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Five catering brand positioning method

brand positioning is a key step in catering brand marketing, positioning accuracy is the key to the success of your brand. In order to help you accurate positioning, I made for you to enumerate the following five positioning methods.

one, the main single product positioning method

dry small restaurant chain, offensive is very important, but the defense is more important. How, in a small restaurant market threshold is not high, so who do some dishes, when the chain store to a certain scale, the battlefield defense is very difficult. Only focus on a dish, and take the specialty as a single product strategy, continue to study in depth, deepening to toss, deepening to upgrade, do consumers think that only the chain brand, this dish is the most professional, the most reliable choice, in order to take defense.

is not a professional focus, but because the focus of professional.

defense a dish, in the end to form a competitive, and ultimately the formation of the industrial chain, and ultimately the formation of a real small restaurant chain brand.

two, founder of personality positioning method

really determines the development of the brand, is the founder of the innate ability and mind. The outside world is very noisy, very complex, very uncertain, but only the founder of the inner gene, is the same. Don’t go to swim, don’t go to see the world, but returned to the heart to find the answer, every brand is the founder of the one and only individual in the world. To build a small restaurant brand, not through the external packaging, but to go deep inside to find, find the hearts of the founders of the same ambitions and genes. Through the genetic code to locate, so that the character of unity, stick to fly.

three, lifestyle positioning

is full, and he stays. When consumers have been full, and then is to pay attention to emotion. 30 years ago, a man as long as there is bread in the house, you can tell a woman, marry me, I have to eat, the woman will marry him. Now, there is not enough food at home, but also to learn to love with a woman, why when people eat, the most important thing is emotional needs. Consumers like women, you give him a sense of security to eat, but also to give her emotional needs, different times, different gameplay. Improve the level of consumers, we do have to upgrade the level of brand fudge.

four, consumer group positioning method

Like attracts like., the consumer is the same, Birds of a feather flock together., they always need to play with the same people eat together. The Internet has not changed anything, he just killed the middleman, and let

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