Ha loan closed aftermath network lending platform facing mode choice

network loan industry has become the focus of attention, along with one of the well-known website haha announced the closure of the loan, quickly aroused the concern of all parties.


has announced it will soon closed down the site, but the loan ha founder jazon field still do not change their enthusiasm for the industry, "I am still very optimistic about the industry," he said firmly, "if money permitting, I will still insist on doing it."

a rigorous website closed read more

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One week news review Baidu 20 billion blood glutinous rice WeChat public platform to ban the issuanc

1 China P2P status: total over 2600, get only

of the B round of more than and 10

day before, in the Internet financial platform financial fan Financing Conference, financial fan founding partner Shen Lei said, at present, the number of China’s Internet financial net loan platform has accumulated more than 2600, but won only more than and 10 B round of financing.

it is reported that in 2015 the rapid development of the Internet and the financial sector to increase the reshuffle of the year, and the strength of the capital will be a great variable. Shen Lei said, according to the third party statistics, as of now, the number of Internet banking platform in China has accumulated more than 2600 loans, but received only B round of financing of the home. On the scale of RMB financing, financial fan of the 210 million yuan of financing can be ranked this year, the amount of financing the same platform before the top five. read more

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Nearly 50 sites spread rumors were closed fence and other domain names are hold

renamed China (eName.cn) July 24th news, it is reported that this month there are Beijing youth network, network, network, octopus Republic military net 31 sites, due to malicious fabricated and spread bad rumors nature was seized. Recently, the state Internet information office and other relevant departments to increase efforts to rectify, the three batch of shutting down due to poor management, leaving rumor sites, including the fence nets (liba.com), Huilongguan community network (hlgnet.com) nearly 50. read more

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The next ten years the development trend on the nternet all powerful

the arrival of the Internet may not be electricity, unlike the fire that people suddenly feel light, but its influence is "silent", many people use the Internet only equivalent to surf the Internet, if you ask him, he would do without the Internet, he may pat chest said. I’m not landlords, not just QQ, not to go to Taobao, do not go to the forum…… And so on, and in fact, the application of the Internet will not only stop here, if one day you can not transfer from the bank, you can not book tickets, can not solve the problem can not be solved anytime, anywhere Google…… You will feel very uncomfortable? So we know that the Internet has become a part of life, more and more people can not be missing so we have to be a prophet, look at the Internet development trend which come in the future will see. read more

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Marriage recruitment websites user password 85% can see the original password streaking

recently jointly issued the Beijing Key Laboratory of China software testing center and the Peking University Internet security technology "web site user password handling security external evaluation report" shows that in 100 sites from the site, most of the user password processing safety awareness is not enough, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures, the the user’s password in a naked state.

85% website can see the original password


report from the portal, e-mail, e-commerce, recruitment and other 9 categories of 100 websites for evaluation, evaluation found that only 8 sites to take adequate security measures for treatment on the user password, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures. In addition, there are 85 sites in the site directly to get the password of the user’s original text, in which the recruitment of the class, love and marriage, e-commerce website user password security status of the worst. read more

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China’s legitimate film website alliance sounded the anti piracy video network

January 8th, Chinese copyright protection center, Chinese film copyright protection association, the movie network, and quark unitv people.com.cn, qianlong.com, Chinese, Baidu, ifeng.com and a number of joint website announced the launch of "Chinese genuine movie website alliance cooperation program in Beijing, union website will be strictly self-discipline, mutual supervision, public commitment adhere to the" genuine fight against piracy".

recently, Chinese blockbuster "the Warlords" assembly "is still in the national cinema during the hit, it was pirated video has been in a number of video sharing sites even appear on the portal site, directly to the film cinema box office extension and fulfillment of the commercial value of the serious impact. "Sejie" "apple" films such as Internet piracy situation is more shocking. read more

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A5 topic member of the dissemination of pornography caught M M Apartman Hotel porn sites were destro

users to spread pornographic content over ten thousand, the police involved in the law. Recently, the police cracked the country’s largest pornographic website case, with the M+M Apartman Hotel, the world’s registered users of millions of Chinese pornographic websites to destroy, 2148 suspects have been controlled by the police.

it is understood that the "M+M Apartman Hotel" site is located in the United States in 2009, established in January, consists of 11 total blocks, 78 sub sector, more than 40 theme for, post number more than 800, 90% post involving pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Site management and access permissions set tight, from top to bottom is divided into three levels, respectively, the site administrator level, general manager level, registered member level, the number of registered members up to more than one million, great influence. During the arrest, a total of 2148 people were arrested, detained 530 people, 910 people of public security punishment, education admonished 656 people, 52 people be exempted from punishment. read more

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Nora responded by police investigation the company’s normal operation was arrested rumors

read: Nora shut down the server event upgrade: police pass into the company pass a large number of police entered Nora’s internal mail to appease employees of the company, no problem today Nora stalls thing: "the lair was a large number of police" net exposure Nora was involved in the investigation of police response: the company is no problem

Nora responded by police investigation: normal operation of the company was arrested

[TechWeb] reported on April 22nd news, according to micro-blog broke the 11 this morning Nora large number of police entered the company, controlling all the staff, our micro-blog official responded that morning Nora does have the police come to understand some cases, but Nora’s police surrounded, some were taken regarding pure rumor, the company is currently operating normally. read more

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nternet new error code 451

[Abstract] the meaning of "451" is: "the official review" for legal reasons.

people often get on the Internet, will certainly encounter 4XX series of HTTP error code, such as 404 Not Found representatives can not find the server, on behalf of the site refused to visit Forbidden 403. According to foreign media reports, the Internet Engineering Steering Committee (IESG) recently formally approved a new HTTP error code "451" to represent "for legal reasons and official review" content. read more

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Tencent v 360 unfair competition case verdict 360 sentenced to compensate for the loss of 5 million


technology news April 25th afternoon news, Tencent sued Qihoo 360 in case of unfair competition this afternoon in Guangdong Province Higher People’s court pronounced the verdict. Court judge Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent for compensation of 5 million yuan, and to apologize in the home and the media. Qihoo 360 lawyers said in court will appeal.

