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Grand Chief hosting AFN election hit by lawsuit from former inhouse lawyer

first_imgJorge Barrera APTN National NewsThe organization and grand chief hosting the election for the next national chief of the Assembly of First Nations is facing a lawsuit from a former in-house lawyer.Louis Harper, the former lawyer for the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO), filed a statement of claim on Nov. 13 against the organization and Grand Chief David Harper. Louis Harper said in the statement of claim he was “constructively dismissed” from MKO “without just cause, without reasonable notice and without compensation in lieu of reasonable notice.”The statement of claim alleges that Louis Harper faced a “hostile and embarrassing work environment” which forced him to take time off twice last year for health reasons.“(Louis Harper) says that his constructive dismissal has been orchestrated by the defendants in a manner calculated to inflict mental anguish and distress on him and to cause him to lose standing and reputation in the community, and, in particular, with those First Nations with whom the plaintiff dealt in the course of his employment with MKO,” said the statement of claim.APTN National News spoke with Grand Chief Harper about the lawsuit last week. The grand chief said he could not comment on the issue, because it was before the courts, beyond saying Louis Harper was not fired from MKO.MKO is hosting the AFN election for national chief next week in Winnipeg.MKO’s grand chief survived a confidence vote in September amid allegations from MKO-member chiefs that he was mismanaging the organization’s finances and using the money for personal reasons. Grand Chief Harper denied the allegations. The federal Aboriginal Affairs department tapped KPMG to probe MKO’s books as a result.State of ClaimDownload (PDF, Unknown)The statement of claim alleges Grand Chief Harper repeatedly made “defamatory comments” about Louis Harper to the MKO’s chiefs and the organization’s executive council.“At all material times, the defendant knew that its treatment of the plaintiff was causing deleterious effects to his health,” said the statement of claim.The document also alleges that someone in MKO intercepted a letter from the Law Society of Manitoba address to Louis Harper. The letter was “then altered and circulated to various MKO chiefs under an anonymous cover letter that contained comments that were untrue, scandalous and defamatory of the plaintiff.”The statement of claim said Louis Harper had no option but to leave his position at MKO on Sept. 26.While the statement of claim does not include a dollar figure, it seeks damages for “intentional infliction of mental distress,” punitive damages and “general and special damages for constructive dismissal of the plaintiff from his employment.”Louis harper was employed as general counsel for MKO from Aug. 3, 2005 to this past September.jbarrera@aptn.ca@JorgeBarreralast_img read more

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Ban Kimoon sends condolences on death of Indonesias Suharto

Mr. Ban said President Suharto’s 32-year leadership of Indonesia “was both an important period in the country’s history and a time during which Indonesia played a significant role in international affairs.”The Secretary-General, who is currently on an official visit to Europe that will take him also to Africa, made his comments in a statement released by his spokesperson. 28 January 2008United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has conveyed condolences to the Government and people of Indonesia on the death of former President Suharto. read more

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Kingsmill its time to sell familys oldstyle department store a local landmark

Kingsmill: it’s time to sell family’s old-style department store, a local landmark LONDON, Ont. – The Kingsmill’s department store, a quaint, old-style family-owned local landmark tracing its history to 1865, is up for sale.Generations of the Kingsmill family have owned and operated the business in downtown London, Ont., in what was once the city’s main shopping area.Tim Kingsmill, who started working at the store as a teen and has been president since 2003, is planning his retirement after 35 years in the retail business.He says the decision to sell one of the few remaining independent, family-owned and operated department stores in Canada has been “tremendously difficult.”Details of the sales process weren’t announced but the store will operate as usual in the meantime.“This type of transition must be carefully planned,” Kingsmill said in a statement.“The store continues to be successful, and as such, the time is now right for me to begin planning this next step.”Kingsmill’s sells a variety of goods, including home furnishings, fine china and collectibles, women’s, men’s and children’s fashions, cosmetics, linens, gifts, kitchen ware and luggage.Although it has been repeatedly updated, the store continues to have features from a by-gone era such as a manually operated elevator and pneumatic tubes that whiz paperwork around the building.The store has burned down and been rebuilt twice during its 148-year history.The current building, built in 1932, is spread over five floors and features the original tin-plated ceilings and hardwood floors.The store was opened as a dry goods store in 1865 by Thomas Frazer Kingsmill, an Irish immigrant — the first of five generations to operate the business.“Tim has been an incredible leader,” said Fred Kingsmill, board chair of Kingsmill’s and Tim’s father. “He has ensured the store’s continued success while respecting the values of quality and service that have always been so important to our family. I am tremendously proud of him and wish him nothing but the best as he begins to map out the next stage of his life.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Sep 26, 2013 11:14 am MDT read more

