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The county level two NPC general election committee held its second meeting

12 2 July, the county level two NPC general election committee second meeting held in Xining conference, conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech wangguosheng, summed up the two county level NPC general election. Provincial People’s Congress party secretary, deputy director Mu Dongsheng speech, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deputy Director Su Ning presided over the meeting, the members of the exchange.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that the province’s 43 counties (cities, districts) and 365 Township People’s Congress election of the successful completion of the work, has made significant achievements, to further enhance the sense of election voters, further optimize the structure of representative, county leadership team to further enhance the overall function. The county and Township People’s congresses election work has accumulated valuable experience, which adhere to the leadership of the party is to ensure that full democracy is the basis, strictly according to the law is the principle, carefully organize the implementation elements, serious discipline is the guarantee, in-depth propaganda is the starting point, and collaboration is thrust. read more

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Xining West District the first comprehensive publicity and western political publications issued

recently, the west district director, Party Committee Propaganda Department sponsored comprehensive publicity publications "and" west side government first officially published, this is the west region first independent management of the continuity of publicity publications.

The main positions

as the west district to strengthen publicity work, the first publication of West District Supervisor, "and" west side political quarterly issue once, is the main position of Ideological and cultural construction of the west region, the publication of the book is of epoch-making significance in the history of the development of the west area of foreign propaganda, provides a great platform for the development and prosperity of foreign exchanges and promote the work of the region, is also an effective carrier for Qinghai province’s propaganda west area social economy, the development of cultural undertakings. read more

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Xining City District will create the first smile service brand in Xining

February 2nd, Xining city district administrative service center actively carry out the style, in the series of activities theme.

"turn style, in action" theme, every staff in the district administrative service center of the solemn commitment of how to be a let the masses satisfaction and trust of the administrative service center staff, the undertaking is placed in the entrance hall, accept the supervision of the masses and vigilant themselves, and making "smile satisfaction in service quality feedback center" card in the window, including, the staff service attitude, service process, service satisfaction and other matters of opinions and suggestions, guide the work of the masses by hand card into the designated opinion box, the feedback card reflected in the units and departments of the prominent problems and ordered rectification, and the rectification plan announced in the publicity column, under the supervision of the masses. At the same time, the administrative service center according to the monthly report card reflects the situation and daily assessment evaluation of "star service staff", and the evaluation results as an important basis in the year-end assessment of individuals and units, departments of the assessment levels. read more

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Xining police detachment to concentrate on promoting peace special action to fight robbery

at the beginning of this year, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment to concentrate on playing robbery, promoting safety special rectification action, to ensure that the "Spring Festival" and "NPC and CPPCC" social order and stability.

Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment to visit people practice as an opportunity to fight robbery and promoting peace "special rectification action as the carrier, strengthen the case against measures to maintain social order and stability. All the police detachment of the victims and the families of the unit to visit, looking for clues to solve the problem to help solve the practical difficulties of the victims. Recently, police detachment police continuous fighting, successfully destroyed 1 burglary Gang robbery, rape, 1 criminal gangs, cracked more than and 20 criminal cases, seized robbed mobile phone 7 and 1 sets of vehicle crime, and a strong deterrent against crime. read more

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Thrifty new wind blowing a variety of consumer hot

to implement the central, provincial and municipal regulations on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the north region of human resources and Social Security Bureau to conduct business for the convenience of the masses, the establishment of the seats in the Hall of social security on duty, on duty by the Secretary in charge of turns, responsible for the reception of the masses, to provide policy advice and recommendations to accept the opinions of the masses, solid work, to promote the transformation of the style of work. Su Qilong Zhang Chengrui photo
"central advocate of austerity, firmly put public funds wind. Since this time, the hotel business has shrunk dramatically, many had booked the holiday gathering at the unit have also unsubscribe." The hotel catering department responsible person told the reporter, the Spring Festival in previous years, more than a month before the time, the hotel reception unit staff most of the time, various year-end banquet bursting, since after the introduction of the relevant provisions of the central, although there are some units will be held at the hotel, but the scale of the meeting venue, than before greatly "shrink", but not after arrange meals or only arrange buffet, hotel business dropped by at least 30%. Subsequently, the reporter went to several other star hotel visited found that the hotel’s business has shrunk dramatically, shrinking at least 30%.
coincides with the top-down austerity, oppose extravagance and waste to carry out activities during the Spring Festival, many hotel meal hit parity card. The guests dinner on the occasion, don’t have to do it yourself, the waiter will take the initiative to help package.The person in charge of
read more

