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2016 environmental protection will be renewed vitality

2015, North China Chinese suffered severe haze invasion, various environmental protection activities almost to sell out of stock. This allows more people to see the hot business opportunities to join the environment, have chosen to join them.

"13th Five-Year" period, environmental protection investment is expected to maintain rapid growth. Relevant statistics show that the environmental protection industry professional environmental protection minister Chen Jining took office after the expression of the national environmental pollution more determined. The specific contents include the revision of the "air pollution prevention law" in 2015, the introduction of "ten water", "environmental protection tax law" and the formulation of relevant policies for soil remediation.

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from the economic driving level, said Chen Jining, one of the focus of the work in the future is carefully prepared "13th Five-Year" environmental protection planning. Seize the core to improve the quality of the environment, the implementation of the quality and volume of dual control, strengthen and improve the construction of environmental monitoring system, scientific decision-making system, pollution control, the key to overcome the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention and control. With the air, water, soil pollution prevention and control of the three major industrial chain policy gradually landing, industry chain related companies will benefit significantly.

under the policy to actively support environmental protection, the industry boom continues to rise, this is also reflected in the change of the performance of listed companies. According to statistics, the main business for the environmental protection industry, and has been announced in 2014 the results of the 40 listed companies, the proportion of the year on year growth of 6 in 2014, of which nearly doubled the performance of the company’s growth in nearly 75%. The environmental performance of listed companies that recommended

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