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100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (six)

update site ?Since the

original content for search engines is still very large, will first consider the problem of user experience, second is the search engine itself a good judgment on. The original article is not always well written, and rich original content although it can promote the collection, but good original content may not be included, many factors included, just one of the original good.


52, original content for search engines are the influence of

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody. read more

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Talk about how personal websites earn 10 thousand per monthPhoto site Getty Images entrepreneurial m

his profit method is: website content commodity. Because he is a game site, the traffic is mostly gamers. Of course, they include single player and online gamer. Most of the online game players have the purchase card demand, can be converted to most of his customers. At least 100 per day, ten thousand IP per day I guess. I was very optimistic about the method, so I followed it.

is the man who I will not say, he is doing the game site, his website one day IP is more than 10 thousand. It’s pretty bull, too. The profit spot on his website was just selling ads, doing League moms, GG, and the like. He told me he used to earn only more than 80 dollars a day. Later, he represented a card site card, a day to earn more than 1000. read more

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Wonderful flower! New three plate enterprise prospectus disclosure detailed data brushJanuary 2008 t

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

membership, Hello,

4, please indicate your ID number on the invoice, which will help us to verify


Company Name: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. finance department, receive

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

zip code: 100097

technology news April 29th morning news, Shanghai Aishang flower Limited by Share Ltd securities referred to: love flowers, stock code: 836638 listed on the new board, in its public transfer instructions, the company in 2013 -2015 year in July in order to carry out the business marketing brush out 260 thousand orders, false sales amount more than 30 million yuan to produce a single brush. read more

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Airbnb’s secret from failure to success design!

Abstract: in 2009, Airbnb was on the edge of bankruptcy. Like most startups, Airbnb has been around for some time, but no one has noticed them. The company’s revenues are hovering around $200 a week, and the three founders are living on such a small amount of money and living on it.

2009, Airbnb is on the edge of bankruptcy. Like most startups, Airbnb has been around for some time, but no one has noticed them. The company’s revenues are hovering around $200 a week, and the three founders are living on such a small amount of money and living on it. Airbnb’s zero growth is zero, and it’s almost a loss. "Venture capitalists generally love to develop in hockey curves," says Joe, co-founder and chief designer of Airbnb, Gebbia. "Airbnb’s curve has always been horizontal.". People have to rely on overdraft credit cards to maintain Airbnb operations. read more

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Talk about the black matters of the new network agent

Beijing old domain registrar

at home, he is the agent be arranged, most of them are black beyond count, some agents, you are not experienced, may not know, here I will talk about the new network agent commonly used trick.

1. Low prices attract customers

The new

black network, most are under the low price to attract customers, some first registered or let you lose money, when you hooked you know his real purpose. Last August, I saw the name of a registered cn ipx*com*cn yuan slogan in the Taobao online, so I want to at that time, I registered and will not use meters, continued for second years, go up five CN meters. At that time did not intend to renew all the time to write all of the domain name is built. It knows the weather is unpredictable, meters in more than five months, authenticity the state requires the audit of CN meters, is not true of all people, you will stop 2.1 meters to. read more

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Beijing medicine separate reform to be implemented

2017 a lot of medical platform gradually into people’s sight, for food and drug safety, cause people’s attention. Beijing City, the separation of medicine from the implementation of the reform tomorrow, and synchronize the start of the pharmaceutical sunshine procurement. Beijing Wei Planning Commission, said the addition of drugs to cancel the policy and the effect of superposition of the purchase of sunlight.

drug procurement platform similar to the electricity supplier platform, price, inventory are open and transparent. At present, there are more than 7 thousand varieties of drugs, more than 40 thousand gauge platform, settled in the distribution business reached more than and 140. After the formal operation of the platform, Beijing Wei Planning Commission will dynamically adjust the lowest reference price of drugs, and the implementation of real-time warning of high purchasing prices. read more

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North of Xining City, the incumbent party members into the community activities Huimin obvious effec

