Cross border tax reform to accelerate the industry reshuffle the birth of price war

Securities Times reporter Zhang Sinan

news, cross-border electricity supplier import tax reform program has been of concern to the industry is expected to be implemented in April 8th. Media speculation, the core content of the reform may include: first, after the reform of the cross-border electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer be in accordance with the "post tax" instead of "goods" according to the standard tariff exemption and tax, value-added tax and consumption tax is according to the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%, canceled 50 yuan, shall be exempted from the point of two; parcel tax increase; three, for cross-border electricity imports access threshold go up, change the "negative list" to "positive list". read more

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Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not be accessed directly

Tencent Tmall official digital flagship store link was blocked WeChat can not directly access

[TechWeb] March 13th news, according to user feedback, Tencent Tmall platform official digital flagship store (

) links can not be accessed directly through WeChat, and other products, like Ali, the page shows that Alibaba screened from WeChat browser request".

this, TechWeb pro test found that WeChat can not access the link.

it is understood that yesterday, opened the official digital flagship store in the Tmall platform news attention. The main shops of Tencent of intelligent digital products, such as portable WiFi, medical intelligent hardware Teng love blood glucose meter, intelligent voice Tencent pet Q, intelligent portable projector light Tencent Q film and other products. In addition to QQ doll. read more

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Ali meow Street play tourism O2O shopping center around the scenic water

news May 13th, Ali meow Street Tourism O2O has access to water, Liangzhu Cultural Village tourism map, the user can query the travel information through meow street App, complete the online ordering service. Aimed at the shopping center and meow Street surrounding attractions together, such as the impression of the city of Xixi and XiXi Wetland, Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza and the window of the world, Nanjing Aqua City and Confucius temple.

According to

billion state power network to understand, click on the "meow in street tour Liangzhu" Liangzhu can through various tourist attractions, get the recommended information, covering family, leisure and sports tour routes, it can also pass home shop search directly to complete the online ordering service. read more

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Niu Wenwen dialogue entrepreneurship is no longer a Kudachoushen 90

I dark horse note: dark horse shopping district finally ushered in a small campus whirlwind. By the entrepreneur media and ELIFE smart phone co sponsored ELIFE campus black horse entrepreneurship contest is about 31 provinces and cities in the country, the city of 41, launched in 121 colleges and universities. Organized jointly with Peking University Guanghua School of management in yesterday’s competition started at the press conference, Xu Xiaoping teacher site published recently the most wonderful words of a speech; the mystery guest six new hope group and co chairman Liu Chang also dump site, and for the first time in the campus public speaking; the more violent PK Tsinghua University Department of entrepreneurs; the most cattle Security Venture shocked the audience…… read more

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What kind of product is suitable for B2C E commerce

with the prosperity of e-commerce market, more and more enterprises and individuals to invest in the flood of e-commerce. But the combination of e-commerce and traditional industries is not easy, and all products and services are suitable for e-commerce model. The driving force of the network marketing consultant institutions after years of B2C work practice, to carry out the selection and determination of e-commerce products have their own experience and practice.

1, strong operating profit margins read more

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Gome Suning B2C price counter Jingdong early delivery disadvantage

at a low price in the electronic commerce field courting Jingdong mall, is to face the opponent in the same way to launch onslaught.

at the end of May, Gome (micro-blog) President Wang Junzhou announced, will be the absolute low scoring home appliances online shopping market, the next 2~3 years, Gome online mall (micro-blog) will account for more than 10% of its sales, and will occupy more than 15% market capacity Chinese appliances online shopping. had a prominent position on its website to hang "100 thousand goods, 3 fold seckill" slogan. Tesco this year’s sales target is 8 billion yuan, 4 times last year, Suning is planning to get more than 20% of the market share China appliances online shopping market in 3 years. read more

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How to do a good job of local station discount card business

many local stations have been launched discount business card, for example: "Xiamen fish card", "Yantai Yantai forum membership card", has achieved remarkable results, the merchant discount card for the benefits of the website is immeasurable, many webmaster friends are struggling to move, businesses can make fantasy discount card the website soar, as everyone knows, the discount card can make the website businesses soar, can make your website all the webmaster friends in the notorious repute, launched a discount card before, must calm down, consider joining the business will have several discount card to out, how to guarantee the customer service. If these problems can be solved, then do not hesitate to speed up the city as soon as possible. read more

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Public relations marketing in 2017 must be the new year of new media operations hot calendar

2017, the new media arena changes. However, there is one thing must not be, that is hot.

whether it is to do new media, or marketing operations, advertising, public relations, are hot. We always said that the occasion, chase hot, actually many times not to chase hot, but do all the preparatory work to wait for hot.

do you think a hot chase everyone like you silly, they are full of plans for the hot to burst.

so, how to plan ahead, the first time to make feedback

I know that many big companies will be months or even a year ahead of listed hot industry may, for a rainy day. I personally will often be simple to indicate some of the hot spots may be used, regardless of the need to use, there is a bottom. read more

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s your GG account K Just look at it

recently on Google Adsense, it is much raise a Babel of criticism of the. Many of them have innocence, maniang, more people go find some tricky. In this regard, I feel quite. So write something to exchange with you.

Google Adsense, you were blocked today? If your answer is yes, may wish to look down.

ban common situation:

1, click on their own ads on the station, this behavior is known as invalid click". Google original policy: "we do not allow for any reason you click on your own ads on your site, because it might give advertisers cost increases". Google how to determine whether its click, a widespread view is IP. In fact, another very important indicator is cookies. No, just delete the cookies All is well? Because you will never be cleverer than Google; read more

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The reference function of Alexa ranking to news websites

Alexa ranking is the most important role in a timely manner to grasp the reader’s reading habits, to ensure the stability of the quality of news production, so as to ensure the stability and rise of the news website rankings.

days ago, the State Press and publication administration has been awarded 50 companies of network copyright, NetEase, Sina, Sohu is among the three major portals. At the same time, there are 22 book publishing group, 6 newspapers, 5 periodicals and 5 audio and video companies. Internet publishing is becoming a new form of publishing, with good prospects for development. It can be predicted that the future of network news competition will be more intense. read more

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