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What are the tricks of Internet business

once, when the network is not popular, many people will choose to go to the Internet cafes. However, in the era of constant change, with the gradual popularization of the network, the Internet cafe has been a very big restriction. In short, in the network has not yet universal, the purpose of the existence of Internet cafes to the Internet without conditions or temporary need to provide access to the internet. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the computer has become a necessity of life, and Internet cafes, but also by providing only the traditional Internet site into a place for people’s leisure and entertainment. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the Internet cafe market, the majority of the owners must attack in order to be unique. read more

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Interpretation of the status quo of Anhui express industry

in the current market environment, online shopping has become one of the most basic consumer, which undoubtedly led to the development of related industries, which is one of the most important courier industry chain. The main content of the survey includes staff service specification, inspection system, the implementation of the charges and bills issued by the door to send and delivery time limit test." Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, said the Yangtze River, in terms of the implementation of standardized services, work dress and the use of civilized terms satisfaction by 21.57% in 2011, rose to 43.37%, 64.71%, 88.66%. read more

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Investment in food snack car is good.

in the food market, whether it is to enter the food and beverage industry in which the project, in fact, is a very profitable choice. Then, start to choose investment in food sweet snack car OK? Brand snack car, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Rich business opportunities to earn money, then, what are you still hesitating?

food fragrant snack car investment good? Food fragrant snack car investment is good or not, the vast opportunities to take you out fast.

joined the food fragrant snack car? read more

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The development strategy of auto beauty shop

with the improvement of people’s consumption level, there are former luxury car consumption become a modern people commonly used means of transport, with the steady growth in car sales recently, car care has become one of the important contents of automobile consumption. As an important part of the automotive service market, automotive beauty industry has a lot of room for development. So want to open a car beauty shop, how to get better development?

open car beauty shop development strategy 1, improve product quality and service quality. read more

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Today, the most characteristic of a good project to think about the volume of sushi sushi

with the country after the reform and opening up and rapid development, more and more foreign various features of the delicacy also gradually entered people’s life, such as sushi, pizza and so on a series of delicacy, which belongs to the sushi is particularly popular in the market. Sushi sushi to join, as a stylish and innovative brand, much of the students, office workers and beauty lady’s favor. Would like to choose sushi sushi roll to join, rich products, nutrition and health, is a very popular entrepreneurial projects. read more

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How to set up educational institutions with market prospects

now have a lot of extracurricular education and extracurricular training institutions began to be popular, at the same time, there are a lot of people see opportunities, have begun to invest in education industry, which is an important source of educational institutions. So before we invest in education, we should learn how to recruit students in educational institutions?

first clear enough subdivision in the selected field of teaching. The core of teaching content on the market a lot of education to join the center are very similar, such as the main development potential, is a public are the potential development of education, to join the lack of awareness of consumers, it is difficult to choose from these aspects are really outstanding education to join the brand, if can choose, they will take a very long time and energy. read more

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Fast fashion Zara test the water electricity supplier in China offline sales or encounter bottleneck

day before the Spanish fast fashion brand Zara launched Chinese online store. It is reported that the online platform will store sales of all commodities price synchronization.

this, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang to the daily economic news reporter, said that this is the layout of the strategic position of Zara. Clothing electricity supplier has about 200000000000 scale, Zara is trying to help its brand penetration through the electronic business platform."

luxury marketing experts Le Yaoguang believes that with the slowdown in economic growth and the saturation of the first tier cities in the market, Zara China has encountered bottlenecks in the next line sales. read more

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Advantageously, senior concussion CEO Liu Yannan Wu Yiran took out

[Abstract] Liu Yannan is no longer involved in the daily management of favorable, but still favorable for large shareholders, not two people will open conflict.

CEO Liu Yannan


Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on August 18th

COO Wu Yiran is currently as favorable as the new term for CEO.

CEO "served in more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest of the 8 years almost all is difficult." Wu Yiran placed in the desk "start" in the book, the author Ben Horowitz wrote. read more

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A thinking of the Internet or the Internet thinking is often poor, a lot of

from a point of view, April 20th is the twenty anniversary of the birth of the Internet in China, because on this day in 1994, the first open to the public Internet lines running. With the Internet China five anniversary, the ten anniversary of the different, the media is full of praise, "the spirit of the Internet" or "Internet thinking" has become a popular concept, rather than early to talk about the Internet common "bubble", "speculation" and "vulgar" or "value-added services". That several young people opened a street selling hamburger in Zhongguancun Wudaokou business, because the Business Flourishes model, but also by the media as "the spirit of the Internet" and "Internet thinking", the reason is that some young people who have just graduated from University majoring in computer science, and many customers to be stationed in this area are employees of the Internet Co preferential buy hamburger. read more

