Why not escape the curse electric brush single store credit system reform

double eleven has been around the electricity supplier platform single brush problem has been re mentioned, electricity supplier deep brush single curse, and this brush is a vicious cycle, shop owner order sales. When peers or competitors began to brush single, many shopkeepers also chose a single brush, Taobao, Tmall platform, the higher the sales, the higher the credibility of the higher the ranking of the store. Such orders will increase, and those in the top three pages of the baby, almost no sales. So the store began to compete with each other, comparisons, the fight is the sales and reputation, especially the number of baby praise. These will directly affect whether the buyer to buy. read more

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Billion users app idle fish, Ali again Sike of community

do sea Amoy idle Shenzhen start-up company wool shop, is in the A round of financing, co-founder Sun Yuan frequent exchanges between Shenzhen and Beijing. He was a question that investors habitually asked, "what’s the difference between you and idle fish?"

makes startups worry free fish menacing. This Ali entrepreneurial projects, since March, in the App Store free shopping list once more than Tmall, vip.com ranked third, in its previous Taobao and Jingdong.

but, in the second hand this thing, Ali stood in the face of all entrepreneurs. read more

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Interpretation of this year’s 4 Herborist action has long been concerned about micro business

2014 our growth is 19%, from last year, the development of the industry, the figure should still be able to get the figure of 19%." The general manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager of the Herborist division Huang Zhen told the "cosmetic Finance Online" reporter the interview said, this year, Herborist has a lot of big moves, in addition to deepen O2O to defend Department status of the main channel and deep CS channel potential, will be the first time the TV title. In addition, the brand will accelerate the process of internationalization, the creation of brand flagship store, and deepen the European and American markets, the output of the brand and Chinese culture. read more

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93%COM domain name was taken away by the complainant

Evening news you registered COM domain name, whether it really belongs to you? According to the current data, the answer seems pessimistic. Since 2000, nearly 120 cases of up to 93% of China related domain name dispute case in the COM domain name was convicted of transfer to foreign companies. This means that once the overseas enterprises to China registered for the COM domain name, China registered odds is minimal, may suffer a crowning calamity at any time.

read more

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The business enterprise into their habit of implicit marketing is the purpose

business since the Jingdong, the industry started to warm up, while today the Jingdong and Taobao fire, while another is the Jingdong and Suning, Gome electricity supplier 3C war, as Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said, oneself is to become the electricity supplier spoiler, which is also a spoiler, the variety of behavior more and more by their competitors, this suning.com began to "Jingdong said suning.com’s cash flow problems, will not be the price war" such information in their fight, Tesco four anniversary anniversary, began to force promotion, from this attack process, can only take a suning.com a news photogenic gimmick, which will sell their four anniversary. read more

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UC Ali taste thicken what big search parity scan code

June 18th news, after the acquisition of a wholly-owned Alibaba, UC Ali trend began to highlight. It is understood that what search officially launched parity scan code function before the big Alibaba recently to meet the code Amoy strategy means.

It is reported that

, UC browser in the recently updated version, added a scan code parity function, the user can scan two-dimensional code or code commodity commodity information (including name of commodity, commodity code, reference price, manufacturer, etc.) at the same time also will show what search online and offline from different channels of the same commodity price comparison. read more

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A cat in the American Amazon purchasing Alipay payment


] September 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before the sea Amoy Amoy network purchasing project officially launched. A scouring network, said the project will solve the problem encountered in the sea Amoy users language, logistics and payment issues, to achieve the sea Amoy 0 threshold.

official responsible for the project, the user to purchase goods directly from overseas B2C mall shipped to its Chinese address, reducing the intermediate links. And the project is only charged a very low purchasing fee, do not charge any other fees. Consumers through the project of scouring the sea without foreign currency card, can be directly used to pay Alipay, domestic orders directly fill in the delivery address. After the overseas merchant shipping, the whole logistics information will be synchronized to upload, convenient for users to check at any time the location of the purchase of goods. read more

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Dangdang.com to make advertising business bubble to burst

if it is not their own eyes, and a few friends to verify the same, I can not believe that Dangdang will vote for other B2C advertising. At first I thought it was the telecom DNS hijacking, but by clicking on the several advertising links can be sure, where the customer is through direct dangdang.com delivery, excellent shopping and walk through advertising platform delivery. There is no doubt that these ads in Dangdang, Dangdang is completely allowed.

Dangdang as a well-known B2C site, on the front page to put other B2C ads, and some also compete with the existence of Dangdang, really shocked me and puzzling. These put in Dangdang home advertising, affecting the user experience and be nothing difficult. A lot of sites in their own ads, there is no such psoriasis as dangdang. So sacrifice their own user experience, earn advertising costs, presumably Dangdang think worthy. If Dangdang think is not worth, not because of some advertising costs, affect their user experience, to help others make a click. read more

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Xu Jinglei’s B2C road can go far

today (November 9th), there is news that Xu Jinglei will open his own brand of zero bound accessories -KAiLA TM cat Black Agate Necklace in VANCL (Eslite) online exclusive sale, Xu Jinglei said the talented star is "know how to use the Internet" which began with the B2C station known as the nation’s largest apparel products for cooperation to the development of B2C road.

someone commented that Xu Jinglei and VANCL are mutually beneficial, can eventually achieve win-win results: Xu Jinglei borrowed VANCL mature business model and customer base to build the brand, while the VANCL has a free contact spokesperson. read more

