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With micro business line store he can accomplish Jingdong can not do

known as the king of venture capital, John Doerr has proposed a SOLOMO concept: that Social (SOCIAL), Local (local), Mobile (mobile) three attributes of the integration of business models. LIFE founder Xiao Xin, who has more than and 10 years of experience in cross-border investment banking business entrepreneurs, the potential of the SOLOMO model convinced.

he believes that under the promotion of the mobile Internet, the use of social and small shops such small channels to serve the consumer needs of the individual will be the mainstream of future retail. At that time, the enterprise supply chain these scattered channels will require a highly integrated, efficient, and fresh smell of this business is LIFE…… read more

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From Tencent and Google will bid for the originator of CQ communication

want to ask who is the instant communication tool has the largest number of users, the answer is QQ; but to ask who is the originator of the instant communication tools, the answer is ICQ. This seems to have become an old vocabulary, even in many dictionaries have not appeared, but the ICQ (I seek you, Chinese means "I find you") is QQ, MSN and many other young fathers, but it was sold again reduced to the situation.

1998 AOL to $287 million acquisition. In November last year, with AOL will focus on content and advertising business, the company stripped ICQ and other peripheral business, as one of the measures to reduce the size of the core areas of concern. The news that ICQ’s bid price is about $200 million. read more

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Successful website promotion innovation is a necessary condition

June hot ah, the morning wake up did not put me to heat up, and the mosquito has put me as a feast dinner yesterday. Speaking of mosquitoes think of Zac teacher in the network marketing is a little bit of writing is an eye-catching innovation example. Auction mosquitoes, the site’s click rate increased rapidly.

into our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me" mouse: I love now and bats, after the children were living in the air, not afraid of your cat. A cat with a sneer, pointing to the tree owl said: see, she has been pregnant with my child! read more

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About 7000000 fans on the United States to see Obama yellow column first

news August 2nd, jumei.com and South Korea Entertainment with more and more close, except in the hit series "W" in the implantation of the bright blind advertising, also claimed the singer Huang column webcast by "for the first time".

billion state power network learned the day before, Huang Zhi listed on jumei.com tried out for the first time the whole network broadcast, and live a new single "distance". This is since July 20th the first Chinese single column by yellow "distance" far since the release of his first public concert, attracted a total of more than 7 million fans watch online. read more

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Microsoft MSN yesterday began to withdraw from the market in addition to Chinese outside the mainlan

newspaper news (reporter Wu Weiqun) announced on March 15th officially closed its MSNMessenger software on Microsoft before the news yesterday, the Taiwan area Chinese MSN Messenger service officially retired from the Skype successor, which is Microsoft after the release of the first official statement of the retreat retreat. According to Microsoft’s previous statement, even if the MSN Messenger to stop the service outside the mainland of China, the Chinese mainland users will not be affected by any of these users can communicate with overseas friends. read more

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Look at the Sina micro blog profit and innovation trends from the Ali wave event

although Ali shares Sina micro-blog stranded, but Ali wave incident, which represents the trend of integration of micro-blog SNS is still in effect, will still give us a lot of speculation and hot topics.

in the middle of this month, Sina announced 2012 three quarter earnings. Among them, the net revenues of $152 million 400 thousand, an increase of 17%. But net profit of $9 million 900 thousand, compared with $33 million 200 thousand in the previous quarter fell by $70%.

from the beginning of this year, Sina has been trying to establish Sina micro-blog revenue model, but at present whether micro-blog games, or marketing, display advertising, and not be able to do on a large scale in a way. The Sina portal advertising money hit in micro-blog, Sina and Sina cash is very valuable, not many financing channels, now $50, compared with last year, the highest price is close to $140 a share price cut, so low, want additional is unlikely. read more

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nventory 2012 word of mouth marketing success case worth learning

word-of-mouth marketing in marketing has been widely used, now the rapid development of society and the age of the Internet, consumer communication more use of the Internet, which makes people virtual distance shortened, more and more information communication and exchange of resources, but also makes more and more enterprises mentioned by people, the image of the enterprise is also magnified, when corporate reputation has attracted more and more attention, an important strategy in word-of-mouth marketing strategy of the enterprise. 2012 has been a vigorous past, which word-of-mouth marketing case is worth sharing it? read more

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The exertion and use of network marketing

today I am going to discuss the problem of marketing, strategy and tactics of network marketing has many kinds, do early stationmaster, shortcomings are likely to go buy some marketing books or Internet enumeration data to enrich their own website promotion and marketing. Ti is also often a problem is: if there are many methods, basically each method is used, but the flow of sales is not large, then there are people suspected of network marketing is to give those people with high. We can’t do it, it’s a serious problem. read more

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Discussion on content marketing of Enterprise Station Promotion

