Draft network security law released personal information is expected to ease off

reporter Zheng Meiyun

China’s network security legislation into the sprint period. In June this year following the twelfth session of the fifteenth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee examined the "People’s Republic of China network security law (Draft)" after July 6th, China net network security law (Draft) published the full text, to seek the views of the public.

The rapid development of the Internet and the concomitant risk

. On the one hand, the surge of Internet users in China, the development of mobile phone business applications, on the other hand, in the context of the Internet, network security incidents occur frequently. Android mobile phone explosion parasitic beast loophole; Android platform average 18 seconds was born a malicious program…… How to ensure that personal information security is no longer exposed read more

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Pornographic sites involved in the registration of unknown fear

Beijing 5 80 yellow website moderator will stand trial the residue team is still in the "normal"

Legal Daily reporter Li Jie Jie Legal Daily intern Wu Meng

5 after 80 boys, originally not acquainted with each other, but will stand together in Beijing in March 2nd, the people’s Court on the defendant’s seat.

all of which they had originated from the common identity — yellow forum moderator.

these 5 suspects had a good job, have a university culture, of which 1 people have a master’s degree, but pornographic pictures, fans". A pornographic website "regulars", was the senior manager fancy website, "promote" a different forum moderators. Since then, the management section of obscene became their "second occupation", but they refuse to take any payment for, had enough eye addiction, just to meet the desire…… read more

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Taobao.com crown brush brush off costs 3500-7000 yuan monthly income of 90 thousand -18 million

          "want a sound is brush off advertising, two rings is buyer inquiries." On taobao.com shop for three years of small, after a long period of self training, has been able to make a correct judgment according to the big sound, how quickly back to the computer.

3Run every day will receive more than 10 brush drill advertising, if not to judge means are packaged, contact phone purchase is 3Run 3Run, is tally 3Run, must put down the work at hand, from five to ten metres of the jump back to the computer desk, a day to be playing "a dozen times. read more

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A novice webmaster to say

took my first


station error + experience + advice to also want to take part in the Internet novice compatriots. At the same time can also take this opportunity to really out of date! Bless me!

1 site positioning

error: I made a very kind of mineral industry is very popular website (mainly to see the master said that now the station to do the better, to let a glance at Chinaz

people know what our station is doing

my experience: I now according to my statistics, my station 36% are directly enter my domain name, as well as the name of the 13% search my website, the rest is the search brings read more

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Adsense network broadcast Sina V6 official on-line pat micro shop official operation

1 either fraud or the history of the most complete P2P problem enterprise list appears!  

if any entrepreneur, to do a P2P net loan company, must be careful. According to net loan home research institute statistics, since 2011 to date (as of October 8, 2014), a total of 202 issues of net loan platform. Statistics show that before 2013 issue platform, to run away and fraud are; 2013 mainly in the capital chain problems caused by the present difficulties in the majority; since 2014, fraud platform comeback. read more

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YAHOO was hacked details hackers buy Flash ad browsing that gun

Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 5th, YAHOO announced on Monday, hackers in the past 7 days, the use of YAHOO’s advertising network, to visit YAHOO’s Web site to send malicious code.

The attack, which began in July 28th, has become the latest in a series of attacks on

advertising, which typically has millions of users. It also highlights the industry’s concerns about the Adobe Flash technology, the technology has been a lot of security problems, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with Silicon Valley companies. read more

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What can we do in the face of the cruel earthquake

: after the 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County of Wenchuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Gansu, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other places there are different degrees of reaction, but we have to ask: where is the magnitude of the earthquake, what? 14:37 yesterday, it is in the 9 minutes after the earthquake, there is the first network forum a number of posts, and quickly set up a special forum, let users publish local information in a timely manner, the first time to understand the scope of friends around the earthquake affected, resolve the earthquake brought about by the psychological shadow. read more

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The three line of the city Internet travelogue when technology hit mass had a shake to grab red mom!

Spring Festival shocked the Internet industry in the most, than the penetration rate of Internet Co for the public. This article is an Internet practitioner to travelogue and thinking, his hometown is an unknown south town line three.

co-founder Funny

| fun Mars

technology and the public hit a full

yesterday, as director of public relations in a well-known Internet Co of my friends Tucao said: "go home, only to find the home a year has been the transformation of the Internet, the Internet itself as a trendsetter, then pointing out the superiority of uncle aunt, brother and sisters registered QQ, WeChat, gone for ever……" read more

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115 SkyDrive said normal operations will soon be completed a new round of financing

[introduction]115 SkyDrive said today that the closing share function for SkyDrive use far outside the imagination so serious, 115 implementation of this move is to avoid industry risk, ensure the sustainable development in current situation.