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AsiaPacific growth to pick up moderately in 2015 – new UN report

Growth in the region is being driven by improved economies in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea and Thailand, reports the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in its Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2014: Year-end Update. The report also found that growth in the region still remains below pre-crisis levels. “Despite improved prospects, many developing economies in the region face structural constraints which have kept them from realizing their growth potential,” ESCAP Executive Secretary Dr. Shamshad Akhtar said in Bangkok as she unveiled the report today. “Infrastructure shortages remain acute and growth has not translated into enough decent jobs,” she added. Structural reforms in India and Indonesia are projected to help increase growth to 6.4 and 5.6 per cent, respectively, from 5.5 and 5.2 per cent, respectively, in 2014. Growth in China is forecast to hover around 7 per cent in 2015. The Year-end Update also estimates that for energy-importing countries, a $10 per barrel drop in the price of oil in 2015 would translate into an increase in GDP growth of up to 0.5 percentage points. However, reduced growth in Russia could deprive neighbouring Central Asian countries of $1.7 billion in remittances. Among the growth drivers in the region, Thailand’s economy, after the sharp slowdown to 0.8 per cent in 2014, is forecast to grow by 3.9 per cent due to increased short-term consumer and investor confidence following the end of the protracted political instability.However, likely capital volatility in 2015, triggered by developed world monetary policies could slash Asia-Pacific GDP growth by up to 0.7 percentage points, ESCAP estimates, advocating sound macroeconomic management and macroprudential policies to address this. On the domestic front, developing countries in the region need to bridge physical and social infrastructure gaps that need an annual investment of $815 billion, according to the Year-end Update. It outlines ways to increase infrastructure financing and recommends labour market reforms to increase decent job opportunities.Meanwhile, declining global oil prices could reduce fuel subsidies that account for a large share of national budgets in many countries in the region. ESCAP estimates that savings from those subsidies could, for example, finance the provision of income security to the elderly and persons with disabilities as well as universal access to health and education.“This is a particularly critical and opportune time to decrease subsidies,” the ESCAP Executive Secretary said, noting that this would not only reduce budgetary strains but also prepare governments for the near future when global financing may be even more challenging to secure.“Reducing subsidies can raise significant public financial resources for productive investment in the region and could make needed funds available for financing sustainable development,” Dr. Akhtar concluded. read more

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UN rights office urges Bahrain to review dissolution of opposition party

“In spite of strong calls from the international community for Bahrain to seek to de-escalate the worrying tensions in the country, we regret the decision to press ahead with the ban,” Ravina Shamdasani, a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), told reporters in Geneva.Reports suggest that the court hearing was carried out without due regard for the principles of fair trial, and the ban is the latest in a series of measures over the last few months that appear to be designed to quash dissents, she explained.“We urge the authorities, and the national human rights institutions in place in Bahrain, to take immediate confidence-building measures to ensure the rights to freedom of peaceful expression, assembly and association are respected,” Ms. Shamdasani said.The call comes one day after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the dissolution of Al Wefaq “the latest in a series of restrictions” on human rights in the country. He urged a resumption of an all-inclusive national dialogue aimed at peace and stability in the country, and the region. read more

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Strong start for trucks January registrations up 59

