A small hand Chinese well known Paul name the authentic online shopping

insurance or adventure?

also started a small wash in the non genuine insurance compensation, the first shot

others do not dare to do things, to name the authentic online shopping


"to ensure that the interests of consumers, but also with small PICC Chinese Paul reached a strategic cooperation agreement, any item you have purchased in the small, too small for you to have insurance" non genuine coverage ", to ensure that you buy peace." Recently, the electricity supplier circle of friends crazy reproduced such a seemingly impossible rumors. read more

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Courier Association Jingdong where the customer has submitted the courier business license

Said in a media interview, vice president of

DoNews May 28th news Chinese express Association and Secretary General Dawa before the Jingdong store, VANCL, have self built logistics system of B2C company has submitted a license application for express delivery business, courier business qualification will soon after.

Dawa said Jingdong mall, VANCL, has joined the Chinese express Association, and submit a courier business license application, the relevant information from their submission, soon can obtain express business qualification". read more

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Under the traditional bookstore online bookstore experience online shopping

Since the

Jingdong’s book on-line channels, sales network for the book industry is a big hit, excellence, Dangdang, is costly, with low price and low resistance, a low price and then


certainly, life now, the Internet has brought us lots of convenience, when the flat day to say, online shopping book prices already have certain advantages, but the Internet website is more competitive in the final to bring readers a big discount. But this also causes us to think deeply, online shopping books, so the traditional bookstores to survive? Internet news, free books, network literature prosperity, so the traditional literature books stand in what position? read more

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How to correctly use the nternet to do business in traditional office furniture industry

traditional office furniture company is the core of the Internet what?

traditional office furniture industry, the main development is to find the customer information through the sales line, and then with a single business, to do the program, offer the last transaction, the key point is the core in the middle of the information, as long as the information, the clerk can clinch a deal the business, the greater the more information volume. The traditional office furniture industry is the main source of information through the development of the line, so how to make good use of the Internet to develop customer information, is the core of the traditional office furniture industry to do the Internet, can be said to bring more information if via the Internet that make the Internet more successful. read more

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The State Council called for strengthening the supervision of agricultural futures and electronic tr

market is expected to adjust the price of agricultural products, the combination of a clear policy support. Today, GOV.cn news release, 17 Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, the analysis of the current price situation, study the deployment of stable consumer price level and the basic life safeguard policies and measures; the agricultural products price stability is the main contents, policies and measures proposed by the State Council, to strengthen the agricultural futures and electronic market regulation, to curb excessive speculation and banning illegal transactions. read more

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Two channel network refused to return now taking more interest to the user

With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, the share of the

exchange also increases, and the process of online transactions is becoming more and more simplified. Not only through the third party payment platform for online shopping more and more, all kinds of small Internet sites have begun to integrate the third party payment platform, the introduction of various types of online payment channels, users online transactions. According to statistics released by CNNIC in 2010, more than 450 million of Internet users, while DCCI Internet data center also predicted that China’s Internet users will be more than the next year, more than five hundred million. read more

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Explosive growth of pharmaceutical electricity supplier

daily news (reporter Wang Jiajing) more and more traditional retail industry began to force the electricity supplier market, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has gradually attracted many traditional pharmaceutical and capital concerns. However, due to the particularity of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has always been in a state of slow development. However, since 2014, with the way of "the State Administration of food and drug supervision and management of Internet operating food and drug supervision and management (Draft)" issued, to unlock the policy constraints There was no parallel in history. electricity supplier in the prescription drug sales and logistics, pharmaceutical electricity suppliers will soon set sail off the market. read more

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E commerce era of the rise of the brand have Zhuluzhongyuan grassroots

"Michael bag" is a born in Jiaxing online bags brand, it started from the Taobao store, a 3 year 10 speed growth performance, 2010 sales revenue of nearly 400 million yuan. Textiles one day last year in November 11th, Taobao mall sold about 30000000……

recently held in Yong Le plus electronic commerce salon and love the sixth plenary meeting on the Public Welfare Alliance gathered many Amoy Amoy brand responsible person, these young faces of "ants" Internet "elephants" confident. In fact, this represents a new trend of traditional economic mode, take a long time, billions of dollars in marketing expenses of fostering the national consumer brand, and the platform has become the new growth of the brand fast lane, some little-known grassroots brand to have to rise, it can be said is "in the era of e-commerce," heroes mowen source". read more

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Fake electricity supplier who For the first time to disclose details of fake Alibaba

lead: in December 23rd, the Alibaba group disclosed the latest crackdown results to the outside world in Hangzhou, the Alibaba was founded 15 years ago, for the first time to the full range of the social work mechanism of fake secret.

December 23rd, the Alibaba group disclosed the latest crackdown results to the outside world in Hangzhou, the Alibaba was founded 15 years ago, for the first time to the full range of the social work mechanism of fake secret.

first look at the Alibaba the disclosure of fake details: read more

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The heart of shuangshier traditional enterprise B2B 2 models of cross border electricity supplier

"double eleven" promotion day event, still lingering. Some netizens complain, see "shuangshier" is coming, "double eleven" single package, still lying in the logistics warehouse. As early as the netizen revealed, "double eleven" will not end the play heat consumption, extended to "shuangshier". This double "twelve" users have more reason to join hand chop Party group, do not say nearly a year, a year of hard work to treat yourself to a home, Joseph standard apple 6S hand? Give parents the wool coat ready? Any reason to buy, will be the end of the fourth quarter earnings C the war. So no to "double eleven" sales news B2B, after a year of wind, how will this train ride through, "shuangshier" train in 2015 of the year read more

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