The north area of Xining city

and carry out the "working party members into the community" activities, the implementation of the working party members within eight hours by the unit management, eight hours to accept residence community party organization management "double management", for the working party members into the community to build a platform, let the working party in the pro people do good in cohesion, in private in fact the polymerization, in the construction of community service in chuangxianzhengyou.
to strengthen leadership, coordination, working party members into the community to play the role of guarantee. The District adhere to the party serving the dual management as an effective way to promote the construction of community party, strengthen organization and leadership, establish and perfect the system, to construct the common participation, care, Co Construction of the open area of community party construction. First, the leadership of the joint model demonstration. Establish and improve the level of leading cadres contact point system, district level leading cadres contact street community work, help the point of contact to carry out activities for the work gap, clarify the development of ideas, solve practical problems. The streets have also established a leading cadres, department heads in conjunction with the system to guide the community to carry out the work. Community party organizations to actively implement the "two committees" party members and commitment, each working party members to contact a poor people, read more

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Xining zhuangshiduanwan

Cancellation of cancellation! Decentralization! Adjustment of the adjustment! The Xining municipal government to resolve the "ruling", "iron grip marks" efforts to promote decentralization, reform of administrative examination and approval system, again canceled and adjusted 156 administrative approval items. In August 19th, the municipal government executive meeting, considered and approved by the municipal government decided to cancel, adjust and retain the administrative examination and approval project directory (referred to as the "directory"). This is our city has been canceled and adjusted 73 administrative approval at the end of April this year, once again canceled and adjusted 156 administrative approval items, this is over the Xining City efforts to clean up the administrative examination and approval, to cancel the maximum decentralization matters most of the time!

in the reform of this government the right to self cut, self innovation, we can see that Xining city continued decentralization is to give the society and the masses is greatly relaxed, in order to burst to stimulate the creativity of society, is in order to maximize the release of reform dividends, and strive for an early build Xining into a people’s satisfaction the life of the city, the city of happiness.

cancel 82

canceled 156 decentralized administrative approval in the merger, cancellation of 82.

[Cancel] range

– take in the matter, after regulation and indirect management of can, no longer set for approval.

– to cancel all kinds of qualifications for approval.

– although the abolition of the legal basis, but obviously not in compliance with the comprehensive deepening reform of administrative examination and approval system, and Yinchuan, Lanzhou and Urumqi city did not keep.

– according to the economic and social development, market mechanisms can be used to replace the administrative examination and approval, through the market mechanism can effectively regulate the.

– citizens, legal persons and other organizations can solve the self-discipline.

– difficult to play an effective role, set up the self approval since never approved.

– in accordance with the "notice" of Qinghai Province Office of the Committee on the liquidation of the provincial government departments of non administrative licensing examination and approval requirements, carry out the "reset" of non administrative approval items, eliminate the "grey zone approval management".

[content] to

decentralization 5

this clean-up work, the various departments active efforts to increase decentralization, decentralization of authority.


directly to the grassroots and the masses, large wide by lower management more convenient and effective administrative approval, should be transferred to the next level of government management.

[involved in; read more

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Urban areas, small and micro Hotel booster, blessing home thousands of village households demonstrat

Ten years ago, said Nanchuan West garden trees village, the floating population and the bad environment is almost all of it

ten years ago, said Nanchuan West garden trees village, the floating population and the bad environment is almost all of it. With the development of economy and society, now the garden tree village old city, village culture square beautiful, neat villagers living buildings, clean roadway, bright and spacious hall of the village, the former village, already can be comparable with the city community. read more

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National Police bilingual training base in Xining

October 31st, the national public security police bilingual training base, the opening ceremony was held in Qinghai Institute of Police Officers. Deputy governor, the provincial public security bureau director Liu Zhiqiang and deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of personnel training for the base inaugurated Fan Jingyu.

it is understood that the base is the Ministry of public security established in the northwest region only approved professional training base, the main responsibility for the national public security organs especially the Tibetan culture and Tibetan bilingual professionals need to transfer, the implementation of police training and carry out relevant Tibetan Bilingual, teaching research, teaching staff construction, theoretical research work, to provide intellectual support and hardware security for the public security organs Tibetan Bilingual Education and related professional qualifications of police training. read more

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The pet economy has caught

speaking of pets, which in the current is not strange, readily visible people with streets and lanes pet travel, and pet species is increasing, so that the pet economy market is more and more broad. In short, the family from the pet and derived from the pet economy is becoming a new economic term.

