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Long term planning should focus on 5 points

entrepreneurship is far more than talk about so simple, which only know their hardships. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but a long journey. Generally speaking, it is very difficult for any entrepreneur to make long-term plans for their own businesses, products and market positioning.

1, make sure your brand promise is scalable. read more

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Two new material products in Deyang won fair gold medal

in the process of economic development, and constantly promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, so that it is more in line with the development needs of society. At the same time, a positive response to the call of the country, effective innovation and entrepreneurship, the Deyang two new materials products have achieved remarkable results.

reporter learned from the Deyang Municipal Commission by letter, by the Ministry of industry, the Heilongjiang provincial government hosted the fourth China International New Materials Industry Fair held recently in Harbin. Deyang City Commission by letter attaches great importance to the positive group participants, fully display the advanced technologies and achievements in graphene materials, fuel cell, high-tech textile auxiliaries, high-grade glass products in areas such as Deyang City, of which two new material products by the exposition of gold products. read more

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Zhou Hongyi save the video site

great Zhou Hongyi, once let the 3721 poor click back Baidu, YISOU will make China’s largest music search, YAHOO assistant will be installed in every corner.

and now up the banner of anti malware software, because of his presence, China’s network cleaning tasks to quickly layout success, 360 security guards installed more than 200 million.

there should be a place where the miracle of Zhou Hongyi, such as the difference between the back of Baidu, there is a place where there is less suffering, the Internet users can safely get through the dangerous period of. read more

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July 1st Com Net domain prices rose 7% 10%

            February 25th news: according to the world’s largest domain registrar Godaddy customer mail display, before rumors of.COM domain name and.NET domain name prices confirmed, VeriSign will rise in July 1, 2010, the.COM.NET domain name registration price.

Godaddy mail on the domain price adjustment content:

On July 1,, VeriSign® the registry.COM and for, will increase prices – will go up, and.NET by 10%.


in December 2009, there have been media reports, VeriSign intends to.COM, the.NET domain name registrar said domestic price, not follow in the terminal price, only to improve the agent registration price, this price adjustment,.Com domain name registration price will be increased from $6.86 to $7.34,.Net will increase from 4.23 dollars to 4.65 dollars. read more

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Shanghai steel announced plans to adjust the acquisition of Zhongguancun online program but the fina


technology news June 29th evening news, Shanghai steel e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (300226.SZ) today announced that the combination of through the issuance of shares and cash payments to acquire the Zhongguancun online operation subject knowledge Ruijing scheme to make adjustments, of which 55% of the price of 1 billion 144 million shares issued by way of payment 45%, the price of 936 million will be paid in cash, the transaction price is 2 billion 80 million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, Shanghai Steel Union will directly hold 100% stake in the Bank of china. read more

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How to promote a large number of new sites to get effective flow

new acquisition, ranking has always been a people a headache problem, Baidu also let new mechanism is difficult to get good rankings and flow in a short period of time even more, even included all become unreachable, so in this case, the new station how to get a good flow.

1 social marketing bedding – use tools: the train collector

for a new station, not what method is more convenient to get traffic promotion way, but also has a certain promotion skills, if we were to get the last mail listserv, most of them are garbage flows, on our website for help is obviously very small. read more

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Who was the face Follow the WeChat product manager to make a right product decision

, who was "the face"

1985, Coca-Cola in the Pepsi marketing battle force, announced changes to its marketing beverage in New York for 99 years, vigorously carry out the "new coke" plan, did not expect was the opposition, under the panic Coca-Cola decided to resume the traditional formula production.

2012, Microsoft with a new style of the new generation operating system Windows 8 Metro across the globe, "start" interface to replace the traditional "my desktop", the compatible design of touch screen devices and PC devices have been a large number of users Tucao, 2015 win10 in non tablet restore default traditional my desktop". read more

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Marriage recruitment websites user password 85% can see the original password streaking

recently jointly issued the Beijing Key Laboratory of China software testing center and the Peking University Internet security technology "web site user password handling security external evaluation report" shows that in 100 sites from the site, most of the user password processing safety awareness is not enough, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures, the the user’s password in a naked state.

85% website can see the original password


report from the portal, e-mail, e-commerce, recruitment and other 9 categories of 100 websites for evaluation, evaluation found that only 8 sites to take adequate security measures for treatment on the user password, there are 59 sites did not take any security measures. In addition, there are 85 sites in the site directly to get the password of the user’s original text, in which the recruitment of the class, love and marriage, e-commerce website user password security status of the worst. read more

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Novice want to do electricity supplier to open a shop on the Amoy home


Amoy home (http://s.taozhijia.com/) is the Admin5 webmaster network’s electronic business platform, on-line in December 25, 2014. Provide a learning and communication site for Taobao sellers. To help sellers improve traffic, sales, conversion rate. Do electricity supplier to open a shop, Amoy home.

Amoy home shop, Taobao store, Taobao promotion, electricity supplier information customer, business tools and so on, Amoy home will be Taobao sellers offer to see the scene, the future is doing the electricity supplier to open a shop on the "Amoy achievement. read more

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A cat in the American Amazon purchasing Alipay payment


] September 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before the sea Amoy Amoy network purchasing project officially launched. A scouring network, said the project will solve the problem encountered in the sea Amoy users language, logistics and payment issues, to achieve the sea Amoy 0 threshold.

official responsible for the project, the user to purchase goods directly from overseas B2C mall shipped to its Chinese address, reducing the intermediate links. And the project is only charged a very low purchasing fee, do not charge any other fees. Consumers through the project of scouring the sea without foreign currency card, can be directly used to pay Alipay, domestic orders directly fill in the delivery address. After the overseas merchant shipping, the whole logistics information will be synchronized to upload, convenient for users to check at any time the location of the purchase of goods. read more

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