A 23 year old female students start selling barbecue income four thousand or five thousand – net

although the entrepreneurial environment of college students is now getting better and better, although there are more and more college students look forward to the road of entrepreneurship, however, after all, not what experience, money is also very limited, so the business can choose investment opportunities are very limited. In this context, many college students will choose to venture to do some service-oriented business, the protagonist of this article do barbecue snacks business.

she has not graduated, but there is a dream of entrepreneurship, so put up a barbecue stalls; she can not cook, but baked a small yellow croaker. In order to meet the tastes of the people of Yongchuan, I have to eat more than and 400 small yellow croaker." The little girl called Zhang Xia, 23 years old, just graduated from college for six months. She only spent more than a year, put the barbecue stalls into a facade, a day income of four thousand or five thousand yuan. read more

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We chose these 2017 buffet investment

how to say that people still love the most economical and affordable consumption, catering industry is such a buffet to meet the needs of this project. The buffet is very popular in the modern love, some slightly famous cafeteria every day of rest will achieve the effect of bursting with popularity. Good response to the market, but also aroused the enthusiasm of investors to buffet investment. For investors, it must be curious to know that the cafeteria is the most popular this year. Here, to introduce 2016 of the largest investment in the fire of several large cafeteria, hoping to join the business help. read more

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How about joining Mr. Right – Korean restaurant

How about Mr.

‘s Korean restaurant? Good quality projects, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. Join the right to the Korean restaurant project, open a right to belong to their own Korean restaurant shop, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about the Korean restaurant? Join selection advantage!


right Korean food is good?

how about opening a Korean restaurant? Investors choose to join the right to open the Korean meal is a lot of advantages, mainly as follows:

first, Mr. Right Korean food collocation package is rich, different flavors satisfy the needs of different consumers, have relatively high popularity and good reputation in the market, investors join the right Mr. Korean can easily in the food and beverage market talent shows itself. read more

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Spicy hot pot to make easy money

we all know, snacks to join the market, has been very hot, very business opportunities. Of course, the small business of the franchisee is naturally choose to join the snack market. Spicy hot pot? High quality projects, joined the spicy pot, is the best choice for our successful business!

snack market although the market prospects, low investment and high profits, but with the increasingly intense competition, let us start on the road is of twists and turns, spicy hot pot franchise by virtue of its unique taste, has been recognized by the vast number of consumers in the market, spicy hot pot franchise charts the experience of successful operation of what? This requires you to do the following to shop in the process, we have a look together. read more

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Investment small honey bread OK

bread, in our lives, is already a very high position. In our life, we can not do without the choice of bread. Of course, healthy and delicious bread, always very attractive to consumers. What about honey buns? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, joined the honey bun project, or very strong choice!

we all know that honey bread is a kind of bread, but also the most common western bread. However, it is proud that the inventor of the invention of the honey bread won the national invention patent. It is the chairman of the board, Mr. Wei Bingyi, on the basis of ancestral skills. Spent a lot of thought on the formula and the shape design. It can be said that the honey bread and the product of the authentic formula and shape appearance is the combination of his wisdom. read more

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Registered trademark of the admissibility of the window was set up near Hefei people do not need to

people in the creation of their own brands, will be concerned about how the product will win recognition. First, have their own trademarks, Hefei and Wuhu, Anqing city trademark reception window officially opened in the local municipal government service center to accept business. This marks the future of the applicant can choose to apply for the registration of the trademark business, but do not have to go to the State Administration of industry and Commerce in Beijing to do.

in the establishment of a trademark registration application window, is an important measure to promote the facilitation of trademark registration reform. In 2016, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to vigorously promote the trademark registration facilitation reform, decided to entrust qualified places to carry out the trademark business, in January this year, formally approved the city of Hefei Province, Wuhu City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Anqing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau shall establish a trademark acceptance window, commissioned by the development of the trademark application business. read more

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Mengxue ice ice cream hot investment to attract more entrepreneurs


Mengxue ice cream? In our life, for delicious food, always lack of. Of course, Mengxue ice ice cream franchise, is also very good choice. Join Mengxue ice cream? In 2017, the quality of good business projects, good choice!

no matter when shopping, or in the dining process, a delicious ice cream, make you more relaxed and enjoy life! Mengxue Italian ice cream, famous brand products, by virtue of the unique charm of the ice cream brand popularity, is the highest, is a very good opportunity! For entrepreneurs, not to be missed 2017 Mengxue ice hot investment, read more

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Doing business often move can often new – business shop

there are a lot of people who live in a "safe", can do a lot of work, a place to stay for many years, if you hold such a character to entrepreneurship, will face a lot of competition, the possibility of a thriving business is not high. Although the funds are not sufficient for the operator, the opening of the store is not an easy task: do a license, pay rent, hire helper, both into the worry, but also worry about sales. Everyone is eager to have a stable sales, so as to recover the investment, the money recycling. read more

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Do business may wish to establish customer files will contact the whole

some customers have become a regular shop, however, due to the owner’s attention, resulting in customer shopping enthusiasm is not high, or loyalty is not high, which will have an impact on the store’s business development. So, if it is to open a shop to do business, may wish to establish customer files, so as to facilitate contact.

