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Ten bottle brands list

countless families in the struggle, nothing more than to provide children with a better living environment. Since you want to give the children a better condition, will naturally start from the birth of the child, so parents will be very careful in the choice of the bottle. According to Yu Bo industry market research center to understand: the nipple is mother nipple a substitute, in the baby crying, sleeping baby sucking, a tool to help the baby quiet, children are the mother’s heart a piece of meat, so the bottle, especially the bottle carefully, what brand is good? Look at the ten small bottles with a small list of brands.

ten bottles brand NO1- Pigeon Pigeon

in Japan in 1949, a large multinational corporation, the ten bottle brand, women’s baby supplies leader, Pigeon baby supplies (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

ten bottles brand NO2- AVENT AVENT

in 1984 in the United Kingdom, the world’s top 500 brands, the world famous brand of maternal and child care, large multinational companies, PHILPS (China) Investment Co., ltd..

ten bottles brand NO3-NUK

was founded in Germany in 1947, a high reputation in the world market brand of baby products, ten bottles brand, Hutchinson Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

ten bottles brand NO4- IVORY IVORY

began in 1975 in Taiwan, the national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Fujian Province, well-known baby supplies brand, the industry leader, Xiamen Dili Enterprise Co., ltd..

ten bottle feeding brand NO5- Dr. Brown

from the United States, the world famous brand, baby products industry has ten major brand value, brand bottle, industry famous brand, Guangzhou Keleiji Trading Co. ltd..

ten bottle brand ranking NO6- HITO


infants and young children in the field of leading manufacturers, the quality of their products by many countries in the world of the mother’s trust and love, Shanghai eugenics baby supplies Co., ltd..

ten bottle brand ranking NO7- RIKANG

specializes in baby products development, design and production of well-known brand manufacturers, bottle industry, competitiveness of enterprises, Zhejiang RIKANG baby "

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