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Store decoration needs to adjust measures to local conditions

although many people now know the importance of store decoration, but also willing to invest energy and financial resources, however, because the positioning is not allowed, even if the pay has been very large, but the effect is not good. Therefore, according to the practice of small series, shop location, decoration style, in the eyes of mobile customers is very important.

originally, the location of the store where the election, the owner is bound to consider the surrounding fixed population is not much, the flow of people is not large and other factors, which is no doubt. For the shop decoration, a lot of people think that everything depends on the commodity, the external things are secondary; or that the more luxurious can reflect the grade and grade, the more let customers rest assured. As everyone knows, if you can not according to the environment to reasonably arrange the decoration, you are likely to become the eyes of the eyes of the flow of foreign customers, even if the position is superior, the crowd again intensive. read more

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How to successfully open a children’s toy store

we all know that since the opening of the national two-child policy, a sharp increase in the number of newborn Chinese, many families in the new happy life at the same time, but also create more opportunities for the franchisee to. With the increase in the number of children, then the children’s market will naturally follow up. In particular, the major children’s toy stores, but also to become entrepreneurs who invest in the hot industry. So now you want to invest in the children’s industry, the choice of a very promising toy store. So how to open a successful toy store? read more

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Tmall push three compensation scheme in response to bribe oversold UNIQLO refund


in the double 11 shopping carnival is over 10 days, one after another successful payment orders, consumers were told to purchase department oversold goods, suggest a refund. Yesterday, Tmall officially apologized dual 11 day traffic is huge, cause the system data docking allowed, a few orders oversold, and announced that the 3 compensation scheme.

consumers were ordered to refund the success of

"you are being oversold?" November 20th, netizen "poison poet" released with micro-blog, November 11th Tmall online shopping carnival, let him first heard the word "oversold", "successful single payment, but no refund notice of goods, suggestions". read more

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Is it really different Dangdang announced renamed

[Abstract] with the slogan "fifteen years Dangdang online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" also changed to "dare" Dangdang "".

logoVS LOGO (new old Dangdang Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) October 20th news, "dangdang.com today announced the upgrade was renamed" Dangdang "in the domain remains unchanged, delete the non keyword" net ", and launched a" round of red bell "as a brand new logo.

with fifteen years Dangdang slogan "online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" also changed to "dare" Dangdang "". read more

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What happens on the Internet in a minute

Chinese has nearly 700 million Internet users, apparently, no one is willing to waste the resources on the Internet, every minute people do not believe in the download, WeChat chat and online shopping,? Let us speak with the data, see in a minute of time, what happens on the Internet will China


in a minute:

drops taxi will attract 1388 taxis, 2777 private cars.

has 395833 people logged on WeChat, the 19444 people in the video or voice chat

625 thousand Youku potatoes video was watched read more

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Webmaster daily broadcast electricity supplier price war and then war Alibaba delisting tomorrow

1, Jingdong mall anniversary of Tmall: running a war of no smoke

June 19th morning news, originally is the anniversary of the June 18th Jingdong mall promotion, has become a rival Tmall and Jingdong mall price war, the two sides have invested heavily in the former faiths, hope to have a beautiful sales data report, the latter to delay the pace of listing. Yesterday by the Jingdong store anniversary, strong promotional activities launched a "history of the strongest anniversary month, and competitors have also launched the" history of the strongest suppression". From Tmall to suning.com E18 40 million red envelopes, 0 yuan purchase, Gome’s Kuba more direct hit "sniper 618" slogan. From a scouring network monitoring data show that the top ten of the domestic electricity supplier platform has recently launched a full price war, the whole network price of goods may increase the number of up to 50% to 100%. read more

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YAHOO domain name registration fee rose to $34.95 per year by an increase of 2.5 times

June 29 news, from the beginning of this year in July 1st, YAHOO small business website registered domain name users will find their annual service fee will rise from $9.95 to $34.95.

