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Why not build online media marketing department

Objective: I worked in film and television production studio grinding away over a year, although not a master, but for film and television production, technical aspects including videoeffects very understanding, the film industry itself is a high profit industries. A lot of enterprises on the current network video show, in the production process is not difficult, and people learned a year can do, since you can do in this piece of ordinary people, why let the media production company to earn high profits? read more

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50% service charge, like rob Feedsky

today, I was in the Feedsky official blog announcement to see a topic on the end of the marketing test period, the announcement, announced in the announcement: Feedsky end of the blog topic marketing test period. From 2007 to start in March, blog topic marketing this product test run, up to now more than six months. Feedsky topic marketing platform, completed a total of 28 topics of advertising, including the public service ads in 2. The official claimed that due to the quality of the Feed is very high, through these blogger original articles on the topic of the spread of the topic to achieve a very good effect." After the end of the test period, Feedsky will have three changes, one of which is originally scheduled to be deducted from the topic of marketing services, the official charge of 50%"! When I saw the 50% service fee, really scared, never heard of it received high intermediary fees, a little "rob" tendency! read more

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On the promotion of soft Wen is more popular with the user skills

for the use of soft Wen promotion believe that the webmaster will not feel strange, on the promotion of the current point of view, the text can be squeezed to promote the effect of the top three ranking. However, the effect of soft Wen promotion is good, but also to allow users to feel the value of the article. Although the text in various forms, but in website promotion, many soft Wen effects very poor people. The reason is attributed to the quality of soft, can not get the user’s recognition. Like the soft marketing industry, a classic language, not by the length of the text, but the user’s approval. So how to write articles to let users like it? Today, I use my own experience to share how to share the text to be more popular with users. read more

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Village Amoy activate rural needs of the villagers on the cloud to buy the world

Tmall double 11 this year, while there is also a major change in the mainstream of concern – the first time Taobao will join the global shopping carnival. 700 million the extent to which the huge potential of domestic demand for rural residents will be inspired by e-commerce, this year’s double 11 will give an answer, perhaps everyone surprised.

purchasing power of rural consumer groups has been a mystery, but with the electricity supplier from the city into the countryside, huge demand to surface. read more

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Website user experience design analysis eBay revision experience sharing

not long ago, eBay announced the release of the new version (www.eBay.com/feed), causing the attention of the outside world, here to share about the new eBay experience: (


new eBay – to meet the needs of fourth types of users

Jakob Nielson in E-Commerce, summed up the e-commerce website must support four types of user needs:


1 looking for a particular commodity (known-item purchases);

2 search and study specific category (category research, where users identify and buy products that best match their needs read more

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Two companies to sell the domain name to stimulate the user dissatisfaction

      yesterday, China’s domain name registration authority, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a warning to the domain name registration service provider. Prior to this, the confusion and fraud in the domain name industry, has caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the user, CNNIC hope this can save the reputation of the industry as a whole.

      according to the latest statistical report, the total number of domain names in China reached 9 million 180 thousand, the annual growth rate of 211%, the total number of Chinese CN domain the biggest contribution reached 6 million 150 thousand, the annual growth rate of 416.5%, more than COM domain for the first time. However, the rapid growth of China’s domain name, the domain name management issues are also accompanied by a number of agents to take hype, fraud, coercion and other unfair means to sell domain names. read more

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Scan several entrepreneurial success

the easiest way to start a successful business " network, part-time, team, competition, concept, internal ", etc.. The effective use of existing cyber source network business, there are two main forms of online shop, online registered online store; online join, to operate a e-commerce sites in the form of store, use the source of goods and maternal website sales channels.

of full-time network business recruits for a green hand, get started is a big challenge. Although the majority of entrepreneurs can rely on their own money to start, but there are still some enterprises in the beginning of the urgent need for cash. If you are the first venture, want to get financing is a big challenge, but there are some creative ways to help you raise the start-up funds. read more

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Yang Haoyong why do not vote for money to invest in their own entrepreneurs

I put 60 million dollars on the melon seeds, for me is my last time to venture, put more money to get the shares is the most appropriate. For me, I have the money to invest in entrepreneurs, why not vote for themselves, the most valuable investment is to invest in their own."

