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s good or good old disk store

shop has now become a form of entrepreneurial market, many people will choose however, shop is open new stores or disc shop, which puzzled many people. In fact, a lot of hope for business friends to open new stores or old shilly-shally disc, in fact, as long as the intention to run, whether to open new stores, disc are old, can make some achievements.

to open new stores, according to their own funds to purchase the number of master, at the same time, can also according to their sales and store goods, variety and quantity at any time, decided to purchase dry middle school, in the dry, can gradually from small to large, bigger and stronger, the advantage is the small boat U-turn, the disadvantage is new, need to gradually accumulate publicity popular. read more

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Steamed delicious fast food by trusted brand fast food

as our pace of life continues to grow rapidly, the demand for healthy fast food is increasing. The advent of steamed delicious nutrition fast food, not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, to join the steam delicious nutrition fast food items, but also a very good choice. Steamed delicious nutrition fast food join the project, worthy of our attention and choice of the project!

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Agent Huang Taiji pancakes for you to easily win wealth

entrepreneurship to choose a good project, catering industry contains great business opportunities. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the market has a greater demand for the food and beverage industry, the industry has developed rapidly in recent years. A variety of food have appeared in our side, bring us great enjoyment. Open Huang Taiji pancake shop, easy to open a good profit.

Users are expected to exceed

Why do we love Huang Taiji

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Data of the United States Baidu GOOGLE statistics secret 1

3 years ago, a statistical analysis of the field experts have told the author, GOOGLE and Baidu, technically do enough analysis you are a man or a woman, that sounds almost impossible.

07 years in the search engine research field appeared a mouse click on the image is not very clear and the Baidu Google (below), map of the unknown, so I was very surprised, significant differences can be seen from figure Google and Baidu user behavior, can also be seen in the two ranking web search engine the flow distribution about the situation. Even, I think if the statistics of the user’s behavior analysis of the trajectory of the mouse, enough to analyze the demographic aspects of access to Baidu and Google user groups, such as: gender, age, etc.. The company has been committed to the research of data mining, that if a certain extent of the user behavior analysis of the mouse, as long as the exact algorithm is able to distinguish different habits characteristics of men and women show when browsing a web page with the obvious. This is the consensus of all people based on data behavior recognition. read more

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Orange juice domain name transactions 300 thousand hands to play m jealous

May 26th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent overseas platform to sell a good domain name again, orange juice / orange juice domain name OrangeJuice.com to $44800 transaction price, about 300 thousand yuan.

orange juice 300 thousand domain name trading, a surprise, a small cup of orange juice is to create value, the original value of the hundreds of thousands of times, a high price to stimulate and promote the domain name transactions, other suffixes, query understanding, other OrangeJuice suffix domain name has been registered, the CN suffix the domain name is Chinese people hold, CN suffix domain name value rising a lot of orange juice. read more

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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 6 8 6 14

my webmaster home take what save you

because the name is because the webmaster website home to see such a similar site, but only this one, and this website is very bad, so feel if I do such a better, certainly better than he did more than. With the kind of impulse I think most of the webmaster have experienced, full of excitement., looking forward to their website the better future. So to find their own program, change the source code, it can do a few days but he particularly strong, a murky sky over a dark earth, think about your website will fire to what extent, which is incredible. read more

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Domain name decoding online games era several major game domain name

popular domestic online game industry, game player age coverage, but also promote the development of online games platform, today’s news, Naruto anime turned Q version of online games, enabled Huoying Larry domain huoying.com as its official domain name, online games industry adds new cases, online high business profits, will attract more enterprises in the field, then the domestic online games platform website will be too numerous to enumerate.

domestic game sites, there are stand-alone games, large web games, puzzle games, etc., these online games platform to enable a variety of types, Pinyin, digital, creative and other domain names occupy a certain market. Phonetic domain occupies a very important position in the domestic industry, is called "Yu Pinyin domain name is king". Learn from diagrams, the domestic game platform there are a number of Sohu such as domain name, domain name changyou.com, long swim net play network domain name jiuwan.com, Valkyrie game network domain name wushen.com, the most important domestic online games platform system perfect and spatio-temporal domain name, the hand holding a plurality of games domain name, such as Chibi chibi.com, Zhu Xian zhuxian.com. read more

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No longer play black technology company Baidu began to seriously consider how to make money outside

Baidu world conference this year, and finally no longer chopsticks, glasses and unmanned vehicles booth

"let everyone have a close, personal secretary…… It can help you deal with chores, so you focus on doing what you like and do well, so you have more time to enjoy a better life."