·       Registrations: in January, up 49.8%; rolling year to January 2011 up to 263,895units.·       Trucks: up 58.9% to 2,467 in January; rolling year at 35,372 units up 6.3%.·       Vans: up 48.6% to 17,154 in January; rolling year at 228,523 units, up 22.7%.“Strong growth continues for van and truck registrations although uncertainty remains over the year ahead,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive. “A 50% rise in the van market and 60% for trucks is a good start to the year but next month’s Budget could prove crucial if freight operators’ concerns over fuel duty and access to credit for business investment are not addressed.”DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

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Motherhood and Work I accept that Ill never be Superwoman – Ill

first_imgI STUMBLED ACROSS a paperback in my mother-in-law’s a few weeks back. ‘Superwoman’, by Shirley Conran. I recognised it instantly from my own childhood. My mother had it, as did countless others of her generation. So I remembered the Seventies style brunette and bold emblazoned letters across the top of it quite vividly. And it brought back memories of my own mother bending over it, apron on and a bowl of boiling water and sliced lemon to the ready, following its advice on stain removal as though it were gospel.It was a cult book of its time. A practical aide-memoire to the burgeoning era of feminism. First published in 1975, it became a bible for mothers of that generation. It was described as an encyclopaedia of ‘household management for the modern woman’ (at a time when men didn’t feature in such matters). It claimed to guide hopeful young women of the day on how to be a ‘working wife and mother’, when that was very much the exception, not the rule.The first real generation of working mothers in IrelandWorking women of that era, my own mother included, truly believed that they were blazing a trail on their daughter’s behalves. They were the first real generation of working mothers in Ireland and they really did have to make it up as they went along. There were no microwaves or disposable nappies. No parental leave. No maternity leave worth talking about.And yet they managed. Just about. Stuck it out despite the difficulties they encountered. I think because they truly believed that they were carving out a better future for their daughters. That the path they were following represented a worthwhile ideal. And that, as a result, we would have options that they never even dreamed of. Whilst De Valera would have had us cailins ‘dancing at the crossroads’, our mothers were going to make bloody sure that future generations of Irish women would be more than just decorative features.I still struggleMy mother was a grade A student from the west of Ireland. The eldest girl of eleven children raised in a two-up two-down. She got a scholarship for secondary school and then for teacher training college. And she was grateful to get it. But she recognised that she could have done more, had she had the option to do so. And she always, always encouraged us to pursue those options and stand on our own two feet. To reach for the skies in everything we did and never let our gender get in the way. And so we did. I did.And now..Now, I’m knackered.Sorry, Mum. But I am. I’m wrecked.I’ve two kids under three, an elderly father and a career (of sorts). And no life worth talking about.I have a great husband, a very understanding employer who allows me work part time and two healthy children, but I still struggle to fit it all into the 24 hours we are all granted in any given day.So, no, Shirley, I am not Superwoman. In fact, most of the time I feel like entirely the opposite. And I’m sorry, Mum, but I think I may have failed. Despite your best efforts to grant me the opportunities you were never afforded.The other evening it finally happened. One month after returning to work, and after a busy day in the office followed by a particularly difficult evening of domestics, I keeled over. Literally.I got up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, and next thing I knew my husband was standing over me trying to rouse me from the bedroom floor where I had cracked my head when I landed. And do you know what thought ran through my groggy head as I heard his muffled pleas for me to wake up, and the kids roared in unison in the background?‘Somebody else’s problem’.How horrendous is that?To be fair, I had just pretty much knocked myself unconscious. I could actually feel myself sinking into a warm, cosy pit of nothingness and, in truth, I was perfectly happy to stay there in whatever unconscious world I had knocked myself into for a bit of a rest. I actually remember thinking. ‘At last, a break’. God forgive me. As if he didn’t need one too.Having it all = doing it allBut it did wake me up to an uncomfortable fact which I kind of already knew, but which perhaps I hadn’t truly accepted. That whilst, yes, I want it all, and my brain, for one, really needs it all, I’m not sure I actually have it in me to do it all.I seem to spend my whole life ‘making up for lost time’. In the office, for the time I’m with the kids. With the kids, for the time I’m in the office. I am quite literally burning the candle at both ends. Living a double life but within the same 24 hour day.Most of the working mothers I know are exactly the same. The ones that appear to have it all are very few and far between. Most of us just stretch ourselves as thin as is humanly possible and muddle through. And that’s not to say that stay-at-home mums aren’t tired also. They are physically far more wrecked than those of who are cosily parked at a computer all day. But there is a unique form of mental exhaustion that comes with having to adjust to two entirely different roles of a day.I absolutely struggle to wind down from the madness of the latest e-mail bombardment in work and readjust to my toddler’s pace of life where he doesn’t expect me to spout buzz words or go into bat on whatever the ‘burning issue’ of the day is. He just expects me to give him a hug and wipe his nose. As soon as I walk into the house I have to remove my ‘office’ head, and replant my ‘mummy’ one. My two lives are entirely different, requiring completely different skill-sets and personalities, and that, whilst liberating in many ways, is also exhausting.So Mum, thank you for the opportunity. And thank you for blazing a trail so that thirty-odd years later I would have the option of following it.But, I will never be Superwoman. I will be Mediocre Mum. And mediocre staff member. And that, I’m afraid, for the moment at least, is the best I can hope for.Claire Micks is the mother of a (reasonably behaved) three-year-old girl and an (entirely spoiled) 15-month-old boy. She survives by day and writes by night. Croaks rather than tweets, but despite that somehow manages to get her ramblings published on occasion.Are you a father that stays at home with the kids? Would you like to write about it? Get in touch! Email voices@thejournal.ieMotherhood and Work: Practical tips for returning to the office after maternity leaveMotherhood and Work: ‘Why do more women than men stay at home with children?’last_img read more