This print journalist Zhu Xiaopei

| interview | left photography studio

2015, to me, to say big event is the 58 merger market. But I think the time is more fun in 2015 9, in October, we began to put seeds used car advertising. read more

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Cross-border tax reform to accelerate the industry reshuffle the birth of price war

Securities Times reporter Zhang Sinan

news, cross-border electricity supplier import tax reform program has been of concern to the industry is expected to be implemented in April 8th. Media speculation, the core content of the reform may include: first, after the reform of the cross-border electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer be in accordance with the "post tax" instead of "goods" according to the standard tariff exemption and tax, value-added tax and consumption tax is according to the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%, canceled 50 yuan, shall be exempted from the point of two; parcel tax increase; three, for cross-border electricity imports access threshold go up, change the "negative list" to "positive list". read more

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Is your GG account K Just look at it

recently on Google Adsense, it is much raise a Babel of criticism of the. Many of them have innocence, maniang, more people go find some tricky. In this regard, I feel quite. So write something to exchange with you.

Google Adsense, you were blocked today? If your answer is yes, may wish to look down.

ban common situation:

1, click on their own ads on the station, this behavior is known as invalid click". Google original policy: "we do not allow for any reason you click on your own ads on your site, because it might give advertisers cost increases". Google how to determine whether its click, a widespread view is IP. In fact, another very important indicator is cookies. No, just delete the cookies All is well? Because you will never be cleverer than Google; read more

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The subversion of the traditional marketing PR 11 strokes Internet Nirvana

this is the first half of my speech in a public relations Forum on the selection of the industry, but also in recent years, I explore some of the Internet marketing public relations.

[how to subvert the Internet PR industry?]

Internet is sweeping across all industries, public relations industry also naturally escape the impact of the Internet and subversion. I think the Internet has three characteristics:

1, flattening; 2, gridding; 3.

called flat, that is, to disintermediation. The characteristics of the Internet, which is to remove the intermediate link of information transmission, shorten the chain of information transmission. Prior to the dissemination of information, the enterprise will be transmitted to the target audience through the media information. Now, enterprises can directly transfer the information from the media to the target audience. read more

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New ideas of marketing success continues from 3 Jian Wang

May 22nd, touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi a "keep back on the road of the state", announced the suspension of listed touch technology listed on the United States, with the rise of "fishing" Master Mobile Games company prospects did not imagine so optimistic. And in this regard, small Qian not only sigh: the burning of the game companies have to keep hot game long, really not easy.

in the past few years, along with the high speed of mobile Internet, as if to find a husband general public Mobile Games began high-profile voice in the game world, a time to Mobile Games than the end of the tour Webpage Game occupy more market share, even the end of the tour was the incessant sound of ear. Perhaps the end of the tour in the end will become a minority hobby, but at least it is not enough to say that this reality. read more

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The next ten years the development trend on the Internet all-powerful

the arrival of the Internet may not be electricity, unlike the fire that people suddenly feel light, but its influence is "silent", many people use the Internet only equivalent to surf the Internet, if you ask him, he would do without the Internet, he may pat chest said. I’m not landlords, not just QQ, not to go to Taobao, do not go to the forum…… And so on, and in fact, the application of the Internet will not only stop here, if one day you can not transfer from the bank, you can not book tickets, can not solve the problem can not be solved anytime, anywhere Google…… You will feel very uncomfortable? So we know that the Internet has become a part of life, more and more people can not be missing so we have to be a prophet, look at the Internet development trend which come in the future will see. read more

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China’s legitimate film website alliance sounded the anti piracy video network

January 8th, Chinese copyright protection center, Chinese film copyright protection association, the movie network, and quark unitv people.com.cn, qianlong.com, Chinese, Baidu, ifeng.com and a number of joint website announced the launch of "Chinese genuine movie website alliance cooperation program in Beijing, union website will be strictly self-discipline, mutual supervision, public commitment adhere to the" genuine fight against piracy".

recently, Chinese blockbuster "the Warlords" assembly "is still in the national cinema during the hit, it was pirated video has been in a number of video sharing sites even appear on the portal site, directly to the film cinema box office extension and fulfillment of the commercial value of the serious impact. "Sejie" "apple" films such as Internet piracy situation is more shocking. read more

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A novice webmaster to say

took my first


station error + experience + advice to also want to take part in the Internet novice compatriots. At the same time can also take this opportunity to really out of date! Bless me!