The higher people’s Court of Guangdong province

today first instance judgment, the defendant Qihoo 360 constitute unfair competition to the Tencent, a prominent position and need for 15 days on its website home page and other media published an apology. read more

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Watercress FM earn free user advertising to loading force user charges

recently paid version of watercress FM line, 10 yuan a month fee, the official opening of the user charging mode of exploration, watercress claimed that the selling point is higher quality and advertising interference". This science and technology website SocialMouths commented on this, saying watercress FM will also be implemented in the future free and fee coexistence mode. With the increase of free users, the advertising value will be more and more big, advertising will be more and more, a part of the external users may still choose free model, and the depth of the user, there will be more and more people pay their listening quality assurance through. read more

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Five net loan companies P2P platform crazy enclosure run faster die faster

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. One is the "gold rush" to catch the P2P platform, while P2P business closures hit again, already in the P2P industry at the crossroads, where is the future? "Securities Daily" financial market version invited five P2P enterprise CEO, interpretation of the awkward situation of regulatory thinking, the industry faces a wind control means, development model. Their unique point of view, different perspectives, for us to re-examine the future development path of the industry to expand their horizons. read more

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Turkey embassy web site was once again more than black hacker spoof warning

friends broke the news that the ADMIN5, the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, following the 13 hackers on the site prominently in the message, asking the government of Turkey not to interfere in China’s internal affairs after being black again. Hackers today in the message on the website of the plate position of the protest action, looks more like a reprint of the spoof spoof tricky community posts, rather than warning.

Turkey’s China Embassy in July 14th by the black page screenshot read more

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Foreign trade B2C website Milan Sequoia Capital 10 million A round venture capital

trade B2C e-commerce site Milan network (www.milanoo.com) officially announced that it has reached an agreement with the well-known venture capital institutions Sequoia Capital, Sequoia Capital has to inject millions of dollars in venture capital, the Milan network was founded 3 years since the A round of financing.

said the Milan net, this financing will be used to keep Milan clothing foreign trade B2C platform, enhance the user experience, increase brand awareness and market share, and provide long-term support and adequate strategy for the development of the company. read more

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Grassroots webmaster business transformation Li Xingping comeback Cai Xuan North drift

about 80 years later, many people will think about Dai Zhikang (blog), Li Xiang, Zheng Li, Mao Kankan, Gao ran, Zhao Ning, Chen Xi and other string name, many of which have been forgotten name.


name is rarely mentioned, have already been "achieve success and win recognition long before these 80 years after the billionaire". Li Xingping, the famous Hao123 in 2004 by Baidu to ten million in cash + stock acquisition, the year he was 24 years old. Cai Xuan, in 1998 to design China’s first sharing software super rabbit, one of the most successful sharing software, that year he was 23 years old. read more

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NDRC New Year Spring Festival will be attracted to large electricity providers false promotion

December 25 Xinhua (reporter Jiang Guocheng) according to the national development and Reform Commission on 25 2013, during the new year and Spring Festival promotional activities, the price departments at all levels will focus on large-scale e-commerce operators, seriously investigate the promotional price higher than the original price, the price does not fulfill commitments, conceal price additional conditions and other illegal activities.

also called for the strengthening of the development and Reform Commission during the Spring Festival railway, civil aviation, highway, waterway and city bus, taxi and other transport price checks and inspections, and resolutely implement the State Council on "to determine the major holidays toll free minibus plan" Huimin policy, to crack down on illegal fare increases during the Spring Festival, the price of illegal charges the behavior, and effectively reduce the mass of holiday travel costs. read more

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Draft network security law released personal information is expected to ease off

reporter Zheng Meiyun

China’s network security legislation into the sprint period. In June this year following the twelfth session of the fifteenth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee examined the "People’s Republic of China network security law (Draft)" after July 6th, China net network security law (Draft) published the full text, to seek the views of the public.

The rapid development of the Internet and the concomitant risk

. On the one hand, the surge of Internet users in China, the development of mobile phone business applications, on the other hand, in the context of the Internet, network security incidents occur frequently. Android mobile phone explosion parasitic beast loophole; Android platform average 18 seconds was born a malicious program…… How to ensure that personal information security is no longer exposed read more

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Pornographic sites involved in the registration of unknown fear

Beijing 5 80 yellow website moderator will stand trial the residue team is still in the "normal"

Legal Daily reporter Li Jie Jie Legal Daily intern Wu Meng

5 after 80 boys, originally not acquainted with each other, but will stand together in Beijing in March 2nd, the people’s Court on the defendant’s seat.

all of which they had originated from the common identity — yellow forum moderator.

these 5 suspects had a good job, have a university culture, of which 1 people have a master’s degree, but pornographic pictures, fans". A pornographic website "regulars", was the senior manager fancy website, "promote" a different forum moderators. Since then, the management section of obscene became their "second occupation", but they refuse to take any payment for, had enough eye addiction, just to meet the desire…… read more

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