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What are the new entrepreneurial ideas in 2016

entrepreneurship is not easy, the beginning of the past is difficult, especially for the novice entrepreneurs, less money does not say, but also the lack of experience and do not know what to do? So how to find a new venture project? Small series recommended for the following new ideas for beginners in 2016 for your reference!

2016 novice entrepreneurial ideas: personalized clothing printing shop

is now printing and computer technology together in the application area has been extended indefinitely, can be applied to the blank T-shirt, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, this technique can also be color pattern, portrait photo baked on a metal plate, ceramic plate, metal plate core, mouse pad, puzzle and pendant etc. items. What can you do at home to make money less effective investment in the operation of the project is simple, very lucrative, without the basic knowledge of computers. read more

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Details of mountain city Yu Chongqing small investment

Chongqing small noodles in recent years the hot degree in a day, but in the snack food business boutique show, a delicacy of a regional feelings. So join the industry to join the Chongqing side of the problem is particularly small. The following small series targeted to make the following introduction.

Details of

mountain city Chongqing flavor Chongqing investment

How to join the

Chongqing small noodles? Chongqing small noodles join good? Headquarters training? How to find and join a good Chongqing small noodles? With this question, Xiao Bian summed up the relatively hot city to join Chongqing small noodles Chongqing flavor Chongqing small noodles mentioned above, to answer questions. read more

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How to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship project

although people want to succeed in business, but the reality is too many factors of instability, so that entrepreneurship can not be guaranteed success. In short, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a very risky, because there are no flaws, will lead to their investment failing; and the market everywhere the failure case is so many of the entrepreneurs to invest in the choice of time will be tangled for a long for some time, because they are afraid of their own entrepreneurial projects will fail, resulting in their investment loss. read more

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Entrepreneur’s law of life

What is the law of life of

entrepreneurs? Good entrepreneurs, to pay attention to good entrepreneurial methods and ways. Be familiar with the law of life and make the best plan for venture capital. So, please look at these laws together with the small bar!


2. (spillover effects)

always the hottest day around 2 pm, we always thought that this time the sun is the most powerful, in fact, when the sun has long West, is no longer the largest supply of heat. At this point the highest temperature, but is derived from the previous heat accumulation. read more

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Retailers pay more attention to details can bring more business opportunities – the whole

a lot of time, because of a small store details, let us feel very warm, so as to become a regular shop. So, if you want to make the store’s business better operations, as the owner, you must pay attention to any one detail. A few days ago, the sky under a light rain, his wife’s classmates came home with a child, his wife ordered the author to a department store to buy some small food.

buy small food, I was preparing to leave when the shopkeeper smiled and said: "it may rain, wet your car seat, give you a food bag on it, so you can not wet pants". This makes the author very moved, satisfied to leave. From then on, the author has become the supermarket "live advertising" to pro Wei friends, colleagues and students around the publicity, said the department store supermarket boss how careful, how to care about people, etc.. read more

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How about joining Mr. Right – Korean restaurant

How about Mr.

‘s Korean restaurant? Good quality projects, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. Join the right to the Korean restaurant project, open a right to belong to their own Korean restaurant shop, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about the Korean restaurant? Join selection advantage!


right Korean food is good?

how about opening a Korean restaurant? Investors choose to join the right to open the Korean meal is a lot of advantages, mainly as follows:

first, Mr. Right Korean food collocation package is rich, different flavors satisfy the needs of different consumers, have relatively high popularity and good reputation in the market, investors join the right Mr. Korean can easily in the food and beverage market talent shows itself. read more

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Thrifty new wind blowing a variety of consumer hot

to implement the central, provincial and municipal regulations on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the north region of human resources and Social Security Bureau to conduct business for the convenience of the masses, the establishment of the seats in the Hall of social security on duty, on duty by the Secretary in charge of turns, responsible for the reception of the masses, to provide policy advice and recommendations to accept the opinions of the masses, solid work, to promote the transformation of the style of work. Su Qilong Zhang Chengrui photo
"central advocate of austerity, firmly put public funds wind. Since this time, the hotel business has shrunk dramatically, many had booked the holiday gathering at the unit have also unsubscribe." The hotel catering department responsible person told the reporter, the Spring Festival in previous years, more than a month before the time, the hotel reception unit staff most of the time, various year-end banquet bursting, since after the introduction of the relevant provisions of the central, although there are some units will be held at the hotel, but the scale of the meeting venue, than before greatly "shrink", but not after arrange meals or only arrange buffet, hotel business dropped by at least 30%. Subsequently, the reporter went to several other star hotel visited found that the hotel’s business has shrunk dramatically, shrinking at least 30%.
coincides with the top-down austerity, oppose extravagance and waste to carry out activities during the Spring Festival, many hotel meal hit parity card. The guests dinner on the occasion, don’t have to do it yourself, the waiter will take the initiative to help package.The person in charge of
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Xining welcomes the Olympics coming with workers! Let us go to the Olympic Games

"121, 121, stride forward." The morning of September 22nd, organized by the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau of the provincial capital of workers towards the 2008 Olympic Games held in walking ".

in the morning, the north square of Xining stadium bustling, Xining East, West, north of the city, the city four district and second people’s Hospital, Xining City Public Security Bureau, bureau of statistics, 23 teams of thousands of workers from the "Olympic Games" full of joy "strength of men" "O" happy harvest Gu Tu festive entertainment, let people stop watching the morning. After the wonderful performance of the show, thousands of workers around the center of the unit marched forward, many people spontaneously joined the ranks of the morning exercise, an old man said: "go! Go to the olympics". read more

