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The trap does not enter For Shanghai dragon service providers must pay attention to the details

why write this article? The reason is very simple: some individual owners and companies are now no effect in the absence of Shanghai Longfeng specialist or the optimized conditions, the general will seek Shanghai Longfeng service provider or the so-called Shanghai Dragon God on the Internet to help optimize. So, the question is: now the Internet service provider Shanghai dragon innumerable search keywords "casually, Shanghai dragon service" or "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" will see a variety of Shanghai dragon company or individual Shanghai Longfeng service website, but more interesting is part of the company engaged in the design are also known to provide some the Shanghai Dragon service. The most important aspect of the current Shanghai dragon so popular, everyone is Shanghai dragon great God, everyone is Shanghai dragon expert. However, Shanghai dragon in such a flood of cases, the webmaster want to find a suitable Shanghai Longfeng service providers really is not an easy thing. In case of future cooperation in Shanghai Longfeng service provider is a liar or Shanghai Dragon technology is not as good as their own, it is alive to pit himself. Therefore, the webmaster in search of Shanghai Longfeng service providers, in order to post unnecessary trouble, A5 marketing gives some more practical in the choice of the details here. At the same time, also believe that these details are better able to help owners looking for Shanghai Longfeng service providers to avoid pitfalls. read more

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What factors determine the Shanghai dragon Er treatment

Salary: 4750 yuan

two: the development of the company

this is also very important, the leadership of the company and the level of awareness of Shanghai dragon recognition of your ability will directly affect your salary. If you encounter a dragon in Shanghai do not know what the leadership I feel you won’t get the right salary. Even the leadership of Shanghai dragon this thing but he is not attached great importance to this, as you can not get the appropriate compensation.

four: regional partition read more

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Answer new Shanghai Yongqiang strong common Longfeng problems

have your domain name, will let love Shanghai included? I registered a domain name, a few days ago did not find the chain, this today to check before, let others registered

The common problems of ?

I do, do three months, do eye related keywords, word index is small, but the competition is relatively large, the love of Shanghai top three page has ten top-level domain name, keywords love Shanghai ever in the first page, but no traffic, every day has been more the new, but now has been in the state of the K website is, ask for combining the teacher: now website content, change the keywords read more

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5 note of the Links exchange

is generally not more than 40 of each page as well, and the best home chain, when the exchange of use webmaster tools first check the number of other export, if export large website home page for more than 50, the average out or you lose.

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently prepared by the small Shanghai Longfeng a lot of articles for publication in A5, also got everyone’s support, in fact, writing soft is a stick, just like the old Mou silently wrote a year before the rage, heart must be installed with user mentality first. It can provide a reference for the webmaster, A5 this area is very rich, well, Xiaobian this period to write an article on the exchange Links several considerations, I hope to want to improve the PR value of traffic with friends will be helpful. read more

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Love Shanghai search engine optimization and future direction of small website

two, the construction of website

fast three months, ranking or go up

optimization is more difficult, but we can find the row in front of the site still exist, how people make up? This is we need to reflect on the. Our technology is not backward? The future of search engine optimization is not love (Shanghai artificial intervention…… )? Love Shanghai search engine technology is changing too fast, Shanghai dragon er who can not keep up, the love of Shanghai began a boycott of search engine optimization and so on concerns began to spread, but the sound is not negative affect the progress trend of Shanghai dragon industry. Walk in the forefront of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon Technology Er have already found related laws of love Shanghai stability, please pay attention to related articles about the stability of Shanghai Jianghai love. read more

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Love Shanghai against super link chain era it really over

, I personally feel that the chain does not end, the chain of the website ranking and weight still have certain effect, but the chain website ranking in the role is not so important. The following diagram: a love of Shanghai 1 of the weight of the site, the love of Shanghai is made up of 67, only 50 backlinks can still ranked love Shanghai home position in the top five, but just after the data recovery was K.

is not so important?

is the optimization of the enterprise site because once the revision period has not updated the correlation content in early November by the K in the sea. This station is from the site on the line has been in an enterprise to optimize the station, in October this year at the request of the boss will "be revised, and the period has not timely updates to be in love with the sea K station, and today when the station has been gradually restored, the main keywords also ranked the top five. Position. read more

