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Snack chain fast increase revenue method

in modern society, also a very hot investment projects, is a snack food shop, there are a lot of people will have the entrepreneurial vision to the snack restaurant this piece, especially some snack chain stores, so when operating some snack franchise enterprises to increase revenue?

in franchise mode, the catering industry has always been the most popular investment into the industry in the shop to get a good income. After a long period of development, different brands in the industry have their own characteristics. In such a market environment, the choice of snack food and beverage co operating more successful. So how to manage the chain of snack food chain stores to get the ideal income read more

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Three ideas of successful entrepreneurship

want to start a business, we must have entrepreneurial vision, cloud observation market, good at identifying opportunities. So, entrepreneurship are learning what entrepreneurial ideas? From what, can move toward success, the success of the venture? This and the following three ways.

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How to choose the sheep scorpion hot pot chain store

sheep scorpion hot pot chain is very popular, almost every city is very common. What kind of investment projects? Many businesses need to choose the brand is worried. How to investigate the right investment brand? If you are not familiar with the problem, you can look at the analysis.


investors to inspect the chain store brand Yang Xiezai Hot pot, and not by the company, accompanied by staff, can choose to conduct unannounced visits in the Brand Company unknowingly. Can be changed in the vicinity of the store to observe the brand for a period of time, and then observe the store’s image, traffic and other conditions, to understand the characteristics of the sheep scorpion hot pot chain, what can attract customers. read more

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Xing Xin food eight bowls of noodles with how to have the choice of business opportunities

Xing Xin eight bowls of delicious fruit noodles good? In our lives, not only has a very high popularity, joined Xin Xing eight bowls of delicious fruit dishes, or with a large market space for development. Join Xing Xin food eight bowls of fragrant fruit surface project, worry about entrepreneurship, what are you worried about?

in today’s world, a technical man, of course, is the most popular. If you want to open the noodle shop, welcome to Xin Xing delicacy eight bowls of fragrant fruit Oh! We don’t like other franchisees, will control you, but will you answer for what you do pasta such doubts, so you can control from the headquarters, to open his own income read more

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Content is more suitable for entrepreneurs to do business

venture capital has become a topic of concern to young people, more and more young people are using action to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. So, what is the content of entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is more suitable for business people to do? Let Wei Wu swing to tell you.

content is actually a head, of course, be able to sell, there is a part of the value, but the money must not sell expensive. Really expensive things, chicken wings, chicken is produced by the content, but the content is not directly cashed out. read more

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What are the drinks shop location notes

shop location is very important, we should pay attention to the location of the store. Before the site, we have to look at the market, choose a good store. Investment drinks shop, we have to quickly location, so that the store fast business, access to good development. In order to allow businesses to quickly select the location, small series for the next drink shop location should be noted that we want to help you quickly location. So, what are the drinks shop location notes?

we are looking for a good store address, simple skills are no use. No matter how many books you read, there are no plans to design in your mind or paper. Only personally went to see more, high streets and back lanes, ask more, will find you set up shop good shop. read more

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Slow recovery in the food and beverage industry focus on quality and innovation is the most importan

2013, due to a large number of media exposure of food safety issues, leading to the downturn in the food and beverage industry. The most profitable food and beverage industry suffered an unprecedented blow.

2013 in the first half of this year, the catering industry continued in 2012 at the end of the down trend, the growth rate continued to decline, facing serious challenges of declining profits, 3, April H7N9 flu epidemic is so weak growth of the catering industry one disaster after another. Association of Chinese before cooking released "analysis of catering market in the first half of 2013 and the second half of the forecast report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the "report" pointed out that the first half of 2013, the development of the catering industry showing a growth rate fell sharply, picking up the emerging situation, catering enterprises showed a warm and cold business transformation and upgrading accelerate the situation.

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Creative unlimited upgrade PHPWind hosted second style Masters

optional Title: PHPWind hosted second style masters Ipod you get

PHPWind recently held a second style masters, for the PHPWind version of the collection of excellent style of the 7.3 series.

the contest from April 23rd to June 20th for two months, to participate in the activities of the style can be used both in PHPWind7.3 and 7.3.2 versions, from the entries in the selection of 5 outstanding awards and 10 finalist awards, prizes were BenQ 22 inch E2200HDP LCD with Ipod shuffle 2.

the theme of this contest is unlimited upgrade of ideas, wonderful with the need to show, intended to convey the PHPWind each time will be integrated into the excellent ideas, so that users have a wonderful experience. PHPWind company hopes that many authors and design enthusiasts to participate in the development of PHPWind products surrounding resources, to provide users with more excellent style. read more

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The future of the entire shopping system and process is like this

