National Network Information Office in the special rectification work focused interviews of 28 websi

days ago, reporters learned from the state Internet Information Office, the national network information office to strengthen the interviews in the "network of extortion and paid posts" special rectification work, since the "Internet news information service units interviewed work regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "interview ten") since the release to all departments in the implementation of the network information there are 28 different levels of interviews on illegal websites, has a good regulation effect. read more

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The webmaster Tuiyou network, promote and comment with credibility

as the saying goes, Standers-by see more than gamesters. Today, Zhang Shengrong saw a good article, said Tuiyou network (, Tuiyou network is the webmaster network’s website, Zhang Shengrong understanding is Tuiyou means excellent website promotion, website promotion by their reputation, some of the more famous website, let us comment.

Zhang Shengrong launched Tuiyou network that stationmaster net is designed to facilitate the owners to quickly find reassurance resources, Tuiyou network belongs to the webmaster comment websites, these review sites common business model: the comment gather popularity, attracting businesses, but the existing problem is the lack of a clear and diversified profit model. read more

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The first exposure site rectification notification

Legal Daily News January 8th (reporter Zhu Lei) reporter today from the China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center learned that since January 5th, the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other seven departments held a national Internet campaign vulgarity special action television and telephone conference and announced the first batch of 19 website list after a few days, some sites actively carry out clean-up and remediation work, and to the public apology, but there are still some poor management website. read more

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Game piracy shady behind the illegal soccer gambling everywhere

[Abstract] more fans still choose a variety of ways to find free game resources, some of the network broadcast platform has become the best place to pirate. In the course of the broadcast, a gambling scam has quietly opened.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on January 21st

years ago, the media described Liverpool fans watch the Merseyside derby: "several Merseyside local fans hurried back home, find a play button in a pile as mumbo-jumbo like Chinese, to be able to watch free against Liverpool and Everton." Behind this description is the protection of China’s bad sporting events at that time, the Chinese fans may be difficult to imagine in the future to watch sports events also need to pay. read more

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Taobao won the domain name in arrow refers to relevant products and projects

According to

reported that after the shield Baidu search, will launch their own independent search channels Amoy network (, although the current domain name can not be accessed, but the independent search has been in beta, that really belongs to the domain name query, Taobao network.

at the beginning of September was the acquisition of was Larry domain, netizens speculated as "easy Amoy" Pinyin domain name, is likely to be one of the layout online brand protection strategy initiatives, recently reported to launch its own Amoy network, has said that is more suitable for double spell domain name as the official domain name, Taobao has confirmed the "domain name first" style. read more

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Three the electricity supplier of agricultural products logistics standard trust Difficult miscellan


technology columnist: Ding Chenling

energy-saving, no one is known to litchi. This is the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu’s "China Palace", a poem we have read the high school textbooks. What is love but Yang eat litchi, litchi preservation is not easy, so the emperor sent a horse relay all the way from south of the Five Ridges to Changan, to Miyagi, litchi is still very fresh, and her good mood.

this is the people only a short while ago, is the palace type treatment that is not in the recent operation of a preferred sf. SF a recent event allows users to order first, then we picked the fresh litchi, SF cold chain and logistics system, the second day to millions of people at home. This is the recent stir fresh electronic commerce; if large refers, is the agricultural electronic commerce. The famous angel investors Xue Manzi also recently invested in a company "for people", dedicated to the people send soil egg. Visible market heat. read more

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The influence of QQ let me unexpected

      Lin Tao, an entrepreneur in China, according to oral finishing by,

      1984, my parents and family moved from Hainan to the District of Shenzhen, the development of Shenzhen electronic industry so that I can come into contact with the computer, in the middle school college entrance examination, I chose Shenzhen University computer professional volunteer.

      four years of college, my study object is UNIX C, the language of the master programmer, but also in the school is responsible for the maintenance of computer room, my solution for computer room is designed by the teacher praise, also can effectively prevent the virus. Of course, sometimes even in order to have more time on the computer, I will write some programs to trick the machine lock. Many software technical personnel are often on their own intelligence is very confident, engaged in software is just a way to compete with each other, and I hope you come up with things that are more, also willing to play a minor role in the technology market. read more

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Is it too high for us to program

small program finally came, and it came along with the "connect everything" ambition.

