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Hefei City Maternity allowance payment standard adjustment to extend the holiday increase subsidies

According to

learned from the Hefei Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, Hefei City Maternity allowance is standard with the implementation of the new policy, to meet the family planning were extended for 60 days during maternity leave, and 2 additional months of maternity allowance, in addition, the policy of cesarean section and multiple births are to give subsidies.

it is reported that the main contents of the adjustment: female workers in addition to enjoy 3 months maternity allowance, there are three cases can be extended maternity allowance. One is the family planning policy, to extend the 60 days of maternity leave during the additional 2 months of maternity allowance; two is in line with the implementation of medical indications for cesarean section, the additional half month maternity allowance; three is the multiple births, each family of 1 babies, the additional half month maternity allowance. The birth allowance shall be paid in accordance with the average monthly wage of the employees of the employer in the previous year. At the same time, the original line of childbearing condition, for the glorious one-child certificates on maternity leave, the provisions of the 1 month maternity allowance is no longer executed. In the enjoyment of treatment, most people do not differ significantly." City People Club Bureau official told reporters. read more

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One of the Feng Shui shop location take away from downtown

Chinese people since ancient times pay attention to Feng Shui, what would like to see feng shui, open shop business is naturally more concerned about. In this small series on the basis of the general Feng Shui said, to recommend one of the Feng Shui shop location to choose one – take the downtown to avoid remote, hoping to help your business!

in the town, people wear to the crowded place is busy. According to Feng Shui’s argument, some people will be angry, the more angry people, the more prosperous, by air can bring business is booming. From an economic point of view, the bustling downtown area, is the most active commodity trading places, people gathered to a large extent is to buy goods. read more

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How to determine the dry cleaning franchise brands have no competitiveness

dry cleaning brand very much, a lot of people want to open their own dry cleaners, then choose the right brands to join, so you can have a good income, what kind of dry cleaners is more competitive? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

1, superb laundry technology and management art.

after years of accumulation, the absorption of domestic and foreign laundry technology and the essence of the art of chain management, and to teach them to join them, so that they become popular with the laundry experts. read more

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Hold up entrepreneurship Liu Yuhua Chongqing furniture half

Chinese is never a lack of creativity and innovation spirit, experience can be seen from the Chongqing sofa king Liu Yuhua’s business, even over fifty years, can also rely on entrepreneurial glory.

30, a native of Chongqing years old, memory almost all used a curved wooden sofa, this is Liu Yuhua’s favourite work, the founder of fish dream sofa, although fifty years old, but still did not give up the hearts of the furniture dream, combined with the 7 Chongqing furniture factory, million yuan investment to build Chongqing Union the United States House furniture factory sales center to Chongqing furniture "name". read more

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Women’s shoes business skills

is now operating female shoe store in particular, join the female shoe business skills are what? Then I will for you to introduce how to join the female shoe, teach you some shoe business skills!

join female shoe? Shoe business skills 1, fashionable

often seen in the streets of a female shoe shop to join, beautiful, luxurious decoration. read more

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Tea shop location reference

tea shop management place although said is very flexible, not too restrictive, but also can not be anywhere up to join shop, or to investigate some market factors, combined with various factors considered to choose the right tea shop.

if the site is not a good shop, then no one will run to the store "make light of travelling a thousand li" special drink a cup of tea. Downtown lot is the best choice, which is no need to question the matter, but the high cost of the bustling lot is forced to consider. For example, Miss Li Hangzhou originally planned to open tea shop in the town, in the bustling town simple study, found that the annual rent, transfer fee of up to forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, had to give up the idea, to find some sections of the low cost. read more

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The third Xuhui entrepreneurial dream star finals ended yesterday

in order to achieve a breakthrough in employment and entrepreneurship, we must have innovative thinking. College students standing in the forefront of innovation, will soon face employment problems, it is necessary to stimulate the spirit of innovation in order to achieve the goal of entrepreneurship and employment.

"as the core activities of 2015 Small and micro businesses innovation achievements exhibition", Xuhui District third "entrepreneurial dream star" total runoff in Shanghai ended the library today. read more

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Join must pay attention to the mistakes

many investors after hearing the franchisee who is not a lot of words for gospel truth, join in with a layer of meaning other. So, to join the venture on the market as a whole there are still a lot of errors, but also need investors to pay attention to. So, join must pay attention to what are the errors?

at present, there are many enterprises or leader will deliberately stressed, publicity and other aspects of their investment, because the majority of potential franchisees do not understand these aspects of truth is often veiled, so leads to potential franchisees is a large amount of fraud. read more

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nvestment gold mouth the whole of reliable snack car

no matter what kind of social change, the choice of snacks will not be eliminated. Small entrepreneurial choice snacks to join the project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. How about the golden mouth snack car? Flexible mode of operation, the success of venture worthy of trust!

