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Shutter ten brands list

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shutter is very much, because of such a demand, so that the market was born a lot of brands. After all, the quality of the shutter products, will be able to directly affect the use of results. So, if you want to buy blinds products, may wish to refer to the ten major brands in the blinds, and thus choose to more reliable brand.

shutters ten brands list, NO.1 Norman Shutters: in 1974 Taiwan Yifeng Industrial Holdings, one of the world’s largest provider of wood shutters, blinds industry leading brands, Yifeng (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. curtain.

shutters ten brand list: NO.2, Yunlong professional manufacture of wooden blinds / ventilation window shutters and large enterprises, industry famous brand, famous wood products processing enterprises, Jilin forestry Yunlong wood industry limited company.

shutter ten brands list NO.3, green card: professional commitment to the production and operation of air shutter professional companies, China’s shutter of the top ten brands, the industry’s leading brands, Hangzhou green shutter shutter Co., ltd..

blinds ten brand list NO.4, cool wind: national protection of trademarks, well-known trademarks of Jilin famous brand production base, the world’s largest piece of wood blinds, Linjiang City, Jian wood limited liability company.

blinds ten brand list NO.5, snow wood wooden shutters: famous brand, one of the largest wooden shutters and accessories production enterprises in Northeast China, Liaoning province Fuxin snow wood industry limited company (group).

shutters ten brands list NO.6, in 1938, Japan: Tachikawa window blinds / cloth stocks manufacturing industry pioneer, enjoys a high reputation in the blinds brand, Lichuan window decoration industry (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

shutters ten brands list NO.7, use DODOKA: a famous brand in Hebei Province, one of the earliest production wood shutters factory, wood Venetian industry leading enterprises, Shijiazhuang Sports Products Co. Ltd. Home Furnishing jia.

shutters ten brands list NO.8, China’s largest plastic: China blinds / shutter / fence production base of industry, large-scale enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Shanghai Beston Plastics Company Ltd.

shutters ten brands list NO.9, AGGI meal: the largest wooden shutters (door) is one of the production enterprises, belonging to Zhejiang suilun Industrial Co., Ltd., Sino US cooperative enterprises, Jiaxing Ji meal stocks limited.

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