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7town and moyu1 8 Commission, payable in January 9thMy pay and reward are not in proportion

total station advertising revenue, June 2006 -2009 March, 3600 yuan



sh419 alliance June 2007 -2008 October total revenue: 1227.21 yuan

domain name: sumiao.cn September 2005 -2009 September, 320 yuan

7town, moyu1 8 Commission January 9th payment, please check, thank you for your trust and support for 7town! If you have any questions, please contact us at :603968336

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback read more

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.co domain name appreciation potential is great take the hands of the.Co domain name

as early as July 18th, dudo blog published an article on domain name investment:.Co domain name is about to open registration, there is no lack of good choice domain name method. Later, in a separate article, the.Co domain name application note introduced more detailed methods and special considerations. (to register.Co domain name, I want GoDaddy.com first, of course, name.com, YAHOO domain name and so on, I’m good, but I will not recommend the use of domestic domain name registrar registration). If you have a good.Co domain name in your hand, take good care of it and it will accelerate your appreciation. read more

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Six months webmaster, my detours summary

January 1st 08 line, and now about half a year. During the walk a lot of detours, directly wasted a lot of time and energy, and now sum up these twists and turns, and I hope to give the station or the desire to be a friend of the webmaster when a reminder.

1, consider good topics and keywords. Believe that the webmaster hard to make a stand, is nothing but want to make money, but if you want to choose a cold competition low subject and keywords, then you should probably first think of a good profit model, and this model is suitable for their own profit. For example, some owners like to sit back and accept advertising fees, rather hard to do content promotion; some webmaster do not like all day long buried to find hot keywords, would rather do an industry station, and then to pull advertisers. read more

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How about Thai City home gimbap

is what led to the domestic market for the strong pursuit of Han Feng, we see in the eyes of the people of the scene is whether it is clothing, Home Furnishing decoration or the food and beverage industry, as long as the Korean, are warm and pursued by consumers, which can bring huge commercial benefits to investors. Not for anything else, just because the Korean idol drama deep in the hearts of the people, and such a long time, no doubt, to join a Korean restaurant, will have a very good market prospects. Thai City home gimbap from the most authentic Korean kimbap products, using the finest materials, technology, exclusive secret sauce, make each product full flavor, let you shop to earn a classical delicacy. read more

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Small day 100, two rich generation guide to death

[introduction] 100 net (hereinafter referred to as "hundred Bo") was born in January 2011, abolished in April 2013, and since then, as part of the search search hundred, classified as Baidu search platform, no longer operate independently. This is Baidu to invest heavily, is the industry known as the "two rich generation" recruitment website, was once regarded as rival giant invasion, let them guard. However, vigorous operation for more than two years, and do not wait to fight with colleagues, Bai Bo died. read more

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Portals are becoming navigational stations talking about the revisions of sina and 360

even for many large domestic websites, traffic is also the most scarce strategic resources. Because their business model is to obtain and distribute traffic on the article. How to maximize the use of traffic value, for the portal site is particularly important.

, for example, the day before yesterday (April 1st) and yesterday (April 2nd) have revised the two major traffic portal page: Sina home page and 360 site navigation. According to Sina’s official statement, the revision is "a major change since 1998, 15 years since the founding of the people’s Republic of China", and opened the news portal and micro-blog’s information platform. 360, the site navigation is highlighted in the 7 plates, news, film and television, novels, tourism, games, shopping, App and other information content, in accordance with the form of non URL list re polymerization. read more

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With the help of the poor God

the world, in countless rich people live their own free and unfettered life, but also has a lot of poor people because of the fact that the frustration, want to vent, but there is no such a good place. In such market conditions, the "God of poverty" will undoubtedly become a good business opportunities for you, let you use it to create a truly beautiful future ahead!

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Women’s corporate stores are showing explosive growth in the era of women entrepreneurs

a lot of people are related to the problem of male entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship. 53 women compared to 534 men, this is a relatively high proportion of. However, the 53 women represent a rising power, they are outstanding representatives of a large number of women in the global business community. Over the past more than and 10 years, the growth of women’s companies and shops has exploded. />

it is reported that in 2008, software industry will become a huge industry, the annual output value of 87 billion U.S. dollars, which also provide a broader space for the development of women in the field. At the same time, women in leadership opportunities are more than before in the enterprise, especially in the financial sector, this situation is more obvious: the largest bank in the United States in the manager, as much as the number of women and men. In the factory, the number of women in key positions also reached 26%. />

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Net red Taobao shop repeatedly hit even Fan Bingbing was stunned

The number of

Taobao shop is amazing, and want to become a network reds, the first condition is not to have a huge fan base, but to have a Taobao shop selling goods on the Internet, so you can double harvest fame and fortune.