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Why start a close call

a few days ago, I wrote a talk in my space: "throughout the ten years of science and technology options to entrepreneurial white, it is a close call, know what it is to learn entrepreneurship. I repeat, not the ability to find business in Hong Kong for most successful entrepreneurial white profitable projects, there is no let everyone make money as entrepreneurs languhing project. Please be mature and mature a little bit! "

was telling the truth, but didn’t expect from some people questioned, sum up the main points of this: read more

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Olympic Games came Baidu was doping

more than a week, found that Baidu is not normal. Baidu snapshot more often than before. But the ranking change seems to have become lazy, but do not know if this is not a good thing, morning, noon, evening even ranked may not be the same. I think Baidu is over excited.

some time ago, Baidu’s hard disk damage, said that everyone site their own website, data anomalies. Rank anomaly. The middle normal for a period of time, recently found that Baidu again is not normal, some of the old station ranking out badly, and some new weight has been a huge increase, even I saw a popular keyword (above 3W search), a top 3 station is July snapshot, I wonder and how is a snapshot of last month’s ranking also this good. Into the site a look and found that the webmaster has been the lowest for 1 months did not add any content to their stations. A stop updating station (almost no chain), why weight puzzling rise?. read more

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Stationmaster net daily broadcast Sina push micro task online shopping tickets ushered in the peak

1, Sina: do not hurt micro-blog’s service provider

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) on micro-blog commercial issues, Sina statement yesterday, micro-blog will regulate the market, mainly through the "micro platform task" to review the marketing account information release platform and related 37 into account. Sina also said that the platform does not hurt the business chain has been formed before, will not make micro-blog marketing third party service providers can not survive.

related reading: read more

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90% of the public number may never get a 10W

this article comes from Lee’s speech at the state of entrepreneurship, the theme of the new public relations based on the user’s new behavior".

for today’s start-up companies, the establishment of a brand will begin to build, in the absence of funds, you can use public relations and the media to build brand and communication.

today’s communication environment has undergone tremendous changes, before then several TV stations and newspapers, since the media now account for more than 20 million, micro-blog has tens of millions of content accounts, more and more communication channels, how to influence them at this time? What scene? What is the read more

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Li Wang on the construction of county local portal

Internet heavyweights occupy large sites, some of the vertical local portal becomes hot! Some county-level city have their own website, if your home, also do not have a good website, please start


1 Forum building

forum is a gathering of the feelings of the circle, forums do not have advertising, early to catch people’s livelihood, public opinion, let users feel that this forum you can help them tell some livelihood phenomena of democracy! Website forum prior to start some of the local society, for example: Bicycle Association, Fishing Association, photography association…… Other social groups, inviting them to join your forum, when they do the activities, you will become their network support, they each activity photos, can be published in the forum, for them, is a kind of glory! Grasp the QQ group, a web site of the official QQ number, set the name for yourself the name of the site, and then add all the local QQ group, then with each QQ group exchanges, inviting them to join your group before the forum, to group communication, or the back of some links to articles, advertising is not convenient, if you add 100 QQ group, excluding repeat, there are probably thousands of people QQ users, you can carpet promotion for the thousands of people, each window to every promotion, promote your forum to spread to these people every day! Every day featured some local news Each group, sent to the window, and then delivered to the group forum, every 5 or 10, issued to each group forum, must insist on doing this! Somebody open the chat window, you can see the daily news: read more

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.NET open source Microsoft cloud for the first strategy in full swing

text / water brother

.NET open source! The whole world circle of developers suddenly raged, the first time it flew by the seat CSDN login comments countless programmers instantly flooded slobber war. Recently, Microsoft announced plans to open source.NET development environment,.NET application development platform for other developers can outside the Windows, at the same time, Microsoft will provide.NET application runtime environment and framework support for these platforms.

in the bustling and programmers forum community, around the.NET open source code message, the debate between Java and.NET developers have been upgraded to various pains and sorrows, and even extend the merits of a dispute to Linux and Windows on the server. Some of this has long been the Microsoft diehard and.NET for the livelihood of the programmer and even shouted "java to death" slogan. read more

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Porn site more than 370 million technology filtering difficult

public technology card blocked pornography from Repan

reporter Li Songtao

as long as the contact with the Internet, it will easily be harassed by pornographic websites, which is a lot of experience of the Internet users. The latest data show that the number of Internet users in China has reached 144 million, of which more than 18 minors under the age of 20 million. According to statistics, there are more than 370 million pornographic websites on the Internet, every day about twenty thousand pornographic photos into the internet. Young Internet users are suffering from pornographic websites on the erosion of bad information. read more

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