January 9th morning, WeChat officially launched a small program, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong and his circle of friends breath made 6 pictures, about 10 years ago, in January 9, 2007, the first conference iPhone screenshot, the stage curtain is electronic background Jobs personally involved in the production of PPT, is his motto of innovation.

"every once in a while, there will be a revolutionary product." In one of the lower part of the screenshot, there is such a Chinese translation subtitles. read more

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Data of the United States Baidu GOOGLE statistics secret (1)

3 years ago, a statistical analysis of the field experts have told the author, GOOGLE and Baidu, technically do enough analysis you are a man or a woman, that sounds almost impossible.

07 years in the search engine research field appeared a mouse click on the image is not very clear and the Baidu Google (below), map of the unknown, so I was very surprised, significant differences can be seen from figure Google and Baidu user behavior, can also be seen in the two ranking web search engine the flow distribution about the situation. Even, I think if the statistics of the user’s behavior analysis of the trajectory of the mouse, enough to analyze the demographic aspects of access to Baidu and Google user groups, such as: gender, age, etc.. The company has been committed to the research of data mining, that if a certain extent of the user behavior analysis of the mouse, as long as the exact algorithm is able to distinguish different habits characteristics of men and women show when browsing a web page with the obvious. This is the consensus of all people based on data behavior recognition. read more

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Daily topic Ali online banking to come Is it a challenge to traditional banks

webmaster network ( September 9th news, according to the China Business Journal (blog, micro-blog) reported that recently, Ali formally submitted to the financial regulatory authorities to apply for the establishment of Ali network banking. Relevant departments have heard Ali financial reports, and began to study the network bank. If approved, Ali network bank is expected to become the first domestic Internet banking.

this, Alibaba refused to confirm the details of the briefing. Alipay many people in an interview said are still unaware of the incident. For the establishment of Ali bank, a city firm head office strategy Department official said in an interview, since 2003 to set up Alipay, Ali constantly involved in the financial sector, the establishment of the bank, or the establishment of a class of imperative banking institutions. read more

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Way home network 400 days of financing the mystery of running 400 million holiday rental watershed

investment in this, in fact, is not a landmark landmark home, but the entire holiday rental industry milestone, because such a large amount of money, indicating that the entire investment community has recognized the industry." On the evening of 23, the way home network CEO Luo Jun said in an exclusive interview with this reporter: "this is a historic watershed Chinese The Resort Apartments industry, because in fact you do good, if not to the industry trends, the investor’s money is not." read more

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Zhou Hongyi, save the video site

great Zhou Hongyi, once let the 3721 poor click back Baidu, YISOU will make China’s largest music search, YAHOO assistant will be installed in every corner.

and now up the banner of anti malware software, because of his presence, China’s network cleaning tasks to quickly layout success, 360 security guards installed more than 200 million.

there should be a place where the miracle of Zhou Hongyi, such as the difference between the back of Baidu, there is a place where there is less suffering, the Internet users can safely get through the dangerous period of. read more

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Share a heavy station experience

      first of all, I would like to introduce my "equipment"

      1  station program

      I use the station program is dedecms!

      listen to a lot of webmaster said this program is small and practical!

      very small Adsense like to use!

      2  I use server space

      I built a small station does not need the most good server space (virtual host)

      I listen to friends with a dandelion virtual host read more

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Why not build online media marketing department

Objective: I worked in film and television production studio grinding away over a year, although not a master, but for film and television production, technical aspects including videoeffects very understanding, the film industry itself is a high profit industries. A lot of enterprises on the current network video show, in the production process is not difficult, and people learned a year can do, since you can do in this piece of ordinary people, why let the media production company to earn high profits? read more

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Advantageously, senior concussion CEO Liu Yannan Wu Yiran took out

[Abstract] Liu Yannan is no longer involved in the daily management of favorable, but still favorable for large shareholders, not two people will open conflict.