A few days ago

believe everyone is Ma Yun scraper? Major news media, WeChat group, circle of friends are about Ma Yun to launch VR shopping " VR strategy ". Have to say in terms of corporate strategic development, BAT is undoubtedly the most cattle ali. With the progress of science and technology, people use manufacturing tools from simple to complex, from ancient times a stone on a stick, now robots, drones, the advent of high-tech products more and more make people’s life more convenient, life experience gradually improve. With the development of science and technology it is difficult to imagine the future of high-tech products can give us bring the convenience of living on the limit where, today on this issue and share the future process and what is the shopping experience. read more

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Network marketing is not only a means but also a kind of culture

network marketing development today we can not simply think of it as a means or a method. If it is only for marketing and marketing then harvest is only now can not see the future, is a short-term effect rather than long-term benefits.


network marketing methods, but do some network marketing people can give you a lot of ways or methods. However, really see the effect and can continue to generate revenue is not much. Network marketing and traditional marketing mode as long as you like throwing money in the CCTV or media platform advertising can produce certain effect (of course there are money boondoggle, said here is most). Internet marketing is not to say that you will be able to succeed in the money, because the network has given the community too much transparency we can see the essence of your various platforms. Of course, the network marketing can not be separated from the money, but not necessarily through the big money in order to big effect. Here, we have to cite examples of millet to speak, millet marketing to tell the truth and did not spend too much money, there is no big media to advertise. Rely on is micro-blog WeChat forum to buy the phone all over the country, and in short supply, slowly formed a millet culture. We buy the phone into a culture or a kind of enjoyment, millet phone is not a simple commodity, but with a feeling of vitality of the pet. read more

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Talking about how to carry out micro blog O2O marketing from a heavy rain

the evening of May 15th, a heavy rain to the island of Xiamen into Venice, today (16 days), people who are late for work too much, micro-blog, found that the land has been turned into water, the passengers on the bus are all standing on a chair, there are also people in the row kayaking Street group there are discussing how to put into an amphibious motorcycle and bicycle. For me to walk to work, there is no chance to experience the full car is the water bus, but I can see pictures of friends taken from micro-blog. So think, if there is no micro-blog, how can I see the first time the road photos, how to see the people of Xiamen sewer ridicule, how can see the urban take what kind of measures to facilitate travel, how can we see the security experts. It all depends on micro-blog, especially in the mobile platform micro-blog. Micro-blog is put together many media platform, through the micro-blog platform when we get from the local release of relevant information the first time media people, should think about how this local information the most down to earth into hot local users care about. I think this is the legendary O2O. read more

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115 SkyDrive said normal operations will soon be completed a new round of financing

[introduction]115 SkyDrive said today that the closing share function for SkyDrive use far outside the imagination so serious, 115 implementation of this move is to avoid industry risk, ensure the sustainable development in current situation.

115 SkyDrive announcement (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) in August 10th 115, SkyDrive announced that no longer provide network file share service, has triggered concern, there are rumors that SkyDrive, SkyDrive closed 115 dead 115. In this regard, 115 SkyDrive announced today to clarify this, said the public share for SkyDrive closed function use far from outsiders imagine so serious, will soon be completed a new round of financing. read more

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Big data analysis to tell you what kind of article can get mad

social media tracking service analysis tool BuzzSumo, before and after May 2014 on more than 100 million articles on social media analysis, trying to find an answer:

what kind of content to allow users to share, viral


this big problem is embedded or subdivided into a number of small problems:

– who get crazy turn of the article, which aroused the user


– the list? A chart? If the user

is more likely to be shared?I love

readers share a short article or a long article? Social media articles, the ideal length of read more

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Jingdong accused of false propaganda to mislead the consumer to ten times the reward was v

data map. Turn from the rule of law weekend Weekend reporter Sun Zhenghua

Liu Qiangdong solemnly promised in an interview with micro-blog, Jingdong to buy fake 10 times the payment. Whether he can fulfill the promise of this commitment to constitute an offer, the legal effect of


Jingdong also met with activist Yang Zhanqing. He said, I just want a variety of ways, all rights to verify, see Jingdong on whether consumers keep a promise inviolate

Liu Qiangdong as chairman of the Jingdong micro-blog mall [] board of directors and chief executive officer, on behalf of Jingdong to buy fake mall promised to reward shoppers at least 10 times the payment is not fulfilled, a clear violation of the principle of good faith, no business ethics." Recently, the Jingdong shopping Yang Zhanqing questioned consumers. read more

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VC attitude 180 degree reversal B2B entrepreneurial hardships to boil out

if the 2014 business is dominated by TOC, 2015, B2B (Internet plus enterprise service) venture capital is taking the line of sight.

but this is not a new field. Ten years ago or even earlier, some companies do business management services began to try to implant the Internet gene. However, compared with the now tens of millions of dollars in financing, over the past ten years, these companies have been in a state of suffering.

in the field of the Internet, B2B can be said to be a very special industry, its development in China than the United States ten years later. read more

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