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Please respect others, do not say casually that people are liars

a few days ago in the backward a recruitment information update. But many people replied that I told IP, that despise me, call me a liar, see the answer really sad, say you didn’t lie, but others say you are a liar you sad not sad.

I want to just say those others liar who said, please don’t say a person, please do not say that these people are not in evidence, please not to express your ideas just to insult a man’s character.

may have good friends found a very cheap value. This kind of friends feel good, it is sent to the forum to share, but some people feel what kind of pie ah, is a liar, and replied " 2 words, liar " with you 2 words just don’t know how sad you. If you can not prove that the landlord is a liar, then please do not reply. Because a random response from you may affect the mood of someone else’s day. It’s very bad for others to bring convenience to you, but you respond to them with sadness. read more

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Inventory Hefei children’s room decoration there are several major errors

new home decoration is inevitably related to the problem of children’s room decoration, many families do not have to do in-depth analysis of children’s room decoration, with the assumption of decoration, which appeared a lot of mistakes. Here we take a look at the children’s room decoration in Hefei where there are errors.

1, the impact of children’s room decoration misunderstanding beautiful guardrail

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From the media to the site CEO change only 500 yuan

in the new period, entrepreneurship has been put on the agenda, whether you are what status in social life, you can choose to go to start this road, at the same time, there are also many extraordinary entrepreneurs.

from the reporter to the Internet under the wave tide, from 500 yuan to 100 million yuan turnover, his entrepreneurial experience is full of legend, this is the Chongqing pig network founder Zhu Mingyue experience.

500 yuan started entrepreneurial dream

2004 years, by the impact of China’s blog, it is the Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Zhu Mingyue attention to the new media, when I registered a blog, the main record of news events bit by bit". read more

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A casual snack stores how to identify the business – Business

now many consumers love to taste the delicious snacks, make leisure snacks market continues to grow, many entrepreneurs choose leisure snacks stores, want to get the entrepreneurial success of investors from, in casual snack stores, a good grasp of business skills is critical. Only in the casual snack industry in the entrepreneurial process to identify the right way to operate, in the shop process, skilled use of these methods and techniques, you can make their own way to go more smoothly.

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One point of a popular tea investment good project

tea, in our lives, has always been a very popular choice of status. In fact, the choice to open a tea shop, is a very wise choice. How will a tea? High quality entrepreneurial projects, is a stepping stone for the success of our business!

one point one tea drinks and snacks, healthy and high quality products with strong strength, to provide a solid backing to improve store management, staff training, store decoration design, marketing headquarters personally teach you for the franchisee, franchisee can directly use the market and has formed a successful business model, to be your own boss is no longer a backup when you fight a lone battle, the headquarters of one point one will Chinese! Tea tea drinking habits and health practices combined with the unique formula to provide consumers with green health, fashion fast food, let all people to drink pure tea and authentic savory chicken. read more

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The insurance industry in our province officially released the 13th Five-Year planning

recently, "the development of Qinghai insurance industry in 13th Five-Year" plan "officially released. It is clear that by 2020, the province’s insurance depth (premium income / gross domestic product) and strive to reach 4%, insurance density (premium income / total population) and strive to reach 2500 yuan / person. Basically built to protect the comprehensive, functional, safe and robust, good faith norms, and Qinghai’s economic and social development needs to adapt to the modern insurance services. read more

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Enhance the quality of a large number of commercial and trade enterprises in Xining settled in the p

in the provincial capital of Xining, Dalian Wanda, Malaysia Parkson, Beijing Hualian, Huarun million, Guo Fang Department store, Xinhua Department Store is still fun city plaza, and a number of chain pizza hut can enhance the status of the city center, highlighting the commercial grade boutique department store, commercial complexes, shopping centers, the characteristics of pedestrian street and other projects have been built or opened. To further improve the Xining business quality, promote the development of modern service industry. read more

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Xining Park Lane community six heart service moved residents

The damaged pipe repaired, laid-off workers have to work, the old party spare no effort to play the heat, what is the power of the residents of small household affairs everything that is so wrong? In the Park Lane Community reporter found the answer: caring for people, guidance, patience, help to be intimate, difficult to care, work to be careful, work to have a sense of responsibility. For a long time, community workers with their actions interpretation of the six heart service, the heart of the service in exchange for the real return of the residents. read more

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How to find their own path of development

now, the development of electricity providers more and more mature, e-commerce is also more into our lives. Fresh electricity feels very tall, open home Pumianerlai imported fruits, imported food. The fresh food is not the same as the beginning of the walk is parity, community routes. This is a fresh food for slogan: the price is lower than the market; a back problem easily.

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The noodle shop stores how to run it

now open a noodle shop franchise is the dream of many people, with the development of China’s food industry, the increasing market demand, fully reflects the enormous business opportunities, a trustworthy noodle brand to join, but also a very good business choice. If you don’t know how to operate the noodle shop stores, through this analysis, I believe you will have a more full understanding.


