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Yao Jincheng, a small fish from Xiamen Thoughts on the operation of community activities

Thousands of lecture sponsored by the old

Anhui Internet Alliance hosted by K (53w.net) has been to the fifty-seventh period, the period at the station guest is Xiamen fish CEO Yao Jincheng while he was a well-known domain name business operators China CEO. Has a very rich experience of network operators, Xiamen small net now has more than 400 thousand registered members, potential users of xmfish accounted for 85% of Internet users in Xiamen, "the fish on PV was over 3 million 800 thousand, the average daily volume of more than 80 thousand articles posted! In the five years of development, the network has a large fish a member of the group, more strong technical backing, more professional and rich content classification, more mature website operation experience, more highly acclaimed events. The network spirit of "caring, sharing, mutual help and communication" affects the younger generation of Internet users in Xiamen. read more

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What is the reason for the sale of products

What is the reason why

products are not sold? From the general direction, the reason for selling may be because the product is not good, the service is not in place, there may be pricing problems. Here is not a detailed description of these three points, mainly from the pricing problem for you to analyze the reasons for the sale of the product, look at it!

1. overpriced

What is the reason why

products are not sold? If the enterprise product pricing regardless of market specific circumstances from the requirement of the enterprise to pricing, will cause the product to the shelf after consumers refuse to put and not sell the situation. read more

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Open tea stores to prevent what risks

tea as a kind of green products, it has been the favorite of many consumers. Tea market development trend is good, tea joined came into being, has become the rapid development of new investment industry. In recent years, joining the tea field matures, but still exist during the fish, there are many tricks and traps to join to join the market. Open tea stores to prevent those risks?

beware of joining the brand trap. Many enterprises in order to attract to join the chamber of Commerce deliberately exaggerated propaganda, a variety of people impossible to guard against the trap. Some franchisees may be the first time to enter the tea industry or the initial business, the specific situation of the industry is not very understanding, it is easy to be tempted by some false advertising and benefits. However, after the signing of the agreement, often do not get favorable support and assistance. Therefore, the franchisee should choose to join the brand, to do a full investigation of information from the industry, evaluation and real strength: search the enterprise official website to check and check the enterprise information; analysis and evaluation of the industry can also promote mutual understanding; through the investigation of its franchise operations. read more

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How to determine the dry cleaning franchise brands have no competitiveness

dry cleaning brand very much, a lot of people want to open their own dry cleaners, then choose the right brands to join, so you can have a good income, what kind of dry cleaners is more competitive? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

1, superb laundry technology and management art.

after years of accumulation, the absorption of domestic and foreign laundry technology and the essence of the art of chain management, and to teach them to join them, so that they become popular with the laundry experts. read more

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Dessert dessert

dessert join big guy tend to Xiamen Maigu food sweet Kou food brands, but for the sweet dessert we still have a lot of questions Curtis, of which we are not very clear, the following will be one by one to answer.

Q: excuse me, what is the relationship between sweet potato and sweet potato, which brand can I join?

A: sweetheart Kate and sweet echo with the subordinate Xiamen Catering Management Limited’s Mai gu. Sweetheart Kate is the company’s direct brand, currently operating only in Xiamen. Sweet honey is the only authorized technical coach Kate brand, it is also has the Xiamen headquarters Direct stores and franchised stores nationwide comprehensive operation of the brand, now all the stores are using sweet Lancome brand, sweetheart Kate does not accept to join. read more

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由公司填补空间,道具的N GO手提包功能填充的储藏室,可容纳15“笔记本电脑和平板电脑,以及一个通用的支架设计,适合各种设备和品牌,包括iPad、MacBook Pro,Kindle,Galaxy Tab和表面。该功能也可以用来作为一个立场的书籍,允许用户将袋子放在他们的膝盖和调整手臂成一个14角。一个大枕头设计纳入底部,使其在使用过程中舒适。集成手写笔持有人也包括在内,旨在适应苹果铅笔和表面笔。手提包上有一个持久的处理以及可拆卸,可调节肩带。 read more

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Advantages of female entrepreneurship Market

for many women entrepreneurs, in fact, has many advantages in the whole process of social entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, compared to many male compatriots entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs tend to have more delicate thoughts, so in the process of entrepreneurship often plays a crucial role.

read more

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Chengdu enabled Internet plus innovation base of creative power conversion

now this era, no matter what industry, want to open a broader market, almost all can not leave the Internet channel. Sichuan City West to create innovative Internet economy, set up a "Internet plus" innovation base, make the incubator more to meet the needs of the age.

