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Internet entrepreneurs how to play micro-blog

play micro-blog has become a part of the daily lives of the majority of users, a number of feelings, reproduced interesting news, etc., with a large number of fans groups, so that more people form a larger group. If you ask what is the hottest Internet applications this year, micro-blog earth people know that, Tencent micro-blog just announced over 200 million registered users, Sina micro-blog’s valuation has reached billions of dollars. Television, newspapers and other media often report on what happened on micro-blog, the government departments have also opened the official micro-blog, and in order to dispel the gap between the ordinary Internet users. For the Internet application of the most sensitive B2C e-commerce sites and group buying sites have entered the micro-blog platform to carry out their marketing activities, and get very good results from read more

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Online shop full step analysis

everything is hard in the beginning, Taobao opened a store though not very complicated things, but for the novice is a difficult, I would take a few simple steps Taobao shop the way, I hope you can help, more exciting articles can go absolutely 168 business network query.

the first step: to have a master plan.


venture must be planning to open shop, is the same, "Forewarned is forearmed.", so good planning is the premise of success. Planning mainly includes what will you sell your goods, commodities have what characteristics, what is the core competitiveness of your shop, you can shop to promote your customer service service, how to do, how to get your customer information maintenance and consolidation. read more

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Group competition B2C mode taking China electric domain war

so far, most of the business enterprise for the domain name can be aware of the importance, most of them enable domain endowed with a certain meaning, the electricity supplier website numerous miscellaneous, domain types are more diversified, such as domain name, suning.com suning.com, digital domain name, the domain name 2688.com, 2688 5288 flowers 5288.com, creative homophonic domain, Xidan love shopping igo5.com, visible, domain name business enterprise diversification.

from the earlier business site picture data was informed that the electricity supplier website the main phonetic domain many, 18 sites in the comprehensive classification of business on the site, domain name has 6 places, such as dangdang.com dangdang.com, lazy network lanjiahuo.com, shuashuashua.com, xiaokang.com and other well-off family brush pure digital domain, 2, 2688 2688.com English, domain name 1, excellent amazon.cn, most creative occupy the rest of the domain name, such as digital word +, 800buy.com + 800buy, Pinyin letters, ejiajie.cn, E in eguo.com million families. Also in the IT digital 12 sites, the most creative domain name, occupy more than 8, Jingdong mall 360buy.com also spent the acquisition of the Pinyin domain name jingdong.com. In the book image, flowers and gifts on these two categories, mainly to the phonetic domain name and creative division struggle, creative domain name a little advantage, the mainstream trend of Pinyin domain. read more

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SOSO maps announced the opening of API personal webmaster can conduct two development

hot Teng July 5th news recently, the Tencent’s search engine Tencent soso announced that SOSO will officially open API interface map (map service application interface), provide a rich building map application services for third party website.

diagram: website home page

it is understood, SOSO map API is the location service interface provided by Tencent, including basic map, local search, bus service, car navigation, address resolution, location, city functions will be fully open. As a basic platform, the service does not need to register, and free to third parties, any non-profit website can be used. read more

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How to deal with the problem of content replication

      the article on how to avoid duplication of web pages, and to ensure the high quality of web content and improve the weight of the web page, do a detailed exposition, and provides a method.

      the author is an employee of Google, the absolute authority.

      properly block search engine access:

      instead of allowing our algorithm to determine the "best" version of a file, you might want to guide Google to select your preferred version. For example, if you don’t want us to index the print version of your web site, you can write a directory name or regular expression in your robots.txt file to ban Google from grabbing the print version.
      use 301 redirect: read more

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80% white-collar open the final collapse of the shop to shop more tired than stocks

80% white-collar shop open shop owner complained

click on the mouse to buy things in the era of white-collar open shop subsidies home is more and more popular. But the final result is white collar open shop is not as easy as it seems, a recent survey of 4000 workers participated in the open shop, white-collar workers, only about 20% survive, the rest are for money, care and other reasons fail no mind.