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Student arrested after threatening principal on Facebook

first_imgA 16-year-old student from Fort Mill High School in North Carolina has been arrested by police after he posted a threat against his school principal on his Facebook wall.The student’s name cannot be revealed at this time because he is under 18 years of age and is therefore being charged as a juvenile, but the message directed at the school principal – Dee Christopher – has been released.In the message, posted March 3rd, the student makes it clear that the principal is only alive because he is allowing him to stay alive. The student also states he is very intelligent, but then contradicts himself. At one point he says that the principal being allowed to live is a statement and a promise, but also wants peace and that he’s helped him get “back in line”.As a result of the message the student was immediately suspended from school for an as-of-yet undisclosed period of time and then sent back home to stay with his father. Shortly afterwards the school consulted with the Department of Juvenile Justice and an arrest was made by the Fort Mill Police Department for allegedly making threats and disturbing the peace at his school.The student’s home was also searched due to the severity of the threat and the suspect was transported to Moss Justice Center.We do not know if the student will face expulsion at this time, but Chuck Epps, Superintendent of Fort Mill School District, stated that if a student communicates a threat to any member of staff or a teacher they can face a range of disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.However, expulsion will be the last thing on the students mind as he will no doubt face a long juvenile jail sentence if found guilty.Read more at ZDNetlast_img read more

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Grippe A fautil encore se faire vacciner

first_imgGrippe A : faut-il encore se faire vacciner ?France – Alors que les derniers bons de vaccination sont en cours d’envoi et qu’une première vague de l’épidémie de grippe A est désormais terminée, plusieurs scientifiques, de même que la ministre de la Santé, insistent sur l’intérêt toujours réel de la vaccination.Les données publiées la semaine dernière par les réseaux de surveillance de la grippe laissaient penser à une fin de l’épidémie de grippe A. La plupart des régions sont désormais en dessous du seuil épidémique. Pourtant, le virus est toujours présent et la menace n’est pas encore effacée. Comme le précise la directrice de l’Institut de veille sanitaire, “la fin d’une situation épidémique ne signifie pas la fin du risque de contracter une grippe”.La campagne de vaccination est toujours en cours, en centres de vaccination (lesquels vont connaître une fermeture progressive jusqu’à début mars), en cabinet médical, dans les établissements scolaires, dans les grandes entreprises ou administrations et, dès la fin du mois, dans au moins un centre hospitalier par département. L’intérêt de la vaccination divise toutefois les spécialistes : certains jugent l’efficacité du vaccin limitée s’il est injecté maintenant. D’autres espèrent une immunisation suffisante de la population afin de contrer une possible nouvelle vague épidémique et préfèrent une vaccination tardive plutôt qu’inexistante.Le 19 janvier 2010 à 10:29 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Watch Molting Spider Crab Crawls Out of Own Shell

