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Xining six to six games outstanding individual units were commended

recently, Union City, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection jointly carried out inspection and acceptance of 36 key construction projects this year to participate in the labor competition, Xining City Federation of Trade Unions Labor Competition Committee, conducted a briefing in recognition of 5 outstanding organization units, 19 outstanding construction units, 18 the excellent construction team, 18 outstanding builders. read more

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How can women’s lingerie store to attract the eye of the four methods

      now many businesses are women as the main consumer groups, but the dress has a lot, so it can be said that women’s underwear is the most attractive woman’s eye has become a key problem. According to the survey of female underwear shop to attract women is so many, what kind of skill is the best, the first factor before the woman buy clothes on is often a piece of clothing styles and colors, but now the consumer concerns are different, the four methods of underwear shop suction eye to lead you have the advantage of making money. read more

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How to run a Taobao shop

Internet in our life convenient at the same time, also gives us more business opportunities, more people can choose to work with the advance of the Internet, the increasing popularity of the network, a lot of entrepreneurs, on the choice of the Internet business, a Taobao shop. In the online shop, but also because many people There are both advantages and disadvantages., is the first time, so also do not know how to operate. Here we take a look at how to successfully run a Taobao shop.

new Taobao stores, popularity is not very high, turnover rate is very low. How can the Taobao store business better? A Taobao shop, the first from the name began to pay attention to! Taobao store name must be consistent with the management of goods, the store should reflect the operating characteristics, make consumers easily identify shop business scope, and have the desire to buy. The name is related to your chance of being found in the store. Users of Taobao search, most input what you want, for example: Men’s and women’s wear and other key, if your name contains such keywords, so that others can be searched. read more

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Do business to be able to keep up with the pace of the times

shop to do business is to serve the public, and the public’s aesthetic often combined with the times. So, if you want to successfully run a shop, naturally need to keep up with the pace of the times, so that the probability of success can make the store higher. For this, I have deep experience, but also to the use of my shop management.

to leave the unit engaged in retail business from home, feel a completely changes in ideology. Just started the business of that time, every night inventory eyes staring at dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars turnover, the in the mind is not the taste of children, so go on, the rent can not cover, talk about how to make money? read more

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The first large chicken is very good quality material

now with more attention to consumers eating more and to eat, to eat is not only the requirements of creative features also eat only chicken, as now one of the most popular delicacy snacks characteristics for the market, it is good to meet the needs of many chowhound now. Today Xiaobian to recommend a very good a chicken brand for everyone, it is the first large chicken chain of this brand, with a unique and innovative advantage, just a few years time, it is good to lead the development trend of the market, want to know more details about it, follow small make up see: read more

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Do business should be good at listening to customers overtones

said that the language is a wonderful thing, the same sentence, the tone is different, different occasions, the meaning of the expression may be very different. And to do things to be successful, it is necessary to "intentions" two words. Way of doing business, with no exception whatsoever.


, I think everything, xinchengzeling to walk; but in the daily operation, business people "heart" is not to blindly competition we who have "perseverance will prevail" patience and perseverance, but should pay attention to customer "overtones" in communication with the customer communication, to achieve "a higher realm of heart". read more

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Music Festival in the capital business why venture circle recently fell in love with the music festi

jointly organized by IDG Chinese Media Foundation Valley folk music festival, also played the scene to eat powder gimmick, following Zhang Tianyi’s circle of friends’ buddy is a variety of resources for docking, bustling.

20-21 August, sponsored by IDG China media fund the first folk music festival held in the valley of the manor;

On September 3, 2016 -4

, a cross – MTA Music Festival Carnival Tianmo ("MTA" for Music Technology, and Art) will be held at the scene not only Tianmo, new music, and the latest "black" technology experience, multimedia art performances, art exhibitions and other devices with VR/AR, experience, robotics and intelligent hardware refresh fans sensory experience. In addition, the future trend of the industry leaders here cross talk, and wine marathon people while running side drink; read more

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ntroduce my way of making money

briefly introduce me.

October 2004 website, before the unit responsible for the company’s internal network and external network management (I will not only do technology, management), I had to do their own theoretical level with the actual test.

had to stand is pure passion, very tired, every day to maintain the content, thinking about promotion.

to 05 years in June, when the site independent IP in the 1.5 – 20 thousand or so, ranking in the top more than 30 thousand of it?.

06 years for many webmaster may be the last golden year, I’m glad to catch the last bus. read more

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The main push grassroots artists YY music is how to make money

Huayi female singer He Manting on September 2010 in YY open online song friends when the photo

voice chat with online gamers started YY, formally submitted to the SEC prospectus, open the listing of the road. An unexpected highlight is the exposure of the revenue in the first half of 2012 YY music revenue reached 92 million 720 thousand yuan, accounting for 30% of total revenue, far more than the well-known online advertising (mainly warcry) business.

this article comes from almost know @ Zhou Jinrong answer. He believes that YY is different from the music for white-collar Internet products, earn is actually three or four line city, township netizens workers and self-employed small business owners money. read more

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Guoxin office shut down 31 illegal websites did not get the qualification of nternet news services

original title: Guoxin office shut down 31 illegal websites

Beijing News (reporter Jiang Yanxin) which does not record in the Ministry, nor the Internet news information service qualification website, to carry out illegal "interview", such as blackmail and impose exactions on adverse effects. Yesterday, the state Internet Information Office announced that 31 illegal websites now closed.

according to reports, since May 9th to carry out the standardization of Internet news information and communication order special action, "the people’s internal network", "Guangdong delete posts net", "Chinese people’s news", "Chinese news network", "people’s online network", "China news network", "China News Survey Net 31 failure to obtain Internet news information service qualification, legal news agency illegal fraudulent use of the name" interview ", engendering negative false information website was shut down in accordance with the law blackmail and impose exactions on. read more

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Gome Suning B2C price counter Jingdong early delivery disadvantage

at a low price in the electronic commerce field courting Jingdong mall, is to face the opponent in the same way to launch onslaught.

at the end of May, Gome (micro-blog) President Wang Junzhou announced, will be the absolute low scoring home appliances online shopping market, the next 2~3 years, Gome online mall (micro-blog) will account for more than 10% of its sales, and will occupy more than 15% market capacity Chinese appliances online shopping.

suning.com had a prominent position on its website to hang "100 thousand goods, 3 fold seckill" slogan. Tesco this year’s sales target is 8 billion yuan, 4 times last year, Suning is planning to get more than 20% of the market share China appliances online shopping market in 3 years. read more

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Xin Zhi Cheng blog marketing or blog marketing

in people shouting "make money" put up a pageantry blog, blog marketing slogan, personal or business blog itself is also changing. In terms of the actual performance of the current commercial blog, blog soft text and blog advertising occupy the blog, away from the integration of the blog economics should be spread mode. In fact, the so-called blog marketing blog marketing can only be called more in name than in reality.

remembers a few years ago, blogging was a popular day. All the blogs you read at that time were expressing personal opinions, some were showing personal life, and others were making comments about a recent new gadget. They do not sell, just express their views, in the process, some people will try to mention some of their products. read more

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Nine a supply chain received 200 million yuan B round of financing to build the origin of the cold c

nine mode is realized by distributed storage, intensive distribution, space for time, to reduce the cost and loss, enhance the efficiency of delivery; delivery mode is single delivery, warehouse to break up the whole into parts, the individual, the time for space, distributed multi link express distribution pattern is not conducive to fresh product distribution.

investment community news January 23rd, fresh cold chain food supply chain operation enterprise "nine traction supply chain", won the ocean investment group disclosed 200 million yuan B round of financing. read more

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