YAHOO on behalf of Friday (June 27th), said YAHOO has registered a small business enterprise domain name YAHOO users sent e-mail notification. YAHOO will send email notifications on 90, 60, and 30 days prior to the registration of domain names.

some blog on YAHOO to raise the domain name registration fee expressed disappointment. They say the price is 3.5 times the price of the past. read more

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Alibaba repurchase funds source list


technology news (Xiao Hua) September 24th Beijing time news, YAHOO shares repurchase plan before the Alibaba group, according to the purchase price, the latest valuation of around $40 billion, YAHOO holdings of shares of the Alibaba dropped to 23%, the Alibaba funded investment group, Bo Yu capital, CITIC Capital and CDB Ali Ba become shareholders of Papua New guinea.

according to sources, Alibaba for the repurchase of shares of $7 billion 600 million may consist of the following sources: read more

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Mou Changqing share summary of my 13 blog publishing channels

used to see on the Internet, "Sina million Bo" such a word, that is, in Sina to open a blog, the total amount of access exceeded 1 million, it can be called millions of popular name bo. I also have a blog in Sina, but the popularity has been lukewarm, only tens of thousands of visitors, there is a huge gap from one million bo.

I have to focus on their own independent blog, that can not rely on third party platform, can make a bloggers do it, is the kingly way. And in the long run, their own independent blog developed, better than the third party blog, and more commercial value. For example, how would like to change their own blog, would like to hang advertising on advertising, and in the third party blog, there are a lot of inconvenience. read more

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The WeChat version of the balance of treasure tomorrow fastest on-line financial and Internet to Ali

Tencent financial finally into the.

Beijing Daily reporter learned exclusively, the Tencent will be the fastest officially launched its first Internet financial products tomorrow, WeChat version of the balance of treasure, Huaxia Fund partner.

yesterday, the relevant informed sources, Tencent will launch its WeChat platform in WeChat financial channel and the balance of the WeChat version of treasure, which was named WeChat money paid through". It is understood that the financial channel will be linked to WeChat’s my bank card interface. read more

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Kara 10 years 4 million business users, 100 million individual users waiting for the listing of adul

Abstract: Kara played louder the abacus is, the first year of profit do not "burn" but just 1 billion 500 million of financing cash, will have to come up with 1 billion yuan to set up a koala industry fund, in order to cultivate the industrial chain of the symbiotic system peripheral lakala. For example, big data, the industry will be one of the first batch of funds announced investment projects.

interview the day before, but also to do the industry big brother friends ran to ask Sun Taoran, how to successfully enter, bigger Internet banking. read more

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Pig CMS material library to upgrade the micro site easier to make

users are most concerned about the function of the micro site, pig CMS recently upgraded to the material library, the upgraded material library comes with a large number of background images, icons, icon and slides.

increase in the quantity of materials at the same time, we also classify the material, for example, according to industry classification, divided into: catering, real estate, hotels, health care, education and tourism industry in common, according to industry classification and in accordance with the color style classification, users in the micro web station can do very straightforward to find their own need material, which greatly shortens the time of making micro sites, but also greatly reduces the threshold for the fabrication of micro site. Non professionals from the material library directly select the relevant material can be built in a few minutes a fine micro site. read more

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Do your traffic crooked ways (three)

today to write the third part, the last ending said this method introduced a convenient traffic, with the help of Baidu Post Bar. Before the start, or say a few "two part in a belt of the hanging" flow, because a lot of people and I QQ asked me what hang, although we all know the basic method, but there are still people who ask, so simple to say about it.

hang QQ, QQ now seems to be as a communication tool, but also remember the original pure play QQ want to know. Find, so every time the Internet search online, female, then came in, and then talk about…… Maybe now we rarely do so, because we have been mature, is the webmaster, but there are still N N more and more boring men even in women to do such a thing, QQ traffic is terrible, terror than mop.com, the number of online search every woman, I don’t know, not. You can guess, but guess the data, estimates are quite horrible, so have come up with a way to master, landing hundreds of QQ on the same machine, arranged in different parts of the female, then advertising in the data, the effect is actually still good. read more

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Know almost goddess fraud on platform responsibility and human flesh search

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text /maomaobear

recently, just exposed the Baidu Post Bar event because almost a fraud on the Internet and fire up.

