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Retailers pay more attention to details can bring more business opportunities the whole

a lot of time, because of a small store details, let us feel very warm, so as to become a regular shop. So, if you want to make the store’s business better operations, as the owner, you must pay attention to any one detail. A few days ago, the sky under a light rain, his wife’s classmates came home with a child, his wife ordered the author to a department store to buy some small food.

buy small food, I was preparing to leave when the shopkeeper smiled and said: "it may rain, wet your car seat, give you a food bag on it, so you can not wet pants". This makes the author very moved, satisfied to leave. From then on, the author has become the supermarket "live advertising" to pro Wei friends, colleagues and students around the publicity, said the department store supermarket boss how careful, how to care about people, etc.. read more

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Analysis on the techniques of setting up shop in Hong Kong style milk tea shop

food and beverage industry in the tea shop investment projects have been a more popular projects, milk tea demand is large in the eyes of many people in the restaurant, but at the same time is a huge market competition. New year tea shop opened but not all beyond count after the tea shop opened are able to survive, want out of the fierce competition in the market stand, is not an easy thing. So what to do to make your milk tea shop has a strong market competitiveness?

Hong Kong tea shop opening skills analysis read more

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From the media to the site CEO change only 500 yuan

in the new period, entrepreneurship has been put on the agenda, whether you are what status in social life, you can choose to go to start this road, at the same time, there are also many extraordinary entrepreneurs.

from the reporter to the Internet under the wave tide, from 500 yuan to 100 million yuan turnover, his entrepreneurial experience is full of legend, this is the Chongqing pig network founder Zhu Mingyue experience.

500 yuan started entrepreneurial dream

2004 years, by the impact of China’s blog, it is the Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Zhu Mingyue attention to the new media, when I registered a blog, the main record of news events bit by bit". read more

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Advantages of female entrepreneurship Market

for many women entrepreneurs, in fact, has many advantages in the whole process of social entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, compared to many male compatriots entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs tend to have more delicate thoughts, so in the process of entrepreneurship often plays a crucial role.

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Business hotel is very popular

business dinners more and more business hotel, high-end demand, so the business friends want attention, rushed to the gold rush delicious food and beverage market, earn wealth, open a business hotel, absolutely can make a profit.

"for business people, is simply too important to eat. Because of the commercial purpose, how to eat is no longer a simple thing. Abalone, bird’s nest worth mentioning, has become a business tool or props." A diet expert said. Indeed, because of China’s traditional culture history and living habits, so long in China, "eat" is given a more complex meaning, often want to do a thing, always through the way to dinner. read more

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Chengdu enabled nternet plus innovation base of creative power conversion

now this era, no matter what industry, want to open a broader market, almost all can not leave the Internet channel. Sichuan City West to create innovative Internet economy, set up a "Internet plus" innovation base, make the incubator more to meet the needs of the age.

30 on the morning of Chengdu City, the first "Internet plus" innovation base to witness in the guests, in Besson Road No. 26 "Internet world" officially opened, "Su River coffee business also synchronized opening. This is the Internet for the District of Qingyang and China Telecom jointly build smart city experience base, innovation incubator platform is new technology, new business and innovation projects, market marketization, specialization, integration and network as one of the "public record space". Angel investment institutions, Su River sinks and the first batch of more than 10 entrepreneurial team was officially settled yesterday. read more

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Biyige joined the investment agency

pizza franchise investment agency preferred Biyige pizza, pizza if this brand of small said interest, Xiaobian can come together to find the characteristics of pizza brand.

Biyige is from Italy authentic Italian pizza pizza brand, adhering to the most authentic production process, the maximum to meet the consumer demand for a variety of food, Biyige pizza delicacy y reflects Italy delicacy of this geographical advantage, let the customer Chinese door can not feel the delicacy of Italy customs. read more

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A casual snack stores how to identify the business Business

now many consumers love to taste the delicious snacks, make leisure snacks market continues to grow, many entrepreneurs choose leisure snacks stores, want to get the entrepreneurial success of investors from, in casual snack stores, a good grasp of business skills is critical. Only in the casual snack industry in the entrepreneurial process to identify the right way to operate, in the shop process, skilled use of these methods and techniques, you can make their own way to go more smoothly.

