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Retail stores to follow the principles of business

even if the same store, different times, the store will be different management. In the present, difficult to do retail business, some reasons are affected by the environment, there are some reasons with the store’s own business philosophy about. As a retail shop owner, in order to store business is good, some business principles can not be ignored.

, a law-abiding business, pay taxes. As a retailer, law-abiding, pay taxes "is his duty, the most basic principle is the management of the store. If you leave the premise of law-abiding business, pay taxes ", our stores like traveling at sea sailing, deviated from the correct channel it, sooner or later ran aground capsized. So, our hard work and operating profit is built on the sand of the building, not by a "fleeting, beaten by wind and waves". As a retailer, is a legal obligation we pay taxes; tax credit, is most retailers should possess and adhere to legal and moral consciousness.

two, integrity management, put an end to fake. No matter what business, integrity management is the first element. Only the integrity of the business in order to win a good reputation, in order to allow shops to go further. The integrity of the business is based on the need to ensure that the shop goods without fakes, retail businesses must strictly supermarket commodity quality, and resolutely put an end to fake and shoddy goods mixed into the supermarket. The quality of supermarket goods determines the length of life of the supermarket. By posing as true, shoddy, lose the supermarket reputation and customer reputation, thus losing the majority of customers. The product quality is excellent, can win good reputation and the reputation, which is full of customers, bonanza.

three, puerile, attract customers. As the saying goes, one can not eat a fat man. That is to say, do anything can not be too impatient, haste makes waste. Doing business is even more so. We can not in the pursuit of greater profits, unreasonably increase the price of goods. Business is a long run, if eager to pursue profits, is bound to lose the trust of customers. In business, we need to know how to earn a reasonable profit commodity, learn from the ancients "by the benefit of even one" business philosophy, take the "puerile" marketing strategy to help customers, increase customer goodwill and trust to the supermarket. Only a "small" trees, "phoenix" can be attracted to.

four, targeted, on-demand purchase. What is the supermarket operation? All kinds of goods. Supermarket goods to whom? Customers around the store. Customer demand for goods grade is not the same, the rich need is high-grade goods, ordinary people need is the public goods. Therefore, in the purchase of goods in the retail business, we must first investigate the customer groups around the shops are what class and proportion, and then for the proportion of different customer groups, to provide the most in line with customer demand for goods.

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