30 on the morning of Chengdu City, the first "Internet plus" innovation base to witness in the guests, in Besson Road No. 26 "Internet world" officially opened, "Su River coffee business also synchronized opening. This is the Internet for the District of Qingyang and China Telecom jointly build smart city experience base, innovation incubator platform is new technology, new business and innovation projects, market marketization, specialization, integration and network as one of the "public record space". Angel investment institutions, Su River sinks and the first batch of more than 10 entrepreneurial team was officially settled yesterday. read more

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Do business may wish to establish customer files will contact the whole

some customers have become a regular shop, however, due to the owner’s attention, resulting in customer shopping enthusiasm is not high, or loyalty is not high, which will have an impact on the store’s business development. So, if it is to open a shop to do business, may wish to establish customer files, so as to facilitate contact.

According to

research, a customer into the store within 3 minutes, the owner can not be the same if the establishment of relationship between customers, customers and the owner is not communicating, then he will not have what impression for the shop, at least not remember you, how to open up the situation in this limited 3 minutes, so he can from stranger to serve as the owner will need the details. read more

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The north area of Party building with the brand to boost the construction of chuangxianzhengyou dept

north of the city area to build the brand image of the party, party to celebrate the eighteen exhibition style "as the theme, create innovative, practical and effective brand building, improve the scientific level of grassroots organization construction, boosting chuangxianzhengyou activity to develop in depth.
outstanding innovative brand, build the people’s livelihood. In accordance with the requirements of the times, the grass-roots party organizations actively adapt to the new situation, new situation and new task faced by the party construction work, with the spirit of reform and innovation to explore and practice, create a number of beneficial to improve the livelihood of the brand. Double twenty Li Pu Zhen Su Bao Cun in the new pattern of "village enterprises build", through the organization, personnel, network marriage service linkage and other effective means, and actively explore the mechanism of Party building, a building on and the area of building materials enterprises, signed the "agreement" party building, village enterprises clear the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, the construction activities of refinement the contents of the initial realization of Subsidizing Agriculture and village enterprises feeding a good situation. At the same time, double Su Bao Cun new environmentally friendly aerated block brick provides more than 200 square meters of office space, business enterprise for the villagers to provide primary products and ancillary products processing, transportation and other products into the post, absorb the surplus rural labor force of more than 80 people, is expected annual per capita income of 15000 yuan.
prominent effect, create fine brand. The party organizations at all levels in order to lead the fine work of innovation, to create a number of good social effects of the brand. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Party branch of in-depth study of the concept of refinement, to create a learning party organization as the starting point, to focus on learning, self-study, presentations, theoretical research, writing experiences and other forms of government, "fine management" and other key recommended bibliography centralized learning organization focused on learning 20 times. The per capita writing learning experience 3, more than 6 articles reading notes. The connotation of all Party members and cadres and workers to deeply understand the concept of refinement, and effectively improve the ability and level, extensive service agriculture, agricultural science and technology training in three rural areas, assured agricultural villages and households and other activities, and vigorously promote the food subsidies, seed subsidies, agricultural subsidies and other preferential policies of the party, solve hot and difficult problems of farmers people concerned. Activity; read more

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Underground corridor has been built in 5 cities in our province

The urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery is a tunnel structure which is arranged on the ground, underground or overhead, and can be arranged in a whole. In developed countries, the underground pipe gallery has been more than a century, the system is becoming more and more perfect at the same time, the scale is also growing trend. With the continuous development of social economy, the province’s underground pipe gallery work has also started. At present, Xining, Haidong, Golmud and other 5 cities in the construction of underground pipe gallery has been carried out. read more

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Central Plaza yesterday rights

In March 15th this year, is the international consumer rights protection day is a new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the new consumer law) the implementation of the day, for the convenience of the public rights, provincial administrative provinces, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumers Association yesterday in the central square held a large-scale on-site consultation service activities, tens of thousands of people poured into the square for consultation complaints, rights awareness has increased year by year. The reporter learned from the event, this year "3· 15" period, the on-site complaints received public consultation 2000 times; 27 complaints, two, consumers 5000 yuan in economic losses; hot issues of consumer complaints this year ‘s quality, housing decoration, health care products, service class complaints still.

site consultation and more convenient

100 meters fake attract the public eye read more

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