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Meredith Corporation Launches Social Commerce Network

first_imgMeredith Corporation also launched a “Premium Partner Program,” supplying select vendors with exclusive opportunities to reach subscribers through the social commerce network. If companies are chosen to be included in the program, Meredith will offer them preferred scheduling, more exposure across the network and additional upsells from Meredith. Schimel says that Meredith is “leveraging the social ecosystem to amplify the kind of deals we’re able to bring.” Through Facebook, Meredith’s “very sociable” consumers are able to comment and talk about the deals offered through Parents.com. Meredith is also looking to create Facebook exclusive deals and to add sharing functionality to the discounts in the near future.  Email will play a large role in the social commerce effort as well, as the daily and weekly emails from Meredith consumers receive will also include discount offers.Meredith Corporations partners with Group Commerce Inc. in this new venture. Schimel said they will be responsible for the back-end, providing their own staffing and sourcing the discounts.   Schimel also says that Meredith has plans to increase the discount network across all company brands, but does not have a set date in which they will do so.In January 2009, the Meredith Corporation launched the Meredith’s Women Network, a portal for women’s websites from Meredith’s portfolio. 15 million unique visitors visit the Women’s Network each month. Meredith Corporation launched a new social commerce network on Parents.com on Wednesday, March 9th.FOLIO: spoke with Liz Schimel, executive vice president of Meredith National Media Group, about the new network.  Found at http://deals.parents.com, the new initiative will offer group buying and social media sharing opportunities. The first coupon available to consumer is to Polka Dot, a stationary company. Other companies to join the social commerce network include next week’s discount provider, drugstore.com.The group buying initiatives enable large groups of consumers to benefit from the significant discounts offered by companies interested in reaching large audiences of potential buyers.  last_img

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