2014 in May to become the owner of the Taobao Dong Xiaosa, is a live platform network anchor, every time a live audience can get one million people. With the support of fans, just over a year’s time, Dong Xiaosa’s Taobao store is already three gold crown shop, monthly income of more than six digits. read more

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How to open a profitable clothing store

open clothing store, although it is a very easy to get rich project, but this is not blindly blindly operating, look at those who are how to get rich business to make money.

Renqiwang will naturally attract customers, when empty, from time to time to arrange the goods, equipment adjustment. Small open what shop to make money? Don’t sit in front of Langtui, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store. Sales should not be too enthusiastic to give customers a sense of discomfort, nor too cold, so that customers feel strange. read more

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Tea shop location reference

tea shop management place although said is very flexible, not too restrictive, but also can not be anywhere up to join shop, or to investigate some market factors, combined with various factors considered to choose the right tea shop.

if the site is not a good shop, then no one will run to the store "make light of travelling a thousand li" special drink a cup of tea. Downtown lot is the best choice, which is no need to question the matter, but the high cost of the bustling lot is forced to consider. For example, Miss Li Hangzhou originally planned to open tea shop in the town, in the bustling town simple study, found that the annual rent, transfer fee of up to forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, had to give up the idea, to find some sections of the low cost. read more

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Grilled steak in the tide of the six major impetuous phenomenon

entrepreneurial tide surge, more and more people become entrepreneurs, in the entrepreneurial road non-stop. But in these entrepreneurs, there are some impetuous militants, they let the entrepreneurial boom surging a lot of impetuous phenomenon, here to share the six impetuous phenomenon for entrepreneurs reference.

in the mobile Internet world, not afraid of controversy, afraid of silence. So, you will see that a large number of founders out of the platform, speech sharing, Ma Jiajia is an example. read more

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Business hotel is very popular

business dinners more and more business hotel, high-end demand, so the business friends want attention, rushed to the gold rush delicious food and beverage market, earn wealth, open a business hotel, absolutely can make a profit.

"for business people, is simply too important to eat. Because of the commercial purpose, how to eat is no longer a simple thing. Abalone, bird’s nest worth mentioning, has become a business tool or props." A diet expert said. Indeed, because of China’s traditional culture history and living habits, so long in China, "eat" is given a more complex meaning, often want to do a thing, always through the way to dinner. read more

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Introduction of detailed rules of Xining parking lot management

according to the "Xining city parking lot management measures", the municipal government "on further promoting the city fine management opinions" (Trial), recently, the city developed parking lot management implementation details, to further clarify the parking lot management responsibility and authority, and fees based on the parking lot and temporary parking and parking rates setting.

parking management functions transferred to the district:

according to the regulations, the municipal administrative department of transportation will be handed over to the parking lot management functions of the district government, the district take the area of parking lot planning, construction management, the area responsible for all kinds of parking lot to reach the parking order, approach into position requirements. read more

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Anti pornography special action to protect seedlings start

according to the national pornography working group office arrangements, pornography leading group office issued the "anti pornography" · in Qinghai province; humiao 2015 "special action program", and "start humiao 2015" special action in March 9th, in the fight against selling and illegal publications and harmful for children the information of illegal activities in primary and middle schools in the province, to ensure the healthy growth of children.

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The province’s urban and rural residents basic medical insurance work steadily

Provincial Department of human resources and social security

recently issued "on the strengthening of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance at the provincial level work related issues notice", further defined the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents of our province at the provincial level the scope of insurance, insured, insurance, financing standard, unified medical insurance policy, put forward specific requirements of provincial co-ordination. "Notice" requirement, to the end of the transition period in January 2017, the province will fully realize the unification of urban and rural residents basic health insurance policy, process, information, etc.. read more

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How to open a clothing store clothing store nine bogey

clothing store business is also a learning. Not with the business with just a clothing store, do not grasp the management methods and techniques, the clothing store is likely to face closure. Clothing stores are also taboo. The following Xiaobian summed up a number of clothing stores operating nine bogey, to open some novice clothing store reference.


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