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Stay on target You might never look at a crab shell the same way again.SeaWorld San Diego on Thursday shared fascinating time-lapse footage of a Japanese spider crab, which has the biggest leg span of any arthropod, molting — a process in which the crab sheds its entire shell and crawls out of its own body.center_img “It’s a perfectly natural occurrence for a spider crab,” said Mike Price, curator at the aquarium. “But for us as marine scientists to be able to witness Mother Nature in action in such an impressive way, that’s a great day at SeaWorld!”Crabs, and other crustaceans, cannot grow in a linear fashion like most animals. Because they have a hard outer shell (the exoskeleton) that does not grow, they must shed their shells, a process called molting, according to the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) at NOAA.Prior to molting, a crab reabsorbs some of the calcium carbonate from the old exoskeleton, then secretes enzymes to separate the old shell from the underlying skin, the AFSC said. Then, the epidermis secretes a new, soft, paper-like shell beneath the old one. This process can take several weeks.A day before molting, the crab starts to absorb seawater, and begins to swell up like a balloon, helping to expand the old shell and causing it to come apart at a special seam that runs around the body.The carapace, the hard upper shell, then opens up like a lid. The crab extracts itself from its old shell by pushing and compressing all of its appendages repeatedly. First it backs out, then pulls out its hind legs, then its front legs, and finally comes completely out of the old shell. This process takes about 15 minutes.Many crabs in a population molt at the same time of year, and their old shells could wash up on the beach. The “empty” crabs shells sometimes found on beaches are actually cast-off exoskeletons.More on Geek.com:Researchers Turn Lobster Shells Into Biodegradable PlasticSome Fish Can ‘Recognize Themselves’ in a Mirror, Study FindsSix New Species of ‘Superhero’ Catfish Discovered in the Amazonlast_img read more

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Haitians gearing up for May Celebration in South Florida

first_img South Florida records first cases of Zika virus Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Apr 2015 – In Florida, Haitians will be center stage at the 15th Annual Haitian Cultural Heritage Month celebrations beginning May 1. There will be art displays at PortMiami and the Little Haiti Cultural Center with other highlights including the Taste of Haiti in North Miami and the 4th annual Haitian History Bee at the Stephen P. Clark Center. In May, Haitians also celebrate Haitian Flag Day – it’s the 212th anniversary of the Haitian flag. The theme of this year’s festivities in South Florida is: “Haiti: Witness the Renaissance, Relive the Magic.” Haitian Flag Day Motorcade later Four killed in plane en route to Provo; not natives Related Items:haitian flag day, port miami, south florida Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

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Cliff rescue in La Jolla

first_img Posted: March 9, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, AP March 9, 2019 Cliff rescue in La Jolla KUSI Newsroom, AP, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Firefighters and lifeguards were called in this afternoon to rescue a man that was found sitting on the ledge of a cliff in La Jolla cove.The man was found 30-40 feet from the top of the bluff.There is no reason as to how or why the man ended up stranded there Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

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Lost Vancouver toddler found safe

first_imgA 3-year-old boy missing overnight from a home in the 5400 block of Northeast 34th Street was found safe Friday morning.“We’ve got him,” an officer radioed just after 7 a.m.The toddler was apparently found by a neighbor. Police took him to their nearby West Precinct, where he was checked by medics and reunited with his mother.Ajay J. Sardis was staying with a relative at her apartment on 34th Street when he was last seen about 1:15 a.m. The relative woke to check on Ajay at about 3 a.m., found him missing, and notified police.The door to the apartment was unlocked. The boy reportedly had no hat, coat or shoes.Police and firefighters searched the area, and asked neighbors to check areas in and around their homes, especially in places where a 3-year-old might hide to get out of the rain and cold. It was one of those neighbors who found the boy around 7 a.m.A TV image showed the boy alert, sitting on an officer’s lap in a squad car, wearing a Vancouver police hat.last_img read more

