Inspired by the Divine Comedy the style network marketing

is a song by South Korean uncle PSY produced "Gangnam Style" MV become a popular global Divine Comedy, a funny offbeat dance and a song without innovation tunes, why love by so many people? As a personnel engaged in network marketing, we can also learn something from it.


user experience

first, this "Jiangnan Style" MV by many Korean stars to participate in shooting, then for the web site, must have a good user experience. As a carrier of website user oriented, there must be a gorgeous visual experience, the user enters your website to know your product information, the website’s color collocation and the image to a large extent around a user confidence in your product. read more

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On the major search engine spiders those things

do SEO every day to deal with most of the search engine is put out of the small robot, also known as search engine spiders, we have to do is to wait for them to be good, according to their intention to vote good.

a list of the names of the major search engine spiders

Google: Googlebot, Baidu spider spider: Baiduspider, Sogou: spider, soso Sogou spider spider: Sosospider, Yahoo: slurp, Alexa spider spider: ia_archiver, MSN: MSNBot, Altavista spider spider: scooter, Lycos: lycos_spider_ (T-Rex), spider spider: fast-webcrawler inktomi, AlltheWeb slurp, a spider spider:: YodaoBot hot spot: Adminrtspider and OutfoxBot, the spider. Of course, this is just a list of symbols, even if we do not see the analysis of the log is not too strange, or you want to ban them crawl your site is also possible. read more

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Network marketing training should learn the 6 major marketing areas

recently friends have been asking about my marketing books "this love, what more cool" began publication would like to know when the training should focus on which aspects of the study, now marketing Ling Lang everywhere, almost every day there are new tricks, always feel to keep up with the forefront of marketing rhythm.

Of course, the

of the training institutions also, training quality is uneven, blossom everywhere, a little inattentive tuition to soak up the soup. And most of the training institutions are basically based on the theory and rotten marketing cases, and can not really make a new marketing staff to grasp the actual combat skills. In fact, the best teacher is the Internet, the Internet has a wealth of marketing resources, a lot of new marketing is just a lack of a systematic approach to learning. read more

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Pig CMS material library to upgrade the micro site easier to make

users are most concerned about the function of the micro site, pig CMS recently upgraded to the material library, the upgraded material library comes with a large number of background images, icons, icon and slides.

increase in the quantity of materials at the same time, we also classify the material, for example, according to industry classification, divided into: catering, real estate, hotels, health care, education and tourism industry in common, according to industry classification and in accordance with the color style classification, users in the micro web station can do very straightforward to find their own need material, which greatly shortens the time of making micro sites, but also greatly reduces the threshold for the fabrication of micro site. Non professionals from the material library directly select the relevant material can be built in a few minutes a fine micro site. read more

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Entry necessary network marketing books recommended

recently on the Internet to find some network marketing books recommended, a collection of 10 books related to network marketing personnel required, including the outstanding works of website usability design, SEO, Landing Page, optimization analysis, advertisement writing, business visitors, small business PPC, search engine marketing and other fields, some of the books I read the feeling is very good books, here to share with everyone.

website usability design book

Don t Make Me Think by "Steve Krug." Chinese translation: "able to perform wonders – Web Design Tips" visitor Supreme] read more

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Do your traffic crooked ways (three)

today to write the third part, the last ending said this method introduced a convenient traffic, with the help of Baidu Post Bar. Before the start, or say a few "two part in a belt of the hanging" flow, because a lot of people and I QQ asked me what hang, although we all know the basic method, but there are still people who ask, so simple to say about it.

hang QQ, QQ now seems to be as a communication tool, but also remember the original pure play QQ want to know. Find, so every time the Internet search online, female, then came in, and then talk about…… Maybe now we rarely do so, because we have been mature, is the webmaster, but there are still N N more and more boring men even in women to do such a thing, QQ traffic is terrible, terror than, the number of online search every woman, I don’t know, not. You can guess, but guess the data, estimates are quite horrible, so have come up with a way to master, landing hundreds of QQ on the same machine, arranged in different parts of the female, then advertising in the data, the effect is actually still good. read more

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O2O beauty beauty industry company won the million Angel round of financing.

