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10 years of collection Moonlight domain name 6 digit sale

renamed China (eName.cn) April 27th hearing, it is understood that the domain name investors Liao with 6 digit sold "Moonlight" domain name yueguangbaohe.com.


: "Moonlight" domain whois information


it is reported that Liao period in 2005 registered four fight domain name yueguangbaohe.com, until today it was sold. The domain name of the latest whois information displayed on the mailbox is the cause of Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. enterprise mailbox, the holder of the Pinyin is shaoxiaoran". Shing Shing’s CEO Shao Xiaoran is in line with the pinyin. At the same time, Shao Xiaoran’s net loan platform yueguangbaohe MoonBox CEO. read more

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Love and marriage website Sweet industry is a gold suction machine

China’s first marriage website surfaced

"liar hotbed", "one night stand" cradle, "crime nest", and so on charges of Jiayuan pushed the collective action by the court, so far, China first listed dating sites of the protagonist, become the first case of the protagonist Chinese marriage website.

"you are not your advertised matchmaker you are kindness knows no bounds, a liar. You are not your advertised "real serious dating sites," you are lying around the world but! "Beijing Qing Liu told the Herald reporter network, Jiayuan" love "tour let her scarred. In August 10th, Liu Qing v. Jiayuan suspectstried in Beijing, which is known as the first case of Chinese dating website. read more

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Twitter CEO should provide users with editing features easy to modify tweets

Beijing on December 30th news, Twitter will add the "Edit" button? Recently, Twitter CEO Jack · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) announced to us that this may indeed exist.

Dorsey to user comments, see what users want Twitter increased in 2017, or where to make improvements, many users want to be able to modify the tweets.

user Alex · (Alex Lawrence) issued tweets, said: I have to cut, delete, paste, edit and then re released, such things have happened countless times." Jack · Dorsey responded: "I also, we are considering this thing." User 3ziiz said: "sometimes there is an error, I hope I can edit tweets." Dorsey reply said: "many people have the same expectations." read more

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Webmaster network daily broadcast 360 search and Google cooperation Tencent denied restructuring

1, 360 search and Google cooperation Baidu also hold it?

through cooperation with Google, on the one hand can realize the search traffic, get income; on the other hand can also be a potential advertisers to do a demonstration to attract customers to the 360 search platform. So, gradually will attract customers to own up dotting marketing platform.

related reading:

360 search and Google cooperation Baidu also hold it?

2, Tencent denies the structural adjustment of the layout of mobile security, browser, map read more

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nternet July event nventory two Google through the annual curve regression

the day before yesterday on the Internet July event Inventory (a) CNNIC internet report is a concern in the text, the inventory of the Internet since July what happened. Due to the limited space and time, failed to make a complete summary, today to continue the last theme, inventory of the Internet in July occurred in the big event.

new filing system on-line BBS special filing due to the approval of a new round of approval will be canceled

in June 10th, the Ministry issued a "notice" "the Ministry of industry and information technology on the site for the record management system upgrade, announced the launch of three record management service mode. According to internal sources, said the Ministry of industry and information technology has been gradually changing the three systems, namely: ministerial level, provincial level, enterprise level, level three system. In July 5th before the authority does not accept any website information submitted for the record, in July 5th after the website registration information submitted will be reported at the same time, will have to fill in the verification of the authenticity of the single and official photos. It is understood that the latter will be set up in the vicinity of the authorized camera point, the nearest photo. Along with the process of taking pictures for the record That’s final., new filing system has been launched. Currently around the station has begun to follow the process of taking pictures for the record, whether willing or not, to adapt to the new policy is the fact that the individual owners must accept. read more

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More than and 300 illegal online music website was closed

Ministry of culture announced today, to the middle of this month, will shut down all more than and 300 illegal online music website.

