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White collar husband and wife resigned to do carpentry

if you have a very enviable white-collar work, you are willing to resign entrepreneurship? Many people’s answers may be negative. Banking, real estate advertising design, the outsiders, is absolutely stable income and earn good occupation. But in the face of dreams, classes and Ding Ding couple unexpectedly left the gold workplace, came to Sanshengxiang to rent house business, from the beginning of a pile of wood, antique furniture, new life.

jump out of the drawing away from depressing

started to do wooden crafts


class and Ding Ding wood studio has been established for two years, back then decided to quit a stable job, two people do not have the slightest regret.

Ding Ding had worked in a bank, although the income is good, but she felt very depressed; and engaged in the design of the class, always want to jump out of his drawings, picked up a practical tool. "In the end, we decided to do wooden crafts and old furniture repair line, it is a coincidence. Two years ago when it was just our own home decoration, when I was not satisfied with some of the furniture design, I began to dismantle their own parts, I did not expect to find themselves in the process of doing some furniture. Later met a old furniture master, choose to do this line seems to be a natural thing." Taipan said with a smile.

old and new fusion pursuit of art

furniture repair, do a humane home

"do not have to be a variety of natural carpentry small injuries, but every time I see the final product on the excitement of what the pain is forgotten." Taipan smiled to reporters his hand on the cocoon, this is his pioneering medal".

to say that this piece of furniture repair, entirely out of two people on the pursuit of old art. For them, the old furniture craft, durable, modern design is full of personality, able to combine traditional art and modern design is the goal they have been pursuing. "We want to make a human touch. According to the character of the guests, the design of furniture in line with their Style." Ding Ding believes that no matter what kind of work, the key is to choose a job you love, full of power struggle, "no matter what, don’t exaggerate the minds of those unimaginable difficulties, many times they do not occur! You just have to set your goals and move on to it!"

inspired love from

looking for the love of wood products,

since the studio, classes and Ding Ding felt his life becomes open, "recommended

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