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Open a restaurant to know how to control costs

catering stores, to master a lot of skills, this is a cost control we need to pay attention, do not underestimate the cost control, reasonable control can make your food stores to reduce investment cost, but also better able to control risk. So, how to do a good job in food and beverage franchise cost control? Together we analyze.

us in real life is not difficult to find some problems in some food stores inside to eat, some dishes with accessories to fill dish ingredients, greatly reduced. Although this approach can be part of the cost of food and beverage stores, but the negative impact is enormous. In fact, the cost of food and beverage stores, first of all need a scientific and reasonable cost control concept. In the cost control of the food and beverage franchise, we should first realize the cost control by saving water and electricity and rationalization of the production process. For example, some of the floor of the restaurant franchise in business, when the first floor is saturated and then open the two floor, so that the opening time of the opening of the two floor to reduce electricity consumption, reduce the workload of the staff. In addition, a reasonable production process, the scientific distribution of employees, saving more labor costs. Remember, the cost control food stores should not harm the interests of customers, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain. read more

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Shutter ten brands list

The use of

shutter is very much, because of such a demand, so that the market was born a lot of brands. After all, the quality of the shutter products, will be able to directly affect the use of results. So, if you want to buy blinds products, may wish to refer to the ten major brands in the blinds, and thus choose to more reliable brand.

shutters ten brands list, NO.1 Norman Shutters: in 1974 Taiwan Yifeng Industrial Holdings, one of the world’s largest provider of wood shutters, blinds industry leading brands, Yifeng (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. curtain. read more

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It is necessary for women to open a restaurant

catering industry has grown to maturity, coupled with the continuous introduction of domestic support policies to encourage entrepreneurship, and now for entrepreneurs to invest in food and beverage shops is a mistake to get rich business opportunities. For now, eat out more and more friends, as we all know, with the characteristics of delicious, and thoughtful service stores catering business will be good, but if you do not have a good store location, it’s delicious delicacy again will also reduce a certain profit. Especially for female friends, do not understand the food and beverage market, how the site is more important. So, the restaurant shop in the shop to choose the location of the novice what skills?

read more

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Common western dishes and characteristics

what is your first impression of Western food? Steak? Salad? Dessert? Yes, these are our Chinese people’s impression of Western food. Different from Chinese food, Western food is mainly based on bread, beef ingredients as the main material, with coffee and other drinks. Do you really know western food? In the face of this problem must have a lot of Chinese can only be rendered speechless, the following Xiaobian take you about Western-style food characteristics.

let us know about the common style and characteristics of Western food: read more

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The new open shop name errors that may be deducted

as a buyer, we found a lot of shopping shop names are similar, the sale of the product has a lot of repetition, the competitiveness of each point is not strong. However, if the network name error, and may be deducted.

two weeks before the opening of the shop, are selling their love of men’s women’s and men’s shoes, what.

very many recent Toms shoes, see the shelves immediately excited when the shoes over suppliers, their husband to wear a pair of.

results just shelves, it was off the shelf, but also deducted four points. read more

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Slimming beauty stores experience sharing

summer arrived, both men and women are on a diet, have weight 200 pounds of well-known host Haitao is thin, buddies have been mood.according, have determined to lose weight. Slimming beauty industry potential.

Slimming stores beauty is now has the largest potential and sales situation of the project, maturity is its biggest advantage, stable model, so that entrepreneurs on how to gain the heart, how to get the sustained and stable development, we need to make a detailed analysis, but also have a certain understanding of the market, so from now on to let’s go to see detailed knowledge of read more

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A number of domestic SNS in e-commerce or break a path

July 6th news, the domestic SNS site into a collective downturn, a large number of small and medium sites are on the edge of collapse or collapse. Last week, founded three years of social networking site 360 times (360quan.com) to close the end, declared the field of domestic SNS bubble collective disillusionment.

360 laps is just a microcosm of the industry as a whole. UUzone had closed down in 2007. At present, with the net, zhanzuo, eFriendsNet, 100 million net and other small and medium-sized SNS site, is also the capital chain management under the background of hard life. Network CEO cornfield ants even into giant arms, joined Baidu new social network division. read more

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In 2008 three, a decline of the reason Baidu will die

this article I will all say is very simple, because of the need to solve the problem, first of all to simplify complex issues, so as to block the lifeblood of the problem, even if can not solve the problem, at least can make clear to everyone even if the article didn’t write a white.

