July 1st Com Net domain prices rose 7% 10%

            February 25th news: according to the world’s largest domain registrar Godaddy customer mail display, before rumors of.COM domain name and.NET domain name prices confirmed, VeriSign will rise in July 1, 2010, the.COM.NET domain name registration price.

Godaddy mail on the domain price adjustment content:

On July 1,, VeriSign® the registry.COM and for, will increase prices – will go up, and.NET by 10%.


in December 2009, there have been media reports, VeriSign intends to.COM, the.NET domain name registrar said domestic price, not follow in the terminal price, only to improve the agent registration price, this price adjustment,.Com domain name registration price will be increased from $6.86 to $7.34,.Net will increase from 4.23 dollars to 4.65 dollars. read more

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The fifth annual meeting of the Jiangsu nternet was successfully held in Nanjing

June 30th, CO sponsored by the Jiangsu internet club, Nanjing Electronic Commerce Association, "the fifth Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Nanjing, the meeting by the Jiangsu Telecom online business title, origami, network technology, network, cool battle network, easy to send Ning wine online, smart information jointly organized. Ssangyong electronic business park, fun Internet, business online, speed o’fei network, fun interactive, love stand nets Co.


Conference for the counter attack to the future "theme from scratch, carried out five keynote speeches and an interactive discussion, on the mobile Internet, e-commerce, O2O, new media, team building and other fields to do in-depth discussions and exchanges, the 10 guests do wonderful speech, absorbing media cited more than thirty line depth the report, nearly a thousand people attended the participants. read more

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Who is creating revenue for your personal website

most of the individual sites are to rely on advertising to make money, of course, some sites are to provide a certain service or sales of products to profit. If your personal site has a very large flow and good rankings, advertisers will take the initiative to find the door, there is no need to look down on this article.

here I just want to talk about the main source of advertising revenue. Most of the personal website is to join the advertising alliance to make money. But it’s not that you put ads on the site and you can make money. Who is clicking on your site’s CPC ad, who is through your site to complete the registration of CPA ads, according to the survey, click on the ad is the most common Internet users. Rookie Internet users do not know much about the Internet, many can not identify advertising content, read more

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2008 version of the latest free search engine login Daquan

The promotion of

website search engine cannot do without the root of my own background, experience, website traffic in general about 60% visitors through the search engine to the following, I put the latest collection of free search site entry available to everyone, you want to help the new owners.

The following is

Google website login monkey website login port: http://s.sunwukong.cn/add.php
‘s website login: login: http://s.mybu.net/submit.asp< br mAb search site />Live Search website login: http://s.beta.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx
CCID free login
> NetEase free entry read more

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The city of fast freight to change the traditional logistics express dog

popularity of the Internet, making the use of O2O rapid expansion of the scene, the logistics industry with the rapid development of synchronization. The quality of service and the standard of charges have become an important index to evaluate the quality of a logistics enterprise. With the continuous increase of logistics demand, the traditional centralized distribution of goods logistics has been unable to meet the needs of the current city freight, a huge market is taking shape. Fast speed dog through the online vehicle resource integration market, self delivery team to provide capacity for city regional freight distribution. read more

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A thinking of the nternet or the nternet thinking is often poor a lot of

from a point of view, April 20th is the twenty anniversary of the birth of the Internet in China, because on this day in 1994, the first open to the public Internet lines running. With the Internet China five anniversary, the ten anniversary of the different, the media is full of praise, "the spirit of the Internet" or "Internet thinking" has become a popular concept, rather than early to talk about the Internet common "bubble", "speculation" and "vulgar" or "value-added services". That several young people opened a street selling hamburger in Zhongguancun Wudaokou business, because the Business Flourishes model, but also by the media as "the spirit of the Internet" and "Internet thinking", the reason is that some young people who have just graduated from University majoring in computer science, and many customers to be stationed in this area are employees of the Internet Co preferential buy hamburger. read more

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Network marketing should focus on the conversion rate

I just went to bed, lying in bed for more than an hour without sleep, has been thinking about a problem, how to improve our network conversion rate.

