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Xining condolences to the Muslim poor

July 23rd, the Red Cross, the public complaints commission, Chengdong District Red Cross, East District Public Complaints Bureau in Dongguan mosque, held by Muslim condolences to poor families as the main content of "promoting national unity, fraternity and xiadou" into the temple city’s Muslim condolences condolences activities, poor households 500 households, issuing condolences supplies worth 245 thousand yuan, sent to the party and the government’s care for poor Muslim masses. City leaders Gao Yumei, Tong Wang, and Zhang Ying attended the event. read more

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Comprehensive treatment of dangerous rock section along the north of the airport expressway

this is a protracted battle, but also a challenge to review the problem, the solution to people’s concerns, this is a responsibility, but also a play.

is the generation of the vicissitudes of life, Beishan, Xining Beishan with its unique natural landscape and rich cultural heritage of the well-known, far and near due to geological disasters, but its special geological structure hidden danger to the root of 5155 households and more than 30 thousand people’s lives and property safety poses a great threat. read more

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Xiguan Qingming poetry sing kylin Bay

yesterday Sunny Bay kylin, hundreds of people gathered in the West Main Street here, using poetry to meet the upcoming Qingming festival.

"Qingming, the pedestrian on the road. I ask where there are restaurants, the shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun." West Main Street Second Annual Qingming poetry opened in the Provincial Armed Police Corps now singing, now dancing for children in kindergarten, reporters at the scene learned that in addition to some of the traditional poetry, West Main Street the biggest highlight of this year’s Qingming poetry some excellent poetry for the community to collect the. According to the West Street office responsible person, the office will be held second annual Qingming poetry news in the "Xining Evening News" published, has aroused strong repercussions in the community, there have been more than 30 people signed up to participate in, such as poetry lovers Zhao Ruiyun specifically for the event creation of poetry "hometown in Xining", the public fallout special the creation of the "West" Red Army memorial, a Municipal Bureau of statistics, and participate in the performances of the municipal Party committee, a unit of Huangchuan middle school campus, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Xining radio station, West District Cultural Center, Shengli Road Primary school. "Yesterday, all the programs are finished, there are two elderly people in the city with their own works to enroll." Xiguan Street office, a person in charge said. "West Qingming poetry is not only a traditional cultural heritage of the stage, is everyone can participate in the cultural feast." A member of the public who participated in the show. read more

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Korean Hot pot stores venture more smoothly

want to do poineering work better, for the choice of a good project is very important. Korean Hot pot stores? Delicious Korean style Hot pot, is very attractive option. The choice of business franchise stores Korean Hot pot project, is the election of the!

had to admit that now the prospects for the development of Korean Hot pot industry was worth investors expect, in the entrepreneurial process, a big problem emerged, we must first solve the problem of address selection, because the address will have a direct relationship with this place can bring development opportunities for you, Korean Hot pot franchise development needs a large number of people to master good address, there are a lot of details on the site, such as shops where the region’s economic level, consumer income, the flow of people near the size of investors. read more

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End of the year 8 of the hotel labor shortage shortage of manpower into the catering industry

has less than a month to celebrate the new year, the restaurant industry has gradually ushered in the peak season of consumption. However, so many bosses headache labor shortage still exists. In order to deal with the end of labor shortage, many hotels start early recruiting". Even the day reporter visited found that many provincial restaurants are at the door posted ads, from the chef, waiter to the cleaners in the recruitment list.

advertisement Mandaijie size of the hotel are short of

"attendant, pay 2000 yuan -2500 yuan; processing staff, salary 2300 yuan -3000 yuan, guanchiguanzhu." "The attendant (female) number, a monthly salary of 2200 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -38 years old; cook 1, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -45 years old; some fish industry, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -35 years old; a number of working hours per hour, 8 yuan -15 yuan. 18 -35 years old." "Looking for waiters, cashiers, pantry, a la carte, salary negotiable……" read more

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Rosa cake brand introduction

for investment projects in the bakery Rosa cake has been investors to join the project, why so popular, not only because of its delicious addictive, investors are more optimistic about the market prospects.

Rosa cake to join, this brand is very popular in the market, the development prospects are considerable in the project, you want to get rich investment to join the catering industry can not go wrong. Interested in the following you to learn more about this rare good money to do it!

Rosa cake brand: read more

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Online jewelry store opened a good home prominent advantages

life people often in pursuit of fashion, will choose a variety of jewelry to modify their own. In recent years, the rapid development of jewelry industry, the market has a high demand for it. A variety of jewelry brands have emerged, is a good choice for venture capital. If you open a jewelry store on the Internet, you will save a lot of business expenses. So what are the advantages of online home jewelry store?

read more

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Where is the way out for the Taobao mall sellers to sell the small sellers

early in the morning to open the computer to Taobao mall yesterday night of violence, "in the Baidu search Taobao mall seller 21CN Donews, 163, riots and portals have reported, took the time to see each story, remove one of the same part of the whole thing is to know about. Considered for a long time, I decided to write points to the author know something to write something.

