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Three county Party School Party committee will be earthquake prevention and disaster reduction knowl

in order to further improve the level of grassroots cadres of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction knowledge, strengthen the ability of cadres at all levels to deal with emergency response capacity and psychological endurance. In 2011 this year, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the municipal Party will "earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake emergency management knowledge" into the municipal Party School of the main class cadre training class, the Municipal Seismological Bureau to a key part of earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake emergency management knowledge training as "organ" propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work to implement. Recently, the municipal Party and united to the three County Committee Party school issued "on the creation of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction course in the grass-roots party letter", on May 1st, the earthquake disaster reduction knowledge into three county Party school cadre education and training plan. Recently, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, respectively, and Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county Party school on the training signed a cooperation agreement on education and training. read more

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Big pizza buffet to join what conditions need to be met

what kind of food are self-service management form, even if we love pizza is no exception, if there is such a good pizza would you be madly in love with it, the big pizza buffet is an absolutely won’t let you disappoint pizza brand.

big pizza company is an Italian style pizza buffet chain. Entered Beijing in 2002, and in the same year registered as Beijing international catering management limited liability company. In 2003, China officially became a member of the chain management association, currently has a number of direct and joined the restaurant in the country. read more

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Be patient with old customers in business

is now a lot of shopkeepers in the shop all day sitting in front of the door what kind of customers are not clear, do business, but also how to do business for a long time? There are three steps in my shop, which is nothing in ordinary people, but for the elderly and the body of the disease has become a burden. The beginning is not aware of this problem, clearly see the customer step hard, I just patiently waiting, no hand to help each other, one is afraid of taboo, two is the network news.

lives in a nursing home near Uncle Lee because stroke lead legs activity inconvenience. One day, Uncle Lee came to the store on crutches. read more

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Three low risk business network all recommended

business process is filled with all sorts of business risk, many investors have failed in all kinds of business risk impact, if we can find a low risk way of business, you can more easily get rich.

in the business cost and business risk increasing today, a lot of entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs faced great pressure. How to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? The author and many entrepreneurs in the exchange and consultation found that those who are successful entrepreneurs tend to have the following three ways to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, access to new growth. read more

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With the understanding of white-collar workers to provide rent service magic wardrobe

if the clothes can be rented to wear, then it means that women’s clothing consumption costs will be greatly reduced? In some areas of foreign service, rent clothes have prevailed, and China is to develop this business model, is a magic wardrobe early adopters, here we come to understand the service brand.

"Wardrobe" user positioning for urban young female white-collar workers. Through the "magic wardrobe" App, monthly pay 329 or 379 (Bao You), the company will send 3 pieces of clothing package, the user wearing mail, the company then mailed the parcel with 3 other clothes next, unlimited number of times a month, once the use of unlimited length, no self cleaning needs. read more

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How to use music to attract customers

catering is a big service industry, the consumer is the main body, of course, how to get more traffic has become the most concerned about the business issues. There are many ways to attract customers to come, for example, the cake shop can use music. The music has become an important means of a lot of stores to attract customers, active store atmosphere and improve the flow of people, and the cake room but arbitrary playing bad Street "little apple" and "dazzle" folk style, business good? So, the cake shop how to use marketing to store music brings popularity, improve the small profit? Tell you what the songs are suitable for the read more

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The pioneering made large multinational fishmonger

returnees returned to the entrepreneurial story heard a lot, so successful but not much to see. Zhou Rui in Chongqing after many years of overseas work to return to China to inherit the family business, but decided to come out of their own independent entrepreneurial ideas. Now he has international career done fast "fish".

