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Universal adoption of new teams to enhance technical strength

technology to bring the value of entrepreneurship is obvious to all of us, GM has recently had a new direction of development, after the last share of the traffic, this will bring people what is not the same cognitive? Let’s get together!

in the road traffic sharing zouhuorumo, GM recently has a new action: the acquisition of automatic driving start-up company "Cruise  Automation". Although GM and   Cruise  Automation  all of this acquisition did not say how much money to spend, but according to foreign media reports, the number is "10 "; billion dollars.


Cruise  Automation  what does it do?

Cruise  Automation  located in San Francisco, United States, founded in   2013  year, is a start-up company to do automatic driving, team members mainly from the Massachusetts Institute of technology. They worked at   2014  launched "Cruise  RP-1" products, is essentially a "post   ADAS  product" only applies to Audi   A4/S4  models, then the price is   million; 1 . At that time, their intention is to rapidly expand production capacity, the ultimate goal is to be able to turn any car into a car.

but they are GM, is also a good outcome.

on the acquisition, Cruise  company;   CEO  Kyle  Vogt  said: "the general is very optimistic about the production of automatic driving technology, there is a clear plan for the future. "For   Cruise  products, and he recommended

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