30% people who worked in the shop

friends opened a purchasing shop, you need to buy cosmetics, please contact, price concessions." Sports brand store just opened 30 percent off, we support a lot." In recent years, MSN in common workers, bursts will emerge this signature, wide and told his friend or the newly opened shop. There are a lot of office workers will be depressed for a friend to vent: it is better to quit the shop to go home. read more

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WeChat from the media is how to make money

although the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong also admitted last week, I do not know what to rely on WeChat to make money, but this does not prevent more and more WeChat users trying to do something through the WeChat public numbers. WeChat now has about 400 million monthly active users (active standard: each month with friends at least once, at least WeChat opens a circle of friends), but the total amount of WeChat public number has exceeded 8 million, but also to the growth rate of 15 thousand a day. In other words, the average of every 50 active users in WeChat, there is a person who is providing content for other small partners. read more

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Network charges reading cost-effective

Into the Internet era, more and more friends through the network reading. Xinhua news agency said that recently, Sina, Sohu two portals are ready to launch a Book Reading fees in their reading channel. It means to make money online reading. In addition to these two major portals, Tencent network as early as May of this year has been officially launched the VIP fee reading service.

"" Xinhua news agency said, the network books, many people would just have a look to pass the time, money can not see. Some people think that the company also opened the account registration, too much trouble, would simply not see. Others say that the place where they can read more is not only they can see.

the "daily economic news" said, a part of reading support, that is entirely reasonable, but also represent the general trend. Their point of view is that the site was originally rely on traffic to make money, but also to pay for online reading is the protection of intellectual property rights. But the premise is that the content provided by the site must be like the Internet users, rather than what can be seen everywhere. Value for money! read more

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Talking about how to open a Taobao shop to make money

a lot of people would like to open a Taobao shop to make money, make money at home, the little day comfortable. However, nothing is so simple. There are one hundred people can have a success has been regarded as very good. Why, because some sell more than buy. How can you something to whom. Of course, nothing is so absolute. Below, Shao Lianhu and we talk about how to open a Taobao shop to make money.

first, reputation does not mean money

a lot of novice in the opening of the Taobao shop, always thought that the store will be a good reputation to buy something. Because we will find some good shops in Taobao shopping. However, Shao Lianhu is still that sentence, nothing is absolute. Good reputation is good, no credibility is not necessarily no one to buy. Understand, so we have successfully created a shop, do not think about how to brush credibility. You don’t have to waste that money. Taobao may have closed your shop. The shop is so hard to be permanently sealed, you will take this risk, or else it. read more

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Secret old textbook rental network how to get $25 million venture capital

used textbooks lease is not a new idea, almost all the students have gone to college to discuss how to deal with the old teaching materials.

, however, from the United States Chegg.com (Qi Gewang), in 2007 at the Santa Clara in California began textbook rental services. Only a year and a half, Qi has entered the United States, Canada, more than 5 thousand campuses.

reported that in the worst economic crisis in 2008, the site’s revenue this year has more than 10 million U.S. dollars last year, and successfully attracted $25 million in venture capital. read more

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The head of the K12 education platform 1 1 B round of financing for fortune venture capital lead inv

Abstract: the head of 1 to 1 was founded in November 2014, is the 1 of the 1 K12 in the field of online education platform. The head of education in 2009 when the predecessor was established by Tsinghua University, Peking University, Jiaotong University, Fudan alumni, attention line counseling, to provide users with personalized learning programs.