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The insurance industry in our province officially released the 13th Five Year planning

recently, "the development of Qinghai insurance industry in 13th Five-Year" plan "officially released. It is clear that by 2020, the province’s insurance depth (premium income / gross domestic product) and strive to reach 4%, insurance density (premium income / total population) and strive to reach 2500 yuan / person. Basically built to protect the comprehensive, functional, safe and robust, good faith norms, and Qinghai’s economic and social development needs to adapt to the modern insurance services. read more

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Xining traffic police detachment to strengthen highway passenger traffic safety management

to conscientiously implement the Ministry of public security, local transportation "on the further strengthening of passenger and freight drivers safety management advice", effectively prevent serious road traffic accidents, to ensure safe and smooth road traffic area, Xining city traffic police detachment to highway passenger traffic safety as a key task, and strengthen measures refinement, deployment, and promote.

with the development of highway passenger transport, road safety and smooth work becomes more and more important, in order to do this work, guarantee the occurrence of major accidents, all police detachment leaders recognize the current grim situation facing the weariness overcome fatigue and slack paralysis of thought, with a highly responsible attitude, learn the lesson, replicability, safety the management of highway passenger traffic as a priority task, truly in place on the upper thought and action. read more

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Xining monetary subsidies straight people account for millions of households benefit

Xining actively promote the livelihood of the people after the reform of the project, about one million households have benefited.

people’s livelihood project monetary reform is that the government departments in order to regulate the allocation of funds, the relevant policy subsidies and awards complement funds directly into the monetary income of the masses of all ethnic groups, to effectively improve the income level of urban and rural residents, to allow more people to enjoy a better livelihood reform development dividend. Xining city has production subsidies, urban and rural housing construction subsidies, social security, poverty alleviation and other 10 types of agriculture and animal husbandry 51 Xiang Hangai, only Xining city last year, the financial departments at all levels will arrange the livelihood projects, the monetary reform project funds 6 billion 170 million yuan, a total of 1 million 40 thousand households, 5 million 670 thousand people benefit the masses. In order to improve the investment mode, effectively solve the problem of poor funding channels, intermediate stranded stranded transit issues, Xining also chose the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to carry out the pilot reform of the people’s livelihood monetary. Datong County in the process of work, invested 6 million 800 thousand yuan, to assist the project construction system, and is equipped with a query equipment for the 22 communities in 289 villages throughout the county, set up 250 "POS financial services to benefit farmers", has a total of 232 thousand and 100 transactions, 40 million 700 thousand yuan of funds. read more

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Underground corridor has been built in 5 cities in our province

The urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery is a tunnel structure which is arranged on the ground, underground or overhead, and can be arranged in a whole. In developed countries, the underground pipe gallery has been more than a century, the system is becoming more and more perfect at the same time, the scale is also growing trend. With the continuous development of social economy, the province’s underground pipe gallery work has also started. At present, Xining, Haidong, Golmud and other 5 cities in the construction of underground pipe gallery has been carried out. read more

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Xining zhuangshiduanwan

Cancellation of cancellation! Decentralization! Adjustment of the adjustment! The Xining municipal government to resolve the "ruling", "iron grip marks" efforts to promote decentralization, reform of administrative examination and approval system, again canceled and adjusted 156 administrative approval items. In August 19th, the municipal government executive meeting, considered and approved by the municipal government decided to cancel, adjust and retain the administrative examination and approval project directory (referred to as the "directory"). This is our city has been canceled and adjusted 73 administrative approval at the end of April this year, once again canceled and adjusted 156 administrative approval items, this is over the Xining City efforts to clean up the administrative examination and approval, to cancel the maximum decentralization matters most of the time!

in the reform of this government the right to self cut, self innovation, we can see that Xining city continued decentralization is to give the society and the masses is greatly relaxed, in order to burst to stimulate the creativity of society, is in order to maximize the release of reform dividends, and strive for an early build Xining into a people’s satisfaction the life of the city, the city of happiness.

cancel 82

canceled 156 decentralized administrative approval in the merger, cancellation of 82.