Because love to inherit the family business
read more

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How to get rid of the network for others to do the wedding dress fate

recently, many well-known brands have to test the waters of e-commerce, competing in the online market share. The Japanese Marui department through the network to enter the market, China COFCO launched online mall (currently in beta), fast money to Lining expanding e-commerce market…… The video has been the main service of the cool 6 network and Taobao hand opened the video shopping channel, began to get involved in B2C e-commerce. In July 6th, Alipay the largest independent third party payment platform (Alipay China) network technology limited company announced the number of users exceeded 200 million mark, which is not only Alipay’s pride, but also indicates the online consumption era. read more

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IXWebHosting host launched a strong Chinese station to enter the domestic market

recently launched http://cn.ixwebhosting.com IXWebHosting host Chinese station, once again taken into Chinese around April this year, the pace of the market, it is the first to support Alipay payment, walk in front of other hosts the United States, just a few months later, they had so quickly launched Chinese station, the step is so large, it can be seen that IXWebHosting how much is the top China market.

used the IXWebHosting host friends should know that it is the biggest characteristic with multiple independent IP free (specific parameter scheme to its Chinese station to see, is not introduced), imagine IP resource shortage today, a number of free independent IP read more

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The influence of QQ let me unexpected

      Lin Tao, an entrepreneur in China, according to oral finishing by,

      1984, my parents and family moved from Hainan to the District of Shenzhen, the development of Shenzhen electronic industry so that I can come into contact with the computer, in the middle school college entrance examination, I chose Shenzhen University computer professional volunteer.

      four years of college, my study object is UNIX C, the language of the master programmer, but also in the school is responsible for the maintenance of computer room, my solution for computer room is designed by the teacher praise, also can effectively prevent the virus. Of course, sometimes even in order to have more time on the computer, I will write some programs to trick the machine lock. Many software technical personnel are often on their own intelligence is very confident, engaged in software is just a way to compete with each other, and I hope you come up with things that are more, also willing to play a minor role in the technology market. read more

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Network marketing should focus on the conversion rate

I just went to bed, lying in bed for more than an hour without sleep, has been thinking about a problem, how to improve our network conversion rate.

I was thinking, the conversion rate is low because we grab the potential customers of the target fish ponds have a problem, if the target fish ponds are big fish, we are sure to catch a big fish. For example, we go to college students in the community to release the bait, if the community in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region of the community will be limited to the area, if not hungry fish it is difficult for him to do a few hours drive to Shanghai to participate in the study, if the number of level two or behind the city’s large student community, not only will limit the distance of the consumption capacity constraints, there are people’s mode of thinking. If compared with the English speaking community of college students, the accuracy is far worse. Because English community people are learning English, college students in the community may learn English up to thirty percent. So there is no English community community college students precise.. I’m thinking, no matter what a fish ponds, which called has two kinds, one is fixed visitors, a new visitor. No matter what a community their new visitors entrance in addition to advertising and navigation, most of the latest search positive antecedents. read more

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Daily conversation version of the WeChat PC version of tenderness will push commercial very cautious

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 24th news, recently occupation social app tenderness founder Freya Lim announced this month will launch the bottom end product tenderness PC.

Momo was founded in October 2013, is located in the "social work version of WeChat", the user can manage the network, once found two degree connections, or by keyword search to two degree connections and to establish contact, to find someone to act "moved from the line line, also can look for jobs or pass through the bond of talents required. read more

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Improve the exposure rate of your website through the advertiser

respected Webmaster Tools User:

if your site is allowed to advertise, we invite you to use Google Ad Planner advertising program to improve the exposure rate of your site. Google Ad Planner is a free media planning tool, the user covers tens of thousands of media planners and buyers. These achievements can not be separated from the Google Ad Planner publisher Center – it is a Ad Planner area, allowing you to manage the site configuration file.

view the three steps of the site profile

to view the content of your site profile in Google Ad Planner, follow these steps: read more

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Wei Feng Network listed on the new board why Apple tightly stare at the BBS community on

as the third party network community service iPhone users, Wei Feng network will be listed on the new board formally. It can be said that the decline in today’s BBS era, Wei Feng network are still constantly full of new vitality.

source: Vision China

Apple Corp around the industrial chain business has been not easy, because a little attention, is the business is likely to be strong apple overturned, specifically for apple production chip, screen and other parts of the company are the risk. But for iPhone users a third party network community has now also allows Apple Corp to stop. read more

