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CNNIC expert analysis Baidu paralysis event call attention to domain security

January 13th morning news, according to Baidu domain name hijacking fault 11 hours, CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin said today to Sina Technology, from the CNNIC tracking data, DNS security was related to the accident and the analysis of the outside world, should cause reflection is the domain of security problem.

Qi Lin said that from the analytical data currently displayed by the baidu.com, the Baidu fault due to its domain name Name Server (hereinafter referred to as "NS") is modified, the NS function is decided on domain name parsing by which DNS server, NS modified to return the wrong DNS record of course will cause access error. read more

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Inventory of the world’s top ten famous hackers…… God horse Jobs is one of them

Abstract: hackers are not always destroy or steal information of the bad guy, some well-known hacker is indeed eventually chained and thrown into prison. But many of them have become law-abiding citizens with a lot of achievements, set up their own companies, become billionaires, or publish books.

foreign media published the article, the famous hacker of the inventory, and in this list, apple co-founder Jobs · Steve (Steve Jobs) and Steve · (Steve Wozniak); Wozniak was also on the list. read more

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SF financial transaction or a low-key layout Ali Jingdong new threats

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun July 18th reported

has been SF EXPRESS (hereinafter referred to as the "SF") with an express company brand impression to the outside world. But with more and more label SF body with internet mark, the layout is more and more big, its features are increasingly blurred.

today is an SF express company logistics company financial payment??? Is the electricity supplier company? Apparently not simply defined, after a quick layout courier, electricity, logistics, SF began trying to break new ground acceleration in the financial sector. read more

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The blog soft network marketing means

to understand what is soft, first we need to know what is hard advertising advertising is hard, we often see some such as Wuliangye, Nike and so on television or in the newspapers do the full page advertisement, he let people see that is advertising. And soft, its biggest feature is that most people think this is not an advertisement, when people watching this skill advertising soft Wen, has been deeply recognized inside the product or service, this is the biggest advantage, let people see imperceptibly have already to express their identity any thought. read more

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Google test new search engine Caffeine

Beijing time on August 12th morning news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday began to open test code named Caffeine (caffeine) "version of the search engine.

This new

search engines use different URL (www2.sandbox.google.com), and the appearance of Google now exactly the same, but the results are different, this will have an impact on those who rely on Google for the flow of enterprise.

on Monday evening released a blog, Google said the new version of the search engine will be faster, the results will be more accurate and comprehensive. read more

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How to do a good job of local station discount card business

many local stations have been launched discount business card, for example: "Xiamen fish card", "Yantai Yantai forum membership card", has achieved remarkable results, the merchant discount card for the benefits of the website is immeasurable, many webmaster friends are struggling to move, businesses can make fantasy discount card the website soar, as everyone knows, the discount card can make the website businesses soar, can make your website all the webmaster friends in the notorious repute, launched a discount card before, must calm down, consider joining the business will have several discount card to out, how to guarantee the customer service. If these problems can be solved, then do not hesitate to speed up the city as soon as possible. read more

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True! Qihoo 360 acquired the domain name 360.com or price 100 million yuan

renamed China (eName.cn) February 3rd news last night, the domain name industry came 360 spent 100 million yuan buying the domain name domain name 360.com, then Xu Jun chiefs said it is to let people can not see the truth, but now the eName domain name whois The case is entirely cleared., information query, domain name 360.com has been successfully transferred to the Qihoo 360 under the name of the company. And has been transferred to the renamed Chinese management platform.

figure: 360.com domain name WHOIS information read more

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Forgotten gold mine – talk about the value of big data marketing business

There are thousands of

Internet marketing, general business marketing must consider many aspects of industry characteristics, product type, through the discussion of the marketing team, the manager’s decision to end execution, and in the process of marketing, combined with the marketing cost and the market effect of continuous adjustment. This internet marketing ideas and there is no obvious loophole, but the accuracy of the marketing direction to the past Zhu Geliang, before the market feedback data, who can not determine whether the success of marketing. Domestic small and medium enterprises are keen on this side edge analysis of marketing, resulting in a large number of marketing costs, but in exchange for a very small effect, why we do not find the right direction before marketing, read more