CEO Liu Yannan


Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on August 18th

COO Wu Yiran is currently as favorable as the new term for CEO.

CEO "served in more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest of the 8 years almost all is difficult." Wu Yiran placed in the desk "start" in the book, the author Ben Horowitz wrote. read more

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Le Amoy was forced to break the self brand of next year is expected to achieve profitability

has repeatedly said it would not get involved in its own brand of footwear B2C Lok, has reneged on the line 5 of its own brand, this music Amoy network vice president Chen Hu said, the transformation of brands is mainly because of hard long-term losses, must find a new way out. However, analysts believe that the operation of its own brand can be improved in terms of gross profit margin, however, the promotion of the early stage and grasp of the supply chain for the electricity supplier is not a small test. read more

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A number of domestic SNS in e-commerce or break a path

July 6th news, the domestic SNS site into a collective downturn, a large number of small and medium sites are on the edge of collapse or collapse. Last week, founded three years of social networking site 360 times ( to close the end, declared the field of domestic SNS bubble collective disillusionment.

360 laps is just a microcosm of the industry as a whole. UUzone had closed down in 2007. At present, with the net, zhanzuo, eFriendsNet, 100 million net and other small and medium-sized SNS site, is also the capital chain management under the background of hard life. Network CEO cornfield ants even into giant arms, joined Baidu new social network division. read more

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50% service charge, like rob Feedsky

today, I was in the Feedsky official blog announcement to see a topic on the end of the marketing test period, the announcement, announced in the announcement: Feedsky end of the blog topic marketing test period. From 2007 to start in March, blog topic marketing this product test run, up to now more than six months. Feedsky topic marketing platform, completed a total of 28 topics of advertising, including the public service ads in 2. The official claimed that due to the quality of the Feed is very high, through these blogger original articles on the topic of the spread of the topic to achieve a very good effect." After the end of the test period, Feedsky will have three changes, one of which is originally scheduled to be deducted from the topic of marketing services, the official charge of 50%"! When I saw the 50% service fee, really scared, never heard of it received high intermediary fees, a little "rob" tendency! read more

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Internet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants received tens of millions of A round of investm

domestic enterprise mobile Internet sales platform Crowdsourcing Andy merchants revealed to hunt cloud network, the company recently has received A round of investment Fosun brothers capital of tens of millions of dollars of Fosun group.

Andy investment belongs to Hangzhou at night and enjoy the data Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015, jointly established by Zheng Linghe Zhu Jiacheng, Dong Xiaoquan, in June 2015 officially unveiled, the platform provides the main service functions include: rapid investment, sales and maintenance, market investigation, market supervision, product testing, brand publicity. By Andy investment platform, enterprises can adopt a Crowdsourcing mode, set free by the enterprise promotion expenses of forwarding, forwarding a key with the mobile Internet social networking platform, the optimized product information sharing. Registered in Andy merchants clerk, part-time can apply for the task, and implementation of pay for performance model. Half a year ago Andy investment to get ten million Angel round of investment. read more

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On the promotion of soft Wen is more popular with the user skills

for the use of soft Wen promotion believe that the webmaster will not feel strange, on the promotion of the current point of view, the text can be squeezed to promote the effect of the top three ranking. However, the effect of soft Wen promotion is good, but also to allow users to feel the value of the article. Although the text in various forms, but in website promotion, many soft Wen effects very poor people. The reason is attributed to the quality of soft, can not get the user’s recognition. Like the soft marketing industry, a classic language, not by the length of the text, but the user’s approval. So how to write articles to let users like it? Today, I use my own experience to share how to share the text to be more popular with users. read more

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