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Fashion creative project

what do you think of these ideas? Are you creative? Money is difficult, difficult business, business opportunities are hard to find, actually good ideas often on your side, aware of its existence, you will be from success.

read more

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What needs to pay attention to the relocation of shops

shop relocation, how should you do? Everyone knows that the relocation of shops is a troublesome thing, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Some good shops in the sale of sales after the removal of a straight line, no longer in the past bustling. You know, in the relocation of the shop to do a good job in order to avoid such a phenomenon. I will be in the course of the relocation of the shops need to pay attention to some of the details of the store into the relocation of the memorandum, for your reference. read more

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Ten bottle brands list

countless families in the struggle, nothing more than to provide children with a better living environment. Since you want to give the children a better condition, will naturally start from the birth of the child, so parents will be very careful in the choice of the bottle. According to Yu Bo industry market research center to understand: the nipple is mother nipple a substitute, in the baby crying, sleeping baby sucking, a tool to help the baby quiet, children are the mother’s heart a piece of meat, so the bottle, especially the bottle carefully, what brand is good? Look at the ten small bottles with a small list of brands. read more

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Ribs snack shop management skills

food and beverage business is easy, difficult to operate. Many investors invested a lot of money in the early stage for brand investment, but because of not paying attention to the late business can only come to a fiasco. Today, we will chop shop for everyone to introduce how to operate the ribs snack bar.

how to operate a snack bar? Ribs snack shop management skills are as follows:

1, the type of operation can not be too much miscellaneous

otherwise it will make your snack bar does not seem to feature, but also virtually increase the workload of the kitchen, and make the whole snack bar becomes difficult to operate. There are two options: one is a snack shop only a class of operation types of snacks, meals or operation, or operation operation or noodles, pasta; another is the operation of certain types of food based, supplemented by other two kinds of local run. A snack bar must not be what kind of business are all things to all men, all together, most types of about 20 is enough. By the way, if a snack store meals or pasta, the best of several operators at the same time and provide some free vegetable soup. read more

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Cotton textile store brand identification method you know

In recent years the development of

textile industry is very rapid, many entrepreneurs want investors have felt such opportunities, want to seize this opportunity, driven by the market demand, now the cotton textile industry investment and development potential is very great, if selected brand shop can get a good development. When investing in a pure cotton textile store, how to operate to get a good income investors are concerned about the problem. Today, the author on this issue to do some of the introduction, I hope to be able to open cotton textile stores to help. read more

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Catering shop location needs to know how to change

there are so many people in the world who have a high IQ, but not many smart people. The really clever people not only IQ EQ must be high, know time degree, to the wise man is performance. This problem involves the selection of specific catering shops, because the catering industry has its own characteristics and requirements of the industry, the different characteristics of the different requirements of the catering industry. There are six lots to consider the location of food and beverage shops, of course, different ways to operate a lot of different. read more

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Want to open a clothing store to earn money to learn to control the cost is very important

has always been a business choice to open their own clothing store, is a very good choice. Of course, the choice to open a clothing store, itself is a very wise choice. So, we want to open a clothing store for the cost of how should we control it?

purchase time, get a style, you first have to estimate how much money can be taken back in their hearts. Some goods into the price is very low, but you sell is also very low, low profits.

from the clothing purchase cost control, we must first look good fabric fabric, always give a person a kind of very good quality clothing to wear out feeling, give a person a kind of beauty, good clothes can make people feel a kind of elegant or competent and so on, this is the added value brought by clothing. read more

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How to join the snack car project to make money

delicious snacks are a lot of us can’t refuse, and now the car is all kinds of snacks, a lot of small business entrepreneurs, we all know that fastfood car investment advantage very much, flexible operation, low investment cost, diversified earnings etc.! So join the snack car has become the choice of many entrepreneurs, but to open a snack car to make money, to master a lot of skills!

How to make money

snack car? Join multi snack car, no shop, no decoration, no rent, no chef can easily operate, eliminating the high rental costs, cumbersome renovation costs, simplify. Design of multi snack car appearance, which can become a flowing scenery, dramatic increase of consumer groups, and it completely break the traditional sit shop idea, flow management, change from passive to active, seize the opportunities and markets, all the popularity, wealth levels in the market, business is booming. read more

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Shenyang entrepreneurial innovation for the development of urban transformation

when the development of bottlenecks encountered, transformation of these two words have become the choice of most enterprises. In fact, not only need to transform the enterprise, when the stagnation of the development of a city, the transformation has become an effective means to seek a breakthrough. Shenyang, the traditional industrial city, is trying to own the future development of the road, into the innovative gene.

"eleven" just after the holidays, Shenyang Snowman network founder and CEO Zhang Yitian’s schedule had been scheduled in October 9th, went to Beijing to participate in the international China 3D virtual reality exhibition; then, back to Shen services for entrepreneurs to participate in the special "dark horse"…… read more

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What work should be done to open a men’s shop

want to shop to make money, it is necessary to do a good job of preparation, open men’s stores are also the same. In the open men’s franchise, you have to determine what kind of business, what kind of shop and so on, so do the overall planning is very important. Men’s clothing store to prepare what? Let’s take a look.

The overall planning of

read more

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