115 SkyDrive announcement (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) in August 10th 115, SkyDrive announced that no longer provide network file share service, has triggered concern, there are rumors that SkyDrive, SkyDrive closed 115 dead 115. In this regard, 115 SkyDrive announced today to clarify this, said the public share for SkyDrive closed function use far from outsiders imagine so serious, will soon be completed a new round of financing. read more

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Wei long study abroad founder Wang Wei Baidu marketing can accurately see the effect

July 25th, with the power of growth as the theme of Baidu marketing promotion forum held in Beijing Millennium Minneapolis. Wei long study abroad as a good benchmark for SMEs to attend the forum, indissoluble bound President Mr. Wang Wei also tells the story of their history of struggle in the forum and Baidu.

resigned from office had lost to join the international road difficult

Wang Wei entered the Ministry of education in 1985, one thousand is 15 years. In 2000, Wang Wei resigned from office, but confused about what to do. At that time, Wang Wei once a student awoke him and told him to do study. Study abroad can also be used as a business to do? Wang Wei wondered. But with the rich work experience in the work of the Ministry of education, Wang Wei founded in 2000 Wei long education group. read more

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Talk about WeChat from the media and traditional media

WeChat recently fired from the media is very fire, there are a lot of friends in the traditional media industry trying to transform. Luo thinking push charging membership system, half crazy 1 million 600 thousand, the current brand valuation of $100 million, the money who want to earn. Many people think that WeChat since the media is not simple, is not the traditional media that set to WeChat, as long as you can continue to export high-quality content near OK? In the south only said: too simple, sometimes naï ve read more

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Personal financial stocks website development space

      personal website seems to have little in the financial field of a play, more get together in the entertainment, pictures, such as mobile phone, so in the stock in the field of personal website is the personal website of the survival space?

      with a few old Adsense talk about this matter, they say, this requirement is too high, not only to understand the site, but also understand the stock, to understand too much, as do other stations easily.

      I began in 2006, focusing on the idea of financial website, was just an idea, because I am a bit of programming impassability, also can simply use the PF to do static pages, because the stock site can be said to understand the stock, people do not understand the website, understand website people do not understand the stock, it is difficult to put the two together, I try to do. Also the upload, beginning one day only a few days later the flow is 20-30IP/, the web is 06 at the end of the year, a day at the beginning of 07 do, only 200-300IP/ day traffic a year later, I do not know what merit, only know the content every day, adhere to the original, original content. Do a few very important stock keywords in Baidu on the first page of a half of my. Feeling pretty good, but the flow is no quality improvement, I really can not think of. read more

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Blinkist financing $4 million 300 thousand, so you can read a book in 15 minutes

Blinkist is a start-up company in Berlin, Germany, the company mainly provides non fiction book condensed version. The company has just received a $4 million 300 thousand financing, which had already received $2 million in financing.

and common Bookstore + reader mode, Blinkist does not provide any books, but a condensed version is committed to provide readers with non literary fiction. The advantage of this form is obvious: it allows you to quickly get the essence of the book. After artificial enrichment of Blinkist, Chinese edition has 234 pages of Hatching Twitter only a short 14 page, omit important details, only the core essence for you. In this way, a book will be finished in about 15 minutes. With Blinkist, for now busy office workers, reading 100 books a year should not be difficult. read more

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The specific educational website promotion strategy

of education website, is a popular industry, characteristic of this kind of education industry is: the flow of small, strong timeliness (often a year as long as several months, the competition for small user attention). This is an opportunity to engage in this kind of industry is a friend, because only a few simple promotion strategy, you can let our website ranking.

, a single station network education market

At present, because of

education industry without too much attention, so the network does not have a system of competitive environment, most of the information from the portal websites, not what professional website mainly do the industry, can be said to be very low degree of competition. read more

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Summed up the success of the marketing stick a few key factors

" Baidu Post Bar – the world’s largest Chinese community " this is the title part of the post bar, is indeed the largest, Baidu as the largest Chinese search engine, users can imagine. Where there is a user, where there is the market, so how to use the stick to our product marketing? The following author from his own experience to talk about the most common two kinds of post bar marketing.

mode one: the theme of the product plus product link

we need to clear a purpose, we do Post Bar is to head to our site to bring traffic or direct promotion of our products, marketing is to sell products, sell the premise is to have people know your product, how to let people know your product, this is the promotion of the first step is the marketing promotion. read more

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Discussion WeChat public platform promotion niche segments

first run WeChat public platform it has been 20 days, the daily timing push high quality hand-painted illustrations and other works of art to the user, has determined to do the polymerization the best platform for art design direction of the side of the mobile phone users, but nothing to the beginning of the creation of the poor, every day in fluence of about fifty people, although the daily suffering find a map, forced to find the best plans to push, but the amount of attention has no breakthrough, so the bottleneck period lasted almost two weeks, in 11.06 days thinking about changing reasonable setting and optimization of push content, the effect is striking, after only six days the number of attention from 1000 soared to 6000, but most of them are hand-painted art design enthusiasts, how can this amazing one exclusive, look down: read more

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The vertical and horizontal theory of business development the accumulation of horizontal opportunit

I think so far, we should reach a consensus that the mobile Internet era is over.

NetEase, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Shanda, Ctrip, the company in 1997 2000 to get together and set up, this is the age of the Internet opportunity, during the period from 2000 to 2005, but there were a few companies ran out, but between 2006 and 2010 the rise of big companies and what


millet, the U.S. group, mogujie.com, jumei.com, pea pods, unfamiliar street, today’s headlines, drops, these companies are set up in 2010 to 2012, this is the mobile Internet opportunities, then, until today, occasionally there are a few companies rise, but the basic and 2000 to 2005 years the situation is similar, so between 2016 and 2020, the market will be what kind of scene? read more

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On three key points to make the soft marketing more successful

is a kind of soft, subtle promotion information distributed to the content readable, so as not to make their own promotion information is very straightforward to appear in front of the reader, and the reader will not make early psychological resistance. In fact, many of the soft is used to promote their website, of course, there are some friends to promote their reputation or other services. So for soft Wen marketing, seize the three key points can make your soft Wen more success:

a, understand the marketing target user group is what? read more

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