The story of the

story is as follows:

a man who played the triangle, are suffering from heart disease but not self love and unremitting self-improvement admitted to Fudan study abroad and eventually become the florist boss "positive energy beauty", "beauty of love and positive energy", and the husband of positive energy beauty has similar experience with the disease but the operation failed then "tragic girl". read more

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The station for half a year of bitter bitterness

      as has recently been busy, no time, so [original] site mentality in six months of bitter bitter continued has not written. This evening suddenly woke up can’t fall asleep, the unfinished continued writing and play.

      now do stand friends should be very clear now to promote a new station is very difficult, although my novel station flow up, but compared to the other station is still pale into insignificance by comparison, also want to get some traffic. After spreading around the wall, I whim, since the Forum does not let me send me SMS advertising, that does not become a moderator? It could not see, and can accurately make those resident members know my station. Of course must be touching diction vivid, the highest realm of propaganda is to let people do not see is the word of publicity, and think of you he wants to recommend a good hearted, people naturally willing to your station to see. Although this method is stupid, but the efficiency is very low, but for me to win is very valuable, but a permanent member of a much better than thousands of. read more

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Pornographic sites involved in the registration of unknown fear

Beijing 5 80 yellow website moderator will stand trial the residue team is still in the "normal"

Legal Daily reporter Li Jie Jie Legal Daily intern Wu Meng

5 after 80 boys, originally not acquainted with each other, but will stand together in Beijing in March 2nd, the people’s Court on the defendant’s seat.

all of which they had originated from the common identity — yellow forum moderator.

these 5 suspects had a good job, have a university culture, of which 1 people have a master’s degree, but pornographic pictures, fans". A pornographic website "regulars", was the senior manager fancy website, "promote" a different forum moderators. Since then, the management section of obscene became their "second occupation", but they refuse to take any payment for, had enough eye addiction, just to meet the desire…… read more

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Personal financial stocks website development space

      personal website seems to have little in the financial field of a play, more get together in the entertainment, pictures, such as mobile phone, so in the stock in the field of personal website is the personal website of the survival space?

      with a few old Adsense talk about this matter, they say, this requirement is too high, not only to understand the site, but also understand the stock, to understand too much, as do other stations easily.

      I began in 2006, focusing on the idea of financial website, was just an idea, because I am a bit of programming impassability, also can simply use the PF to do static pages, because the stock site can be said to understand the stock, people do not understand the website, understand website people do not understand the stock, it is difficult to put the two together, I try to do. Also the upload, beginning one day only a few days later the flow is 20-30IP/, the web is 06 at the end of the year, a day at the beginning of 07 do, only 200-300IP/ day traffic a year later, I do not know what merit, only know the content every day, adhere to the original, original content. Do a few very important stock keywords in Baidu on the first page of a half of my. Feeling pretty good, but the flow is no quality improvement, I really can not think of. read more

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Discussion WeChat public platform promotion niche segments

first run WeChat public platform it has been 20 days, the daily timing push high quality hand-painted illustrations and other works of art to the user, has determined to do the polymerization the best platform for art design direction of the side of the mobile phone users, but nothing to the beginning of the creation of the poor, every day in fluence of about fifty people, although the daily suffering find a map, forced to find the best plans to push, but the amount of attention has no breakthrough, so the bottleneck period lasted almost two weeks, in 11.06 days thinking about changing reasonable setting and optimization of push content, the effect is striking, after only six days the number of attention from 1000 soared to 6000, but most of them are hand-painted art design enthusiasts, how can this amazing one exclusive, look down: read more

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