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Did Obama Boost Time for BeerGuzzling Coeds

first_imgHave college students put down their beers, signed out of Facebook and stopped reading trashy celebrity magazines? Well, not quite, but according to a recent survey, they just may be opting for more highbrow reads.Since 2005, Anderson Analytics has posed a series of open-ended questions to college students about their favorite brands and activities. This year, the surprising find from a survey of more than 1,000 students across the nation: Time ranked as their number one magazine read, displacing perennial winner Cosmo and beating out last year’s second place winner, People. Tom Anderson, managing partner at Anderson Analytics, attributed this to the fact that for the first time in years, the presidential race (specifically Obama) attracted the attention of younger voters. Be it the influence of their parents’ generation, or its association as a reliable news source, Time was their go-to. Although many publications ran features about the candidates and their running mates, newsmagazines (and Web sites) were of utmost importance, especially to students who strived to seem savvy and cultured about both sides of the campaign. A spokeswoman said that Time didn’t run any specific marketing campaigns; however, its Web site does skew younger. She added: “We found through this election cycle that Time is such a trusted news brand that people turned to us for information.”Are colleges are breeding more news-savvy students, or was this an election-year fluke?last_img

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