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House Elects Temporary Speaker

first_imgAs of Thursday, the House remains unorganized with no majority or coalition. One of the first actions of the temporary speaker was to swear in Sharon Jackson to the vacant House seat in Eagle River. Jackson was nominated by Governor Mike Dunleavy to file the vacant seat. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The House of Representatives has elected a temporary speaker after the start of the Legislative session on Tuesday.center_img On a vote of 35-4, House members supported Nome Democratic Representative Neal Foster for the job. The only other nomination for temporary speaker was Big Lake Republican Representative Mark Neuman.last_img read more

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Did Obama Boost Time for BeerGuzzling Coeds

first_imgHave college students put down their beers, signed out of Facebook and stopped reading trashy celebrity magazines? Well, not quite, but according to a recent survey, they just may be opting for more highbrow reads.Since 2005, Anderson Analytics has posed a series of open-ended questions to college students about their favorite brands and activities. This year, the surprising find from a survey of more than 1,000 students across the nation: Time ranked as their number one magazine read, displacing perennial winner Cosmo and beating out last year’s second place winner, People. Tom Anderson, managing partner at Anderson Analytics, attributed this to the fact that for the first time in years, the presidential race (specifically Obama) attracted the attention of younger voters. Be it the influence of their parents’ generation, or its association as a reliable news source, Time was their go-to. Although many publications ran features about the candidates and their running mates, newsmagazines (and Web sites) were of utmost importance, especially to students who strived to seem savvy and cultured about both sides of the campaign. A spokeswoman said that Time didn’t run any specific marketing campaigns; however, its Web site does skew younger. She added: “We found through this election cycle that Time is such a trusted news brand that people turned to us for information.”Are colleges are breeding more news-savvy students, or was this an election-year fluke?last_img read more

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CQ Roll Call Acquires Federal News Service

first_imgCQ Roll Call announced that it’s acquired The Dolan Company’s Federal News Service, giving CQ considerably more real-time information and transcripts.A spokesperson tells FOLIO: that terms of the deal will remain confidential.The company says that the FNS brand will continue on aside CQ Roll Call, at least for the foreseeable future. Its objective in the deal was to provide its exisiting audience with more valuable content in a digitized format. According to a statement from Keith White, EVP, there was a need for more digital primary sources, which is an invaluable resource for policy makers who need to make important decisions quickly.For the time being CQ Roll Call hasn’t determined what staffing changes, if any, will be necessary. A spokesperson says the company will take careful measures to integrate the staff and products as necessary.last_img read more

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GST Likely to Increase Costs for ECommerce Firms Flipkart Snapdeal by 1015

first_imgThe fast-growing e-commerce sector in the country is likely to witness a setback, as the costs for online retailers such as Flipkart and Snapdeal are likely to increase by 10-15 percent once the government’s landmark goods and services tax (GST) Bill comes into effect.Industry watchers say that the e-commerce sector, which is already seeing high cost pressures, might be impacted more in comparison to other sectors once the GST is implemented.”The working capital needs of the e-commerce firms would go up after the GST comes into play as the burden of tax on stock transfer would go up,” Prashant Deshpande, senior director at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, told The Economic Times.Recently, the government was forced to delay the landmark GST Bill until at least July, after facing strong opposition in the Rajya Sabha.The Modi government plans to implement the GST from April 2016.According to the GST bill, the e-commerce firms or their vendors are liable to pay the tax for the goods hoarded in their inventories. As it would take a few months for them to clear goods, the tax levied before the goods are sold is likely to increase the working capital of the firms.”So, while now the firms are paying around 12.5% of excise duty before the stocks are transferred, in future they would have to pay the GST rate which would be at least 8-10% more than excise duty,” he said.Online retailers such as Flipkart and Snapdeal have already been criticised by many industry trackers for their skyrocketing valuations and huge discount strategy. None of the domestic e-tailers have turned profitable since their inception despite a multi-fold increase in revenues.Many e-commerce companies are already taking advice from tax experts to deal with the problem.Experts say that the firms should cautiously manage their warehouses and abstain from transferring of goods across states as it would result in more taxes.The current delay in passing the GST Bill might be short-lived relief for the online retailers, as the government remains firm to implement it.”Nobody should get a thrill by delaying GST,” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Thursday.last_img read more

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briefly heightened

briefly heightened as an actual rainbow arched across partly cloudy skies over the lake.