When Baidu

CEO Robin Li yesterday morning in front of thousands of people spend ten minutes to demonstrate "of secret", people can not help but doubt that this year Baidu is not to change the apple Siri as an example, to pretend to be a technology company. read more

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Cao Guowei admits Sina a number of failures failure to meditate long term strategy

15, Sina reached a strategic cooperation with NBA conference, Sina president and CEO Cao Guowei smile, this rather low-key Internet celebrity rarely accepted the media interview after the meeting.

in the Chinese spectrum of heroes in the Internet, many people with distinctive personality, Chen Mou, Zhang Zhaoyang playing more fashion, Ma Yun has always been a striking phrase, Ma Huateng is more like an engineer, Cao Guowei, has always been a competitor called "the accounting people". In response, he responded: "I am an accountant who has never used a calculator, and now I am in charge of the financial management of the outside world, I am relatively weak in this regard." read more

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Zuckerberg’s 6 success factor luck and timing

lead: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch published Saturday and founder of WatchMojo CEO · (Ashkan Kabas J Lou San Ashe Kan; Karbasfrooshan) review article. The article said, Facebook founder Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) with 6 factors to succeed, and luck and timing is one of the indispensable two points.

below is the full text of the article:

Facebook investor Peter · Hill (Peter) was asked whether the Wall Street can accept the more than and 20 year old as a company CEO, Thiel. Hill said: we will wait until he is over 25 years old and then apply for listing." Taking into account the original name card on the young Zuckerberg words, the wait is wise. read more

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The central bank began to implement the new regulations tomorrow Alipay WeChat can brush 1000 yuan

Abstract: Phoenix TV’s official micro-blog said, in order to improve the safety of personal account, the central bank recently issued new regulations: 1 from December 1st onwards, the same person to open a card in the same bank only (class I households); 2 to cancel the remote peer deposit, transfer fee; 3 bank cards for half a year will not. Frozen; 4.ATM transfer within 24 hours can be revoked; 5 transfers will set more threshold; 6 WeChat, Alipay can only pay 1000 yuan; 7 WeChat, Alipay accounts for only one. read more

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n the popular network driving the hand piece is a copy of the interaction

we pay attention to the activities of "interaction", which can stimulate the user’s participation in the initiative, as well as the spread of activities.

"interaction" is not only the fundamental flow of human social activities, is also the center line, you just keep talking to others only to a humming in the side, both of you will end up with the dialogue does not long, not happy.

network variety show in recent years become fashionable for a time, and has been regarded as an important marketing piece hand who are actually doing a copy of the interaction. read more

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Network marketing effect monitoring assistant

if you think online marketing is a fairly simple thing, you’re wrong. In many people’s impression, the network marketing is mainly issued information, through some special reports or software forms to attract traffic, and thus achieve the conversion rate of consumption. But if you think that network marketing is just the words that you completely mistaken, it also design a lot of other things, such as data collection, performance monitoring and so on, than on the surface looks more complicated. Today, I would like to recommend to you is an effective marketing network marketing platform to promote the effectiveness of monitoring. read more

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nternet marketing innovation need to avoid the three traps

Internet era, marketing innovation is one of the most common means of operation in the business ecosystem, but also an important way to achieve profitable business electricity supplier. However, for Internet marketing innovation, we can not always be classified as a commercial behavior theory, it should be a down to earth, and the market and consumers are most compatible mode of operation, we need careful treatment. This is because the Internet marketing innovation itself has several pitfalls, little attention will be reduced to one: read more

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Details of the operation of the mail promotion

every day, most of us have received a lot of spam, spam for it is impossible to guard against, often just deleted over and then sent to people, particularly disgusted. So as a business, and indeed need to use e-mail for mass promotion, how to let us send the mail will not be the same experience?

focus: careful, patient

mail promotion work mainly includes the following points:

mail object: directional, non directional

e-mail address collection: manual collection, software acquisition, etc.;

mail send the way: manual transmission, software to send; read more

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Turkey embassy web site was once again more than black hacker spoof warning

friends broke the news that the ADMIN5, the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, following the 13 hackers on the site prominently in the message, asking the government of Turkey not to interfere in China’s internal affairs after being black again. Hackers today in the message on the website of the plate position of the protest action, looks more like a reprint of the spoof spoof tricky community posts, rather than warning.

Turkey’s China Embassy in July 14th by the black page screenshot read more

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The specific educational website promotion strategy

of education website, is a popular industry, characteristic of this kind of education industry is: the flow of small, strong timeliness (often a year as long as several months, the competition for small user attention). This is an opportunity to engage in this kind of industry is a friend, because only a few simple promotion strategy, you can let our website ranking.

, a single station network education market

At present, because of

education industry without too much attention, so the network does not have a system of competitive environment, most of the information from the portal websites, not what professional website mainly do the industry, can be said to be very low degree of competition. read more

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Everyone is a social platform to enhance the user side participation

a lot of social networking platform developers like to enhance the user participation through a similar game mechanism, such as integration, ranking, ranking, etc.. These features can really attract users to join, but can not maintain long-term user participation. This is because the use of integral, grade, list of these methods is to all users on a same platform to allow them to compete; on the contrary, the success of social networking platform users will be divided into different types of groups, distinction. read more

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