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Analysis of how to make your QQ space have good rankings


QQ space to get good rankings? After I managed to contact on the QQ master of space for the fifth, the QQ space ranking experience, here to share with you.

4, our QQ space is set up, you can do some of the chain in some weight high site, leading Shanghai spiders crawl over the contents of love.

teacher read to Xu Guoxiang a "QQ spatial analysis can make love Shanghai keyword ranking? "The feeling is quite deep. Has been for QQ spatial impression is aware of its shielding search engine spiders. I did not expect the QQ space can be ranked first in the search results. This sparked my interest. According to the article of the case in Shanghai in search of love: "chopping machine" this key, indeed, the words on the front page of the row is the first QQ space, and we can also see from the top even more than the love of Shanghai. As shown below: read more

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The latest web site about the way out of the high rate of

two, inside and outside the link, the first widely said, links must be realistic, not your text is the latest product click into into contact, so you are deceiving the user. Don’t do some fraudulent links to seek the point of the flow, the establishment of a breadcrumb, there must be a reasonable inside chain and so on between the article and the article.

6. overall design: just select template station, not according to the product and company culture to design template


2. server is slow: the most intuitive your site is often not open read more

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5 note of the Links exchange

is generally not more than 40 of each page as well, and the best home chain, when the exchange of use webmaster tools first check the number of other export, if export large website home page for more than 50, the average out or you lose.

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently prepared by the small Shanghai Longfeng a lot of articles for publication in A5, also got everyone’s support, in fact, writing soft is a stick, just like the old Mou silently wrote a year before the rage, heart must be installed with user mentality first. It can provide a reference for the webmaster, A5 this area is very rich, well, Xiaobian this period to write an article on the exchange Links several considerations, I hope to want to improve the PR value of traffic with friends will be helpful. read more

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Direction is more important than hard work, webmaster friend, are you in the right direction

with the personal webmaster threshold lower, more and more people do stand from simple personal hobbies slowly change, in order to make a living means. Personal webmaster like a boat in the sea, the lack of necessary funds and manpower on the road ahead. A lot of friends or even live frugally savings down living expenses to maintain the site’s daily expenses.

any industry, after all, is a small number of success. The reason for the failure is not to adhere to and some helpless non subjective factors (such as server hard disk damage, data loss, space providers closing down, etc.). More importantly, the reason is: before the website construction, we always have a goal, then we struggle for it at the same time, we are in the right direction? Direction is more important than efforts. read more

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Novice webmaster voice do stand need pain, and insist on

I was in April this year into the webmaster circle, and just started, I’m almost illiterate, do not know what is called domain name, what is corn, not to mention SEO. Soak in the A5 forum every day to study, hoping to find the answer. But in the beginning, it was not so simple as to imagine, and many problems were solved by no one. Look at the webmaster Wangzhuan, talk about how to utilize the network platform to realize their dreams on the website, see my heart itch. I have very early contact with the Internet, but it is purely enjoyment and entertainment. The real knowledge of the network is still poor. With the help of several friends, I finally applied for a corn of my own in May 13th, and I made up my mind to get my own web site. But what’s the next step? What kind of website is it? What kind of website can make money? read more

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2009, the site entered the era of content is king

many webmaster sigh, now do stand more easily, want to rely on to make money for the station is more and more difficult, but this is actually a false proposition! No matter whether do stand webmaster can make money easily, still can make money, otherwise it will not be such a webmaster army go forward with great strength and vigour, the problem is your website is suitable for the needs of the times, is not consistent with a money making website, this time, the website must rely on the unique attractive content to make money. read more

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Several principles of white-collar entrepreneurship for reference

wants to earn more money and live a better life. Office workers in the evening of nine, holding a fixed salary every month, so many people are thinking of part-time business, earn extra money. Work and entrepreneurship at the same time, why not? First look at the guidance of entrepreneurial experts.

the measures don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, office workers to do part-time is a common phenomenon.

read more

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How to run a profitable clothing store

basic necessities of life are very important for us, of course, the first is the clothing, also shows that the wearing is very important, the clothing store also shop, we all know now online clothing store sales is very good, as the store of clothing stores, operators are also careful to collect online selling not resigned to playing second fiddle, they. Clothing, wholesale through certain channels directly to the store, to attract a lot of consumers. So how to manage the clothing store?

how to operate a good clothing store 1, find a treasure house read more

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Spicy hot pot to make easy money

we all know, snacks to join the market, has been very hot, very business opportunities. Of course, the small business of the franchisee is naturally choose to join the snack market. Spicy hot pot? High quality projects, joined the spicy pot, is the best choice for our successful business!

snack market although the market prospects, low investment and high profits, but with the increasingly intense competition, let us start on the road is of twists and turns, spicy hot pot franchise by virtue of its unique taste, has been recognized by the vast number of consumers in the market, spicy hot pot franchise charts the experience of successful operation of what? This requires you to do the following to shop in the process, we have a look together. read more

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A quarter of Xining tourism revenue 1 billion 38 million yuan

reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, the spring of Xining has become the main battlefield of tourism reception in Qinghai, tourism revenues and passengers accounted for more than 80% of the province’s tourism. This is due to the spring of Xining, in the short distance travel, the province accounted for the main body of the first quarter, has a clear geographical advantage.