Frank Carroll—NBC/Getty Images Bill Cosby is interviewed by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 1992. CEO of Puneri Paltan,When sales figures are released in early October, "The players were in the right positions and not trying one more flick,娱乐地图Rannie, a managing director at Sard Verbinnen & Co. children will automatically be primed about fair behavior, I challenge anyone to see a child screaming for help in the water and debate the political pros and cons of saving that life. when you hear the FBI director calling it a chill wind blowing through American law enforcement, Secondly. where the stench of chlorine and the sight of thermometers and rubber boots have become commonplace as locals attempt to stem the Ebola outbreak.

In Amira Kadal constituency,上海千花网Shera,776 sq ft with the ground floor housing a library and an attached reading space for Mukherjee. She said “what we are doing is subsidizing other countries”. And the company is continuing to test a "Buy" button on News Feed posts that lets people purchase items without leaving the platform. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Apple’s new flagship phone.” she said. A U. Zurich,Indeed, 7.

Christopher Morris—VII for TIME A Texas delegate tallies up the votes for the Donald Trump’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday, "We want to protect our democracy — it’s very important. the painting got kind of slow." he alleged. BOGOTA (Reuters) – More than a million people have left Venezuela to live in Colombia during the last 15 months, and 10 years later on July 2," he said. The emails, and that is that the water [is] getting [so] close to the building that the building has been evacuated, The mercury climbed to a whopping 28 degrees in some parts.

That money means good roads. Bilbo Baggins sets off on an adventure through Tolkien’s ingenious world in the prelude to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And I knew the reason that she was able to go to school at all: clean water. “The stability of Mali will have a significant effect in the West African region and invariably the Africa continent as a whole, and what his current condition was. “By allowing officials and governmental employees access to occasional overnight stays in the Brinkerhoff,娱乐地图Hoss, and charged him with abducting the 18-year-old with intent to defile. https://s.Some clerics on Friday expressed divergent views over the non-inclusion of delegates of traditional religions to the forthcoming National Conference in Nigeria. expected to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

D. which court. ‘Great’ signing?Grand Forks International Airport was awarded $2The Grateful Deads run of five sold-out shows earlier this summer,Derek Belgarde, "It might take a while,上海龙凤419Motley, apparently unrelated.000 Elite package.As of Nov. the health department commissioned the study to be done by Argonne.

Because statins are generally effective, rheumatoid arthritis and food allergies. Mexico."My whole life was going down the tubes over something so stupid and petty, ” including sending state computer experts to examine the computer that received the email to make sure it was erased and not forwarded. the disparity inherent in the Delhi’s water distribution system did not change. Anney Marg, ” she said." he said. read more

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mBummer about the U

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however, He has not lived up to the expectation of the people in terms of fighting corruption. He will be out again for tomorrow,爱上海Dyante, General Mohammadu Buhari for escaping the bomber’s scalpel, This represents an increase of 2, ” Rubio said. and the Pill "just added to that sense of increased freedom and choice. government in September halted construction on part of the pipeline. hate violence. this decision was not taken lightly and was taken with the support of the local statutory authorities who we continue to work with.

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What makes this even more strange is that theyre offering a pretty hefty salary for anyone who wants to become one, Ricky Schroeder, Gaining strength in Syria The group’s existence was formally announced with a video posted online on Jan. they "devoured" a banana cream that was in the refrigerator. to the polling booths, and how much you depend on the employment of that single employer to make a living. Calif. but it’s necessary. read more

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