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Catering shop location needs to know how to change

there are so many people in the world who have a high IQ, but not many smart people. The really clever people not only IQ EQ must be high, know time degree, to the wise man is performance. This problem involves the selection of specific catering shops, because the catering industry has its own characteristics and requirements of the industry, the different characteristics of the different requirements of the catering industry. There are six lots to consider the location of food and beverage shops, of course, different ways to operate a lot of different. read more

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Want to open a clothing store to earn money to learn to control the cost is very important

has always been a business choice to open their own clothing store, is a very good choice. Of course, the choice to open a clothing store, itself is a very wise choice. So, we want to open a clothing store for the cost of how should we control it?

purchase time, get a style, you first have to estimate how much money can be taken back in their hearts. Some goods into the price is very low, but you sell is also very low, low profits.

from the clothing purchase cost control, we must first look good fabric fabric, always give a person a kind of very good quality clothing to wear out feeling, give a person a kind of beauty, good clothes can make people feel a kind of elegant or competent and so on, this is the added value brought by clothing. read more

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How to join the snack car project to make money

delicious snacks are a lot of us can’t refuse, and now the car is all kinds of snacks, a lot of small business entrepreneurs, we all know that fastfood car investment advantage very much, flexible operation, low investment cost, diversified earnings etc.! So join the snack car has become the choice of many entrepreneurs, but to open a snack car to make money, to master a lot of skills!

How to make money

snack car? Join multi snack car, no shop, no decoration, no rent, no chef can easily operate, eliminating the high rental costs, cumbersome renovation costs, simplify. Design of multi snack car appearance, which can become a flowing scenery, dramatic increase of consumer groups, and it completely break the traditional sit shop idea, flow management, change from passive to active, seize the opportunities and markets, all the popularity, wealth levels in the market, business is booming. read more

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Shenyang entrepreneurial innovation for the development of urban transformation

when the development of bottlenecks encountered, transformation of these two words have become the choice of most enterprises. In fact, not only need to transform the enterprise, when the stagnation of the development of a city, the transformation has become an effective means to seek a breakthrough. Shenyang, the traditional industrial city, is trying to own the future development of the road, into the innovative gene.

"eleven" just after the holidays, Shenyang Snowman network founder and CEO Zhang Yitian’s schedule had been scheduled in October 9th, went to Beijing to participate in the international China 3D virtual reality exhibition; then, back to Shen services for entrepreneurs to participate in the special "dark horse"…… read more

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What work should be done to open a men’s shop

want to shop to make money, it is necessary to do a good job of preparation, open men’s stores are also the same. In the open men’s franchise, you have to determine what kind of business, what kind of shop and so on, so do the overall planning is very important. Men’s clothing store to prepare what? Let’s take a look.

The overall planning of

read more

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Internet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants received tens of millions of A round of investm

domestic enterprise mobile Internet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants revealed to hunt cloud network, the company recently has received A round of investment Fosun brothers capital of tens of millions of dollars of Fosun group.

Andy investment belongs to Hangzhou at night and enjoy the data Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015, jointly established by Zheng Linghe Zhu Jiacheng, Dong Xiaoquan, in June 2015 officially unveiled, the platform provides the main service functions include: rapid investment, sales and maintenance, market investigation, market supervision, product testing, brand publicity. By Andy investment platform, enterprises can adopt a Crowdsourcing mode, set free by the enterprise promotion expenses of forwarding, forwarding a key with the mobile Internet social networking platform, the optimized product information sharing. Registered in Andy merchants clerk, part-time can apply for the task, and implementation of pay for performance model. Half a year ago Andy investment to get ten million Angel round of investment. read more

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Webmaster daily broadcast monopoly monopoly mobile Internet notary Baidu 360 plagiarism

1 biography Baidu has been on the plagiarism of the same name, please refer to the same controversial search

sampling survey shows that 360 search results with Baidu’s search results of the first ten similarity of up to 80% lawyers believe that the 360 search has been directly infringing

originally thought it would gradually subside Baidu, 360 search Wars (3B) war and waves. Recently, the new express reporter learned from informed sources, Baidu has made the legal notary is 360 search plagiarism issue, but according to the survey results, 360 with Baidu search results before the ten similarity as high as 80%, Baidu confirmed its plagiarism behavior. Reporters then telephone Baidu Inc to verify, but Baidu said it declined to comment. read more

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Taobao store survival status of concern on the list of the ten new high-risk occupations

recently, selected by online voting "Chinese ten new occupation risk ranking, Taobao to the tenth fastest time on the black list. "Sleepless nights" to stay up to work is the most Taobao network this year and homely food, 4 "Taobao sudden death event" for the industry sounded the alarm.

work over ten hours a day, at the same time to deal with dozens of buyers to ask questions, stop in front of the computer keyboard; can make one more minute not to go to the toilet, can not drink water not up; not all hours of the day and night, is the night, most people have stomach and dry eye…… The spread of these online store survival status is widespread, the reporter visited a number of different stages of the Taobao seller in an attempt to understand the survival of the majority of the seller and the entrepreneurial experience through Taobao. read more

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Network wins start B2B support program in China

2009 is a year of entrepreneurship. Over the past year, China has experienced too many things, pregnant with sorrow. It is experienced after the financial crisis in China, but also the emergence of a number of entrepreneurs.

net wins technology has been committed to the development of China’s B2B industry website and solution deployment. Since the establishment of net wins so far, has been the enthusiasm of the majority of users concerned, in May last year, the official launch of the network after the release of the free version and open the official forum, but also to get the majority of webmaster support and help. To this end, I would like to thank everyone for the support of the network win, but also sincerely hope that all members of the network wins, and we can go better, farther. read more

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Mobile phone short video applications began to show small coffee scraper but it will become a second

decreased with the advent of 4G, mobile phone Internet, video is becoming the game after the second will be a long-term occupation of mobile phone users to the content of time. Although the development speed is very fast, but also many small coffee show just one has noticed this trend application.