Abstract: the United States O2O company "a beauty to obtain millions of angel round of financing, the investor is beauty and capital and other angel investors, this round of financing is mainly used for product development and market promotion. Focus on hairdressing, beauty, Manicure, beauty, fitness, health, micro, photography and other service industries.

new NewSeed message beauty industry O2O company "a beauty to obtain millions of angel round of financing, the investor is beauty and capital and other angel investors, this round of financing is mainly used for product development and market promotion. read more

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Talking about how to carry out micro-blog O2O marketing from a heavy rain

the evening of May 15th, a heavy rain to the island of Xiamen into Venice, today (16 days), people who are late for work too much, micro-blog, found that the land has been turned into water, the passengers on the bus are all standing on a chair, there are also people in the row kayaking Street group there are discussing how to put into an amphibious motorcycle and bicycle. For me to walk to work, there is no chance to experience the full car is the water bus, but I can see pictures of friends taken from micro-blog. So think, if there is no micro-blog, how can I see the first time the road photos, how to see the people of Xiamen sewer ridicule, how can see the urban take what kind of measures to facilitate travel, how can we see the security experts. It all depends on micro-blog, especially in the mobile platform micro-blog. Micro-blog is put together many media platform, through the micro-blog platform when we get from the local release of relevant information the first time media people, should think about how this local information the most down to earth into hot local users care about. I think this is the legendary O2O. read more

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Free marketing glory no longer Charges actually better than the free effect behind

let’s take a look at two kinds of phenomena: one is when the free charge becomes the form, the user is still in; the other is free of charge has not hit the user. The essential reason of this phenomenon is: the product is necessary or not essential.

free to pay: the user is still

network video resources to achieve the initial model of a full range of free, so the people dig all kinds of drama, and this as a way of entertainment, the user group is still very large.

but into 2014, copyright resources have been standardized, free resources while still exists, but has been greatly reduced, the video site costs, profit is not yet a major breakthrough, only dig membership fees, expand the existing profit model from the user’s body (advertising a substantial increase in a remission). read more

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Who can bring a climax

Internet era cannot do without advertising, users need ad! Users cannot do without advertising, why? Because the user has no effort to find ads, no sense to see advertising, so advertising is to guide, advertising is a way to guide the consumer awareness.

since it is a guide, then the hard or soft good?

hard wide, is a simple and very rude and very yellow form of advertising. In other words, is the Ming love.

is a kind of soft, subtle euphemism very lofty forms of advertising. In other words, it’s a secret love. read more

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Yang Haoyong why do not vote for money to invest in their own entrepreneurs

I put 60 million dollars on the melon seeds, for me is my last time to venture, put more money to get the shares is the most appropriate. For me, I have the money to invest in entrepreneurs, why not vote for themselves, the most valuable investment is to invest in their own."

This print journalist Zhu Xiaopei

| interview | left photography studio

2015, to me, to say big event is the 58 merger market. But I think the time is more fun in 2015 9, in October, we began to put seeds used car advertising. read more

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Three factors affecting the network marketing

Because of its special characteristics of

network marketing platform, marketing and traditional marketing is very different, the electronic commerce is constantly rising, traditional enterprises to enter the market to follow suit, but no matter what the product is, the first problem is how to do a good job of marketing, the author observed that the traditional electricity providers to enter the Internet as in the use of some marketing methods, as media relations, these are some of the more common means of marketing, today I share about three influence factors of marketing, the several opinions apply to Internet brands or the strength of the larger companies. read more

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About 7000000 fans on the United States to see Obama yellow column first

news August 2nd, and South Korea Entertainment with more and more close, except in the hit series "W" in the implantation of the bright blind advertising, also claimed the singer Huang column webcast by "for the first time".

