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Watercress FM earn free user advertising to loading force user charges

recently paid version of watercress FM line, 10 yuan a month fee, the official opening of the user charging mode of exploration, watercress claimed that the selling point is higher quality and advertising interference". This science and technology website SocialMouths commented on this, saying watercress FM will also be implemented in the future free and fee coexistence mode. With the increase of free users, the advertising value will be more and more big, advertising will be more and more, a part of the external users may still choose free model, and the depth of the user, there will be more and more people pay their listening quality assurance through. read more

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Heart BBS website administrator of the reading on the new channel

reading as a channel to the entire core part of network now, but not just by reading books as the content, now the reader as well as the requirements of the readers some network is more and more high, if you like reading novels as to read a book, a no appeal; two no gain. Now read the aim of the channel network is not just that readers can see books, buy books, more to the readers read good books, read books, from browsing to quickly understand the related contents of the book information in a book, such as history, humanities and so on. read more

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