1 site positioning

error: I made a very kind of mineral industry is very popular website (mainly to see the master said that now the station to do the better, to let a glance at Chinaz

people know what our station is doing

my experience: I now according to my statistics, my station 36% are directly enter my domain name, as well as the name of the 13% search my website, the rest is the search brings read more

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YAHOO was hacked details hackers buy Flash ad browsing that gun

Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 5th, YAHOO announced on Monday, hackers in the past 7 days, the use of YAHOO’s advertising network, to visit YAHOO’s Web site to send malicious code.

The attack, which began in July 28th, has become the latest in a series of attacks on

advertising, which typically has millions of users. It also highlights the industry’s concerns about the Adobe Flash technology, the technology has been a lot of security problems, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with Silicon Valley companies. read more

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The vertical and horizontal theory of business development the accumulation of horizontal opportunit

I think so far, we should reach a consensus that the mobile Internet era is over.

NetEase, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Shanda, Ctrip, the company in 1997 2000 to get together and set up, this is the age of the Internet opportunity, during the period from 2000 to 2005, but there were a few companies ran out, but between 2006 and 2010 the rise of big companies and what


millet, the U.S. group, mogujie.com, jumei.com, pea pods, unfamiliar street, today’s headlines, drops, these companies are set up in 2010 to 2012, this is the mobile Internet opportunities, then, until today, occasionally there are a few companies rise, but the basic and 2000 to 2005 years the situation is similar, so between 2016 and 2020, the market will be what kind of scene? read more

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The heart of shuangshier traditional enterprise B2B 2 models of cross-border electricity supplier

"double eleven" promotion day event, still lingering. Some netizens complain, see "shuangshier" is coming, "double eleven" single package, still lying in the logistics warehouse. As early as the netizen revealed, "double eleven" will not end the play heat consumption, extended to "shuangshier". This double "twelve" users have more reason to join hand chop Party group, do not say nearly a year, a year of hard work to treat yourself to a home, Joseph standard apple 6S hand? Give parents the wool coat ready? Any reason to buy, will be the end of the fourth quarter earnings C the war. So no to "double eleven" sales news B2B, after a year of wind, how will this train ride through, "shuangshier" train in 2015 of the year read more

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UC Ali taste thicken what big search parity scan code

June 18th news, after the acquisition of a wholly-owned Alibaba, UC Ali trend began to highlight. It is understood that what search officially launched parity scan code function before the big Alibaba recently to meet the code Amoy strategy means.

It is reported that

, UC browser in the recently updated version, added a scan code parity function, the user can scan two-dimensional code or code commodity commodity information (including name of commodity, commodity code, reference price, manufacturer, etc.) at the same time also will show what search online and offline from different channels of the same commodity price comparison. read more

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Dangdang.com to make advertising business bubble to burst

if it is not their own eyes, and a few friends to verify the same, I can not believe that Dangdang will vote for other B2C advertising. At first I thought it was the telecom DNS hijacking, but by clicking on the several advertising links can be sure, where the customer is through direct dangdang.com delivery, excellent shopping and walk through advertising platform delivery. There is no doubt that these ads in Dangdang, Dangdang is completely allowed.

Dangdang as a well-known B2C site, on the front page to put other B2C ads, and some also compete with the existence of Dangdang, really shocked me and puzzling. These put in Dangdang home advertising, affecting the user experience and be nothing difficult. A lot of sites in their own ads, there is no such psoriasis as dangdang. So sacrifice their own user experience, earn advertising costs, presumably Dangdang think worthy. If Dangdang think is not worth, not because of some advertising costs, affect their user experience, to help others make a click. read more

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