According to

research, a customer into the store within 3 minutes, the owner can not be the same if the establishment of relationship between customers, customers and the owner is not communicating, then he will not have what impression for the shop, at least not remember you, how to open up the situation in this limited 3 minutes, so he can from stranger to serve as the owner will need the details. read more

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A good customer of Taiwan chicken joined the worldwide delicious

Taiwan chicken joined the project selection, has always been very business choice. How about a good guest Taiwan chicken? High quality entrepreneurial projects. Small business passengers choose to join the best Taiwan chicken? The best choice to be trusted. Join the passengers better Taiwan chicken you are still hesitant what?

authentic Taiwan flavor exclusive authentic delicacy more attractive technology induced property — Taiwan bu’erjia delicacy

Kejia Taiwan chicken franchise is not affected by the restrictions, early in the evening meal 24 hours a night, spring and autumn and winter hot super food stalls no off-season. At present, passengers preferred Taiwan chicken stores in many markets across the country is still in a blank state, and the profits of infinite space, every hour can fried chicken more than and 100 tablets every day at least 8 hours working time, sales easily reach 5000-8000 yuan, profit value can reach above 50%, and soon will be able to recover the cost, is very little strength the meal drinks read more

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The world of Chinese fast food fast investment how much money

The market demand of

Chinese fast food must not say what small, presumably want to enter the catering industry entrepreneurs to have these basic conditions about crystal clear, but one thing we know, although Chinese fast food in the development momentum is now under the age of the Internet is good, but also bring great the market competitiveness, this is the restaurant to face difficulties. As a business venture investors need to maximize their own market competitiveness. Choose the brand is one of the key steps. read more

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Major infectious disease prevention conference held in our province

twenty-first Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, the four provinces (autonomous regions), a major infectious disease prevention and control conference in the city of the state of six, held recently in Yushu, china. The meeting invited more than 100 delegates from the relevant provinces (municipalities). China Center for Disease Control and prevention and control of infectious diseases researcher, Professor Kan Biao in Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University and many experts and scholars make a special report for the general assembly to prevent. Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Tibet, four provinces (autonomous regions), respectively, with their respective characteristics of the general assembly to communicate with the exchange, covering the contents of major infectious diseases and endemic diseases and other aspects. read more

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During the Spring Festival ETC pass tips

Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that during the Spring Festival 7 below (including 7) the specific time mini bus toll free highway: February 7th (EVE) zero began, to February 13th (the beginning of the six lunar month) end of 24 points, a total of 7 days of free time. Toll free time, the vehicle away from the highway exit toll lane time shall prevail.

executives Provincial Bureau staff to remind the driver of the vehicle, during the Spring Festival, driving on the highway, such as after ETC need to pay attention to the following items: free period, small bus lanes or ETC lanes through manual entry and exit speed can normally enjoy free access policy. After the end of the free, ETC customers access to high-speed ETC lanes, will write a new entry information, automatically cover an entrance information, and the normal toll collection at the exit. read more

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For the youth hyperchromic; as a model to — the Xining Communist Youth League to carry out hundreds

In order to further guide the Youth League, I actively participate in the creation of the national environmental protection model city work to improve the youth of the work of creating awareness and participation, in April 8th, the municipal Party committee organized hundreds of members of the Communist Youth League to carry out "for the youth hyperchromic – a model of his" voluntary tree planting activity in spring

in order to further guide the Youth League, I actively participate in the creation of the national environmental protection model city work to improve the youth of the work of creating awareness and participation, in April 8th, the municipal Party committee organized hundreds of members of the Communist Youth League to carry out "for the youth hyperchromic · as a model of his" voluntary tree planting activity in spring. read more

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2015 Xining silk road international football tournament will be held on August, the start of 1

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Xining more than 400 million yuan to create hydrophilic project

city water dependent, human water blind, moving beauty will be presented in front of the public, highlighting the unprecedented hydrophilic charm. The reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, this year, Xining city water conservancy construction in the promotion of city water system landscape level, build water culture, improve the urban water environment and expand the article, to create the most beautiful landscape of the city waterfront hydrophilic.

this year, Xining plans to invest 400 million yuan, the implementation of Nanchuan river water into the city, Ning lake water management projects, and strive to start the Huangshui River (the Huangyuan gorge exports to the small Xiakou section) water into the city project, Nanchuan river city core section of landscape renovation project and Jiefangqu and enhance the water landscape canal core in the village renovation. At present, Nanchuan river city core section of the landscape to enhance the transformation plan is perfect, the Huangshui River (the Huangyuan gorge exports to the small Xiakou section) water into the city planning project is currently underway. read more

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Introduction of detailed rules of Xining parking lot management

according to the "Xining city parking lot management measures", the municipal government "on further promoting the city fine management opinions" (Trial), recently, the city developed parking lot management implementation details, to further clarify the parking lot management responsibility and authority, and fees based on the parking lot and temporary parking and parking rates setting.

parking management functions transferred to the district:

according to the regulations, the municipal administrative department of transportation will be handed over to the parking lot management functions of the district government, the district take the area of parking lot planning, construction management, the area responsible for all kinds of parking lot to reach the parking order, approach into position requirements. read more

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Xining illegal sewage companies, said

as of September 4th, the number of days to reach the national standard two days in Xining accounted for only about 48% of the total number of effective monitoring, the urgent need to control air pollution. September 5th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited nearly 50 key areas of emission enterprises, air pollution prevention and control of the convening of a special meeting, requiring companies to strengthen their supervision, control and reduce emissions.

emissions from industrial enterprises, is one of the main causes of air pollution in Xining. In order to ensure the comprehensive management of air pollution is not going through the field, in the future, the city of Xining key industrial enterprises to implement 24 hours of monitoring and management, to ensure the stability of pollutants discharge standards. Excessive emissions of enterprises, issued a deadline for rectification or governance tasks and be punished accordingly. At the same time, supervise the implementation of corporate governance and the rectification of air pollution comprehensive work on illegal discharge, for non normal use of pollution control facilities of the enterprise, will resolutely implement high penalties and social exposure. The efficiency is not high, aging equipment, backward technology of waste gas treatment facilities, issued a deadline or the deadline rectification task did not complete the corresponding task of governance or governance is still not up to the requirements of relevant standards of the government shut down. (author: Zhao Junjie)
  read more

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