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One point of a popular tea investment good project

tea, in our lives, has always been a very popular choice of status. In fact, the choice to open a tea shop, is a very wise choice. How will a tea? High quality entrepreneurial projects, is a stepping stone for the success of our business!

one point one tea drinks and snacks, healthy and high quality products with strong strength, to provide a solid backing to improve store management, staff training, store decoration design, marketing headquarters personally teach you for the franchisee, franchisee can directly use the market and has formed a successful business model, to be your own boss is no longer a backup when you fight a lone battle, the headquarters of one point one will Chinese! Tea tea drinking habits and health practices combined with the unique formula to provide consumers with green health, fashion fast food, let all people to drink pure tea and authentic savory chicken. read more

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The United States investment for children how

low cost, high profit project choice, to choose to join the small beauty children’s clothing? The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Small children children’s clothing to join the project, if you are also very heart, then, hurry up!

small children’s children’s clothing production of attractive children’s wear, get consumer recognition, is a key factor in profitability. Small children choose high-quality health fabrics, making meticulous management, flexible use of fashion elements, for printing and dyeing, printing process is strictly, make children comfortable and breathable, quality assurance, for children wearing. read more

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Join Beijing Fu Tian intelligent kitchen appliances market opportunities good business

now, choose their own business many franchisees. But want to choose the right to join the project, is very difficult. You think, now we are all very intelligent way of life. Of course, the choice of intelligent business to join the project. Jing Tian Tian intelligent kitchen appliances? Brand strength, with the advantages of good business projects!

Jing Tian smart kitchen appliances with strong R & D strength, a positive atmosphere for innovation, Jing Tian intelligent integrated kitchen has been dozens of national patents. The company invested heavily in the introduction of the domestic gas production testing equipment and electrical products integrated detection system of Germany advanced, to ensure that each factory integrated kitchen products are up to five star safety standards, synonymous with Beijing Fu Tian intelligent kitchen appliances is safe and environment-friendly stove. read more

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Catering to join selected Diao Jia Spiced Chicken how net

to say what business is better, what business investment risk is relatively small? Small series that have to be catering business projects to meet these characteristics. Although the food and beverage industry competition is relatively large, but once you can win in the competition, your future profit is doubled, even more than.

now what the most popular store? Certainly restaurants, especially restaurants more down to earth, is the favorite choice of consumers, Diao Jia Spiced Chicken inherit traditional taste the essence of integration and innovation secret ingredients, insist on using the finest ingredients and Handmade, ingenuity to build to adapt to modern life tastes far wins the other competitors, by diners alike. read more

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To be able to do business the whole an antidote against the disease

every customer attitude in the shopping time will be different, shopkeepers if you want to get more customers recognized, nature also need to get more customers an antidote against the disease, recognition, so as to ensure business development. So, if you want business booming, the remedy is very important oh.

my little smoke Hotel area is not big, every time the weather is warmer, our family will gather outside the store to eat.

, I’m drinking with dad. This time to two customers, I would like to go up: "the boss of the two, I would like to ask what?" read more

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A 23 year old female students start selling barbecue income four thousand or five thousand net

although the entrepreneurial environment of college students is now getting better and better, although there are more and more college students look forward to the road of entrepreneurship, however, after all, not what experience, money is also very limited, so the business can choose investment opportunities are very limited. In this context, many college students will choose to venture to do some service-oriented business, the protagonist of this article do barbecue snacks business.

she has not graduated, but there is a dream of entrepreneurship, so put up a barbecue stalls; she can not cook, but baked a small yellow croaker. In order to meet the tastes of the people of Yongchuan, I have to eat more than and 400 small yellow croaker." The little girl called Zhang Xia, 23 years old, just graduated from college for six months. She only spent more than a year, put the barbecue stalls into a facade, a day income of four thousand or five thousand yuan. read more

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We chose these 2017 buffet investment

how to say that people still love the most economical and affordable consumption, catering industry is such a buffet to meet the needs of this project. The buffet is very popular in the modern love, some slightly famous cafeteria every day of rest will achieve the effect of bursting with popularity. Good response to the market, but also aroused the enthusiasm of investors to buffet investment. For investors, it must be curious to know that the cafeteria is the most popular this year. Here, to introduce 2016 of the largest investment in the fire of several large cafeteria, hoping to join the business help. read more

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