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Adhere to the overall role of Web site construction

look at the previous section to win in China commercial real combat, the judges review, the most is the strategy and implementation of the relationship.

senior website construction company in Beijing century century seems, strategy and implementation, both indispensable, but the latter is more important. The so-called "practice", most of the time, we are not in a familiar way, but the stones. Strategy is right, there is no absolute standard, but once there is a goal, it should be implemented to specific actions, and perseverance to do, in the process of doing, and then continue to adjust the strategy. Network marketing is the concept of fire in recent years, many companies have begun to try. Production site, search engine promotion, online advertising, online shopping, join the B2B website, do EMAIL marketing…… These methods have a lot of companies are doing, in which a small number of enterprises have tasted the sweetness, but more companies do not feel how much help network marketing, why? read more

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Network push the bride Network Marketing Taboo concept hype was commercialized

these two days to see a speculation on the concept of rice wine industry, wine bank, which is a wine museum in Shandong, Qingdao launched a new investment concept, a launch on the concern. Push forward with the same as liquid assets investment". This is not a lot of speculation to the popularization and application of network marketing in the end, most of the concepts we now search and speculation are money, in any case this coating has not faded.

even network comments: "two years ago, Pu’er Tea speculation is more expensive than gold, the end result? There is a flower, but is a kind of plant, sought after by investors into gold in gold, and now Yellow Wine, these are actually is only a medium for investors. Independent and practical value of these goods itself, Pu’er Tea finally to drink, but also Yellow Wine, a round of investment boom receded, all bare in truth." read more

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What can we do in the face of the cruel earthquake

: after the 7.8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County of Wenchuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Gansu, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other places there are different degrees of reaction, but we have to ask: where is the magnitude of the earthquake, what? 14:37 yesterday, it is in the 9 minutes after the earthquake, there is the first network forum a number of posts, and quickly set up a special forum, let users publish local information in a timely manner, the first time to understand the scope of friends around the earthquake affected, resolve the earthquake brought about by the psychological shadow. read more

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Summed up the success of the marketing stick a few key factors

" Baidu Post Bar – the world’s largest Chinese community " this is the title part of the post bar, is indeed the largest, Baidu as the largest Chinese search engine, users can imagine. Where there is a user, where there is the market, so how to use the stick to our product marketing? The following author from his own experience to talk about the most common two kinds of post bar marketing.

mode one: the theme of the product plus product link

we need to clear a purpose, we do Post Bar is to head to our site to bring traffic or direct promotion of our products, marketing is to sell products, sell the premise is to have people know your product, how to let people know your product, this is the promotion of the first step is the marketing promotion. read more

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Talking about how to promote the king of the network

entered the ranks of the individual owners in 2007, contact the webmaster network is the end of 07, and for the first time to see the king in Chengdu is the general assembly. Before meeting him, grassroots are full of praise for him. From my understanding of online chat and QQ, also can see Figure Wang really low-key amiable and easy of approach, and helpful; and he in website promotion for high-profile, in the absence of any form of advertising, let you become his grassroots loyal website visitors. Here I talk about a few points: read more

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China’s electricity supplier to chase the U.S. black cross-border electricity supplier approaching F

beautiful said HIGO, Tmall international, foreign terminals, Amazon China, little red book, this year’s cross-border electricity supplier platform for the pursuit of black five unprecedented enthusiasm.

on Friday, the other side of the ocean will usher in the year’s largest line of commercial big promotion black Friday". In the "double 11" to redefine the behavior of the domestic online shopping, the American festival is rapidly becoming the best opportunity for cross-border electricity supplier training Chinese consumer awareness. read more

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Why not escape the curse electric brush single store credit system reform

double eleven has been around the electricity supplier platform single brush problem has been re mentioned, electricity supplier deep brush single curse, and this brush is a vicious cycle, shop owner order sales. When peers or competitors began to brush single, many shopkeepers also chose a single brush, Taobao, Tmall platform, the higher the sales, the higher the credibility of the higher the ranking of the store. Such orders will increase, and those in the top three pages of the baby, almost no sales. So the store began to compete with each other, comparisons, the fight is the sales and reputation, especially the number of baby praise. These will directly affect whether the buyer to buy. read more

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