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A middle course website optimization

"content is king" seems to have become Shanghai dragon circles but how to golden laws and precious rules, what kind of website content, content and to whom to see it, the user or search engine? A good website is both. The site is always impossible to have original content, even if it is unable to meet the needs of the site. The original web content, appropriate pseudo original articles and reproduced the classic good article, make web content more rich, but also to meet the reading needs of users. read more

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100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know six

update site ?Since the

original content for search engines is still very large, will first consider the problem of user experience, second is the search engine itself a good judgment on. The original article is not always well written, and rich original content although it can promote the collection, but good original content may not be included, many factors included, just one of the original good.


52, original content for search engines are the influence of

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody. read more

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Five details need to pay attention to in the process of Shanghai Dragon


website, very affect the user browsing the website when the mentality, the Internet has a famous 8 seconds principle "users access the Web page, if more than 8 seconds will feel impatient, if need to download too long time, they will give up the access".

Open the speed of the

website optimization is sometimes spell the details, I hope that Shanghai dragon network editors every day in the update, the chain also don’t forget their own web site user experience, giving users a good impression. This is a detail to win in any way to be productive, for details of the deal must strive for excellence. Because you are not lost in the technology, nor is it lost in the strategy, but lost in the details. Website optimization from the details, pay attention to the content, focus on user experience, the following order to some website points to pay attention to the details of the optimization, we hope to inspire. read more

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Easy to create a regular station occupied Shanghai ranked love again

new opportunities to act quickly, to occupy the market

these days to find the sun Kotaku blog, update the love Shanghai algorithm, produced a lot of big market vacancy. Originally a lot of row on the first page of the website are gone, leaving only a pile of large majority of pages within the website or some of the more formal site in the front row. Looks like there are still some but has little effect on a fish escaped through the Seine, the most important is that most of the shuffle. If we take the perspective of a search engine, the probability of those station "K" is also great, from the day they disappear should also not far away. Now Binghuangmaluan, improve your psychological quality, have rallied in the many competitors may not have any action before, with the fastest speed to do a regular station to love Shanghai snatch keywords, get high flow. read more

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Gradually improve the site credibility verification will bring what kind of impact the personal webm


we all know, the current domestic project with a background in the official website alliance in the operation of a trusted site credibility verification, the specific implementation by the net bear. According to the latest published data show that as of the end of November 2012, the trusted website alliance has accumulated identify and deal with phishing sites 100402. Now including soso, Sogou search engine, Taobao, Sogou, IE9 (net customized version) QQ, 114, and Kingsoft browser and other security software have been achieved fusion of the network trusted sites test, to help users in the search results, the browser address bar to establish convenient verification of the true identity of the site entrance, avoid go fishing website. It can be predicted that the future will have more browsers, search engines, security software into the site credibility authentication function, after all, this is conducive to the healthy development of the Internet industry, but also to a certain extent avoided because users access with poison or phishing sites and produce unnecessary losses. read more

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How competitive the key talent shows itself in the optimization

Association of the content and the contents of From the

content refers to the optimization of the range as far as possible not too wide, such as our soft paper core, as far as possible around the keywords to make soft site title, site columns and the content of the website, this correlation is very high, and that both Shanghai Longfeng diagnosed with Internet. In addition there may be some topics like, this classification is too too wide, it is difficult to let people know what is your key to this website, where the advantage, and this site involves a lot of content, is relatively difficult to maintain. read more

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How do B2C website optimization

found that many sites do not too good, so we should strengthen the construction of the chain. Mainly in: product description for other products when connecting to the product page related products recommended, recommended hot products etc..

in general, mall site need to sell products with elegant and attractive pictures to attract and hold customer. We often find that many do B2C website a lot of pictures, this has brought some difficulties for the website optimization.