I was thinking, the conversion rate is low because we grab the potential customers of the target fish ponds have a problem, if the target fish ponds are big fish, we are sure to catch a big fish. For example, we go to college students in the community to release the bait, if the community in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region of the community will be limited to the area, if not hungry fish it is difficult for him to do a few hours drive to Shanghai to participate in the study, if the number of level two or behind the city’s large student community, not only will limit the distance of the consumption capacity constraints, there are people’s mode of thinking. If compared with the English speaking community of college students, the accuracy is far worse. Because English community people are learning English, college students in the community may learn English up to thirty percent. So there is no English community community college students precise.. I’m thinking, no matter what a fish ponds, which called has two kinds, one is fixed visitors, a new visitor. No matter what a community their new visitors entrance in addition to advertising and navigation, most of the latest search positive antecedents. read more

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s it really different Dangdang announced renamed

[Abstract] with the slogan "fifteen years Dangdang online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" also changed to "dare" Dangdang "".

logoVS LOGO (new old Dangdang Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) October 20th news, "dangdang.com today announced the upgrade was renamed" Dangdang "in the domain remains unchanged, delete the non keyword" net ", and launched a" round of red bell "as a brand new logo.

with fifteen years Dangdang slogan "online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" also changed to "dare" Dangdang "". read more

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Village Amoy activate rural needs of the villagers on the cloud to buy the world

Tmall double 11 this year, while there is also a major change in the mainstream of concern – the first time Taobao will join the global shopping carnival. 700 million the extent to which the huge potential of domestic demand for rural residents will be inspired by e-commerce, this year’s double 11 will give an answer, perhaps everyone surprised.

purchasing power of rural consumer groups has been a mystery, but with the electricity supplier from the city into the countryside, huge demand to surface. read more

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Why start a close call

a few days ago, I wrote a talk in my space: "throughout the ten years of science and technology options to entrepreneurial white, it is a close call, know what it is to learn entrepreneurship. I repeat, not the ability to find business in Hong Kong for most successful entrepreneurial white profitable projects, there is no let everyone make money as entrepreneurs languhing project. Please be mature and mature a little bit! "

was telling the truth, but didn’t expect from some people questioned, sum up the main points of this: read more

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Website promotion with the fact that speak

market survey is the vanguard of network marketing. Chinese business to Kotler out of "prescription" — out of 10% of turnover to do market research, proved to be reliable and authoritative survey data is the premise of website promotion.

CNNIC latest statistics’ users that the main way to the new site "(see table below) is an important basis for site promotion, scientific analysis of the data, can make the website promotion effort, to maximize the promotion expenses. read more

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10 years of collection Moonlight domain name 6 digit sale

renamed China (eName.cn) April 27th hearing, it is understood that the domain name investors Liao with 6 digit sold "Moonlight" domain name yueguangbaohe.com.


: "Moonlight" domain whois information


it is reported that Liao period in 2005 registered four fight domain name yueguangbaohe.com, until today it was sold. The domain name of the latest whois information displayed on the mailbox is the cause of Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. enterprise mailbox, the holder of the Pinyin is shaoxiaoran". Shing Shing’s CEO Shao Xiaoran is in line with the pinyin. At the same time, Shao Xiaoran’s net loan platform yueguangbaohe MoonBox CEO. read more

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CNNC expert analysis Baidu paralysis event call attention to domain security

January 13th morning news, according to Baidu domain name hijacking fault 11 hours, CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin said today to Sina Technology, from the CNNIC tracking data, DNS security was related to the accident and the analysis of the outside world, should cause reflection is the domain of security problem.

Qi Lin said that from the analytical data currently displayed by the baidu.com, the Baidu fault due to its domain name Name Server (hereinafter referred to as "NS") is modified, the NS function is decided on domain name parsing by which DNS server, NS modified to return the wrong DNS record of course will cause access error. read more

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What happens on the nternet in a minute

Chinese has nearly 700 million Internet users, apparently, no one is willing to waste the resources on the Internet, every minute people do not believe in the download, WeChat chat and online shopping,? Let us speak with the data, see in a minute of time, what happens on the Internet will China


in a minute:

drops taxi will attract 1388 taxis, 2777 private cars.

has 395833 people logged on WeChat, the 19444 people in the video or voice chat

625 thousand Youku potatoes video was watched read more

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n 2008 three a decline of the reason Baidu will die

this article I will all say is very simple, because of the need to solve the problem, first of all to simplify complex issues, so as to block the lifeblood of the problem, even if can not solve the problem, at least can make clear to everyone even if the article didn’t write a white.

