Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to Google exit China’s Internet is open

January 13, 2010 News, Google said recently are assessing their feasibility in Chinese commercial operation, and may completely withdraw from the market China. Google said they suffered a major cyber attack believed to be from mainland china. Google China is silent on the news. Liu Jianmin agency issued photo

Beijing, January (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) for Google (Google) company plans to withdraw from the Chinese market, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu fourteen, responded. She said that China’s Internet is open, the Chinese government encourages the development of the Internet, to encourage the healthy development of the Internet to create a good environment. read more

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Flash purchase site Gilt $250 million to sell the highest valuation of $1 billion 100 million

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 15th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that a number of informed sources, the Canadian Department Store magnate Hudson’s Bay was close to a $250 million deal with Gilt.

Gilt had a round of financing in 2011, when the company’s valuation reached $1 billion 100 million. In other words, Hudson’s Bay offer is less than 1/4 of the valuation was Gilt. Hudson’s Bay is the parent company of Sax Fifth Avenue boutique (Saks Fifth Avenue). read more

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From Tencent and Google will bid for the originator of ICQ communication

want to ask who is the instant communication tool has the largest number of users, the answer is QQ; but to ask who is the originator of the instant communication tools, the answer is ICQ. This seems to have become an old vocabulary, even in many dictionaries have not appeared, but the ICQ (I seek you, Chinese means "I find you") is QQ, MSN and many other young fathers, but it was sold again reduced to the situation.

1998 AOL to $287 million acquisition. In November last year, with AOL will focus on content and advertising business, the company stripped ICQ and other peripheral business, as one of the measures to reduce the size of the core areas of concern. The news that ICQ’s bid price is about $200 million. read more

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The successor of Ma Yun conjecture Alipay CEO Peng Lei the highest voice

a stone stirred Melaleuca, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO MA (micro-blog) will be retiring in May 10, 2013 CEO news, shocked the industry. For a time, who will become Ma’s successor, attracted endless speculation in the industry.

Ma Yuncheng: "took over the founder of CEO is a very difficult job, especially with me such a distinctive character and ‘ET’ class CEO is the need for great courage and sacrifice. Ali is fortunate to have a number of such leaders, each with a rare charisma and style of leadership." read more

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Interpretation of the domain name Pinyin and digital popular concern week

figure: Week domain name transaction table

domestic trade fields to this Monday is key to Pinyin domain name, such as web enabled query independent channel Fendai, was informed that the earlier acquisition of domain name system, red fantasy net acquisition Viewtiful Larry domain,, diamond marriage agency bought double spell domain name, in addition, this Monday is key to the digital domain name, Wo Wo Group bought caused concern in the industry, there are also rumors had domain name transaction price in more than 5 million, but the value of the domain name, the domain name for the possibility of trading price of this number is also very high, this week there is another digital domain name, domain name travel site navigation enabled website upgrade. read more

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Zuckerberg’s 6 success factor luck and timing

lead: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch published Saturday and founder of WatchMojo CEO · (Ashkan Kabas J Lou San Ashe Kan; Karbasfrooshan) review article. The article said, Facebook founder Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) with 6 factors to succeed, and luck and timing is one of the indispensable two points.

below is the full text of the article:

Facebook investor Peter · Hill (Peter) was asked whether the Wall Street can accept the more than and 20 year old as a company CEO, Thiel. Hill said: we will wait until he is over 25 years old and then apply for listing." Taking into account the original name card on the young Zuckerberg words, the wait is wise. read more

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IResearch quick assessment analysis of user traffic changes in the Google era after the search

2009, Google China accounted for nearly 20% of search requests share, as one of the search engine Chinese two market leader, Google China if you exit the market, for the Chinese search engine market, is a major historical opportunity for the long-term stability of the duopoly competition change. IResearch consulting user cluster analysis as a starting point, for all types of users were given traffic advice, in order to provide a reference for the relevant practitioners.

preemption motivation: how big is the cake? read more

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Secret old textbook rental network how to get $25 million venture capital

used textbooks lease is not a new idea, almost all the students have gone to college to discuss how to deal with the old teaching materials.

, however, from the United States (Qi Gewang), in 2007 at the Santa Clara in California began textbook rental services. Only a year and a half, Qi has entered the United States, Canada, more than 5 thousand campuses.

reported that in the worst economic crisis in 2008, the site’s revenue this year has more than 10 million U.S. dollars last year, and successfully attracted $25 million in venture capital. read more

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Culture shock the twin girls in the blog is degenerate or trendy

"to call themselves" mean girls: bags and Azi "90 girls blog in less than 70 hours was viewed more than 5 million times, today (29 days) the number is close to 10 million, and still be fast refresh…" This is a news. I am curious about opening the blog of the hero, is a pair of 90 twin girls opened the blog, click on the high rate only because they are so far has written 7 blog, each blog let everyone controversial. The language of the dark as well as the subversion of the normal moral concept attracted the attention of many users. The extent of popular people panic. read more

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Two companies to sell the domain name to stimulate the user dissatisfaction

      yesterday, China’s domain name registration authority, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a warning to the domain name registration service provider. Prior to this, the confusion and fraud in the domain name industry, has caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the user, CNNIC hope this can save the reputation of the industry as a whole.

