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Be patient with old customers in business

is now a lot of shopkeepers in the shop all day sitting in front of the door what kind of customers are not clear, do business, but also how to do business for a long time? There are three steps in my shop, which is nothing in ordinary people, but for the elderly and the body of the disease has become a burden. The beginning is not aware of this problem, clearly see the customer step hard, I just patiently waiting, no hand to help each other, one is afraid of taboo, two is the network news.

lives in a nursing home near Uncle Lee because stroke lead legs activity inconvenience. One day, Uncle Lee came to the store on crutches.

"Uncle Li, what do you want to buy?" I stood on the doorstep and asked.

"I’m not going up, I said," you get it for me!"

"good!" I easily brought a stool, let Uncle Lee sat down at the door.

"2 rolls of paper and soap……"

I quickly take out the goods, change to Uncle Li bagging. Uncle Lee said happily: "this is my first half into nursing homes to buy things in the fastest time, if you move into and move out, 20 minutes are not afraid of you, girl two minutes. Oh! It’s no use getting old……"

and a uncle Geng look good clothes clean, but by the pain, his hands shaking hard to control. I went over to see Uncle Geng out and asked: "uncle, do you want to buy what I take for you!" The old man did not answer, kick up the steps, I immediately escorted into the shop. The old man saw the stool to sit down immediately, with a clear description of the situation: tomorrow grandson to come, so I would like to buy some grandchildren like to eat snacks.

father looked at what I took what some nodded, and shook his head, finally selected a few happy to pay to go home, I hurried down the steps and helped the elderly. Go down the steps of Geng uncle turned smiling at me, I know that is my praise.

is the same as the elderly, the same as the patient, but the need for different help (or service), just a little attention can do well. After these two after the event, where the elderly or suffering from the disease of the customer, I have to take the initiative to communicate with them, understand each other’s ideas, understand each other’s difficulties, to provide appropriate help.

for the owner is not in fact what, especially when the shop is not busy, it is easy, but for old people is not so. After such a period of time, I found that the elderly in the nursing home to shop more and more. I will also help the old man to go to another store to buy me

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