in developed countries, the pet industry means wealth. Only on the pet food market, in 2002, the world’s total pet food market will reach 17 million 500 thousand tons, equivalent to $36 billion 100 million. The United States has only $4 billion a year in pet insurance, with more than 30 thousand employees in Australia, and nearly $6% in gross domestic product. read more

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Milk bear milk tea popular popular projects

milk bear milk tea? Entrepreneurship project. In our life, there is always a demand for milk tea. 2017, choose to join the milk bear milk tea good? Popular with the choice of milk tea to join the project, the shop is certainly earn!

milk tea bear how much money? 1-10 million, milk tea bear build quality tea, to the other for your taste, unique taste, bear milk tea, wealth shizaibide, profit! Bear tea tea to milk mellow cool cool to each end of the body, the bear milk tea to how much money? 1-10 million, pleasure in my mind. This is the dessert should play a role. Gorgeous taste, comfort the soul. read more

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Start family wedding you can make money

with the continuous development of the wedding market, more and more wedding companies have emerged. Because of the broad market demand, so the wedding industry is getting better and better. Every day people get married, everyone wants to have a perfect wedding, so the wedding is essential. Start family wedding, allowing you to easily shop to earn a lot of money.

of course, as a very lucrative venture, how to dress chain stores operating conditions, there is a relationship with the location and purchase of goods look. To do a wedding chain stores, in addition to have a good sales methods, the most critical thing is to understand the purchase. This "understanding" of the word contains very much, not only to know the location of purchase, the wholesale price level and in the face of the customer base, but also understand the wedding of chain stores for customers preferences, body characteristics, it is more important to be Taohuo, to exercise a double goods piercing eye. The accumulation of the experience that requires time and experience. read more

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Retail stores to follow the principles of business

even if the same store, different times, the store will be different management. In the present, difficult to do retail business, some reasons are affected by the environment, there are some reasons with the store’s own business philosophy about. As a retail shop owner, in order to store business is good, some business principles can not be ignored.

, a law-abiding business, pay taxes. As a retailer, law-abiding, pay taxes "is his duty, the most basic principle is the management of the store. If you leave the premise of law-abiding business, pay taxes ", our stores like traveling at sea sailing, deviated from the correct channel it, sooner or later ran aground capsized. So, our hard work and operating profit is built on the sand of the building, not by a "fleeting, beaten by wind and waves". As a retailer, is a legal obligation we pay taxes; tax credit, is most retailers should possess and adhere to legal and moral consciousness. read more

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Store decoration needs to adjust measures to local conditions

although many people now know the importance of store decoration, but also willing to invest energy and financial resources, however, because the positioning is not allowed, even if the pay has been very large, but the effect is not good. Therefore, according to the practice of small series, shop location, decoration style, in the eyes of mobile customers is very important.

originally, the location of the store where the election, the owner is bound to consider the surrounding fixed population is not much, the flow of people is not large and other factors, which is no doubt. For the shop decoration, a lot of people think that everything depends on the commodity, the external things are secondary; or that the more luxurious can reflect the grade and grade, the more let customers rest assured. As everyone knows, if you can not according to the environment to reasonably arrange the decoration, you are likely to become the eyes of the eyes of the flow of foreign customers, even if the position is superior, the crowd again intensive. read more

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How to successfully open a children’s toy store

we all know that since the opening of the national two-child policy, a sharp increase in the number of newborn Chinese, many families in the new happy life at the same time, but also create more opportunities for the franchisee to. With the increase in the number of children, then the children’s market will naturally follow up. In particular, the major children’s toy stores, but also to become entrepreneurs who invest in the hot industry. So now you want to invest in the children’s industry, the choice of a very promising toy store. So how to open a successful toy store? read more

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Tmall push three compensation scheme in response to bribe oversold UNIQLO refund


in the double 11 shopping carnival is over 10 days, one after another successful payment orders, consumers were told to purchase department oversold goods, suggest a refund. Yesterday, Tmall officially apologized dual 11 day traffic is huge, cause the system data docking allowed, a few orders oversold, and announced that the 3 compensation scheme.

consumers were ordered to refund the success of

"you are being oversold?" November 20th, netizen "poison poet" released with micro-blog, November 11th Tmall online shopping carnival, let him first heard the word "oversold", "successful single payment, but no refund notice of goods, suggestions". read more

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