[Cancel] range

– take in the matter, after regulation and indirect management of can, no longer set for approval.

– to cancel all kinds of qualifications for approval.

– although the abolition of the legal basis, but obviously not in compliance with the comprehensive deepening reform of administrative examination and approval system, and Yinchuan, Lanzhou and Urumqi city did not keep.

– according to the economic and social development, market mechanisms can be used to replace the administrative examination and approval, through the market mechanism can effectively regulate the.

– citizens, legal persons and other organizations can solve the self-discipline.

– difficult to play an effective role, set up the self approval since never approved.

– in accordance with the "notice" of Qinghai Province Office of the Committee on the liquidation of the provincial government departments of non administrative licensing examination and approval requirements, carry out the "reset" of non administrative approval items, eliminate the "grey zone approval management".

[content] to

decentralization 5

this clean-up work, the various departments active efforts to increase decentralization, decentralization of authority.


directly to the grassroots and the masses, large wide by lower management more convenient and effective administrative approval, should be transferred to the next level of government management.

[involved in; read more

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Xining real estate development investment growth to reduce the area of commercial housing sales

  Xining real estate development investment growth accelerated, commercial housing sales area decreased.

this year from 1 to October, Xining completed real estate development investment of $3 billion 889 million, an increase of 29.70%, an increase of over the same period last year increased by 23.9 percentage points. Among them: residential investment 3 billion 213 million yuan, an increase of 32.71%.

1 to October, Xining area housing construction area of 5 million 580 thousand and 200 square meters, an increase of 5.32%, of which: residential growth of 6.07%. Commercial housing new construction area of about 2000000 square meters, down by 20.47%, of which: residential new construction area fell by 17.03%. Commercial housing sales area of 886 thousand and 100 square meters, down by 19.60%, commercial housing sales of $2 billion 445 million, down by 6.16%. read more

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The fifteenth session of the opening of the start button wangguosheng Sialon Ma Peihua Hao Peng spee

7 at 16 am on the morning of, the fifteenth session of the Qinghai Rural Letter cup, Qinghai Lake international road cycling race in Qinghai, grand opening. 23 occupation fleet, from five continents 17 countries and regions of the 161 athletes gathered in the party, summer, ignite fighting passion, witness Chinese and the world cycling festival.

Ma Peihua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee,

, Qinghai provincial Party committee secretary Wang Guosheng jointly press the fifteenth round of the 2016 lakes start button. Deputy Secretary of Qinghai provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, Gao Zhidan, chief representative of the International Cycling Union highway Commission Chairman Tom van · · DAHMER, director of the general office of the State Administration of press and publication Wu security speech. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau emergency notification to ensure the safety of urban road traffic

recently, the city of Xining strong cooling, snow weather, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment issued an emergency notice to fully protect the safety of urban road traffic.

the "notice" requirements of the traffic police brigade to accident prone area in the slope road, narrow road, bridge, road bends and other temporary warning signs obviously, temporary traffic control on the accident prone road. On a busy road intersection, deployed police to strengthen guidance; to strengthen collaboration with other departments, to develop "road traffic management plan, and effectively improve the bad weather" severe weather warning ability and management level; to strengthen inspections, to carry out illegal overloading special rectification, remediation efforts to increase vehicle overcrowding, urged the driver to carry anti-skid chains and other emergency equipment; to strengthen rural road management, correct the low speed truck, three cars and tractors, driving without a license and illegal manned Wupaiwuzheng vehicles on the road and other serious traffic violations, snowy weather or icy road of County Road, to take effective management measures to strengthen the security of road traffic safety; the duty guard, during the peak period, the traffic police brigade to lengthen working hours, strengthen traffic grooming, until Return to normal. (author: Li Jing) read more