Chinese medicine, by look and smell, the pathology, pushing its root cause. In today’s Internet search giant "Baidu", found a strange situation. A variety of images have been made clear that Baidu has been incorporated into cream blind, even unharmed. Want to come, in fact, this is a word, a thousand feet of insects, although dead and not stiff. In fact, Baidu is dead, just because Baidu was strong, and now can barely hold a few days. If these days, Baidu does not know how to save themselves, for fear that Baidu really want to lose without crossing. read more

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Taobao new career shopping guide up to 500 thousand yuan monthly income

sina science and technology news August 5th afternoon news, Taobao has revealed that in 2014 by the Taobao derived from a new career – shopping guide up to now the number of employees has reached nearly ten thousand people, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand yuan.

is the same as the "cut the hand" Shopaholic, a group of smart China online shopping family put this into the occupation, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand. They are known as the "shopping guide" on the Taobao platform, in the world’s most abundant commodity market for consumers to find the right products, a small shopping community, is slowly rising on Taobao. read more

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Copycat Ji’nan lashou delivery charges were arrested cheat four hundred users

group purchase fee is not shipped, even cheat more than and 400 users

"Ji’nan handle network boss arrested

Ji’nan lashou (micro-blog) "completely collapsed! This web site on the Internet to sell Sinopec preferential price of fuel prepaid card, McDonald’s (micro-blog) (micro-blog) KFC vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, Pizza Hut Darunfa supermarket shopping card, mobile phone recharge and other goods. Due to the loss of business, received more than 400 users after the remittance, the site for moving from the crooked mind, money for themselves after delivery. Currently, the man was arrested on suspicion of contract fraud, involving the value of more than 20 yuan. read more

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Webmaster daily broadcast monopoly monopoly mobile nternet notary Baidu 360 plagiarism

1 biography Baidu has been on the plagiarism of the same name, please refer to the same controversial search

sampling survey shows that 360 search results with Baidu’s search results of the first ten similarity of up to 80% lawyers believe that the 360 search has been directly infringing

originally thought it would gradually subside Baidu, 360 search Wars (3B) war and waves. Recently, the new express reporter learned from informed sources, Baidu has made the legal notary is 360 search plagiarism issue, but according to the survey results, 360 with Baidu search results before the ten similarity as high as 80%, Baidu confirmed its plagiarism behavior. Reporters then telephone Baidu Inc to verify, but Baidu said it declined to comment. read more

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ntroduce my way of making money

briefly introduce me.

October 2004 website, before the unit responsible for the company’s internal network and external network management (I will not only do technology, management), I had to do their own theoretical level with the actual test.

had to stand is pure passion, very tired, every day to maintain the content, thinking about promotion.

to 05 years in June, when the site independent IP in the 1.5 – 20 thousand or so, ranking in the top more than 30 thousand of it?.

06 years for many webmaster may be the last golden year, I’m glad to catch the last bus. read more

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Taobao store survival status of concern on the list of the ten new high risk occupations

recently, selected by online voting "Chinese ten new occupation risk ranking, Taobao to the tenth fastest time on the black list. "Sleepless nights" to stay up to work is the most Taobao network this year and homely food, 4 "Taobao sudden death event" for the industry sounded the alarm.

work over ten hours a day, at the same time to deal with dozens of buyers to ask questions, stop in front of the computer keyboard; can make one more minute not to go to the toilet, can not drink water not up; not all hours of the day and night, is the night, most people have stomach and dry eye…… The spread of these online store survival status is widespread, the reporter visited a number of different stages of the Taobao seller in an attempt to understand the survival of the majority of the seller and the entrepreneurial experience through Taobao. read more

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