Chinese medicine, by look and smell, the pathology, pushing its root cause. In today’s Internet search giant "Baidu", found a strange situation. A variety of images have been made clear that Baidu has been incorporated into cream blind, even unharmed. Want to come, in fact, this is a word, a thousand feet of insects, although dead and not stiff. In fact, Baidu is dead, just because Baidu was strong, and now can barely hold a few days. If these days, Baidu does not know how to save themselves, for fear that Baidu really want to lose without crossing. read more

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The network a new arena profit we are losers

piracy industry, there is also a wild lily spring

entered in 2010, Zhang Qing met a bad thing, the second day of the new year’s holiday, he worked hard to buy the site for the past three years, was suddenly sealed by Chongqing telecom.

a few days later, Zhang Qingcai knew he had caught up with an unprecedented campaign to rectify the internet. Although he has been busy in the relevant formalities, but when it reopened, he did not mind the end. Over the past three years, he and his wife have been living on this site, through the organization of members to buy and advertising commission. This means that he could not earn a penny to the first month of the new year, but also for the wages of 12 employees worry, one with an average of 1800 yuan. read more

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Report the highest award million illegal websites video website will be a thorough investigation

original title: illegal websites to report the highest prize million

Beijing News (reporter Du Ding) the National Copyright Bureau and other 4 departments jointly launched a period of 4 months in 2012 to combat Internet piracy special treatment Jian Wang action". Yesterday, the State Copyright Bureau announced the "2012" sword action "piracy case incentives", decided on the 6 report, depending on the circumstances were given 1000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan reward.

Our copyright management read more

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O2O myth ending subsidies to create pseudo demand goodbye perfect ending

Abstract: high growth and high mortality of O2O, means that the risk brought by the integration of online and offline, is the precondition of determination, such as "let the bullets fly" Huang Silang told Hu Wan: "if you live, sooner or later will die; if you die, you will never live!"

Call the

CEO from the high cold symbols become as the next Pharaoh as close to the people, thanks to national entrepreneurship tide gave, but more credit to O2O, a few years ago to talk about ideals, about entrepreneurship, I’ll put up several products, operations and technology Daniel, can play a capital recognized situation will be the occasion today, a public number will be able to pick up the door, dropping the start-up costs, let many people cheering entrepreneurship in the spring, but Shelley said in turn set up, spring, winter be far behind? read more

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The successor of Ma Yun conjecture Alipay CEO Peng Lei the highest voice

a stone stirred Melaleuca, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO MA (micro-blog) will be retiring in May 10, 2013 CEO news, shocked the industry. For a time, who will become Ma’s successor, attracted endless speculation in the industry.

Ma Yuncheng: "took over the founder of CEO is a very difficult job, especially with me such a distinctive character and ‘ET’ class CEO is the need for great courage and sacrifice. Ali is fortunate to have a number of such leaders, each with a rare charisma and style of leadership." read more

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The anti pornography special action 18 central media websites promised to resist pornographic inform

Xinhuanet.com Beijing

on 14 April, the national anti pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the 13 day of the campaign against online pornography information special action notice".

after the announcement, the people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, the Central People’s broadcasting station, CCTV and other 18 major central news unit and the website run by the immediate response to special operations requirements, conscientiously carry out self correction, web page prominently in the "notice" "statement" "to the user", indicate a positive attitude, take strong measures to combat online pornographic information. At the same time announced the channels to accept social supervision, in order to carry out the actual action with special action. read more

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Entrepreneurial companies sigh those who are willing to change the fate of the sale of the dead

After the release of the

national enterprise registered capital restrictions, the rapid growth of the number of start-up companies. It is easy to register, but it is difficult to recruit. Especially the sales post. According to the statistical data of ant recruitment, the turnover of sales positions is very little, which is far lower than the technical and administrative positions. To this end, a number of ant recruitment visits are hiring sales customers, we generally have the following complaints: resume fewer people, about the interview, not hired to post, the gang to suck… read more

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How to use the blog marketing

statistics, since twenty-first Century, blog marketing has become a popular global strategy, it is almost unstoppable, in this context, we have set up a blog, into the family, and when many people are still playing online blog log, some people have begun to examine this emerging industry from another point of view, they saw his profound influence on the digital world, understand how to use the blog in the increasingly competitive society to help her better promotion and development.

before writing this article I certainly know the blog refinement, to do more to promote management innovation and communication strategy consulting enterprise, and also don’t more rich, to keep me in this regard not to keep up with the rhythm of the development of the network, so I am here today and share some of their own experience. read more

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Search network stop rumors of capital injection will be adjusted for business

January 28th January 28th, Chihiro network statement sent to Donews, said the stopping of the rumor is not real, and pointed out that the investment are inject new funds to help Chihiro network business adjustment to improve profit and efficiency, external partners have also been with Chihiro network to discuss cooperation matters.

after the news, Chihiro network has already started before the layoffs, the current staff of only about 80 people. After the Spring Festival is expected to complete layoffs. read more

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Where the Dragon Sword marketing innovation

I always pay attention to PPG

. PPG the most glorious moment, I’ve done it successfully to share. When PPG collapsed, I summarize its failure. After the vancl.com, I asserted that it would die. But VANCL was beyond my expectation, not only to live longer than PPG, but also to be more brilliant than PPG.

as a network marketing, I am concerned about the success of VANCL, pay more attention to its marketing. From the point of view of 1.5 professionals, VANCL is worth learning. Crazy for the entire network from the recent "VANCL style", "Kuyt now" Wang Shuang network Reds settled online "dragon sword", share the game with the reality of where customers interact with friends, make it become a kind of fashion, VANCL again so I was surprised in the "! When VANCL style" popular, I wrote an article analysis, now I want to share every guest into "dragon sword". read more

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