billion state power network learned the day before, Huang Zhi listed on tried out for the first time the whole network broadcast, and live a new single "distance". This is since July 20th the first Chinese single column by yellow "distance" far since the release of his first public concert, attracted a total of more than 7 million fans watch online. read more

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Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more

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Industry network integration of the real economy the road of traditional enterprise e-commerce

a lot of people say that the garment industry is a great opportunity in the field of retail e-commerce enterprises, and in the field of clothing most suitable for online sales should belong to men’s shirts, resulting in PPG, Vancl B2C and many other men’s shirts, after two or three years of market cultivation, its sales quickly surpassed the traditional the second tier brand shirt, shirt shirt and let the traditional network overweeningly ambitious tea enterprises felt a great pressure. read more

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Cross-border tax reform to accelerate the industry reshuffle the birth of price war

Securities Times reporter Zhang Sinan

news, cross-border electricity supplier import tax reform program has been of concern to the industry is expected to be implemented in April 8th. Media speculation, the core content of the reform may include: first, after the reform of the cross-border electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer be in accordance with the "post tax" instead of "goods" according to the standard tariff exemption and tax, value-added tax and consumption tax is according to the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%, canceled 50 yuan, shall be exempted from the point of two; parcel tax increase; three, for cross-border electricity imports access threshold go up, change the "negative list" to "positive list". read more

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Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not be accessed directly

Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not directly access

[TechWeb] March 13th news, according to user feedback, Tencent Tmall platform official digital flagship store (

) links can not be accessed directly through WeChat, and other products, like Ali, the page shows that Alibaba screened from WeChat browser request".

this, TechWeb pro test found that WeChat can not access the link.

it is understood that yesterday, opened the official digital flagship store in the Tmall platform news attention. The main shops of Tencent of intelligent digital products, such as portable WiFi, medical intelligent hardware Teng love blood glucose meter, intelligent voice Tencent pet Q, intelligent portable projector light Tencent Q film and other products. In addition to QQ doll. read more

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Ali meow Street play tourism O2O shopping center around the scenic water

news May 13th, Ali meow Street Tourism O2O has access to water, Liangzhu Cultural Village tourism map, the user can query the travel information through meow street App, complete the online ordering service. Aimed at the shopping center and meow Street surrounding attractions together, such as the impression of the city of Xixi and XiXi Wetland, Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza and the window of the world, Nanjing Aqua City and Confucius temple.

According to

billion state power network to understand, click on the "meow in street tour Liangzhu" Liangzhu can through various tourist attractions, get the recommended information, covering family, leisure and sports tour routes, it can also pass home shop search directly to complete the online ordering service. read more

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Niu Wenwen dialogue entrepreneurship is no longer a Kudachoushen 90.

I dark horse note: dark horse shopping district finally ushered in a small campus whirlwind. By the entrepreneur media and ELIFE smart phone co sponsored ELIFE campus black horse entrepreneurship contest is about 31 provinces and cities in the country, the city of 41, launched in 121 colleges and universities. Organized jointly with Peking University Guanghua School of management in yesterday’s competition started at the press conference, Xu Xiaoping teacher site published recently the most wonderful words of a speech; the mystery guest six new hope group and co chairman Liu Chang also dump site, and for the first time in the campus public speaking; the more violent PK Tsinghua University Department of entrepreneurs; the most cattle Security Venture shocked the audience…… read more

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What kind of product is suitable for B2C E-commerce

with the prosperity of e-commerce market, more and more enterprises and individuals to invest in the flood of e-commerce. But the combination of e-commerce and traditional industries is not easy, and all products and services are suitable for e-commerce model. The driving force of the network marketing consultant institutions after years of B2C work practice, to carry out the selection and determination of e-commerce products have their own experience and practice.

1, strong operating profit margins read more

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