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How to promote the operation of Taobao store

if you are new to Taobao, Taobao is very confused, I do not know how to start, but really want to have a system of learning how to let Taobao shop started their own shop turnover, profits for themselves, so this article will completely unconditional to teach you how to do. The following Li Leiting to give you a detailed explanation of the next


for the novice, a lot of people just contact Taobao operations, so for Taobao on how to get traffic, how to improve the conversion rate and so on. These are not familiar with, so, the proposed new don’t blindly spend money on advertising, can from the free flow to start, so get traffic bring turnover at the same time, there is a detailed understanding of Taobao, to more vigorously promote their products in Taobao is very beneficial for future read more

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How to use the blog marketing

statistics, since twenty-first Century, blog marketing has become a popular global strategy, it is almost unstoppable, in this context, we have set up a blog, into the family, and when many people are still playing online blog log, some people have begun to examine this emerging industry from another point of view, they saw his profound influence on the digital world, understand how to use the blog in the increasingly competitive society to help her better promotion and development.

before writing this article I certainly know the blog refinement, to do more to promote management innovation and communication strategy consulting enterprise, and also don’t more rich, to keep me in this regard not to keep up with the rhythm of the development of the network, so I am here today and share some of their own experience. read more

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National Commission for the development of the network for the sale of Ali 3C certification Jingdong

on the 24 day, Ali group and the CNCA reached a strategic cooperation, Ali became the first open CNCA national database platform, through the communication at the data level, Ali can directly identify the authenticity of the product on the platform of 3C, for those who do not have the national 3C certified products will take the interception, off the shelf, banned etc.. The cooperation of Ali’s 3C business development will have a significant impact, and for Jingdong may not be a good news. read more

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The development and Prospect of e-commerce from the perspective of buying glasses

1 These days, watching TV without glasses, the old feeling uncomfortable, so, go out looking for the glasses shop, with a pair of glasses. (with a desire to purchase user groups)

network: electronic commerce website should try to attract users with the desire to buy, this in taobao.com, Alibaba can clearly see that in this kind of website conversion rate is very high, as we do when the SEO e-commerce sites, determine the statistical analysis with a desire to buy keywords is very important. Instead of some popular keywords, this can be seen from my recent GG statistical analysis tool which can be obviously seen (because the data confidentiality, temporarily released). read more

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Tengyun hotel management system running more and more slowly is going on

the last period, in order to improve the product quality and customer service service, customer service department for jcipc software company has the Hotel National / hotel customers do a telephone survey of more than 98% of customers agree that Tengyun series software overall good, but there are also a small part of the customer to reflect the system a bit slow, there are cards.

for customer feedback and recommendations, the president of the software is very attached to the great emphasis on staff, to seriously deal with customer problems and improve product quality of service. read more

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Micro business Innocence the circle of friends on the phone, or MLM under the crisis circle

Ma Yun said: "the Internet has entered the era of" netizens "from the" network "era, twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can." On the Internet the wind, people created a miracle in the derivative market, but also created countless pieces of disfigured face and countless negative heart. Some people say that the circle of friends face mask was ruined, there are those who say that the huge circle of friends, I am the only one consumer!? anything is desolate behind countless banter, don’t electric fake ran to the read more

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Bee Wangzhuan site the way out

on and stick to your choice to succeed, bee Wangzhuan owners said bee.

puzzle – can you really make money on the Internet?

said Tmall’s "double eleven" promotion heat disappeared, "shuangshier" began to spread wildly beating gongs and drums. The electronic commerce in the winter had a thriving, the size of businesses earn pours. For consumers, move the mouse, staring at the display to complete a shopping, clinch a deal. Nearly twenty billion of sales have no doubt declared on the network, there is a considerable amount of money flowing in the turbulent! read more

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Search network stop rumors of capital injection will be adjusted for business

January 28th January 28th, Chihiro network statement sent to Donews, said the stopping of the rumor is not real, and pointed out that the investment are inject new funds to help Chihiro network business adjustment to improve profit and efficiency, external partners have also been with Chihiro network to discuss cooperation matters.

after the news, Chihiro network has already started before the layoffs, the current staff of only about 80 people. After the Spring Festival is expected to complete layoffs. read more

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Jingdong accused of false propaganda to mislead the consumer to ten times the reward was v.

data map. Turn from the rule of law weekend Weekend reporter Sun Zhenghua

Liu Qiangdong solemnly promised in an interview with micro-blog, Jingdong to buy fake 10 times the payment. Whether he can fulfill the promise of this commitment to constitute an offer, the legal effect of


Jingdong also met with activist Yang Zhanqing. He said, I just want a variety of ways, all rights to verify, see Jingdong on whether consumers keep a promise inviolate

Liu Qiangdong as chairman of the Jingdong micro-blog mall [] board of directors and chief executive officer, on behalf of Jingdong to buy fake mall promised to reward shoppers at least 10 times the payment is not fulfilled, a clear violation of the principle of good faith, no business ethics." Recently, the Jingdong shopping Yang Zhanqing questioned consumers. read more

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VC attitude 180 degree reversal B2B entrepreneurial hardships to boil out

if the 2014 business is dominated by TOC, 2015, B2B (Internet plus enterprise service) venture capital is taking the line of sight.

but this is not a new field. Ten years ago or even earlier, some companies do business management services began to try to implant the Internet gene. However, compared with the now tens of millions of dollars in financing, over the past ten years, these companies have been in a state of suffering.

in the field of the Internet, B2B can be said to be a very special industry, its development in China than the United States ten years later. read more

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Group purchase website originator Groupon and its daily purchase of the story

social shopping has been an important trend in the past few years, in which there are few more successful startups than Groupon. It has a relatively simple idea: provide a product to a group of customers every day. Details are a bit complicated, only the number of buyers to achieve a certain goal, the transaction can be successful. However, this is also a place to attract businesses Groupon – only a large number of goods shipped when prices can be so cheap. So, this is a win-win service for consumers and businesses. read more

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