since October 2010, China launched a six-month crackdown on IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods since the special action, the Ministry of culture and the regulation of the high-pressure situation, CO carding 564 provides network music playback, listen, download and use services website, focus on cleaning up the sky music network, 123wma music network 9Ku music network, 237 suspected of engaging in illegal operation of online music website, the website shall be ordered deadline for rectification, immediately stop the Internet cultural activities, network music products containing prohibited content and delete suspected of piracy. And did not carry out rectification or rectification does not meet the requirements, shall be investigated and dealt with according to law. read more

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Comsenz released cross border integration products Discuz X experience package

the latest news, the afternoon of March 28, 2010, Chinese leading community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) officially released the cross-border integration product Discuz! X 1 experience package, the upcoming Discuz! X products officially entered the public beta stage.

figure 01 Discuz! X 1 experience package released

new Discuz! X Comsenz launched a professional website platform based on the community, so that the Forum (BBS), personal space (SNS), portal (Portal), group (Group), open platform (Open Platform) is fully integrated in one, help the site to achieve a one-stop service. At the same time Discuz! X will be combined with the needs of users, to extend the brand space, real estate, classified information, electronic commerce, marriage, home, car and other commercial applications, to provide professional and comprehensive technical solutions for local and regional media websites. read more

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Social electricity supplier new play God horse welfare millions of dollars Pre A financing

mobile Internet is the center of the logo, and now the user access to information has become extremely fragmented channels and scenes. For the electricity supplier entrepreneurs, if you want to catch everyone’s attention, WeChat (social platform) is undoubtedly the most abundant flow entrance. As a result, we see the rise of the fight group mode, that is, the number of clever buy together through WeChat to buy affordable form, to absorb powder + buy double purpose, to get a low cost of installed capacity. read more

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2015 excellent social marketing people of the 6 habits do you have

do you want to improve the productivity of social media and make your marketing market vibrant? In fact, there are always some different habits of the people who are different from ordinary people. In this article, we will introduce 6 social media habits that contribute to marketing.

1 establishes a valuable relationship chain

excellent marketers know that chain is the accelerant of commercial success, not used to hate when no relationship, usually more with consumers and other business partners to establish meaningful. read more

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Keep your site with your customers

if 10 years ago, you said to business managers on the network marketing, you need to face each other confused eyes. However, today, you talk to them about network marketing, they will no longer be confused, and will give you a feeling. This fully shows that the era of network marketing has arrived. Many sites through the optimization of a high flow, but the flow up, but not to increase the number of business consulting. This fully shows that some sites are losing a lot of business opportunities every day. So how can we retain these visitors, it needs to ask, how to make your site to retain your customers? read more

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CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket deposit trap package refund fee of up to 90%

CCTV financial channel first time column exposure Ctrip ticket travel packages are not required by the airline, charged a high refund fee. Program called "refund fee of up to 90% online booking tickets need to be cautious," the text reads as follows.

to the spring can buy cheaper tickets to go home, some users will choose some travel network, ordering a ticket packages on the internet. But to remind you that this package said that although the price is very affordable, but once your trip suddenly changed, when you want to change back to take a big loss, because the refund fee can reach a maximum of 90%. read more

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nspired by the Divine Comedy the style network marketing

is a song by South Korean uncle PSY produced "Gangnam Style" MV become a popular global Divine Comedy, a funny offbeat dance and a song without innovation tunes, why love by so many people? As a personnel engaged in network marketing, we can also learn something from it.


user experience

first, this "Jiangnan Style" MV by many Korean stars to participate in shooting, then for the web site, must have a good user experience. As a carrier of website user oriented, there must be a gorgeous visual experience, the user enters your website to know your product information, the website’s color collocation and the image to a large extent around a user confidence in your product. read more

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Ali meow Street play tourism O2O shopping center around the scenic water

news May 13th, Ali meow Street Tourism O2O has access to water, Liangzhu Cultural Village tourism map, the user can query the travel information through meow street App, complete the online ordering service. Aimed at the shopping center and meow Street surrounding attractions together, such as the impression of the city of Xixi and XiXi Wetland, Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza and the window of the world, Nanjing Aqua City and Confucius temple.