in the first quarter, Xining received 1 million 374 thousand and 600 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 18.31%, total tourism income of $1 billion 38 million, an increase of 33.51%. There is a substantial growth, which is slightly higher than the number of overnight visitors a day tour, indicating that Xining tourism is changing from sightseeing to leisure, exhibition and other deep tourism. read more

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Increase support for leading Chu (Jiang) jichai engineering efforts

attended the four session of the twelve CPPCC National Committee members of our Province Ren Qing Jia, Ma Zhiwei submitted to the General Assembly on the support of leading Chu (Jiang) preparatory work jichai project proposal.

bill, the Qaidam Basin per square kilometer of water production is far below the national level, the regional water resources and mineral resources and land resources distribution and economic and social development does not match the layout, has become one of our province and the country’s most drought areas. With the Qaidam circular economy pilot area to speed up the construction and development, the contradiction of water shortage will become more and more prominent, water shortage has become a bottleneck restricting the development of circular economy. read more

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Xining police detachment to concentrate on promoting peace, special action to fight robbery

at the beginning of this year, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment to concentrate on playing robbery, promoting safety special rectification action, to ensure that the "Spring Festival" and "NPC and CPPCC" social order and stability.

Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment to visit people practice as an opportunity to fight robbery and promoting peace "special rectification action as the carrier, strengthen the case against measures to maintain social order and stability. All the police detachment of the victims and the families of the unit to visit, looking for clues to solve the problem to help solve the practical difficulties of the victims. Recently, police detachment police continuous fighting, successfully destroyed 1 burglary Gang robbery, rape, 1 criminal gangs, cracked more than and 20 criminal cases, seized robbed mobile phone 7 and 1 sets of vehicle crime, and a strong deterrent against crime. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau emergency notification to ensure the safety of urban road traffic

recently, the city of Xining strong cooling, snow weather, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment issued an emergency notice to fully protect the safety of urban road traffic.

the "notice" requirements of the traffic police brigade to accident prone area in the slope road, narrow road, bridge, road bends and other temporary warning signs obviously, temporary traffic control on the accident prone road. On a busy road intersection, deployed police to strengthen guidance; to strengthen collaboration with other departments, to develop "road traffic management plan, and effectively improve the bad weather" severe weather warning ability and management level; to strengthen inspections, to carry out illegal overloading special rectification, remediation efforts to increase vehicle overcrowding, urged the driver to carry anti-skid chains and other emergency equipment; to strengthen rural road management, correct the low speed truck, three cars and tractors, driving without a license and illegal manned Wupaiwuzheng vehicles on the road and other serious traffic violations, snowy weather or icy road of County Road, to take effective management measures to strengthen the security of road traffic safety; the duty guard, during the peak period, the traffic police brigade to lengthen working hours, strengthen traffic grooming, until Return to normal. (author: Li Jing) read more

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Three county Party School Party committee will be earthquake prevention and disaster reduction knowl

in order to further improve the level of grassroots cadres of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction knowledge, strengthen the ability of cadres at all levels to deal with emergency response capacity and psychological endurance. In 2011 this year, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the municipal Party will "earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake emergency management knowledge" into the municipal Party School of the main class cadre training class, the Municipal Seismological Bureau to a key part of earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake emergency management knowledge training as "organ" propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work to implement. Recently, the municipal Party and united to the three County Committee Party school issued "on the creation of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction course in the grass-roots party letter", on May 1st, the earthquake disaster reduction knowledge into three county Party school cadre education and training plan. Recently, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, respectively, and Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county Party school on the training signed a cooperation agreement on education and training. read more

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Big pizza buffet to join what conditions need to be met

what kind of food are self-service management form, even if we love pizza is no exception, if there is such a good pizza would you be madly in love with it, the big pizza buffet is an absolutely won’t let you disappoint pizza brand.

big pizza company is an Italian style pizza buffet chain. Entered Beijing in 2002, and in the same year registered as Beijing international catering management limited liability company. In 2003, China officially became a member of the chain management association, currently has a number of direct and joined the restaurant in the country. read more

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Be patient with old customers in business

is now a lot of shopkeepers in the shop all day sitting in front of the door what kind of customers are not clear, do business, but also how to do business for a long time? There are three steps in my shop, which is nothing in ordinary people, but for the elderly and the body of the disease has become a burden. The beginning is not aware of this problem, clearly see the customer step hard, I just patiently waiting, no hand to help each other, one is afraid of taboo, two is the network news.

lives in a nursing home near Uncle Lee because stroke lead legs activity inconvenience. One day, Uncle Lee came to the store on crutches. read more

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Three low risk business network all recommended

business process is filled with all sorts of business risk, many investors have failed in all kinds of business risk impact, if we can find a low risk way of business, you can more easily get rich.

in the business cost and business risk increasing today, a lot of entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs faced great pressure. How to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? The author and many entrepreneurs in the exchange and consultation found that those who are successful entrepreneurs tend to have the following three ways to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, access to new growth. read more

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