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Next year the province’s urban and rural residents illness insurance by commercial insurance agenci

In December 14th, reporters from the province’s social system reform to promote the work of the forum was informed that in order to improve the medical insurance operation efficiency and service level, reduce the burden on the masses catastrophic medical expenses, from next year, our province the full implementation of urban and rural residents catastrophic health insurance by the Business insurance company handling scheme, serious illness insurance for urban workers developed by medical insurance agency by the community sector, urban workers, urban and rural residents illness insurance and medical insurance implemented. This is the province’s serious illness medical insurance operating mechanism reform and innovation, and to achieve a nationwide pilot. read more

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Students like business is booming

students in the school to study not only, also should be the accumulation of social experience, set up a stall is very exercise, students may wish to try. Students like business conditions also allow, if not to succeed, earn pocket money, learn the experience.

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Beauty cosmetics store success stories to share

today, people’s living standards continue to improve, the level of consumption is also increasing year by year, some of the most difficult to go to the expense of the project began to slowly appear in the cause of the people. Today, the beauty industry is now developing rapidly, the market demand for cosmetics is growing. It attracted the attention of many investors, many people choose the cosmetics store monopoly, Chen Jiang also opened his own cosmetics store, we are going to listen to his beauty cosmetics store owners camp what kind of products, how to create special products and selling products.

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How to choose home to join the project

fashion home brand projects, if you want to invest, then how should we choose to join the project? This is the franchisee should pay attention to the problem. Xiao Bian finishing a number of business experience, I hope to be able to provide a full range of business operators to protect, so that the investment business more smoothly, quickly contact us.


Home Furnishing joined the project in your choice, should first collect more interested in your project, and then discuss several projects with the headquarters. Fully understand the headquarters of the operating strength and business philosophy. In the course of the goods than three, investors should focus on how successful the probability of success after joining the high, rather than the sum of the total investment amount. read more

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Open ndoor children’s playground in the town

rapid development of the township market, a lot of fresh projects in the town market development space is very large, so Township investors have been highly concerned about the market opportunities. Is it good to open an indoor amusement park in the town? Do you make money? Many consumers are very interested in this issue, look at the analysis together.

in recent years with the rapid development of economy China, national consumption capacity is more and more high, more and more people pay attention to and care for their children’s education, children’s indoor development trend in the investment market is getting better, especially in the rural areas a lot of people are willing to invest in the construction of children’s park. In the town to open an indoor children’s playground to make money, of course, to make money, especially in the villages and towns in such a special village. read more

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Honey chicken to join the temptation to resist the temptation of delicious

Korean Trend of culture in China is increasingly popular, whether it is the film and television, catering, clothing, etc. are affecting the consumption habits of Chinese people. Korean food in China has a high popularity. Delicate, delicious delicacy in South Korea China food market with a distinctive character to capture a large number of fans, a very popular brand of honey Peru chicken fried chicken is the delicacy in korean. Features fried chicken to join, honey chicken to sweep the food treasure. read more

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College students entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship

every year the number of college graduates are huge, it can be seen how much the pressure of employment, coupled with the lack of satisfactory work, more graduates prefer to start a business. But they can’t start a business.

this year China 7 million 650 thousand college graduates, employment pressure is huge, the public venture, the highly innovative tide in strong response in College students.

undeniable, young people with great wisdom and strength, have a natural passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. A few times, like today, let the young people fully deserve to become "to hit the leading actor on the stage. This also makes the business is no longer a minority of "professional", and become the majority of the opportunity. For young people to build a broad stage, so that more doors open to young people, will undoubtedly inject more impetus and vitality to economic and social development. read more

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How can we make the shop business better

now choose to open shop is more and more, thus resulting in the industry’s competition is increasingly fierce, and let the whole industry more confusion, in this context, if you want to make your own shop business is hot, natural to also need to master the relevant skills. So, how can we make the business of the shop better? Let me see small series of.