K12, head of online educational institutions 1 1 announces B round of financing, venture capital investment led by fortune, Shun capital investment, not to disclose the specific amount. This round of financing is mainly used for the next line store experience expansion, back-end product development and pilot scale class. read more

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How to use QQ group four promotion method

network to promote the way more and more diverse, each person has summed up some of their own promotion methods and experience. Below, I summarize several ways of their own QQ group promotion, I hope it can play a role. QQ has become the necessities of our lives, one day not open QQ heart is not practical, and sometimes more important than the phone. We are keen to chat, keen to know and in the QQ group inside, not with strangers who blow water, far apart from each other we talk to some of the problems may also be a murky sky over a dark earth, bickered, in a word, QQ already cannot do without our life. Users may also be the highest viscosity of an Internet product. It is because of the high viscosity of users, because QQ has a huge user groups, but also in the QQ platform above the binding of the other service number of products, QQ mailbox, SOSO know, so, the use of QQ promotion is a good choice. The key point here is how to use QQ group promotion. read more

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Network marketing training should learn the 6 major marketing areas

recently friends have been asking about my marketing books "this love, what more cool" began publication would like to know when the training should focus on which aspects of the study, now marketing Ling Lang everywhere, almost every day there are new tricks, always feel to keep up with the forefront of marketing rhythm.

Of course, the

of the training institutions also, training quality is uneven, blossom everywhere, a little inattentive tuition to soak up the soup. And most of the training institutions are basically based on the theory and rotten marketing cases, and can not really make a new marketing staff to grasp the actual combat skills. In fact, the best teacher is the Internet, the Internet has a wealth of marketing resources, a lot of new marketing is just a lack of a systematic approach to learning. read more

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Three factors affecting the network marketing

Because of its special characteristics of

network marketing platform, marketing and traditional marketing is very different, the electronic commerce is constantly rising, traditional enterprises to enter the market to follow suit, but no matter what the product is, the first problem is how to do a good job of marketing, the author observed that the traditional electricity providers to enter the Internet as in the use of some marketing methods, as media relations, these are some of the more common means of marketing, today I share about three influence factors of marketing, the several opinions apply to Internet brands or the strength of the larger companies. read more

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Li Donglou capital winter is really coming

yesterday, the Central People’s broadcasting station east line, this topic is: the capital of winter is not really up to


in fact, this is an old topic, early in September this year, the capital circle just broke the winter capital speech is talked about, and points out the essence and truth of the winter capital, for entrepreneurs, before success, every day is very careful, every year like winter, and how to usher in the real spring, certainly not money can solve the financing, must be real products to win the market, won the user’s welcome. Otherwise, even if it is warm, damn is dying. See: "why the capital of the cold winter theory? What is the truth?" read more

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How to correctly use the Internet to do business in traditional office furniture industry

traditional office furniture company is the core of the Internet what?

traditional office furniture industry, the main development is to find the customer information through the sales line, and then with a single business, to do the program, offer the last transaction, the key point is the core in the middle of the information, as long as the information, the clerk can clinch a deal the business, the greater the more information volume. The traditional office furniture industry is the main source of information through the development of the line, so how to make good use of the Internet to develop customer information, is the core of the traditional office furniture industry to do the Internet, can be said to bring more information if via the Internet that make the Internet more successful. read more

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E-commerce era of the rise of the brand have Zhuluzhongyuan grassroots

"Michael bag" is a born in Jiaxing online bags brand, it started from the Taobao store, a 3 year 10 speed growth performance, 2010 sales revenue of nearly 400 million yuan. Textiles one day last year in November 11th, Taobao mall sold about 30000000……

recently held in Yong Le plus electronic commerce salon and love the sixth plenary meeting on the Public Welfare Alliance gathered many Amoy Amoy brand responsible person, these young faces of "ants" Internet "elephants" confident. In fact, this represents a new trend of traditional economic mode, take a long time, billions of dollars in marketing expenses of fostering the national consumer brand, and the platform has become the new growth of the brand fast lane, some little-known grassroots brand to have to rise, it can be said is "in the era of e-commerce," heroes mowen source". read more

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Pay mode to give entrepreneurs more opportunities why pay is good

Google Apps for Business (Google provides a software as a service product for enterprise messaging, collaboration and security) at the end of last year to cancel the free version, a lot of people think this is a bad news for small and medium-sized businesses, but it is not. Free things usually have some flaws, but this is usually not realized. For ordinary users, some defect free products or services can be forgiven, but to do business businesses, these defects can not be underestimated. read more

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