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Huangyuan adds green to the plateau

via State Road 109, Kesuer village, GA village, a small village in Gaoling, a tree Yin village, which touch the green eye-catching attracts the eyeball of passengers. In recent years, Huangyuan county invested about 9000000 yuan for the new rural ecological construction, the former mountain village has undergone great changes.

Huangyuan County of the new rural green as the main content of ecological construction, and actively play the role of forestry in the new rural construction, with "green and beautify the rural homes" as the starting point, to achieve "the village green, beautiful village, village rich" as the goal, and vigorously carry out village green landscaping work, improving farmers’ production living conditions for building rich civilized and harmonious new socialist countryside lay a solid foundation. read more

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Choose a small business of gold

to open a shop, but escaped some small business, but small business is to be very careful in reckoning, everyone how to find the market of their own?

– flow effect of "gold"

shops location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Small businesses operating small shops, the size of the direct impact on the amount of income. Therefore, the choice of shops with superior geographical location, higher investment income, but also means a lot of high prices, fierce competition. Relatively speaking, the community shops and street shops stable traffic, stable return on investment. As for the outskirts of residential supporting shops have been fixed, it must be more effort from the operation. read more

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How important it is to get a good name for a jewelry store

set up shop in the name of a lot of entrepreneurs seem to be a very simple thing, but some industries, an attractive name may bring a steady flow of passengers. Jewelry industry is the case, in line with the outside world, it seems that this is just a link, and do not know its function and value has far exceeded the meaning of the name itself. Can do a good job in the jewelry store named this link, for the success or failure of the operators have a crucial impact and role.

read more

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College students need to have these basic skills

right now, a group of newly graduated college students left the school, many students want to choose this path after graduation. As college students, in order to succeed in business, we must first have the following basic capabilities:

1, planning life, making plans

this point for young people, is not easy to achieve. Especially college students just out of school, the community and their own understanding is very limited. If you want to know your future development direction where, on its own cudgel thinking could not find the answer. The best way is to observe others by themselves, seek come views, combined with the actual situation of their own making small goals, through the definition and Realization of the small target, and then slowly start planning your life. read more

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Introduction to the pie

Pepsi, bring joy home. This ad has been in China for many years. Pepsi group forces are also aware of. Of course, Pepsi drinks, pie also has a hundred. Some people did not eat 100’s pie? Who do not eat 100’s pie? All visible, 100’s pie stores regardless of seasons, 100’s joining the most popular hotel pies are basically pie shop, to the capital to the municipalities, towns and counties, where you can see join the pie pie, you may not find the characteristics of snacks in the hotel, but you can always find a pie with a variety of characteristics, pie pie shop stalls on any street. If you have bad luck, you may need to wait in line. These illustrate a huge market economy project – pie! Pie pie is a very good joining the project, then how much money to join the pie? read more

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The net worth of $10 billion 700 million higher than Ma technology prodigy

every time I see American technology large, think that can use computer hackers who are programming seckill only exists in the television screen, in real life there is such a scientific genius, and his amazing, now at the age of 31 with $33 billion 400 million.

20 when he created the popular global Internet products; at the age of 26 he became the "time" magazine person of the year, won the highest honor medal; at the age of 29 he had obtained satisfactory evaluation 99% employees, to become the world’s best CEO; at the age of 31, he is sitting on $33 billion 400 million in revenue, more than China the Internet Godfather Ma nearly tens of billions of dollars. read more

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Behind the Guangdong margin of collective housing prices behind large-scale housing prices inertia c

Chinese family concept is very strong, the house as a person’s family harbor, is essential to life! With the acceleration of urbanization, many people choose to buy a house in the city. But in the face of high prices, to the masses of the people caused great pressure. This time, with the first half of this year, a second tier cities turnover hot, the majority of listed companies to enhance the overall performance of the benchmark housing prices. From the recent billion dollar think tank released in 2016 1-6 months in China, the typical housing sales performance list is more visible in general. read more

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The webmaster Tuiyou network, promote and comment with credibility

as the saying goes, Standers-by see more than gamesters. Today, Zhang Shengrong saw a good article, said Tuiyou network (www.ttuu.com), Tuiyou network is the webmaster network’s website, Zhang Shengrong understanding is Tuiyou means excellent website promotion, website promotion by their reputation, some of the more famous website, let us comment.

Zhang Shengrong launched Tuiyou network that stationmaster net is designed to facilitate the owners to quickly find reassurance resources, Tuiyou network belongs to the webmaster comment websites, these review sites common business model: the comment gather popularity, attracting businesses, but the existing problem is the lack of a clear and diversified profit model. read more

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Seal a talk graph king mind, Guo Jie was scolded, straw.

straw chilling made me aware of the serious problems in the grassroots. The straw received internal news that Baidu, QQ is a large block of video website hotlinking, the first time to announce the news, this was originally the straw out of kindness, want to notice early, did not want to usher in a brick, scold. No way, we can do is to feed the pigs, which can not stick the smell of excrement. Of course, these pigs are a small group of pigs, very few pigs, is called a mouse and a few mouse droppings, stir not what the situation, things still happen, damn off will die, Darwin’s theory of evolution has always played a role. read more

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Flash purchase site Gilt $250 million to sell the highest valuation of $1 billion 100 million

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 15th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that a number of informed sources, the Canadian Department Store magnate Hudson’s Bay was close to a $250 million deal with Gilt.