      according to the latest statistical report, the total number of domain names in China reached 9 million 180 thousand, the annual growth rate of 211%, the total number of Chinese CN domain the biggest contribution reached 6 million 150 thousand, the annual growth rate of 416.5%, more than COM domain for the first time. However, the rapid growth of China’s domain name, the domain name management issues are also accompanied by a number of agents to take hype, fraud, coercion and other unfair means to sell domain names. read more

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Webmaster network daily broadcast telecommunications line fault video website evolution of new ecolo

1 pass a large number of foreign hosts screened Microsoft, Alexa and other sites can not access

Admin5 webmaster network news, in April 12th a large number of overseas placed the server name is blocked, resulting in many webmaster placed overseas can not access the site, analysis that is mainly targeted at many service providers hosting overseas business. At present, has received a large number of webmasters reflect the site can not be opened, in this proposal, the majority of owners to pay close attention to backup data in the country to complete the filing work, restore the site. According to feedback from users, Chinese Unicom network users also have a large area to access the Internet phenomenon, is currently being restored. read more

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Ministry of culture to clean up illegal music website see 13 has been unable to visit

listen to music network to close

sina science and technology news on December 29th morning news, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice on December 14th, will further clean up remediation illegal network music website. Up to now, 237 violations of the list of music sites have been unable to visit the 1/3. Ministry of culture, the Department of cultural market, said the person responsible for cleaning up illegal regulation of the network has been deployed to the music website notice to the provinces, is currently advancing smoothly. read more

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Google test new search engine Caffeine

Beijing time on August 12th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday began to open test code named Caffeine (caffeine) "version of the search engine.

This new

search engines use different URL (, and the appearance of Google now exactly the same, but the results are different, this will have an impact on those who rely on Google for the flow of enterprise.

on Monday evening released a blog, Google said the new version of the search engine will be faster, the results will be more accurate and comprehensive. read more

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Scan several entrepreneurial success

the easiest way to start a successful business " network, part-time, team, competition, concept, internal ", etc.. The effective use of existing cyber source network business, there are two main forms of online shop, online registered online store; online join, to operate a e-commerce sites in the form of store, use the source of goods and maternal website sales channels.

of full-time network business recruits for a green hand, get started is a big challenge. Although the majority of entrepreneurs can rely on their own money to start, but there are still some enterprises in the beginning of the urgent need for cash. If you are the first venture, want to get financing is a big challenge, but there are some creative ways to help you raise the start-up funds. read more

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The WeChat version of the balance of treasure tomorrow fastest on-line financial and Internet to Ali

Tencent financial finally into the.

Beijing Daily reporter learned exclusively, the Tencent will be the fastest officially launched its first Internet financial products tomorrow, WeChat version of the balance of treasure, Huaxia Fund partner.

yesterday, the relevant informed sources, Tencent will launch its WeChat platform in WeChat financial channel and the balance of the WeChat version of treasure, which was named WeChat money paid through". It is understood that the financial channel will be linked to WeChat’s my bank card interface. read more

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The central bank began to implement the new regulations tomorrow Alipay, WeChat can brush 1000 yuan

Abstract: Phoenix TV’s official micro-blog said, in order to improve the safety of personal account, the central bank recently issued new regulations: 1 from December 1st onwards, the same person to open a card in the same bank only (class I households); 2 to cancel the remote peer deposit, transfer fee; 3 bank cards for half a year will not. Frozen; 4.ATM transfer within 24 hours can be revoked; 5 transfers will set more threshold; 6 WeChat, Alipay can only pay 1000 yuan; 7 WeChat, Alipay accounts for only one. read more

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Statistics said the 96% brands of the first choice of domain names CN domain names

recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2010 Hurun brand list", compared with last year, this year the enterprise brand value threshold list rose 1 billion 200 million yuan to 2 billion 500 million yuan, while the size and strength of the brand value of the brand strategy, has become the key factors of enterprises on the list. Reporters found that 96% of the top 100 brands of domain names CN domain name strategy to become a major bright spot.

experts pointed out that China’s national domain name domain name registration.CN with strict management, application for registration of a higher threshold, the brand image is more safe and reliable, has become the preferred domain name brand strategy implementation enterprise hundred enterprises. Hundreds of companies are accelerating the pace of the national domain name reserves, these companies are less than the number of reserves of the national domain name is more than a few hundred. read more

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CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket deposit trap package refund fee of up to 90%

CCTV financial channel first time column exposure Ctrip ticket travel packages are not required by the airline, charged a high refund fee. Program called "refund fee of up to 90% online booking tickets need to be cautious," the text reads as follows.

to the spring can buy cheaper tickets to go home, some users will choose some travel network, ordering a ticket packages on the internet. But to remind you that this package said that although the price is very affordable, but once your trip suddenly changed, when you want to change back to take a big loss, because the refund fee can reach a maximum of 90%. read more

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Kara 10 years 4 million business users, 100 million individual users waiting for the listing of adul

Abstract: Kara played louder the abacus is, the first year of profit do not "burn" but just 1 billion 500 million of financing cash, will have to come up with 1 billion yuan to set up a koala industry fund, in order to cultivate the industrial chain of the symbiotic system peripheral lakala. For example, big data, the industry will be one of the first batch of funds announced investment projects.

interview the day before, but also to do the industry big brother friends ran to ask Sun Taoran, how to successfully enter, bigger Internet banking. read more

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