1. do not release repeat information: do not think that the release of information, others will increase the probability of seeing. How can ability make the business of net inn better? When the customer to enter your site to see a lot of duplication of information, and ultimately can only bring the opposite effect, will cause the customer’s sense of distrust, that you are in a random message. read more

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The first exposure site rectification notification

Legal Daily News January 8th (reporter Zhu Lei) reporter today from the China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center learned that since January 5th, the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other seven departments held a national Internet campaign vulgarity special action television and telephone conference and announced the first batch of 19 website list after a few days, some sites actively carry out clean-up and remediation work, and to the public apology, but there are still some poor management website. read more

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CNNC expert analysis Baidu paralysis event call attention to domain security

January 13th morning news, according to Baidu domain name hijacking fault 11 hours, CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin said today to Sina Technology, from the CNNIC tracking data, DNS security was related to the accident and the analysis of the outside world, should cause reflection is the domain of security problem.

Qi Lin said that from the analytical data currently displayed by the baidu.com, the Baidu fault due to its domain name Name Server (hereinafter referred to as "NS") is modified, the NS function is decided on domain name parsing by which DNS server, NS modified to return the wrong DNS record of course will cause access error. read more

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nventory of the world’s top ten famous hackers God horse Jobs is one of them

Abstract: hackers are not always destroy or steal information of the bad guy, some well-known hacker is indeed eventually chained and thrown into prison. But many of them have become law-abiding citizens with a lot of achievements, set up their own companies, become billionaires, or publish books.

foreign media published the article, the famous hacker of the inventory, and in this list, apple co-founder Jobs · Steve (Steve Jobs) and Steve · (Steve Wozniak); Wozniak was also on the list. read more

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SF financial transaction or a low key layout Ali Jingdong new threats

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun July 18th reported

has been SF EXPRESS (hereinafter referred to as the "SF") with an express company brand impression to the outside world. But with more and more label SF body with internet mark, the layout is more and more big, its features are increasingly blurred.

today is an SF express company logistics company financial payment??? Is the electricity supplier company? Apparently not simply defined, after a quick layout courier, electricity, logistics, SF began trying to break new ground acceleration in the financial sector. read more

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The blog soft network marketing means

to understand what is soft, first we need to know what is hard advertising advertising is hard, we often see some such as Wuliangye, Nike and so on television or in the newspapers do the full page advertisement, he let people see that is advertising. And soft, its biggest feature is that most people think this is not an advertisement, when people watching this skill advertising soft Wen, has been deeply recognized inside the product or service, this is the biggest advantage, let people see imperceptibly have already to express their identity any thought. read more

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Google test new search engine Caffeine

Beijing time on August 12th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday began to open test code named Caffeine (caffeine) "version of the search engine.

This new

search engines use different URL (www2.sandbox.google.com), and the appearance of Google now exactly the same, but the results are different, this will have an impact on those who rely on Google for the flow of enterprise.

on Monday evening released a blog, Google said the new version of the search engine will be faster, the results will be more accurate and comprehensive. read more

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How to do a good job of local station discount card business

many local stations have been launched discount business card, for example: "Xiamen fish card", "Yantai Yantai forum membership card", has achieved remarkable results, the merchant discount card for the benefits of the website is immeasurable, many webmaster friends are struggling to move, businesses can make fantasy discount card the website soar, as everyone knows, the discount card can make the website businesses soar, can make your website all the webmaster friends in the notorious repute, launched a discount card before, must calm down, consider joining the business will have several discount card to out, how to guarantee the customer service. If these problems can be solved, then do not hesitate to speed up the city as soon as possible. read more

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True Qihoo 360 acquired the domain name 360 com or price 100 million yuan

renamed China (eName.cn) February 3rd news last night, the domain name industry came 360 spent 100 million yuan buying the domain name domain name 360.com, then Xu Jun chiefs said it is to let people can not see the truth, but now the eName domain name whois The case is entirely cleared., information query, domain name 360.com has been successfully transferred to the Qihoo 360 under the name of the company. And has been transferred to the renamed Chinese management platform.

figure: 360.com domain name WHOIS information read more

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Forgotten gold mine talk about the value of big data marketing business

There are thousands of

Internet marketing, general business marketing must consider many aspects of industry characteristics, product type, through the discussion of the marketing team, the manager’s decision to end execution, and in the process of marketing, combined with the marketing cost and the market effect of continuous adjustment. This internet marketing ideas and there is no obvious loophole, but the accuracy of the marketing direction to the past Zhu Geliang, before the market feedback data, who can not determine whether the success of marketing. Domestic small and medium enterprises are keen on this side edge analysis of marketing, resulting in a large number of marketing costs, but in exchange for a very small effect, why we do not find the right direction before marketing, read more

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