Gilt had a round of financing in 2011, when the company’s valuation reached $1 billion 100 million. In other words, Hudson’s Bay offer is less than 1/4 of the valuation was Gilt. Hudson’s Bay is the parent company of Sax Fifth Avenue boutique (Saks Fifth Avenue). read more

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Statistics said the 96% brands of the first choice of domain names CN domain names

recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2010 Hurun brand list", compared with last year, this year the enterprise brand value threshold list rose 1 billion 200 million yuan to 2 billion 500 million yuan, while the size and strength of the brand value of the brand strategy, has become the key factors of enterprises on the list. Reporters found that 96% of the top 100 brands of domain names CN domain name strategy to become a major bright spot.

experts pointed out that China’s national domain name domain name registration.CN with strict management, application for registration of a higher threshold, the brand image is more safe and reliable, has become the preferred domain name brand strategy implementation enterprise hundred enterprises. Hundreds of companies are accelerating the pace of the national domain name reserves, these companies are less than the number of reserves of the national domain name is more than a few hundred. read more

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How to use personalized navigation to promote your site

now a lot of people know that website promotion to improve the weight of a site, brand awareness and competitiveness is very important. Website promotion not only helps to optimize the site in the first page of the search engine, more direct benefits can bring traffic. How does that promotion? Let you go to various methods of racking brains, a large number in the website, blog, forum, Post Bar send articles and posts or keyword. Today, these promotional methods consume energy, not only on the chain, not a few traffic. So how to create an increase in the value of the chain, as well as the most direct flow. read more

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Public relations marketing in 2017 must be the new year of new media operations hot calendar!

2017, the new media arena changes. However, there is one thing must not be, that is hot.

whether it is to do new media, or marketing operations, advertising, public relations, are hot. We always said that the occasion, chase hot, actually many times not to chase hot, but do all the preparatory work to wait for hot.

do you think a hot chase everyone like you silly, they are full of plans for the hot to burst.

so, how to plan ahead, the first time to make feedback

I know that many big companies will be months or even a year ahead of listed hot industry may, for a rainy day. I personally will often be simple to indicate some of the hot spots may be used, regardless of the need to use, there is a bottom. read more

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Mobile game website operators to pay attention to the 9 Principles

mobile game is a burgeoning industry.

at present, mobile games accounted for 50% of the downloads, and only a month ago, the share of mobile games accounted for only about 35% of the download content of the. Experts estimate that the global game market value of $4 billion to $8 billion. There are so many webmaster invest a lot of energy to do a website, a few suggestions, for reference only.

1 mobile phone game site, although the phone is the terminal, but since it is a website, want to make, the first or popularity. read more

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Website promotion network operation of the three nodes

Lv Benfu past remarks:

1 wave of the rise of the Internet giant experience: the flow of the first no flow of the company can not talk about the rise, there will be problems. The second rule is simple. For example, Baidu is search. If it is sold to Li Si after Zhang San, Wang sold five to Wang, Wang from the money there to make money, then there is a problem of the five, and so on, the king of the world, there is a problem. Sina has also done a lot, do online games, and later found that can be expanded in terms of content, it is not in other ways to expand. Many people are doing the search, it is not unsuccessful, it may not be your strengths, this is what we say, to be simple. The third is luck. Luck is a law. Get well, at that time, at that point in time, the risk of investment is actually a you. You said Robin Li, he is very sure to do this thing Baidu? There are 30% to 50% luck, and not a little luck. read more

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Talk about the blind business owners more novice advice

      1 I don’t have any money now, unemployed one. Want to rely on the network to find a way out for themselves! Only a little understanding of the Internet HTML, the Internet is in the Internet cafes, I would like to ask you what I should be able to refuse to make money quickly, I just want to earn 2000 yuan is enough.

      2 is a foreign company employee, the monthly income of 2000 yuan, but the overall feeling is hard to listen to friends that the website can make money, and also don’t like us tired. How do I get started? read more

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These creative marketing thinking, let your brain hole open

in writing today’s theme of the article, first to share a little thing I bought in TB episode. I bought a number of bag on TB, about what is the bag I will not explain, we do not know if you can use Baidu Search.

finished two days later, today received the goods. After receiving the goods, I opened it and looked a little confused. Why?

There are only 10

bag, and looks like it is relatively large. So, I contacted the seller, the seller began to let me take pictures. I use the phone after the end of the picture, the seller said it is not clear to see, no way, I took a single shot. read more

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