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How to use music to attract customers

catering is a big service industry, the consumer is the main body, of course, how to get more traffic has become the most concerned about the business issues. There are many ways to attract customers to come, for example, the cake shop can use music. The music has become an important means of a lot of stores to attract customers, active store atmosphere and improve the flow of people, and the cake room but arbitrary playing bad Street "little apple" and "dazzle" folk style, business good? So, the cake shop how to use marketing to store music brings popularity, improve the small profit? Tell you what the songs are suitable for the

cake shop?

how to use music to attract customers? Pay attention to the following four points.

According to the

1. shop style, location and positioning appropriate single

cake in making the form, and to consider the style of the shop, shop location positioning, and then play to express and store style products, the perfect fusion of music, because music can give people great imagination.

so, some style, with a high water cake, can put some more elegant jazz, classical music, or some quiet mcool; some is located in a residential area, a simple renovation of the cake room, just put some more down to earth’s popular songs ("ugly eight strange", the "rush that year" and so on as in the vicinity of the school); cake room, you can try to play some hot nowadays Japanese comic songs. For example, in the "digital treasure" theatrical hot, playing "Butterfly", "I Wish" and other songs is easy to cause the students’ Party of resonance, so as to attract many like-minded people".


– when playing music

Chinese new year this year, Xiao Bian still can hear on the street that is too bad Street "Happy New Year", "good fortune" like the song, make people feel very upset, you know, auditory fatigue will be counterproductive. We should draw a lesson from the cake room.

when doing holiday promotions, it is consistent with the festive atmosphere of the song, Christmas, high style shops will put some foreign singers to celebrate Christmas songs (issued every year a number of new releases to celebrate Christmas, oh) simple decoration shop on some such as "news", "this popular song".

when do activities, we want to put the right song according to the season, the content of activities, such as the summer to do promotions, fast songs put some day in May or South Korean female group, the atmosphere will be more strong; can also act in a diametrically opposite way, find some small fresh music, such as "Sunshine Girl" this, "Yesterday", let the customer from the music > impetuous calm

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