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With the understanding of white collar workers to provide rent service magic wardrobe

if the clothes can be rented to wear, then it means that women’s clothing consumption costs will be greatly reduced? In some areas of foreign service, rent clothes have prevailed, and China is to develop this business model, is a magic wardrobe early adopters, here we come to understand the service brand.

"Wardrobe" user positioning for urban young female white-collar workers. Through the "magic wardrobe" App, monthly pay 329 or 379 (Bao You), the company will send 3 pieces of clothing package, the user wearing mail, the company then mailed the parcel with 3 other clothes next, unlimited number of times a month, once the use of unlimited length, no self cleaning needs.

the user can select pieces of their own love clothes into the wardrobe, wardrobe clothes will also recommend to the users according to the user to fill in the height and weight of personal information and personal preferences, then choose according to the user style of dress collocation good after sending out.

white-collar rent clothes, can be brewed

what kind of business model

Two co-founder Jiang Yu

the monthly rent clothes model also has a successful precedent, the United States has LE  TOTE, Germany Myonbelle, Japan AirCloset, both the domestic development of economy, the electricity supplier is still not inferior to share the garment industry supporting systems in other countries, it seems to be an unlimited imagination of the market.

There are many obstacles but

1, where do you come from?

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