a large drop in the maximum temperature blowing day.
  read more

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How are the forward Rosinante


after signing Ma Dong, Liu Chun and Gao Xiaosong’s studio in June 5th and announced the signing of Shouma studio, cooperation to create a named "fashion arena video".

to Rosinante, also officially announced his withdrawal from the fashion group, open entrepreneurship. This is a traditional media people out of the story (although Rosinante called just "turn around"), he is relying on a transformation as his name "Shouma studio". During fashion group, Rosinante founded the "men loaded", "Robb report", as a group vice president and vice president of fashion, has a relatively rich media experience and fashion resources. The top fashion aura, in fact, the fashion group over the years honestly eat that bowl of rice or traditional media, like all traditional media, seeing advertising revenue model will come to an end. Now a way to start their own businesses, is to play is not the same as what? How to add some fashion Internet? read more

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Open a hot pot restaurant where money

opened a hot pot shop, talking about simple, but all of this is sufficient funds as a precondition. However, in the end what needs funding, many entrepreneurs are not very clear, naturally do not know how much money to open a hot pot shop about how much money to prepare. So, open a hot pot restaurant where money?

franchise fee

currently on the market a number of hot pot shop is through the way of joining. The initial fee is Hot pot shop spending the most, accounting for at least 2/3 of the total expenditure of cost. In the choice of Hot pot shop joining to note that currently on the market Hot pot shop layered serious, Chongqing Dezhuang, Ma Qin, Guojianglong, riding a dragon Hot pot Chongqing well-known brands such as Hot pot shop cost to join in more than 200 thousand, according to different levels (provincial, municipal, county) division, the cost of 20-100 million range. And some well-known enterprises to join the pot is uneven. There are 50 thousand, 10 or even 30 thousand Wandu, free lifetime have joined. Investors can only choose according to their own hot pot business. read more

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