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The government pays for the village oversight committee

December 27, 2013, the general office of the municipal government issued "on the establishment of the Xining municipal supervision committee members working funds and funding mechanisms", to further strengthen the construction of village oversight committee, the city’s 931 village committee members work and funding grants into the county finance system. And in 2014 the city’s Village (neighborhood) after the end of the overall work of the Commission, in accordance with the principles of fairness and justice, performance linked to fully reflect the rights, responsibilities and interests of the implementation of the principle of unity. Since then, the city’s village oversight committee working expenses and members of the grant will be paid by the government". read more

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Xunhua vocational school in the ravine flying out of the golden phoenix

five years to go abroad for further study, to achieve employment of more than more than 200 students; business Arabic graduates annual income of more than $100 thousand in general; 1732 graduates in the realization of employment…… In recent years, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County occupation technical school based on the actual, bold innovation, professional characteristics has become a major brand occupation education of the ethnic regions, but also to build a platform for going deep in the mountains of poor students. read more

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Strengthen the supervision and inspection efforts to do a good job in the city to meet the seizure

for the implementation of Xining city to meet the national civilized city evaluation index to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, the general office of the municipal government attaches great importance to the rapid follow-up, detailed tasks, in-depth target areas of responsibility, and firmly implement the work, to do a good job in a city welcome inspection work.

one is to strengthen leadership, careful deployment. The leadership of the office of the government promptly convene a meeting to study the deployment of welcome inspection work, the welcome inspection work as a priority among priorities in the work requirements, leading cadres to take the lead in, to and for, go to work on the front line, be in line to find the problem, solve the problem in the field, with full load working condition input to fine work idea to welcome inspection work in. At the same time, seriously study and understand the spirit of creating a series of work in the city and the spirit of the city’s goal of creating a system of evaluation criteria, so clear, clear standards. Clear the number one responsibility, team members are responsible, administrative director responsibility system, arrange all-weather Dundian tablets in the package area of responsibility, to ensure that the work area of responsibility oversight. read more

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Wang Yubo proposed to support the construction of Xining new district policy

National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, mayor of Xining in the twelve session of the National People’s Congress proposed a meeting, will be included in the New District of Xining New District building planning, policy support.

in the new development orientation, initially identified as: the Tibetan Plateau is an important economic growth pole, promote the province’s main battlefield for the four modernizations "strategy, the world cultural heritage protection and comprehensive utilization demonstration base, livable industry should travel comprehensive ecological industrial park district. In the future, the new district will take on the four major functions of the plateau, which is characterized by the gathering of the industrial clusters of the plateau, the ecological livable new city, the modern service base of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and the base of the cultural tourism service base of the "two zones and two bases".

to promote the construction of the New District of Xining, making it the Qinghai Tibet plateau region a new economic growth pole, Wang Yubo suggested that the state model reference to Tianjin Binhai New Area, Chongqing Liangjiang New District and Lanzhou District, Xining district will be incorporated into the national planning and construction of new area, to support policy.   read more

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Xining land tax work by the north and South Mountain Green command recognition

Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau in recent years to actively complete the task of afforestation as the starting point, the full implementation of the provincial requirements on the development of green, green Nanshan was named the objective assessment of outstanding units, by the Xining north and South Mountain Green command recognition

Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau in recent years to actively complete the task of afforestation as the starting point, the full implementation of the provincial requirements on the development of green, green Nanshan was named the objective assessment of outstanding units, by the Xining north and South Mountain Green command recognition. read more

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Xining to determine the designated hospital for avian influenza

in order to further strengthen the people infected with H7N9 bird flu prevention and control work, the city will act quickly, for the third people’s Hospital of Xining city to determine the human infection of H7N9 avian influenza municipal designated hospital; the first people’s Hospital of Datong County, Huangzhong County, Second People’s Hospital of the first people’s Hospital of Huangyuan County, identified as the county designated hospital. This is one of the ten specific measures for prevention and control of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza. read more

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