Hello, I am old boy SEO Liang Lei studio, enterprise promotion and operation has been so many business owners have a headache, now SEO is already known to every family, but the drawbacks of SEO is completely unmasked, how to operate a business stand alone is not enough SEO, our ultimate aim or order and volume. Here again the concept mentioned a commonplace talk of an old scholar: user experience (UE). Why is it that most of the company’s UE is low? I think the biggest problem is that the site is not attractive, more precisely, there is no good content. Of course, in addition to the content, we have a lot of other details need to be improved, but we are very clear that the content is the soul of the site, the site does not have the same content as a human without a soul. read more

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One week news review Baidu 20 billion blood glutinous rice WeChat public platform to ban the issuanc

1 China P2P status: total over 2600, get only

of the B round of more than and 10

day before, in the Internet financial platform financial fan Financing Conference, financial fan founding partner Shen Lei said, at present, the number of China’s Internet financial net loan platform has accumulated more than 2600, but won only more than and 10 B round of financing.

it is reported that in 2015 the rapid development of the Internet and the financial sector to increase the reshuffle of the year, and the strength of the capital will be a great variable. Shen Lei said, according to the third party statistics, as of now, the number of Internet banking platform in China has accumulated more than 2600 loans, but received only B round of financing of the home. On the scale of RMB financing, financial fan of the 210 million yuan of financing can be ranked this year, the amount of financing the same platform before the top five. read more

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Five net loan companies P2P platform crazy enclosure run faster die faster

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. One is the "gold rush" to catch the P2P platform, while P2P business closures hit again, already in the P2P industry at the crossroads, where is the future? "Securities Daily" financial market version invited five P2P enterprise CEO, interpretation of the awkward situation of regulatory thinking, the industry faces a wind control means, development model. Their unique point of view, different perspectives, for us to re-examine the future development path of the industry to expand their horizons. read more

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Those Wangzhuan blog promotion skills

website promotion of the people know that blog is an indispensable way of promotion. Through the blog, you can promote their own websites, their products, there is a very common role, is to do the chain. For the optimization of the website promotion, this should be very clear, but for the average person, thought should be to write their own journal in blog, however, because we do Wangzhuan, our thoughts are different.

in the promotion site. We can’t just totally put their descriptive website promotion, website promotion to your site features, and in some articles, cleverly introduced their own website, actually said professional write. However, in his blog text, can not so high, because some of the soft is to be sent to some large professional website, our paper is in the interest of blog, as long as we don’t see our blog let people off it. Blog articles, you can write some interesting stories, the current hot topics, controversial topics, etc., the main purpose is to attract the reader’s eye. So, if an article title to be good, in fact, more than the content of the article is also more effective. read more

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Net exposure Jay Chou joined vip com as a position bright

recently, the star get together the Internet, Gao Xiaosong and He Jiong went to Ali music, Lee Hom went to the Tencent, Li Xiang went to 360… Today, it is said that Jay Chou will join vip.com, as chief officer (CJO). Currently, vip.com has not yet responded to this time, so the truth is not yet determined.

online exposure of a suspected Jay Chou entry vip.com card photos, as the position is the chief surprise Officer (CJO)". However, the chief officer English abbreviation surprise the previous electricity supplier company CXO, CXO in the "X" on behalf of the unknown, which surprises, responsibilities of this position is to give the employees, buyers with surprise, positive energy transfer. read more

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Ma Yun Amazon is a shopping site Ali is a way of life

Ma Yun speech Phoenix finance sub Xin / photo

in New York Economic Club

Ma Yun speech scene Phoenix finance sub Xin / photo

iMarkets Phoenix News (special correspondent Zi Xin bottom of New York) the United States of New York on June 9th at noon (Beijing time June 10th morning), Alibaba chairman of the board Ma was invited to attend the famous New York Economic Club (ECONOMIC CLUB OF NEW YORK), the 800 business leaders gave a keynote speech, interpretation of Alibaba’s history mission and vision etc.. read more

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The business enterprise into their habit of implicit marketing is the purpose

business since the Jingdong, the industry started to warm up, while today the Jingdong and Taobao fire, while another is the Jingdong and Suning, Gome electricity supplier 3C war, as Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said, oneself is to become the electricity supplier spoiler, which is also a spoiler, the variety of behavior more and more by their competitors, this suning.com began to "Jingdong said suning.com’s cash flow problems, will not be the price war" such information in their fight, Tesco four anniversary anniversary, began to force promotion, from this attack process, can only take a suning.com a news photogenic gimmick, which will sell their four anniversary. read more

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The cross border electricity supplier industry to change these companies will face the test of life

[Abstract] if the tax problems make cross-border electricity providers feel crisis, fake problem may let them think about life and death.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 15th

for cross-border electricity supplier, the 2015 is the development of the industry blowout year, but such a good day may soon be over.

at the beginning of March this year, the General Administration of Customs said in 2015 China’s cross-border e-commerce exports and imports grew by 4.9 times and 16 times. The data show that in 2015, black five overall turnover increased by nearly 30 times over the same period, an increase of nearly 35 times the amount of orders. But behind these exciting figures, it is the cross-border electricity supplier is controversial fakes, rights and other negative news. read more

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