Taobao mall, an important tool for taobao.com transformation from C2C platform to B2C platform, in the beginning is basically not how many users are familiar with, even if only know why things than your fair mall a lot, of course, there is such an idea, basically even Taobao the hardcore customer, to bargain on taobao.com customers. All along, the negative news taobao.com most is added goods countermeasures to solve the problem of clusters, Taobao mall, Taobao market more stringent than the seller at the same time as the pay system, the service charge of the seller, enjoy all market sellers are unable to enjoy the treatment, all good assessment of the evaluation system, there are many from Taobao the market development of the company after the opening of Taobao mall, for some difficult customer’s comments threatened not to fear, can not spend too much time in the evaluation of the problem and then concentrate on doing their own products, but the fact that Taobao mall has two modes, one is the brand, is a brand flagship store franchise stores, then I personally experienced, two suits from Taobao mall is a franchise store, I buy things at Taobao are generally produced by first feeling. More than OK, and because it is in the Taobao mall, the beginning also didn’t pay attention to the flagship stores or franchise stores, such as receiving something, be startled at the quality of the things, really flattered, because there is no good packaging, clothing are full of grease, I contacted the shop customer service, the reflect, then although there is no echo, but the complainant rights, where the time to toss, the final result is the clothes I took home his girlfriend was directly thrown into the trash, of course, this is just the author of an unpleasant experience, not only Overgeneralization, that is to see a problem from side. read more

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Daily topic Ali online banking to come Is it a challenge to traditional banks

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 9th news, according to the China Business Journal (blog, micro-blog) reported that recently, Ali formally submitted to the financial regulatory authorities to apply for the establishment of Ali network banking. Relevant departments have heard Ali financial reports, and began to study the network bank. If approved, Ali network bank is expected to become the first domestic Internet banking.

this, Alibaba refused to confirm the details of the briefing. Alipay many people in an interview said are still unaware of the incident. For the establishment of Ali bank, a city firm head office strategy Department official said in an interview, since 2003 to set up Alipay, Ali constantly involved in the financial sector, the establishment of the bank, or the establishment of a class of imperative banking institutions. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast LETV encounter encirclement and suppression in Tmall or Amazon

1 Google balloon wireless network for 4 billion 800 million free Internet


New Zealand tistown town farmer Charles · (Charles Nimmo); Nemo did not expect, and all day with their flocks, access to the Internet through a hot air balloon will some day in the future.

about a month ago, Nemo received a pass mysterious phone, to sign a confidentiality agreement, Nemo and 49 other people know, Google Corporation (GOOG.NASDAQ) "Loon plan" to find the door.

at that time, Google technicians will be a basketball sized red light receiver installed in their home, like the shape of Google map marker icon. read more

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Website promotion with the fact that speak

market survey is the vanguard of network marketing. Chinese business to Kotler out of "prescription" — out of 10% of turnover to do market research, proved to be reliable and authoritative survey data is the premise of website promotion.

CNNIC latest statistics’ users that the main way to the new site "(see table below) is an important basis for site promotion, scientific analysis of the data, can make the website promotion effort, to maximize the promotion expenses. read more

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IT world network or outage IT professional website worrying

recently, there is news that the IT world network is about to stop operation, the Nanfang Daily reporter confirmed from the IT world network staff, IT world network in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other important races will take "austerity" policy, interviewed all the sub station staff, to bring to Hangzhou station plan, if you do not accept to mobilize need to have been disbanded, "almost no colleagues to accept travel arrangements to Hangzhou, so basically is disguised layoffs." The employees of the IT world network approach rather helpless. read more

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Stationmaster net daily broadcast Ou Le game network suspected of gambling mop.com moving reflection

1 Ou Le game network by the police on suspicion of gambling and the gamble amount of 2 billion 900 million

May 3rd news recently, Ou Le chess suspicion of open Internet gambling platform, by the Wenzhou Ruian police investigation. Ou Le Shen and the person in charge of 12 suspects jingfangxingju, the total money amounted to 2 billion 900 million yuan.

according to the Ruian police investigation, Ou Le net game is a company registered in the Ministry of culture of the network chess game, but the network chess game set up online gambling platform. Game player through the virtual currency to buy Ou Le Le card selling beans ", as the chips for gambling in the game. Players can also be converted to cash in the middle of the game, commonly known as the silver merchant. Ou Le game network and silver business by reselling virtual currency earn spreads the way profits. read more

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On the operation and promotion of local talent website

local talent website can be said to be the first to realize the localization of website operation business model, because the market demand of local talent to the popularity of the site is much faster than other commercial sites, even when one of the city’s website or forum has not appeared, the local talent website has been in the city began commercial operation. With the development of the times, the needs of local talent is more and more extensive, and local talent net low threshold, provide a good business opportunity for many a person of noble aspirations. But because of the special position of local talent network, the construction of local talent network promotion and has its own characteristics, wide range of options for the head of the SEO optimization ability, the actual promotion and planning ability, have put forward higher requirements. Therefore, to understand the concept and characteristics of local talent network, propose targeted publicity and promotion strategy, to good use in the steel blade, get the best results with minimal investment, can really achieve the local talent net profit, to further promote the development of local talent network. read more

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Ministry of culture to clean up illegal music website see 13 has been unable to visit

listen to music network to close

sina science and technology news on December 29th morning news, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice on December 14th, will further clean up remediation illegal network music website. Up to now, 237 violations of the list of music sites have been unable to visit the 1/3. Ministry of culture, the Department of cultural market, said the person responsible for cleaning up illegal regulation of the network has been deployed to the music website notice to the provinces, is currently advancing smoothly. read more

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Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more

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