Getty Images

from May this year, micro-blog began to have people upload funny funny little coffee show video. In late July, due to the addition of Wang Luodan, Jiang Xin and other stars, small coffee show this lip show video production mobile phone application completely explosion mass entertainment nerve. read more

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Comment C2C Witkey tallzhi.com

tallzhi.com is a Witkey website, his position is C2C Witkey platform, he both reward type Witkey function, but to one of Witkey services as a promotional focus.

is a major type of Witkey as everyone knows a disadvantage, is the waste of resources. A reward task, hundreds of people involved, winning just one or a few people, other Witkey all cast to the wind. Beginning in the reward task I am also very excited, and we compare real, win bonus. But the task publisher’s appetite is different, even if you seriously put in, it may not be able to bid, so I do not want to participate in the activities of witkey. Say you have seen the industry’s top staff busy in Witkey activities, find the business they do. Who will earn the money. So a type of Witkey for some low price and small project service. Who will bigger projects, quality service, high-end service? So C2C Witkey tallzhi.com was born, tallzhi.com is a focus on trading witkey. read more

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Who can bring a climax

Internet era cannot do without advertising, users need ad! Users cannot do without advertising, why? Because the user has no effort to find ads, no sense to see advertising, so advertising is to guide, advertising is a way to guide the consumer awareness.

since it is a guide, then the hard or soft good?

hard wide, is a simple and very rude and very yellow form of advertising. In other words, is the Ming love.

is a kind of soft, subtle euphemism very lofty forms of advertising. In other words, it’s a secret love. read more

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Ping house started in 2016 A round of financing to take the real estate industry chain

early in the early December 2015, McKinsey has confirmed that the investment shares Ping house. Oriental IC data

Lu Jin and peace after a good doctor, Ping An Group’s another Internet financial companies – ping house will be on the A round of financing plan on the agenda.

informed sources told reporters that the company will open in the second half of 2016 A round of financing plan, which previously circulated online listing plan does not accord with the fact, the second half of the year "will open the financing plan, and has such as Morgan Stanley and other companies to negotiate". Although the size of the specific financing has not yet been determined, but the company will be bigger in the first half of 2016, this is also to enhance the valuation of financing." The person said. read more

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Nearly 50 sites spread rumors were closed fence and other domain names are hold

renamed China (eName.cn) July 24th news, it is reported that this month there are Beijing youth network, network, network, octopus Republic military net 31 sites, due to malicious fabricated and spread bad rumors nature was seized. Recently, the state Internet information office and other relevant departments to increase efforts to rectify, the three batch of shutting down due to poor management, leaving rumor sites, including the fence nets (liba.com), Huilongguan community network (hlgnet.com) nearly 50. read more

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A5 topic member of the dissemination of pornography caught M+M Apartman Hotel porn sites were destro

users to spread pornographic content over ten thousand, the police involved in the law. Recently, the police cracked the country’s largest pornographic website case, with the M+M Apartman Hotel, the world’s registered users of millions of Chinese pornographic websites to destroy, 2148 suspects have been controlled by the police.

it is understood that the "M+M Apartman Hotel" site is located in the United States in 2009, established in January, consists of 11 total blocks, 78 sub sector, more than 40 theme for, post number more than 800, 90% post involving pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Site management and access permissions set tight, from top to bottom is divided into three levels, respectively, the site administrator level, general manager level, registered member level, the number of registered members up to more than one million, great influence. During the arrest, a total of 2148 people were arrested, detained 530 people, 910 people of public security punishment, education admonished 656 people, 52 people be exempted from punishment. read more

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Foreign trade B2C website Milan Sequoia Capital $10 million A round venture capital

trade B2C e-commerce site Milan network (www.milanoo.com) officially announced that it has reached an agreement with the well-known venture capital institutions Sequoia Capital, Sequoia Capital has to inject millions of dollars in venture capital, the Milan network was founded 3 years since the A round of financing.

said the Milan net, this financing will be used to keep Milan clothing foreign trade B2C platform, enhance the user experience, increase brand awareness and market share, and provide long-term support and adequate strategy for the development of the company. read more

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Grasp the key factors of mobile application development to change the consumer media habits

by the end of 2012, 60% of households in the United States had at least one consmer enabled electronic device. The ownership of connected devices has laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of application development and application economics at the mainstream level.

is used to access the application of the main devices in the highest smartphone penetration. However, since 2010, new application platforms, such as tablet PCs and smart TVs have experienced significant growth. Tablet computers grew by 2011 from 2012 to, smart TV penetration took off in 2011, an increase of 42%. read more

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Two channel network refused to return now taking more interest to the user

With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, the share of the

exchange also increases, and the process of online transactions is becoming more and more simplified. Not only through the third party payment platform for online shopping more and more, all kinds of small Internet sites have begun to integrate the third party payment platform, the introduction of various types of online payment channels, users online transactions. According to statistics released by CNNIC in 2010, more than 450 million of Internet users, while DCCI Internet data center also predicted that China’s Internet users will be more than the next year, more than five hundred million. read more

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