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College students entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship

every year the number of college graduates are huge, it can be seen how much the pressure of employment, coupled with the lack of satisfactory work, more graduates prefer to start a business. But they can’t start a business.

this year China 7 million 650 thousand college graduates, employment pressure is huge, the public venture, the highly innovative tide in strong response in College students.

undeniable, young people with great wisdom and strength, have a natural passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. A few times, like today, let the young people fully deserve to become "to hit the leading actor on the stage. This also makes the business is no longer a minority of "professional", and become the majority of the opportunity. For young people to build a broad stage, so that more doors open to young people, will undoubtedly inject more impetus and vitality to economic and social development.

entrepreneurship is not a task but dream, entrepreneurs need to prepare carefully, need a lifetime to struggle, even more tired than entrepreneurial employment, with greater responsibility.



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