According to

billion state power network to understand, click on the "meow in street tour Liangzhu" Liangzhu can through various tourist attractions, get the recommended information, covering family, leisure and sports tour routes, it can also pass home shop search directly to complete the online ordering service. read more

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SNS operation of the use of QQ group promotion four tips

series of SNS operations began to write articles, welcome Paizhuan, more exchanges.

through QQ promotion, the webmaster can invite users to register in the QQ group, publish web advertising, interactive cooperation, etc.. Be able to quickly pull the target members of the site, improve site visits. However, due to many webmaster QQ group in the promotion of improper operation, resulting in the promotion of unsatisfactory results. My family for a long time (www.wojia99.com) at present in this regard to do some adjustments. read more

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The title of the soft name 8 marketing people can not know

Daily said "soft", mostly refers to the concept of appeal, specific to the facts and truth of the way to make consumers into enterprise set "thinking circle", with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize the product sales of the text (picture) mode. So what are the good soft Wen Title routines can go?

soft Wen is relative to the rigid advertising, by the company’s marketing planning personnel or advertising company’s copywriter to be responsible for writing "text ads". Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, until you find this is a soft text, you have suddenly fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. read more

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Simple website promotion program

is a website promotion program I 08 years mid of a parade, the maximum flow rate on the website of IP 5000, a reference to everyone:

domain name: http://www.xhrdy.com

net name: the latest movie

time: August 2008

promotion program:

1, search engine optimization. The station is set in the early keyword strategy, the subject "home to do the latest movies, 2008 new movies", pages for video name do layout work of long tail keywords. The reasonable construction of the link within the site, so that the site focused on the theme, the weight transfer reasonable. Home template production, SEO factor into each reasonable position. Generate static pages, according to the existing resources to do the appropriate chain. read more

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One week news review Papi sauce was SARFT banned WeChat line

1 SF Wang Wei responded to the courier was not held in the end to be president of

April 18th news, yesterday afternoon, a SF courier was a driver of abuse and repeatedly slapped video circulating on the network in Beijing. Yesterday evening 9 o’clock, SF President Wang Wei in his personal friend WeChat said, "if I do not pursue in the end, I no longer do with SF President


according to the video content that the driver when reversing, SF courier will not be because the car scraped, the driver got off to courier lianfan abuse, despite the mediation, but the driver was at least a fan of the courier 6 slap in the face, and the courier from beginning to end is not to utter a single word. read more

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The three line of the city nternet travelogue when technology hit mass had a shake to grab red mom

Spring Festival shocked the Internet industry in the most, than the penetration rate of Internet Co for the public. This article is an Internet practitioner to travelogue and thinking, his hometown is an unknown south town line three.

co-founder Funny

| fun Mars

technology and the public hit a full

yesterday, as director of public relations in a well-known Internet Co of my friends Tucao said: "go home, only to find the home a year has been the transformation of the Internet, the Internet itself as a trendsetter, then pointing out the superiority of uncle aunt, brother and sisters registered QQ, WeChat, gone for ever……" read more

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Cheap fake Buy medicine on a good pharmacist online pharmacies

modern society, too much pressure and environmental pollution so that most people are in a state of sub-health. With the deepening of the concept of health, people’s demand for health care products, medical devices and drugs is increasing. In the traditional concept, the purchase of drugs is nothing more than hospitals and pharmacies. However, we see that the hospital drug is very expensive, pharmacies are also different prices. And, go out to buy medicine is also very troublesome.

Since the concept of read more

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Tengyun hotel management system running more and more slowly is going on

the last period, in order to improve the product quality and customer service service, customer service department for jcipc software company has the Hotel National / hotel customers do a telephone survey of more than 98% of customers agree that Tengyun series software overall good, but there are also a small part of the customer to reflect the system a bit slow, there are cards.

for customer feedback and recommendations, the president of the software is very attached to the great emphasis on staff, to seriously deal with customer problems and improve product quality of service. read more

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