gold mouth, is a multifunctional delicacy car brand, car generation shop, brought together world delicacy snacks, fashion leisure food culture to cause a new wave of food and beverage industry, Teppanyaki, spicy, barbecue, noodles, fruit juice drinks, Soybean Milk…… Classic snacks, taking into account the early, middle, late, supper four markets, swept the country! read more

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Willing to help others can make the shop business fire

now there are many shop owners just can make money, some busy will not help, let alone a temporary need to do. In fact, the shop owner can be helpful if you do, it is very helpful for the shop business is to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more popular.

one morning not long ago, I was tidying up the shelves, a young couple holding a baby with only a few months old waiting outside the bus station. All of a sudden, the child burst into tears, the couple with a toy for a long time to no avail. Considering that the child may be hungry, the young mother walked into the shop and asked me if I had any hot water. read more

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Xiamen measures to stop the frenzied growth in house prices

crazy growth of housing prices, to a certain extent on the tendency of a sick, take effective measures to actively carry out the regulation, in order to effectively prevent the crazy growth phenomenon, let prices continue to develop a steady state.

7 9, Xiamen land and resources and the Housing Authority issued a notice, announced since July 15th to adjust the housing credit policy, the new regulation of the property market. It also makes Xiamen become the second after the introduction of the second tier cities in Hefei credit limit policy. read more

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What are the conditions of joining

The story of

bridge rice noodle is well known in the world, no doubt the history of the development of the Yunnan bridge to promote the progress of rice noodles, making it the first brand of Chinese rice noodle. But there are a lot of variables in the development of the times, because we can have better things to change, for food and beverage can be changed because we can enjoy a more delicious food. See the market development trend of this drum noodle, develop new noodle, after 5 years of development, now has more than and 300 national franchise stores, is a very popular brand, many people have chosen to join, join what is drum noodle? < / p> read more

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Ma Yun problems and opportunities exist as long as

Ma’s success is inevitable, his efforts and dedication, are the cornerstone of success. Ma seems to be able to contribute to the Alibaba has three aspects: employment, expanding domestic demand, so that farmers get rich; let the economy more green better. Ma Yun said he believes that the Internet is not a tool to make money, but a tool to improve society, will change the way people think. The following is

read more

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Double 11 can be used to attract customers

is seeing time as fast as the annual shopping spree, whether it is physical or retail, and is now preparing to make a big fortune in such a special holiday. Although "double 11" before the arrival of the major electricity supplier for consumption has gradually entered the fierce fight. In contrast to this phenomenon, the author thinks that the business opportunities, retail customers friends also can use this gimmick, the "double 11" during the show merit, to seize the initiative. The author summarizes the following moves: read more

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Dessert joined the process is divided into six steps novice must see

many friends love to eat dessert, a dessert stores profitable, but some basic skills we need attention shop. How to join a dessert shop? What are the specific steps? Here follow the small series together to look at dessert join process analysis.

1. Project Consulting: browse through the official website, telephone consultation, send information and other ways to understand dessert information.

2. qualification: franchisee can fax, submitted online or directly carry the application form to the company, also can communicate directly with the investment manager, interaction and understanding of the relevant circumstances, a preliminary cooperation intention in determining can reserve quota. read more

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Effective communication can improve store business

is not a simple business customers to spend money to provide you with goods, if you want a good business, but also need to do a good job of communication. In short, communication is an art and a science. Effective communication with customers is an important part of the business. Through effective communication and communication, it can also reflect the social competence and quality of retail customers. The effect of communication, not only will bring a certain impact on the operation, but also to establish a business image plays a vital role. read more

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From the stall to the asset 200 in case of a successful history

put a stall in the eyes of everyone is the use of spare time to earn a little extra money just business, and we can not rely on the story of the hero of the stall to earn 2 million! This work is called Xu Dongming, talking about his entrepreneurial process, Xu Dongming heart has a sense of pride after hard work, to see the story of the spread of entrepreneurship in the stall of Xu Dongming.

determined to be boss

Xu Dongming 15 years old began to work, was in a furniture company, the monthly salary of only $500. Later, he went to work in a printing plant, wages are 550 yuan, but this time is not long. The two time was because Xu Dongming couldn’t stand the boss’s attitude towards himself. At that time, the printing house stated that all workers who resigned would be given a bag of apples. So he waited for the boss in the factory all afternoon and asked for his apple. Second days and a day to wait until he has not been able to get the bag of apples. He said in a miserable way that the feeling of working under someone else is simply miserable. So, Xu Dongming vowed that he must get rid of this life, one day he wants to be their own boss. read more

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