1. community: the main object of the community is the home, decoration, taste good, the environment is good enough, good service, the basic community can make people to patronize. Of course, there is no similar premise around the shop,. read more

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How to make a better profit

now, many people choose to engage in home textiles business, the development potential of the home textile market is very large, to find a good way to the key. More and more people began to invest in home textiles, so for the novice, how to successfully run the home textile stores


first, do market business strategy:

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How much is the wolf to join jeans

wolf cowboy, by consumers love the brand to join the choice of the project, have a very high popularity. Join the wild wolf project, open her own wild wolf stores, the shop is made!

is a wild wolf wolf international business management (Beijing) Co., the company’s well-known brand jeans. A dozen wild wolf version, hundreds of styles, including the U.S. version, the European version, Korean version, is the original flavor and combining Chinese physiological characteristics of research and development. read more

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WeChat or live who lived and feudal lords vying for the throne

with the development of mobile Internet, broadcast industry has become increasingly popular, relying on the yen value and eloquence, anchor thousand already not news. And now, China has more than more than and 200 live applications, the hot broadcast is evident.

with the development of social media, smart phones, 4G network, the network is becoming a new round of Internet giants and entrepreneurs compete for the new battlefield.

According to the

Research Report in April 2016 AI media consulting released 2015 China video broadcast platform number close to 200, of which the network broadcast of the market size of about 9 billion yuan, the network broadcast platform, the number of users has reached 200 million people. From the beginning of 2016, including Tencent, Alibaba, millet, music, and other Internet giants have personally entered the field of, the most exciting moment of the broadcast industry has arrived. read more

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Ali Revolution the impact of the realization of the window period

Ma announced the resignation of Ali CEO:5 10 announced the new CEO

I think Ma quit CEO positions and Ali changes, is the two aspects of one thing. These two things, have the power to release the signal, not only for the cumulative impact of Ali 10 years to provide realizable stage, but also to achieve the capital, the will of employees.

over the past 10 years, with the help of B2B business, Ali soon built up a large platform, from B2B, C2C, and more integration mode, including payment platform tools and large supply chain financing ability, is a driving force of growth contact ali. read more

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Taobao new career shopping guide up to 500 thousand yuan monthly income

sina science and technology news August 5th afternoon news, Taobao has revealed that in 2014 by the Taobao derived from a new career – shopping guide up to now the number of employees has reached nearly ten thousand people, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand yuan.

is the same as the "cut the hand" Shopaholic, a group of smart China online shopping family put this into the occupation, the highest monthly income of 500 thousand. They are known as the "shopping guide" on the Taobao platform, in the world’s most abundant commodity market for consumers to find the right products, a small shopping community, is slowly rising on Taobao. read more

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Small program can force apple App Store change

After the

applet came out, the foreign media on this matter is more sensitive, said WeChat wants to challenge apple in the next ten years. But I think the challenge may not be able to talk about, but may be forced to change the apple Apps Store model.

so far, App Store has been on the line for 8 years, according to official data released, App Store applications have soared from the first 500 or so to today’s $2 million. In addition to the growth in the number of applications, the number of downloads reached 130 billion times. It is understood that App Store application store revenue highs. Apple announced that in 2016 a variety of software in the Apple App Store earned a total of up to $20 billion, an increase of 40% over 2015. According to the proportion, apple at least $8 billion in revenue. read more

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Social network marketing (1) the essence of a social network marketing

this paper will be divided into three parts, the first part is the essence of social network marketing outline, the second part is the characteristics of domestic social networking sites, the third part is according to different social networking sites of the what kind of targeted marketing operation.

social network marketing (1): social network marketing is the essence of a

social networking, English is Social Network.

a social network marketing how to do there is no standard answer

we often hear social network marketing, and often see a lot of articles about social network marketing. Last year, most of these articles is to emphasize the importance of social network marketing, emphasizing the social network marketing is the trend, or say something about the social network marketing entry, and this year has some of the classic cases will be presented in the article. Social network marketing has entered a growth period, we can accept the social network marketing and to apply it. read more

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Niu Wenwen dialogue entrepreneurship is no longer a Kudachoushen 90.

I dark horse note: dark horse shopping district finally ushered in a small campus whirlwind. By the entrepreneur media and ELIFE smart phone co sponsored ELIFE campus black horse entrepreneurship contest is about 31 provinces and cities in the country, the city of 41, launched in 121 colleges and universities. Organized jointly with Peking University Guanghua School of management in yesterday’s competition started at the press conference, Xu Xiaoping teacher site published recently the most wonderful words of a speech; the mystery guest six new hope group and co chairman Liu Chang also dump site, and for the first time in the campus public speaking; the more violent PK Tsinghua University Department of entrepreneurs; the most cattle Security Venture shocked the audience…… read more

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Comments on SNS web site

campus network (xiaonei.com) was founded in December 2005, is the earliest China Campus (SNS SNS community is the social networking service, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services), is currently the China college market has a monopoly of the campus website.

, a source of creativity in the school network

SNS Friendster (www.friendster.com) popular in the United States, China is still a blank, the leading Internet Chinese years American model copy means a shortcut to success. So the founder of the campus network Wang Xing developed the first project " a lot of friends ". But in the market was cold, Wang Xing believes that the most important reason is that the location is too broad and unfavorable promotion. So, he aimed at a more diverse market – College Students’ SNS website. In the United States, this model has a very successful model Facebook (www.facebook.com). read more

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