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The chain and soft in the website promotion role

We all know that

, Baidu and Google method that included not only submit your site to her, this method is often used in a few years ago, but now, we used probably do not do so, everyone will go to do some chain and write high quality soft Wen to weight the site now, because no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, its core is not changed, it is the chain and original. I remember reading an article said, a site of great flow, but it looked at the flow is not entirely from the search engine, 40% of the traffic from the search engine, the 10% is from the favorites or direct input, and the remaining 50% are mostly from other sites to the outside the chain is usually done! The chain does not mean that the more the better, if you use mass software group some outside the chain, so a lot of junk the chain on the site but not what good. In some authoritative site and the nature of the same site send some of the chain, the flow is not allow to ignore. read more

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Grassroots webmaster business transformation Li Xingping comeback Cai Xuan North drift

about 80 years later, many people will think about Dai Zhikang (blog), Li Xiang, Zheng Li, Mao Kankan, Gao ran, Zhao Ning, Chen Xi and other string name, many of which have been forgotten name.


name is rarely mentioned, have already been "achieve success and win recognition long before these 80 years after the billionaire". Li Xingping, the famous Hao123 in 2004 by Baidu to ten million in cash + stock acquisition, the year he was 24 years old. Cai Xuan, in 1998 to design China’s first sharing software super rabbit, one of the most successful sharing software, that year he was 23 years old. read more

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Draft network security law released personal information is expected to ease off

reporter Zheng Meiyun

China’s network security legislation into the sprint period. In June this year following the twelfth session of the fifteenth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee examined the "People’s Republic of China network security law (Draft)" after July 6th, China net network security law (Draft) published the full text, to seek the views of the public.

The rapid development of the Internet and the concomitant risk

. On the one hand, the surge of Internet users in China, the development of mobile phone business applications, on the other hand, in the context of the Internet, network security incidents occur frequently. Android mobile phone explosion parasitic beast loophole; Android platform average 18 seconds was born a malicious program…… How to ensure that personal information security is no longer exposed read more

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Small sites do not rely on how to survive SEO traffic

tired of watching stereotyped SEO article, today some other dishes, this article may do full-time webmaster for some Baidu SEO. I am writing is limited, you will see it.

how do you do without Baidu traffic? How do you do without SEO traffic? First of all, I would like to say that I did not consider this problem in half a year ago, nor need to consider. 80% of my site traffic from Baidu SEO, and very stable. Every day’s work is basically on the SEO side, at that time I did not consider other drainage channels. Last year’s National Day holiday back home, because in the home can not access the Internet, so the National Day holiday did not pay attention to the site’s data. After the holiday came back to see the data, site traffic during the National Day fell by 50%. Open the flow tool background, a look at the key words all disappeared. Baidu search inside a few usually stable in the top three words are gone, and some even dozens of pages can not be found, the website brand word has disappeared. At this time I know the site was Baidu right down. But Google’s ranking is also good, but unfortunately useless, do stand friends know Google to flow is limited, and now there is no more than and 360. read more

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Courier Association Jingdong where the customer has submitted the courier business license

Said in a media interview, vice president of

DoNews May 28th news Chinese express Association and Secretary General Dawa before the Jingdong store, VANCL, have self built logistics system of B2C company has submitted a license application for express delivery business, courier business qualification will soon after.

Dawa said Jingdong mall, VANCL, has joined the Chinese express Association, and submit a courier business license application, the relevant information from their submission, soon can obtain express business qualification". read more

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Billion users app idle fish, Ali again Sike of community

do sea Amoy idle Shenzhen start-up company wool shop, is in the A round of financing, co-founder Sun Yuan frequent exchanges between Shenzhen and Beijing. He was a question that investors habitually asked, "what’s the difference between you and idle fish?"

makes startups worry free fish menacing. This Ali entrepreneurial projects, since March, in the App Store free shopping list once more than Tmall, vip.com ranked third, in its previous Taobao and Jingdong.

but, in the second hand this thing, Ali stood in the face of all entrepreneurs. read more

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