4, the chain construction read more

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Analysis of the grass root T SKYCC combination marketing software video marketing case

then, the webmaster friends of the reaction and then released video exposure IT grass root identity secret story released just three days time, click break 100 thousand. The main line is IT for grass root users support and respond to users questioned, and said he would go down unremittingly. Let the webmaster friends sigh, entrepreneurship is not easy at the same time, inadvertently looked he mentioned in the SKYCC combination marketing software.

recently, "confession" of a IT grass root of the video on the network crazy pass, video views in just a week’s time. Many webmasters exceeded 310 thousand, watching the video of deep feeling. The video tells the story of a IT grass root webmaster arduous course of business, people can not help but sigh, grass root also motivated, entrepreneurship is not easy. Subsequent exposure IT grass root identity secret story video released only three days time, click break one hundred thousand. Look at the video, I found that "IT grass root" series of video but video using SKYCC classic, classic case is the 2012 video marketing. read more

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From the Shanghai dragon correlation analysis is the Google effect of Twitter or vice versa

one thing is Shanghai dragon practitioners have to follow, wedge, research, and want to know the lost Shanghai dragon on Twitter trend has what effect? Is negative or positive marketing marketing, Google Twitter or Twitter influence Google? It reminds me of the chicken and egg idea.

, PaulMcCartney Twitter has become a hot topic in the Google search, under the guidance of his name and the other.

is another popular star case, his name became Google has been relatively stable and high longitudinal view history of the search term, in June 4, 2012, he in front of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee held a concert, said that he is a great historical event is not like that he is a low-cost marketing the word, it is PaulMcCartney (Paul · Mccartney), in his occupation career has a large number of reputation, occupy a hitherto unknown flow in Google search. read more

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360 search traffic have increased due to the late can maintain is the key

In addition to the 360

360 search on-line and set the default search engine for 360 search hao360 navigation, this is all done overnight, many hao360 users have not realised, more is the customary input to search information in the hao360 search bar, which leads to a 360 search traffic flood "I believe that over time, so the user has a certain inertia buffer, realize that a change in the search results, if the 360 can not meet the needs of users, so that users will return to the embrace of the 360 love Shanghai, the search is likely to be buried in a mediocre search engine. read more

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Talk about how personal websites earn 10 thousand per monthPhoto site Getty mages entrepreneurial m

his profit method is: website content commodity. Because he is a game site, the traffic is mostly gamers. Of course, they include single player and online gamer. Most of the online game players have the purchase card demand, can be converted to most of his customers. At least 100 per day, ten thousand IP per day I guess. I was very optimistic about the method, so I followed it.

is the man who I will not say, he is doing the game site, his website one day IP is more than 10 thousand. It’s pretty bull, too. The profit spot on his website was just selling ads, doing League moms, GG, and the like. He told me he used to earn only more than 80 dollars a day. Later, he represented a card site card, a day to earn more than 1000. read more

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Where are we going the development and breakthrough of personal websiteAmoy brand difficult out of

later dropped the wheat bags, Royal mud square, South Korea, Liebo and AFU are the same group of growth of the Amoy brand. At this point, the green box won two rounds of financing, a sum was born in September 2010, from the letter of credit capital 20 million venture capital of the first round of financing. In December of that year, the green box received the second round from DCM’s 120 million yuan financing. After getting the financing, the green box began to do its own B2C official website, but did not succeed, resulting in what Wu Fangfang called ">." read more

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Tiger bashing sports board on advertising to support half of the skyThe shlf1314 site alliance is no

is the second largest shareholder of

besides the advertising business, event marketing and value-added services are also the main source of income for tiger sports.

-2015 according to its 2013 annual financial statements for the year, ESPN major business segments including advertising, event marketing and value-added services, which in 2015, ESPN’s advertising revenue was 121 million yuan, accounting for 60.78% of the total revenue. In 2013 and 2015, tiger sports accounted for more than 50% of the advertising revenue, the proportion was 55.64%, 55.55% read more

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NetEase Ding Lei accepted Nanfang Daily interview do not put desire as the idealMethodology the five

but fortunately, my middle school values the students’ interests and hobbies very much. When I was in junior high school, I joined the radio hobby extracurricular group and the chemistry extracurricular interest group. When I was in high school, I joined the computer hobby group, raising my understanding that computers could improve our productivity and change our work from complexity to simplicity. My university was the first credit based university, which allowed me to choose a wider range of interests. This experience of interest group has a great influence on my middle school and even my whole life. read more

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