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Public relations marketing in 2017 must be the new year of new media operations hot calendar!

2017, the new media arena changes. However, there is one thing must not be, that is hot.

whether it is to do new media, or marketing operations, advertising, public relations, are hot. We always said that the occasion, chase hot, actually many times not to chase hot, but do all the preparatory work to wait for hot.

do you think a hot chase everyone like you silly, they are full of plans for the hot to burst.

so, how to plan ahead, the first time to make feedback

I know that many big companies will be months or even a year ahead of listed hot industry may, for a rainy day. I personally will often be simple to indicate some of the hot spots may be used, regardless of the need to use, there is a bottom. read more

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Mobile game website operators to pay attention to the 9 Principles

mobile game is a burgeoning industry.

at present, mobile games accounted for 50% of the downloads, and only a month ago, the share of mobile games accounted for only about 35% of the download content of the. Experts estimate that the global game market value of $4 billion to $8 billion. There are so many webmaster invest a lot of energy to do a website, a few suggestions, for reference only.

1 mobile phone game site, although the phone is the terminal, but since it is a website, want to make, the first or popularity. read more

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Website promotion network operation of the three nodes

Lv Benfu past remarks:

1 wave of the rise of the Internet giant experience: the flow of the first no flow of the company can not talk about the rise, there will be problems. The second rule is simple. For example, Baidu is search. If it is sold to Li Si after Zhang San, Wang sold five to Wang, Wang from the money there to make money, then there is a problem of the five, and so on, the king of the world, there is a problem. Sina has also done a lot, do online games, and later found that can be expanded in terms of content, it is not in other ways to expand. Many people are doing the search, it is not unsuccessful, it may not be your strengths, this is what we say, to be simple. The third is luck. Luck is a law. Get well, at that time, at that point in time, the risk of investment is actually a you. You said Robin Li, he is very sure to do this thing Baidu? There are 30% to 50% luck, and not a little luck. read more

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Talk about the blind business owners more novice advice

      1 I don’t have any money now, unemployed one. Want to rely on the network to find a way out for themselves! Only a little understanding of the Internet HTML, the Internet is in the Internet cafes, I would like to ask you what I should be able to refuse to make money quickly, I just want to earn 2000 yuan is enough.

      2 is a foreign company employee, the monthly income of 2000 yuan, but the overall feeling is hard to listen to friends that the website can make money, and also don’t like us tired. How do I get started? read more

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These creative marketing thinking, let your brain hole open

in writing today’s theme of the article, first to share a little thing I bought in TB episode. I bought a number of bag on TB, about what is the bag I will not explain, we do not know if you can use Baidu Search.

finished two days later, today received the goods. After receiving the goods, I opened it and looked a little confused. Why?

There are only 10

bag, and looks like it is relatively large. So, I contacted the seller, the seller began to let me take pictures. I use the phone after the end of the picture, the seller said it is not clear to see, no way, I took a single shot. read more

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