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Everyone is a social platform to enhance the user side participation

a lot of social networking platform developers like to enhance the user participation through a similar game mechanism, such as integration, ranking, ranking, etc.. These features can really attract users to join, but can not maintain long-term user participation. This is because the use of integral, grade, list of these methods is to all users on a same platform to allow them to compete; on the contrary, the success of social networking platform users will be divided into different types of groups, distinction. read more

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A small hand Chinese well-known Paul name the authentic online shopping

insurance or adventure?

also started a small wash in the non genuine insurance compensation, the first shot

others do not dare to do things, to name the authentic online shopping


"to ensure that the interests of consumers, but also with small PICC Chinese Paul reached a strategic cooperation agreement, any item you have purchased in the small, too small for you to have insurance" non genuine coverage ", to ensure that you buy peace." Recently, the electricity supplier circle of friends crazy reproduced such a seemingly impossible rumors. read more

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93%COM domain name was taken away by the complainant

Evening news you registered COM domain name, whether it really belongs to you? According to the current data, the answer seems pessimistic. Since 2000, nearly 120 cases of up to 93% of China related domain name dispute case in the COM domain name was convicted of transfer to foreign companies. This means that once the overseas enterprises to China registered for the COM domain name, China registered odds is minimal, may suffer a crowning calamity at any time.

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Xu Jinglei’s B2C road can go far

today (November 9th), there is news that Xu Jinglei will open his own brand of zero bound accessories -KAiLA TM cat Black Agate Necklace in VANCL (Eslite) online exclusive sale, Xu Jinglei said the talented star is "know how to use the Internet" which began with the B2C station known as the nation’s largest apparel products for cooperation to the development of B2C road.

someone commented that Xu Jinglei and VANCL are mutually beneficial, can eventually achieve win-win results: Xu Jinglei borrowed VANCL mature business model and customer base to build the brand, while the VANCL has a free contact spokesperson. read more

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